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Draco finally pulled away in order to look into Potter's face. His eyes had adjusted to the darkness and he could see a silly grin on Potter's lips.

"I guess that answers that question," Potter said and combed his fingers through the hair on Draco's nape.

"What question?"

"I was going to ask how you felt about going public with our... with this... you know."

"I'd say we're public now, unless you want to talk Jordan into not showing that scene."

"I don't have a problem with it being shown," said Potter.

"Neither do I," Draco replied and kissed him again.

He lost himself in Potter's kisses for a bit until finally pulling away with a gasp. "We have a race to win! What are we doing here?"

"I don't know, but I'm about ready to call the race and stay here."

Draco snorted and pushed himself to his feet before pulling Potter upright. He located his wand after a moment and used it to remove the dust from his clothing while Potter brushed himself off with his hands.

"Of course, I don't know how we're supposed to get out. The passage that led me here is the third one I checked. The others were dead ends."

Harry nodded. "I came from a bloody maze and wouldn't want to go back there even if we could both cross the chasm again."

A rustling sound drew their attention and Potter blinked as an owl flew up and landed on his shoulder. Draco untied the message bound to its leg.

"A Portkey?" Potter asked, sounding hopeful.

Draco opened the message carefully while Potter stroked the owl's feathers. The note read Congratulations! You have passed the Spiritual Challenge! This Portkey will activate one minute after the message is opened.

Attached to the note was a large white feather. Draco detached it from the parchment and held it up. "What do you suppose this signifies?"

"More flying?" Potter suggested and stepped closer to touch the feather.

"As long as it is upon brooms and no more Muggle devices," Draco said. Potter shooed the owl away. The debate still raged on whether or not Apparition or travel by Portkey was harmful to animals and they did not need any more bad press. Not that they would have anything but bad press once the Watcherbee disclosed their last bit of footage.

Draco wrapped his hand around Potter's and pulled him closer, yanking him off-balance so that Potter seized up against his chest. His eyes were wide with surprise until Draco kissed him. The last remaining seconds seemed to take forever, which was just fine with Draco, and then he felt the wrench of the Portkey.

Where they landed was cold. Bloody cold. They stood in snow up to their calves.

"What the hell?" Potter asked, pulling away and looking around, but not completely losing touch with Draco. Potter's hand lingered on Draco's hip, as if unwilling to relinquish his hold.

A gust of wind blew up and swirled over them, leaving a dusting of while powder behind. Potter shifted into Draco, huddling against him for warmth. Draco reached up to brush the snow out of Potter's raven hair.

"Welcome Harry and Draco!" Jordan's voice boomed out even though Draco couldn't see him for a moment. He wore a white coat that blended with the snow as he walked toward them. Behind him were the dragon tamers, looking cold and miserable.

Draco threw an arm around Potter, just in case Nigel had any ideas about snuggling up to him. Draco may have also thrown a possessive glare Nigel's way.

"Since our Auror team was the last to arrive, they will receive a penalty of thirty seconds for our next and final challenge! Inside that cave you will find a very large number of brooms. Only six of them have special markings that will enable you to ride them to the bottom of the mountain where the finish line awaits!"

Draco turned with Potter to view an opening in the stone, draped with snow. Nothing was visible inside the dark maw.

"We will leave it up to you to determine what the special marking is. Once both team members have found their brooms, you must present them to Chelsea to verify that they are acceptable. When she gives the okay, you will mount your brooms and ride them down that course to the bottom of the mountain. The first team to cross the finish line will win one million Galleons and be declared the winner of The Incredible Race!"

Draco did not bother to glance down the mountainside. His focus was currently on not freezing. Potter was beginning to shiver against his side.

"Dragon tamers! When you are ready, enter the cave. Your challenge will start as soon as you cross through the portal. The Auror Team will wait only half a minute before joining you, so use your head start wisely!"

"Auror robes!" Draco said against Potter's brow as Brendan and Nigel stepped forward, looking eager to rush inside, although much of that was probably the desire to escape the elements. Potter did not need to ask what Draco meant. He moved away to sling off the knapsack and rummage through it until he located their downsized Auror Robes. He tossed one to Draco, who enlarged it with a quick spell and slung it on.

Potter put the knapsack back in order and then stood as Draco took the robe from his hand and sized it properly before helping Potter into it.

"Ten seconds!" Jordan called as Potter buttoned his robes.

