Sorry for the long wait! I won't bother with excuses.


''…Are you a complete idiot?'! I mean, what in the world made you do this?'! Why the hell did you bring her along?'!'' I yelled.

''Relax, dude. I know she messed up, but she's part of this family too, you know. She-''

''Part of the family? Part of the family?'! Are you freaking kidding me?'! She betrayed this family! For all I care, she can get each of her limbs burned, piece by piece, until there's nothing left of her.'' I growled.

''Hey, watch it!'' Emmett narrowed his eyes, getting defense. ''Yes, she screwed up really bad, but that's my wife, your sister, you're talking about! She deserves another chance.'' He said.

''Like hell she does! I bet she doesn't even regret it!''

''She cares about Bella too, you know. She had her reasons for what she did, and what's the big harm with punishing her for something that ended well? If she didn't do, what she did, we wouldn't be free, and Bella would be stuck in that book with us.'' He defended.

''The point isn't that it ended well; she just got lucky. The point is, she went behind our backs and helped one of those wolves. She betrayed us.'' I said, coldly, glaring. Emmett sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, but then frowned and dropped his hand.

''Great, now I've picked up his stupid habit. Vampires can't get headaches, for crying out loud. Only he can get one, and it isn't even really a headache.'' He thought.

''Are you two done arguing?'' A meek voice whispered. I stiffened and turned to the door, that apparently hadn't been fully closed. There was a small crack, where I could see Bella peeking through.

''How long have you been listening?'' I asked, quietly.

''From when you shouted she's here, questioningly.'' She answered, her voice still meek. I sighed and turned to Emmett, glaring. He got the message and left, as I opened the door and took Bella's hand.

''You should have told me, you could hear us. I thought you were taking a shower.'' I murmured, realizing that it had been a while since I heard the water running, but I had been too angry to give it a second thought. ''I'm sorry if you got scared.'' I said, softly, brushing a wet lock of hair away from her eyes. She looked so timid.

''I wasn't scared.'' She mumbled, clearly lying. ''Maybe a little. I've never seen you so angry.'' She whispered.

''I'm sorry.'' I repeated, pulling her into my arms. She wrapped her arms around my torso, as I rested my chin on top of her head. ''I'm just so...furious. What she's unforgivable. And then Emmett wants me to give her a second chance...'' I sneered. I felt Bella tense in my arms and sighed again. ''Please, love...please don't be scared of me.'' I whispered, closing my eyes. The last thing I wanted, was for her to fear me.

''I'm not scared of you. I'm scared...for you, for what you'll do.'' She told. ''But maybe, just maybe, Emmett's right.'' She said, almost inaudible. I pulled away, placing my hands on her shoulders and looking right into her eyes, rather shocked by her statement.

''What?'' I asked, certain I must have heard incorrectly.

''Maybe we should just forgive and forget. We're together now, what does past events matter? And he's right; if she hadn't done it, we would all still be in that book. Aren't you happy to be free?'' She asked, her voice steady and calm, despite her trying to avoid looking me directly in the eyes.

''Forgive and forget? After what she did?'' I questioned, making sure not to raise my voice or let any anger seep in.

''Charlie always said to me; everyone deserves a second chance. It was one of the reasons he became an officer, to make sure the people who deserved it, got a second chance. Rosalie...well, Rosalie screwed up big time, but I still think she deserves another chance.'' She said, more confidently.

''Bella, if you're only saying this, because you know she can hear us-''

''She can hear us?'' Bella's eyes widened. ''I thought she was out hunting or something, with the way you and Emmett were arguing without her interfering.'' She said, truthfully.

''She isn't that much of an idiot, to interfere in that argument.'' I chuckled.

''Don't take offense. He's angry. Snapping won't help you.'' I heard Rosalie think, despite my having tried to avoid hearing any of her thoughts.

''Are you okay?'' Bella and I asked each other, simultaneously. We both laughed and I hugged her once more.


It was like a staring match, as Edward and I sat down on a couch, joining the others. Esme, Carlisle and Alice looking at Edward, Edward looking at Emmett, Emmett and Jasper looking at Rosalie, and Rosalie looking at me. I looked at her too, and for a moment we just looked at each other, both of our expressions blank. I didn't know whether she wanted to apologize, say she didn't need my forgiveness because she stood by what she did or complete steer off the topic and say something that had nothing to do with, what she did. I considered, that maybe she was waiting for me to say something, but that wasn't going to happen. I had no idea what to say to her, mostly fearing that I would say the wrong thing. I tended to do that in this family. I had that tendency of blurting out things, that should not be blurted.

