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The young-looking ebony-haired lady laughed racuously at one of her associates' jokes. "Ah, how I've missed that keen sense of humor, Casan," she chuckled. "You're always the death of the party."

"She's right," another, a redhead by the name of Bartolomeo, agreed, taking a gulp of his drink. "You're such a riot, Cas!"

The one with the white hair in a crew cut smiled modestly, his eyes somewhere between violet and lavender sparking. "Ah, well, you know how Terrans are, am I right?"

"Oh, yes," the lady answered. "Everyone loves a good 'stupid Terran'joke, Casan." She twirled her own wineglass by its thin stem, the deep red liquid sloshing around gently inside.

"Not thirsty tonight, Miss Murder?"

She looked up, at the normally silent, stoic (not to mention painfully sexy) member of their assemblage. "So, you've noticed." She took a small sip of her drink. "You're not one to comment on such things, Isaak. You usually just keep your mouth shut, drink - whether wine or blood, it doesn't matter to you - and smoke your 'fancy Cuban cigars'." She pushed back some of her bangs, revealing her Paint It Black eyeshadow, and licking her Carnal Carmine lipstick. "And you usually leave before now."

Isaak leaned back, amusing himself with a strand of his charcoal hair as he took another puff from his cigar. "Well, my superior has given me the week off," he explained, blowing a cloud of smoke, "so I'm free, dear."

The woman narrowed her eyes in a decidedly seductive manner. "Where are you always running off to, Isaak?"

"That's none of your business, Miss Murder."

She sighed. "Honestly, Isaak, must you be so reticent?" She pressed the tip of her black-polished fingernail against her bottom lip. "You're making me wonder about you. Think about following you when you leave the next time."

"You better not, if you care about your death, dear."

She rolled her red eyes. "You're such a mystery, Isaak."

"As it should be."

She perked up as she heard Ashlee Simpson's "Shadow". Excusing herself from her colleagues, she walked to the hallway, her high heels clacking on the tile, and opened her cell. "Bless you for calling. Who is this?" She kept her voice low; if they knew she was working with them... they'd cut her from the group, and then, she'd be of no use.

"Miss Twilight?"

"Father. What's the matter?"

"The Duchess wants you back to base immediately. She wants you to stay out of harm's way - the attacks have become more violent, and you shouldn't be on the front lines."

Twilight looked back at her circle of false friends and sighed. "I'm busy, Father."

"She doesn't care what you're doing. She says 'Come back here by tomorrow afternoon or you're fired, and you better be here, because we can't afford to lose you'."

She shook her head. The Duchess certainly had an odd way of saying that she cared. "I... guess I can take the next 'flight' out of here, Father."

"Thank you. I really don't want to argue with the Duchess right now... I do believe she's starting her cycle, and after that, she gets vicious."

"Ahhhh, the PMSing Duchess of Milan. Certainly a force to be reckoned with. I'll be there by tomorrow morning, Father Abel."

"Thank you. I'll see you then, Miss Twilight."



Twilight snapped her phone shut. Rubbing her temple, she walked back into the restaurant. "I'm sorry, you guys," she apologized, picking up her purse. "Something came up. I have to go back to Rome."

Isaak raised an eyebrow. "Who's being elusive now, Miss Murder?"

"Look, I'm not in the mood, Isaak. I really have to go - I have to be there by tomorrow, so I need to catch the next flight."

"Kheh-heh-heh," Casan chuckled. "Flight. Good one, Miss Murder."

"Uh, yeah." She put some coins down on the table. "There's my share. Someone can have the rest of mine, I don't care."

She turned and walked out, tying her hair up with a glittering gold ribbon. She'd better get going, if she wanted to make it on time.

She stepped outside the building, letting the wind whip her ponytail around her face. It was cold tonight; nearly winter. Soon, she wouldn't have to worry about putting a cloak on before she went outside; the sun wouldn't be out as often.

She hid behind the building, then jumped up, and took off into the sky.


"Father Hugue! Welcome back, welcome back!" The clumsy white-haired priest held out his hand for the other to shake.

The blonde, Hugue, ignored his hand. "It's actually good to be back, Father Nightroad. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to check in with Ms. Sforza."

"Ah! I'm headed that way, too!" The other skipped happily until he was beside Hugue. "I'll come with you. It's been ever so lonely without anyone around..."

Hugue rolled his eyes mentally. Was this going to be a long walk off a short pier. "You don't say."

Abel nodded, pushing his glasses up. "In fact, I do have someone else coming, as well! Won't be so lonely with her around. She's always the... life of the party. The Duchess wanted her here, because the Methuselah attacks are getting more violent, even though they are her own people." He shrugged, playing with his ponytail. "I suppose it's quite probable they may harm her, as well. I mean, especially if they ever found out she worked with us." He shuddered. "I truly fear what may happen to her, if they were to discover she was an undercover AX agent. Why, they might throw her into the sunlight, or press something silver to her chest! Something that may kill her!"

Hugue froze in his mind, but kept walking. "This one... is a vampire?"

Abel nodded. "Oh, yes! Her name is Miss Twilight Raye. She's such a dear. Of course, once she comes back from hanging around the other vampires, she's bound to be a bit coarse from their attitudes." He laughed, rather loudly. "Oh, last time she came back after being around them, we would be sitting around a table in a restaurant - her, Esther, Petros, and I - and she would start telling the most hilarious stupid Terran jokes!" He wiped his eye, as if he were crying from laughter. "There was this one - and she would explain how hard it was to adjust from the real blood she drank with them, to the artificial stuff we provide for her." He waved his hand, still laughing like a madman. "She's such a riot, that one, when we get her round the table, drinking her synthetic blood. Too much of it makes her loopy, you know. She'll pretend she's a crazed vampire! She'll lean over and nibble on Petros's neck a bit, giggling like mad, saying, 'Oh, you taste so good, Brother!', being all flirtatious and such, and she'll take mine or Esther's gold cross - for gold doesn't hurt her - and press it to her breast, shrieking, 'It burns, it burns!'And she'll order something with garlic on accident, then run to the bathroom to spit it out, retching, then come right back and try to eat it again. I usually end up performing the Heimlich on her!" He sighed contentedly. "Ah, yes, it sure will be nice to have Miss Twilight back again. Perhaps you could come with us next time! Once she calms down from being with the raucous vampires, she's really very quiet, keeps to herself. You two would get along perfectly after she's adapted back to her life here - neither of you would say a thing!" (1)

As Abel laughed at his own joke, Hugue's fists tightened. Him, associate with a vampire? Only when he was trying to send it to hell. Maybe. "Yes, well... I'm rather busy, you know? Might not have the time..."

"Ohhhh!" Abel hung on Hugue's arm, pouting in the most adorable way, that would make even a cold-blooded killer (or perhaps Chuck Norris) rethink his words. Then again, Hugue wasn't Chuck Norris. "Dear God, Father Hugue, don't tell me you're leaving again! You just got back!"

"Not for at least another month. But just the same, I still have other matters here."

Abel sighed. "You're really such a killjoy, Father Hugue."


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