"Ready?" Draco asked and Potter threw him a smile. He looked amazing in his uniform and Draco suddenly realized that they would go back to work at the Ministry soon, and that Draco would see him looking like this on a daily basis, just as before. Except that now he would be hard pressed not to pull Potter into a storage closet and snog the breath out of him.

"And go!" Jordan yelled. Potter took off and Draco powered through the snow next to him. They entered the cave and Potter lifted his wand to light the place as they both blinked in the sudden darkness. Their steps faltered until they realized there was a passage that curved away to the right.

Only a few steps later, they entered an enormous cavern filled with hundreds of brooms, floating haphazardly at all heights.

"You have got to be kidding me," Draco said.

Brendan and Nigel were already frantically scrambling around the room, touching brooms and moving to the next one.

"This is insane," Harry murmured.

"We need to mark the rejects," Draco said, "or this will take hours.

"Good idea."

Despite the fact that Brendan and Nigel also benefitted from the marked brooms, they cast a small glowing mark on each broom that seemed to have no identifiable differences. They were not even certain what they were looking for until Potter cried, "Here!"

Draco felt the broom. There was a discernable marking picked out by his fingers, just above the area one would grip. It was almost like a maker's mark, or possibly a rune. He nodded. "That has to be it. Hold that one and keep looking."

Shortly thereafter, Nigel found one and then it was a race to determine which team would first locate their final broom. A sea of brooms with glowing sigils sailed around them. They moved frantically, racing from item to item and jumping to catch those out of reach. Potter began to Accio the high-fliers. Brendan tried it, but his "Accio broom!" resulted in a barrage that required Potter to cast a Shield Charm to save the idiot from being beaten to death. Potter's Auror-honed control allowed him to Summon only one broom at a time from the bunch.

"I found it!" Nigel shrieked. Brendan squealed like a girl and they bolted for the front of the cave.

"Shit!" Potter exclaimed and then Draco found their final broom.

"Let's go! They barely have a head start."

They hurried out and paused long enough for a bouncy ginger-haired witch to pronounce the brooms acceptable, and then they were racing over the snow-covered slope through the icy air.

Potter grinned over at him, hunched low on his broom, Auror robes flapping behind him. Draco smirked and put on a bit of speed, but Potter caught up quickly. Brendan and Nigel were small dots weaving through the trees ahead of them.

Potter's mood was infectious. It was exhilarating. Draco shot forward again, laughing.


"This is great!" Ron yelled. "It's in the bloody bag now! No way will those dragon tamers outrun Harry on a broom."

Ginny laughed. "And Malfoy is egging him on. Look how cute they are!"

Ron rolled his eyes. He doubted he would ever think of Harry and Malfoy together as "cute". It was bad enough thinking of them together at all, but Harry did look ridiculously happy. Therefore, Ron would just have to ensure that bloody Malfoy never broke his heart.

Hermione hunched forward, biting her lip. She looked worried. Ron patted her shoulder. "Don't worry, they'll win."

"That's what I'm afraid of," she said.


The sun was blinding. Harry wished he had thought to tint his glasses before they started down the mountainside. Looking at Draco was much easier on the eyes than the glaring slope before them.

They were very close to Brendan and Nigel. The dragon tamers were casting worried glances over their shoulders now. Harry almost pitied them. They were taking this silly race far more seriously than -

Harry swerved suddenly, right into Draco. The movement sent them both to the ground in a puff of white powder. Harry was flung from his broom and rolled a short distance. He blinked snow out of his eyes and then his vision was obscured by his enraged partner.

"What the fuck was that?" Draco demanded, looking rumpled, snow-covered, and furious.

Harry twisted a hand in the hem of Draco's Auror robe and dragged him down before rolling atop him. Draco fought him until Harry half-sprawled over him and held his wrists against the snow.

"Draco, listen. We don't need to win."

Draco stilled and puzzlement replaced some of the annoyance visible on his features. "Of course we do. It's a million Galleons plus everyone will know that we are the best."

"Half a million Galleons each, which we already have. Brendan and Nigel don't. They need it far more than we do. And you shouldn't care about 'everyone' and their opinions."

"But..." Despite Draco's protest, the fight went out of him and he gave up even the pretence of fighting. His mouth twisted into a pout. "I hate you."

"No, you don't. You're only saying that because you know I'm right. Besides, I already won something far better than gold."

"And what might that be?"

"I think you know," Harry said and kissed him.

