Chapter 3: Escapee


She jumped down from her perch above the Tardis. I couldn't believe she was here, after all this time.

I thought I had left her behind, with everyone else. But there she was, dressed in gold army boots and black cloak over a Greek styled pink dress. Well, you can never look to crazy, but if someone did it would always be her.

Her dark brown hair fell to her waist, and the curls in it reminded him of what his normal or first hair looked like.

Her face split into a grin and she skipped inside his Tardis, walking up to the control panel she quickly over looked everything was in order.

If earth years she looked about twenty, but in actual fact she was much older.

"Well you've certainly been busy. I've searched for you for quite some time, but you tend to jump around quite a bit. Rose is quite cool, Martha is pregnant, and Donna well she's Donna isn't she?"

He was quite taken back, she knew of his adventures? How long had she been wondering on her own? Why had she only come now?

"Sarah seems to be more out there, do you know her son's at University? And jack, wow what he's done for Torchwood-"

"How long?" his interruption made her look up, her features turned to stone.

"Awhile, I escaped. After you, I wanted to tell you about the Master. Mother didn't know, no one knew, where he was I mean. But I heard a rumour, and then you disappeared."

"It was a war, Sissy. I didn't think anyone would notice."

"Yeah? I was the first then mother. Then somehow everyone, they were surprised. I don't blame you, everything changed, even the people. I miss it so much."

She bent over the controls, her face hidden by her long hair. But he knew that it held the pain that he still felt, would always feel.

"Um, yeah guys. Would you mind bringing me up to date? You to know each other right?" Amy's voice came from behind him, he could tell by the tone in her voice she was leaning on one hip and ready to fire a lot of questions.

"Sure, we know each other. Were from the same planet, hasn't the Doctor told you?" her face turned to Amy questioningly, and then snapped to his. "Don't you tell any of your companions of me?"

"No, it hurt too much to even think about." He looked at the glass floor, not before seeing Sissy's face develop a frown.

"Well I'm here now, and I've always told you to look on the bright side of things."

He grinned; this was just like old times. Like the time they Stoll one of the smaller Tardis's and took it for a joy ride.

"well then introductions are in place, Sissy this is Amelia Pond, upstairs is her Husband Rory-"

But before he could finish the two girls stepped towards each other, shaking the others hand.

"Just Amy, thanks."

"How do you do, I'm The Sister. Sister of the Doctor."

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