Master of Death: Human Perspective


Naruto x Harem


Story Start


He had made it. Trudging through the pain he made his way towards her. "Hime-chan," he softly called out to the woman before him.

Inoue Orihime.

His best friend. The one that meant everything to him.

There she stood before him. In the damned outfits of those Arrancar. The outfit she was wearing consisted of a short white jacket with black outlines over a long one piece dress and white skirt with a black belt. Even if she was forced into the outfit of those damn bastards the orangette never looked more beautiful. She looked a little roughed up with the shoulder and neck area of her outfit torn, but she seemed to be in one piece.

He had reached her and they stopped a few feet of each other. He reached out and help but wipe off a stray tear that was tracing down Orihime's cheek. The later jumped a little at the touch, but then calmed down upon looking into his warm eyes.

But soon, his mind ventured to different thoughts on her. She was gentle, kind, intelligent, and wise and caring, especially about him: She always seemed to empathize with him, to perfectly understand, even from before all this madness happened. She would worry, too, always worry about protecting others with little care for herself.


She looked stricken by the question, her eyes widened and her mouth slightly open, and a wave of remorse instantly flooded Naruto. However, he knew that his question needed to be answered, no matter how painful it would be. "I… I – w-well that is…Ulquiorra…when he…" She trailed off.

"I knew that bastard played a part," Naruto confirmed. Though he could see it in her eyes there was something more. "Hime-chan there's more to it isn't there?" He got his answered when she shied away and clamped her eyes shut. "Why?"

"I…I…" She opened her eyes as tears threatened to fall. "I couldn't let you die!" She exclaimed. "He said he was going to kill you! And not just you!" she continued, her breathing a little more rapid, "He said he would kill you and Rangiku-chan and Tatsuki-chan and everyone I care about!" She was outright crying now. "Wh-what could I do? If I refused - if I decided to stay home – everyone would have died, a-and…" she sobbed heavily, "It would be my entire fault."

"I-Inoue .." He called out, trying to console her.

"And you got hurt trying to save me. It's my fault. You must hate me."

Naruto reached forward and gently grabbed her by her arms. "I could never hate you. Nothing will ever change how I feel about you. I care about you Inoue, and when you were taken it made me realize how much you meant to me."

Her breathing became more regular as she squeaked, "… really?"

"Yes really." He replied with a soft smile.

"I'm so sorry. You came all this way to save me and all I can do is cry."

"It's okay," Naruto embraced her fully, holding her close to him. "Never again, don't ever leave again okay."

"I won't…" she murmured. "Never again."

"Just have faith in me okay? No matter who or what I have to fight I will fight them to protect you. So never give up okay."

"Okay," she replied with a nod, and then looked directly up at Naruto.

"A-Arashi-kun…" she softly said, her cheeks began to burn red upon realizing he continued to held her.

"Naruto…" He corrected her with a warm smile. "The woman I love has the right to know my real name."

A gasp escaped Inoue's lips. She felt like she was going to faint. Love. He loved her? Naruto leaned over and captured her lips in a soft and passionate kiss that suddenly made her stomach felt like it was doing flops and flips. She began feverishly returning the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck.

The kiss soon ended as the two of them softly rubbed their noses together. "You know," A wry smile began to form on Naruto's lips. "I'm half tempted to suggest you keep this outfit."

Orihime's eyes widened as she looked down at the outfit she was provided. Said outfit clung to her form and outlined both her rather generous chest and backside. "Aras…I mean Naruto-kun, really?" Even though she wanted to scold the blond she was just happy that he was here and that he loved her. She couldn't help but let out a squeak then blushed furiously when Naruto's hand traveled southward to her hip.

"So did they give you some black lace to go with the outfit? If they did that's definitely a keeper."

"I'm so embarrassed." It looked like some things never changed. What made it worse was the outfit did In fact come with black lace panties.

"Don't be," he said gently, and her blush faded slightly. "You look beautiful." He honestly added. "Anyway we need to find the others and get you home." He remarked as he reached down and grabbed her hand. Orihime happily took the hand as they began making their trek when a figure Sonido behind them. "Here I thought it was going to be easy. My mistake." Naruto turned to face the figure as he prepared for the fight of his life.