Eventually, they made it down the mountain, rumpled and wet, to congratulate the beaming dragon tamers. Snogging in the snow was a novel experience, but it was also cold and the ever-present Watcherbee forestalled more amorous intentions.

Nigel shook Harry's hand excitedly. "I thought we were going to lose! What happened?"

"They let us win, idiot," Brendan said sourly.

"No, it was my fault. I swerved off-course," Harry said. "I think I sprained something jumping across the chasm in the other challenge. You guys won fair and square. Congratulations."

Draco shook Nigel's hand and for once did not look like he wanted to hurt the boy. It occurred to Harry - very belatedly - that Draco had been jealous.

Lee Jordan clapped Harry on the shoulder. "As our second-place winners, Harry and Draco, you are entitled to a weeklong vacation in any of the places you visited during this race. Any idea where you would like to return?"

"Bora Bora," they both said together and then shared a warm look.

Lee laughed. "As unbelievable as it seems, romance has bloomed during The Incredible Race. You two have obviously decided to go public, unless you plan to suppress some of our footage..."

Harry shook his head and raised his chin a notch as he met Draco's eyes. "I am not ashamed to admit that Draco Malfoy is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. We work together at the Ministry, but I never got to know him until this competition. I am happy to say that many of my former opinions of him were wrong. Very wrong. He's incredible." Harry grinned. "And he's gorgeous. And a brilliant kisser."

Amazingly, Draco blushed. Lee turned to him expectantly and Draco shrugged. "He's Harry Potter. Everyone knows he's special. It just took me a bit longer to figure it out." He smiled and Harry wondered why the snow didn't melt from the brilliance of it.


"I think I'm going to be sick," Ron said and Hermione's elbow gouged him in the ribs. Her eyes were bright.

"I think it's the sweetest thing I've ever seen," she said. Her voice sounded rough and Ron thought she might be holding back tears. Disturbingly, Ginny looked much the same, and Ron had always assumed his sister to have ice water for blood.

"Way to go, Harry," Ginny said.

"I can't believe they didn't win," Neville said.

"Finally, someone who speaks sense." Ron gave him a commiserating look.

"Oh, come on, it's romantic. They embarked on a journey and found each other." Hermione sighed happily and Ginny burst out laughing. Hermione blushed. "All right, maybe that was excessive, but it's good to see Harry so happy. Look at him."

They all turned to the screen just in time to see it fade into an image of the entire cast of competitors gathered in one large room, seated on two large sectional sofas. Harry and Malfoy sat next to one another, not touching except when their elbows brushed when one of them moved. The dragon tamers sat closest to Lee, who rested in a single chair at the end of one sofa, facing the group. After the dragon tamers were Harry and Malfoy, then Rita Skeeter and Gertrude Acrimony - Rita sat next to Harry, which Ron thought was a dangerous situation. He hoped Lee had provided for potential violence.

"They are sitting in order of elimination," Hermione said and Ron realized Neville had asked about the seating situation.

"Good evening, everyone! On our last show, you watched our Dragon Tamer Team race to victory down a mountainside in the Annapurna range in Nepal, narrowly winning over our Auror Team. We allowed our team members some time to rejuvenate and return to London, where we are now in the WBS studio to discuss the race. Welcome, former contestants!"

Each of the contestants looked well-rested and relaxed. It seemed odd after having just seen the last pair racing down a snow-covered mountainside. Harry and Malfoy looked different and it was hard to tell if they were still a couple.
Ginny and Hermione were both leaning forward to stare at the screen. "The race only lasted a few days for them, but they've been confined for weeks since we started watching," Hermione said. "Do you think once the excitement of the race wore off they had a falling out?"

Ron found himself leaning forward, as well, feeling conflicted. On one hand, it was Malfoy and it would serve him right if Harry broke up with him. On the other, Harry would probably be more emotionally devastated over such a thing.

"Malfoy better not have hurt him," he muttered darkly.


Thankfully, Jordan did not make them stand around in the snow for long. As the winners, Brendan and Nigel were required to spend some time on photographs and additional interviews in the shadow of the great peaks, but Draco and Harry - he supposed he should start thinking of him as Harry now - were allowed to return to Pokhara.

They were escorted to a small lakeside cottage where Potter - Harry - threw himself on the bed with a groan. "God, I'm so glad that's over. No more bloody challenges! No more starving or freezing or wondering what insane thing we will be forced to do next!"

