Percy's Pov

I wrap my left arm around Akiko's neck and pull her into a kiss. She kiss me back but it was a quick kiss we share, we're at the movie theater watch some horror movie Akiko that wants to see and after a short talk got me to go with her.

After a other hour or so the movie was finish and Akiko is all clinging to me and leading me some where. I let her lead me and I end up at some anime convention in down town I see Ryan and Susie, Ryan wearing school military style Japanese uniform and Susie a school sailor style uniform .

They says hi and pass me a gakuran the name of the uniform he wearing and Susie gives Akiko a sailor uniform and after changing in some changing rooms. Me and Akiko are dress like Ryan and Susie then Akiko has a hair dresser straight my hair and style it again emo like.

When the hair dresser is finish I pay her and Akiko gives me a thumb up and whisper that I looking really hot right now. Well for the next few hours Akiko, me, Ryan and Susie enjoy the anime convention. We met some famous manga authors, snaps some pictures with them, brought some manga and other stuffs.

By the time the convention is closing I tired and want to go home while Akiko wants to go to some costume party and since we are costume already she insist that we go or else . None of us wants to face Akiko's wrath she small but very tough when she wants or needs to be.

And we all then pile into Susie's car and went to the costume party. Akiko was acting like a little girl during the ride to the place she like all saying " are we there yet" and stuff but Ryan got to shut by giving her his ipod to listen.

When we finally got there their tons of people in costume of anime characters. Akiko is the first out the car and I last seen her joining the party quickly. After parking the rest of us join the party and I find Akiko on a dance dance revolution game, she pretty good on the machine and when I get near she see me then smiles.

"hey Percy join me" she said and I shake my head I really feeling like dancing. But Akiko step of the machine and gives me her puppy eyes look and well I gave it. She reset the machine and we both play it " you pretty good Percy" Akiko comment me as I kept up with her.

After we finish we hang out with some people Akiko knows and she introduced me to them. We talk a little and stuff soon it was late and after me, Ryan and Susie had to drag Akiko from the party " I don't to leave it still earl" she says.

"Akiko it one in the morning" Ryan told her. And she finally agreed to leave Susie drop me and Akiko off first. I led her to her apartment our normal clothes in my arms. I kiss her goodbye Akiko then kiss me back but she wrap one arm around my neck, explore my mouth with her tongue and then pull away after a few minutes " I had a real good time Percy" she says then enter her apartment.

I head for my, get in, got in trouble with my mom and finally collapse on my bed then slept.

Sorry if the chapter short but I been busy lately and stuff but i write a longer one next time. I think next chapter I have Percy do some "things" to Akiko. And I also planning a Percy Jackson crossover with Ace Combat story pretty soon, got the idea playing Ace combat 5 last few days. Review