Chapter one

I awoke a bit disorientated to an annoying tapping sound.

"Bella come on its time for school." Esmee called from outside my door. So that's what the tapping was, Esmee was knocking on my door trying to get me up, well to bad for her because i really didn't feel like going to school today. Esmee is a nice lady she just tries too hard. I've been living with Esmee and Carlisle now for three years, after my parents died me and my brother Emmet were put into care, a few weeks later we were adopted by them, they had no idea what they were letting themselves in for. The thing is the death of our parents affected both me and Emmet badly and made us act differently towards life, you see with Emmet, he used to be a really nice person, he was always trying to make people laugh he was my big teddy bear but then after the accident he changed drastically and the teddy bear was no more, it was rare if you saw him smile it was rare if he talked to anyone, he even became a bit of a player and would go to parties get drunk and then sleep with any willing girl, well that was until a couple of months ago when Carlisle and Esmee decided to adopt another person. Rosalie. She is a blonde, blue eyed, beauty, she has got it all the looks and the figure, she looks like a supermodel.

"Bella come on your going to be late."Esmee shouted at me through the door.

"I'm not going in today just tell them i died or something I'm sure they won't miss me." I replied. It wouldn't be far from the truth because the real me died a very long time ago.

"Don't be stupid Bella get out of bed and downstairs in the next half hour." She said exasperated and then walked away.

I stayed in bed there was no way i was going to school today, i just didn't feel like it. I thought about the past , i used to be okay, i would laugh when Emmet told a joke or when mum tried to cook something and nearly ended up burning the house down or when dad forgot a special day like their anniversary, but not anymore even smiles were few and far between, but i guess the biggest change in me wasn't just my personality but me overall, i would go to parties every weekend now without fail, were as i used to stay at home do my homework, read or do something with the family, i used to be a quiet shy girl who didn't have a perfect life or a perfect family but it was perfect to me and then that stupid drunk driver took it away from me and now I party all the time i drink a lot but I'm not an alcoholic, i do drugs but I'm not addicted i can quit whenever i want, i hardly ever see Emmet anymore but that's because he doesn't like the person I've become, he's always trying to get me to stop but i don't want to this is who i have become I'm not going to change for anybody i can't change because the old me is long gone and left in her place is a broken shell of who i used to be.

"Bella, Esmee sent me up here to get you, she says it's been half hour and you need to get downstairs now."Alice said while trying to open my locked door.

"I'm not going in today Alice. " I replied. Alice has lived with Carlisle and Esmee for five years now, in all the time have been here i think i have talked to her about three times i don't know how long she has been in care or any of her story i just know she is an annoying little pixie. Alice looks like a pixie she has short black shoulder length hair that she styles so it sticks out at the bottom, she is short standing at 5ft and has bright blue eyes and a slim figure.

I got out of bed and made my way to my en suite, i turned the shower on and then looked in the mirror and noticed how translucent my skin looked,my dark brown hair looked lifeless and dark blue circles under dark brown eyes and my pupils were small this is what the drugs are doing to my body. You could see my check bones really well but that's from my lack of eating and not the drugs. I stripped without looking at my body and got in the shower because i knew that if i looked at my body i would see lots of bruises and marks and my fat body, i quickly washed my body and hair with my strawberry shampoo and body wash, and I shaved all over and got out. I wrapped a towel around me and then another around my hair, i brushed my teeth and then went to get dressed. I put on my black lacy bra and matching thong, i then put on my black skinny jeans, my favourite black t-shirt that had sunglasses on it i also put on my checked hoodie to hide all the marks on my arms. I then put my make-up on which was simple just eye liner and mascara, i then brushed my hair into my side prating and side fringe and put a blue bow in my hair. I picked up my pink and black bag put on my converse and made my way downstairs. It was still early so when i git downstairs everyone apart from Carlisle was sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast. I got a bottle of water out of the fridge because i didn't feel like eating.

"Bella come and eat something dear." Esmee said whilst looking at me

"No thanks, I'm not hungry ill just stick to my water." I replied

"You've got to eat something Bella there is hardly anything left, look at you you're all skin and bone."Alice said while motioning a hand up and down my body.

"Like i said i don't feel like eating." I said through gritted teeth. They do this every eating period throughout the day, it drives me insane.

"Come on guys we have go to get to school. Bella who's car are you going in?"Jasper asked. He was also adopted by Carlisle and Esmee about two years ago he could always tell when i didn't want to talk about something and would deflect the conversation away from me. Jasper has shaggy dirty blonde hair that's shoulder length hair, dark blue eyes and a slight muscular figure.

"I'm not going to school today Jazz so ill take the bus." I said. I finished my water and threw the bottle away.

"What have you ran out of you're drug supply so you've got to go and get some more?" Rosalie sneered at me. She didn't really like me all that much, but you would think that she would be a bit more understanding considering she is dating Emmet and she has helped him change his ways considering he only has sex with her now.

"Rose come on leave her alone, were going to be late for school and besides she's not worth it." Emmet said. WOW that stung, even my own brother doesn't think I'm worth it, but i wasn't going to show him how it affected me because i know he is just trying to test me to see if even a little bit of the old me is still around.

"Bella, well actually all of you, Carlisle would like to speak with you when you are all home, so don't be late." Esmee said. Everyone said ok grabbed their bags and left to go to school.

"Bella, will you be here?"Esmee asked. I grunted in response, grabbed my bag and left to get the bus.