"Until we go back to work," Draco said dryly. He was desperate to go shopping and purchase some decent clothing. They were still not allowed to contact anyone from home and were encouraged to keep a low profile for the next few weeks until the final episode would be shown to the wizarding world, but they had not been forbidden to escape confinement.

Potter stretched. "True, but I want to enjoy the rest of this holiday, so please don't mention work. And what are you doing way over there?"

Draco's attention had already been drawn by the stretch and the question had him striding across the floor to crawl over the top of Harry.

"The way I see it, Potter, you owe me five hundred thousand Galleons," Draco growled.

"Do I?"

"Yes," Draco said and buried his face in Harry's neck, tasting the salty flavour of his skin and breathing in his scent.

"And how do you plan to collect that?" Harry asked, not moving. His voice was tinged with amusement, but it became slightly breathless as Draco sucked lightly before moving to another spot.

"I think I'll take it out in trade." Draco began to unbutton Harry's Auror robe slowly, still peppering his neck with kisses.

Harry made a groaning sound and shifted to allow Draco to reach the lower buttons. "That might take a while."

"I have time."

Words were unnecessary after that, as Draco unpeeled Harry from his clothing, dark robes first, and then t-shirt, shoes, socks and jeans, leaving him only in visibly tented pants. The reveal took longers than it should have, due to Draco's need to kiss quite a lot of Harry's flesh as it became visible.

"My turn," Harry said, stilling Draco's hand as he reached for the pants. Harry lifted fingers that trembled a bit as they moved over Draco's buttons, enthusiastically pushing him back onto the bed to remove Draco's lower garments and boots.

Not to be outdone, Harry kissed as much of Draco as he could manage, sliding his lips and tongue over sensitive places. His eyes seemed to gleam at times and Draco could almost see him filing away details for later use. The very thought of later use made Draco feel hot and cold at once, and he clutched at Harry's thick hair before letting it slide through his fingers. It was a good feeling, he decided, particularly because none of his previous relationships had ever had a sense of permanence. But this... well, everything about Harry Potter spoke of permanence and fidelity. It was both terrifying and immensely exhilarating.

"Harry." The dark head rose and green eyes fixed on him. Draco chuckled. "Just trying it out."

Harry pounced, pushing him back onto the blanket with one sock still around his ankle, and then Harry kissed him with all the Gryffindor determination that Draco was just beginning to appreciate.

Draco slipped his hands into Harry's pants and fondled his arse cheeks. They were soft and firm and completely perfect. "I admit to having admired your arse several times over the past decade," Draco admitted between breathless kisses.

Harry bit at his lips gently. "I see I will have to make up for years of neglect in that area."

Draco pouted. "You mean to tell me you never admired my arse?"

"Perhaps once. When I didn't know it was you."

"And when was this?"

Harry's kisses stilled and he pushed his face into Draco's neck and mumbled, "Oh god, I can't believe I'm admitting this."

Draco almost didn't want to continue the conversation, because it had arrested the lovely kissing and Harry's hands sliding all over Draco's skin, but his curiosity was too great. "Tell me."

"It was just before the Teak Incident."

"Just before the Teak Incident? The incident where you hit me? The incident that got us both suspended and nearly booted from the Auror Department? That incident?"

Harry nodded against Draco's neck and his hands tightened for a moment upon Draco's hips before he raised his head. "All right, I admit it. I was talking to Webber outside the building and he mentioned that we would be working with Krista Bancroft - you know how attractive she is - and then you came down the ladder and all I saw was your legs and arse and a flash of blond hair, so for a minute I thought you were Krista and I admit that I found your arse delectable... Until you turned around."

Draco's lips thinned, not only at the knowledge that Harry was attracted to that bloody floozy Krista Bancroft, who was married to a stuffy Obliviator and was rumoured to be completely faithful even though she flirted her way through the Ministry like it was her job, but also because he had been mistaken for a girl...

"Now, don't look at me like that. The truth is I was quite shocked to find that I had been ogling your arse during your entire climb down that ladder. I might have overreacted later when you started being a prick because I was angry at myself."

"You might have overreacted?"

"Okay, I completely overreacted and I'm sorry I hit you."

"Apology accepted," Draco growled and reached up to drag him back into a kiss. The knowledge that Harry had been thinking of him that way, even for a brief flash of time, filled him with a giddy sense of power. "Did you wank to thoughts of me?"

Harry's hand found Draco's pants and pushed inside to wrap around his cock. "What? No, of course not. I was straight."

"I like that was."

Harry snorted a laugh and kissed him. "Yeah, not so much now."

