A/N: I know some people doesn't want this to be like New Moon, but it will seem like it in the beginning. There will be some EPOV as well, so you won't just be reading about how Bella is taken things.

Full Summary: Bella is back in the real world, but she is far from pleased with being home. She's missing Edward dearly, grieving over his death. But what she doesn't know, is that he is in fact still alive. And so is the rest of the Cullens. Before they reunite events takes place, but when they finally do, there is still a long way to their happily ever after. And getting there won't be easy.

Charlie's POV:

''Renée, I'm worried. She's been walking around like a zombie. She won't eat, she won't speak and she won't shower. She keeps walking around in the same white shirt and boxers, and I don't know where she's got them from. When I asked, she just said she bought it. But the way she said it was...was like she was dead.'' I sighed.

''Where is she now?'' Renée asked.

''Sleeping. She's starting school again Tuesday. They said the roads would be safe by then, and the snow should be mostly gone. But all she has been doing this week away from school is staying in her room. Sometimes I hear her cry and I don't know why. She won't tell me, either. When I called Jacob and asked him, he said he had no idea.'' I told, sighing once more.

''Why would he know?'' She asked.

''He visited her while I was fishing last weekend. He said she seemed perfectly fine when he left.'' I answered.

''Do you think it's because of me?''

''I doubt it. She seemed perfectly happy the last couple of months. She has made some new friends and she goes to the movies with them and everything, but this week she's just...I don't know. I don't know what's wrong with her or what I'm suppose to do.'' I sighed for a third time.

''Maybe a change of scenario?'' She suggested.

''You want her to travel with you?'' I questioned.

''Well, yes. Not necessarily permanently, but just for a little while.'' She said. I thought it over.

''Maybe it would help. I'll bring it up with her.'' I said.

''Call me back and keep me updated.''

''I will.'' I said before I hung up. I placed the phone on the wall and turned around, startled at what I saw. ''Hey, Bells. How long have you been standing there?'' I asked.

''I'm not leaving Forks.'' She said, still dressed in the same outfit as always, her eyes red and puffy, purple circles under them. Before I could reply, she turned around and walked upstairs.


A brilliant man once wrote;

The course of true love never did run smooth.

That man was William Shakespeare. His work brought tears to my eyes, laughs and smiles from my lips, empathy from my heart and wonder from my mind. His greatest work was a love story that ended in a tragedy. Then again, didn't all great love stories? I had thought I understood Romeo and Juliet and their problems. I had thought I understood their love. But no. I had been sorely mistaken. I had not the slightest idea.

Until I met my love.

He made me laugh so easily. He made me smile just by looking at me with his soft eyes, that were filled with such depth. He made my heart speed up whenever he smiled, made it stop whenever he moved towards me and made it practically jump out of my chest whenever he kissed me. He filled me with love. He made me happy. And he did anything and everything for me. That was how much he loved me. And I loved him as well. Everything was perfect, everything was peaceful, everything was oh so wonderful...

But now I was here. I was where I was suppose to be. But this place was somewhere I didn't want to be. I wanted to be with him. I wanted him to hold me and love me forever. I wanted him to never stop smiling, never stop laughing, never stop existing...and I wanted him to exist in the real world, damn it!

But most of all...

The one thing I wanted...

Was for him to be alive.

Some of you might possible be mad at me right now, please don't. So the story won't be all sad, some chapters will include flashbacks of things that you didn't see take place in the first story. Most will be ExB- it's not outtakes! It's just some things I thought seemed to be missing a little. You're welcome to tell me if there is something you wanted to see,- as a flashback!- but didn't get to in the first story. Maybe I'll put it in, maybe I won't.