"I accept full responsibility for that." The final word disintegrated into a groan because Harry's hand twisted and explored Draco's length and then he slid down to place his mouth where his hand had been. Somewhere along the way, Harry managed to remove their pants and kick them aside.

Harry worked his cock with lips and tongue for some time, until Draco was close to the brink and tugged him away by his hair - quite useful that it was so thick and easy to pull. Harry looked at him with a discontented slant to his reddened mouth.

"I believe I mentioned shagging," Draco said and wondered if he should have brought it up, because it might be too soon and too large a step for Harry.

"Yeah, okay," Harry said breathlessly. "Um... who should... you know?"

Draco smiled, relieved, and feeling something close to adoration for the awkward willing acceptance. "Any preference?" Draco asked.

Harry opened his mouth, closed it, and then shook his head with a blush staining his cheeks.

Draco moved a hand to touch his face with a smile. "I don't think you're quite ready to bottom, straight boy." Harry started to protest, but Draco kissed him quiet.

When Draco let him up for air, he asked, "What do I do?"

"I'll show you." Draco walked him through the process of lubrication, inserting fingers, stretching, and locating his prostate, and the entire procedure was insanely hot because it was the first time Draco had things exactly as he wanted. Harry was patient and serious, biting his lip as he strove to ensure Draco's pleasure and asking question after question to make sure he was "doing it right".

And fucking hell, he was doing it right. As his fingers brushed over Draco's prostate again he had to struggle not to come. "Inside," he said in a strangled tone. "I need you inside of me right now."

Harry's fingers withdrew immediately and then he was hovering over Draco, looking worried as his cock teased at Draco's waiting entrance. Harry paused and Draco wrapped his hand around Harry's prick to guide him into place. The burning sensation was blissful - it had been so incredibly long, Draco could not even remember the last time.

"Oh god," Harry muttered. "You feel amazing."

Harry's face was filled with something like awe and Draco felt something in his chest stretch to accommodate the fact that he was responsible for that expression. Rather than give in to the sappy sensation, he quipped, "I'll bet you say that to all the boys."

Harry snorted a laugh and Draco grinned, the too-serious moment broken, and then Harry sobered and began to move, following Draco's directions at first and then instinctively progressing on his own. Draco rocked against him, lost in Harry's skin and kisses and the feel of him moving in ways that sent cascading bursts of pleasure tingling through his body.

Even when getting lost in his own pleasure, Harry was a considerate lover. Each time his fingers would tighten to the point of pain, he seemed to remember himself and would loosen them with an apologetic kiss, only to lose himself moments later and clamp down on Draco's hips again. Draco knew he would have bruises later and he was perfectly fine with it.

"Draco." Harry whimpered. "Oh god, I'm so close and you..." One of Harry's hands left Draco's pelvis and moved to curl around his cock. Combined with another stroke over his prostate and Harry's hot breath against his lips, it only took two tugs and Draco came violently, slicking Harry's hand, which did not stop moving even as he shuddered and quivered with a sharp cry, coming almost simultaneously.

"Draco, god." Harry's voice was awed and he seemed to lose all his strength, collapsing atop Draco in a spent heap and panting against his throat. "Is it...?"

No, Draco wanted to say. No, it's never like that. But Harry didn't finish the thought and Draco only tightened his arms around his lover and held on tightly.


Lee finished talking to the dragon tamers about their win and what they planned to do with their newfound wealth. Ron had listened with half an ear; he didn't care that Brendan planned to travel and Nigel wanted to open a dragon rescue clinic.

Finally, Lee turned his attention to Harry and Malfoy.

"Despite the fact that Brendan and Nigel won the race, I have to say that you two have stolen the limelight. Were you surprised by the reaction?"

Harry shook his head. "No, not surprised. Well, possibly a bit surprised. I expected more of a negative reaction, but most of the cards and letters have been remarkably supportive. I really thank all of you for that." Harry lifted a hand and waved, speaking to the watching audience. Ron had to smile.

"So, it was a week ago, right after Episode Five was shown, that you realized your secret was out. How did you find out?"

"When you came to inform us that there was footage and asked if it was all right to let it be shown."

"Even though they had signed agreements that all filmed material was property of the WBS?" Rita demanded.

Lee stared her down and Harry turned his head to look at her without expression. Lee said, "The material in question had been taken during a period when the contestants were not being filmed by official means. It could have been contested as an invasion of privacy."

Rita rolled her eyes and snapped, "The public has a right to know what's going on inside the Ministry and beneath Harry Potter's fa ade of perfection and righteousness."

Harry laughed. "You have enough spies in the Ministry to know exactly what goes on, as your gossip column proves on a daily basis, even though you twist facts and use statements out of context to slant every situation to your own viewpoint."

"I do not!" Rita snapped, hands curling into claws, although it wasn't clear which part of the statement she was denying.

Hermione made a sound of disgust. "Oh, I want to hit her! How can Harry sit next to her without giving her a pinch?"

"Or a punch," Neville muttered.

"She is quite horrible, isn't she?" Luna asked and Ron blinked at her. Usually Luna stood up for everyone.

"Nevertheless, you graciously allowed it to be shown," Lee continued. "And what happened after the episode aired?"

"We got about a thousand owls," Harry admitted with a chuckle. He glanced at Malfoy for the first time. "And some Howlers."

Rita Skeeter looked smug. Ron scowled. Malfoy rolled his eyes.

"And did it change anything between you? You were far... cosier during the final episode."

Harry shook his head and grinned. "No. Not really." He dropped a hand to Malfoy's leg and Malfoy raised an arm to put it over Harry's shoulders, casually, as though he had done it a hundred times. For the first time a smirk twisted his lips. Ron would have been annoyed at the sight, except that he had heard Malfoy's confession in Nepal. "We knew some people would accept our relationship and some would not."

Harry looked worried for the first time and Ron knew the only people whose "acceptance" he cared about were in this room right now. Hermione had sent an owl stating the fact, but Ron knew it wouldn't be the same until Harry saw them in person and witnessed their support.

"Harry, you seem to be doing all the talking here. Draco, how do you feel about all the publicity surrounding your relationship with Harry? Do you think this will affect your job? And how do you plan to deal with the mob that is sure to greet you when you leave the studio tonight?"

They all seemed to hold their breath while Draco frowned as if considering the question. "I don't have an opinion about the publicity, although I would request that the press respect our privacy except when we are available - by appointment - to answer questions and take photos. I would like to mention that invasive techniques that lead to slander or libel will be dealt with in the harshest possible fashion." Malfoy leaned forward a bit to look directly at Rita Skeeter, who actually blanched and looked away.

Malfoy continued, "It should not affect our job in the slightest, except that we will likely watch out for one another more than we did in the past."

Ron laughed aloud at that. "Instead of shoving each other into the line of danger? I suppose that can only be an improvement, yeah?"

"We will most likely deal with 'the mob' by simply Disapparating as soon as we are finished here." Malfoy held up a hand as if to discourage sounds of protest. "My secretary is standing by to await owls and Floo-calls requesting interview appointments."

"Official contact information for Aurors Potter and Malfoy can be received by contacting the WBS offices. I see you are both wearing pearls," Lee added. "Did you acquire those in Tahiti?"

Harry lifted his hand from Malfoy's leg and held his arm next to Malfoy's. The view zoomed in on two silver bracelets set with matching dark green pearls.

"Yeah," Harry said. "We'll be going back in a few months and hope to take a few friends along for a nice long holiday."

Hermione squealed and clapped her hands. "Oh, Ron, we have to go!"

Ron bit his lip, mentally calculating the cost, but he nodded. He could always do some testing work for George at the Wheezes. He shuddered at the idea.

"Brilliant!" Lee said. "Is there anything else you would like the viewers to know before we move on?"

"Only this," Malfoy said and reached up to touch Harry's face. They leaned in to each other and shared a kiss that had Ron blushing to his roots. It lasted far longer than was prudent for family viewing and Lee Jordan finally cleared his throat. Only then did they pull apart, but the way they gazed into each other's eyes left Ron no doubt that what was between them was serious and possibly permanent.

"Oh, wow," said Luna. "That was beautiful."

"Yeah," admitted Ron. "Yeah, I suppose it was. I guess they won the race after all."


Final Author's Note: WHEEEEEE! That's how I felt about this whole fic. I just love it and I don't really even know why, except the research really made me appreciate this wonderful, amazing world of ours, as well as highlighted the fact that I HAVE SEEN SO LITTLE OF IT, but also the fact that the boys were just gorgeous in this fic with their very slow coming together and then CEMENTING instead of breaking apart like they do in so many fics. I love it when they act like mature adults and they really came through for me in this fic. I hope you guys enjoyed the ride and much as I loved writing it. *huggles to all*