''Hi Bella.'' Rosalie said, as I heard her voice for the first time in a long while. It was still the same voice; the voice a world-famous singer would kill to have, and that made every guy drool and every girl turn green with jealous of. She hadn't changed at all,- as was naturally expecting of a vampire- yet, she was different. When I looked at her, she just didn't look the same.

''Hi, Rose.'' I replied.

''Let's get to it, shall we?'' Edward murmured, taking my hand, clearly disliking Rosalie speaking to me.

''I have to say, having Bella speak with the wolves beforehand on our behalves, seems like the most logical idea.'' Carlisle said. ''And before you say anything, Edward, let me say this. Bella is now part of this family, and her ideas and thoughts will be viewed as were they coming from Jasper or Alice or even Esme; I cannot reject her idea, simply because you see it unfit and dangerous, even if you naturally want to protect her as your mate. I do not see any risk of her loosing her life.'' He said, in, as we all referred to it, doctor-mode.

''Can you honestly tell me, you don't see her risking simply her wellbeing? Perhaps, because one wolf lost his temper.'' Edward argued, glaring. He wasn't really glaring at Carlisle, he was simply strongly against the idea.

''Perhaps.'' Carlisle said, clearly not wanting to lie. ''But she wants to do this. If she sees no risk, neither do I. She knows them better than us.'' He added. I smiled, grateful for the backup.

''I view this, as I would if it was any of my other children's idea, as well.'' Esme started. I almost thought she was with me, but noticed Edward's pleased smile, which made me think twice about that. ''And I wouldn't risk sending anyone off alone, even if it's on the behalf of the entire family. I must agree with the original plan, of alerting the wolves ourselves and hope to be capable of setting up a peaceful meeting.'' She said.

''Hoping won't be enough, Esme. And you know it.'' I said, frowning.

''But I'd rather risk loosing hope than loosing you, dear.'' She said, smiling gently.

''I understand.'' I sighed, nodding.

''I'm with Bella's idea. She isn't stupid. She can handle herself, and if she thinks it's going to work; vision or no vision, I'm betting on her.'' Alice said, grinning.

''I'm with Edward.'' Jasper murmured, no arguments as to why.

''I thought you were with me.'' I frowned.

''Sorry, Bella. But I have to change my vote.'' He said, looking at Edward. I looked at Edward as well, sensing that something was going on, that I didn't know about.

''Thank you.'' Edward smiled, seeming more relieved than pleased.

''Blushy, you're my fav sis, no doubt there.'' Emmett said, and naturally I blushed at the nickname. ''But bro knows best, in this case. You're my fav sis, and I don't wanna loose you.'' He added, softly.

''I understand.'' I said as I had before, nodding once more.

''Esme, Emmett and Jasper are all with me. It seems democracy has once again succeeded.'' Edward said, smugly.

''There's still Rosalie left.'' I argued. He scowled and turned to her, as did I. I knew, if she was with me, he would argue her opinion didn't matter, so what she said wouldn't do much of a difference.

''Let me get this right; there are two choices. Bella's plan about meeting the wolves as some mediator or Edward's plan of all of us meeting them together, and hoping to solve this peacefully?'' She questioned, sounding doubtful about both ideas.

''It wasn't my plan. It was simply the original plan, and I say we stick with it, as there aren't any other choices.'' Edward said.

''Okay, but just for fun sake's, let's just call it your plan. Now, will Bella be joining us for this?'' Rosalie asked.

''No, of course not!'' He exclaimed.

''What?'' I frowned. ''So I can neither go alone nor go with you? Where's the fairness in that?'' I asked.

''How do you think it'll look to them, if we brought you along?'' Edward raised an eyebrow at me, knowing I couldn't argue with that logic.


''Exactly.'' He said, confidently.

''Bella, I'm sorry, but I risked your life once with my stupid decision that labeled me as a traitor to the family. I know better than to make another stupid decision, that'll have Edward think I'm betraying him.'' She sighed.

''Okay.'' I said, nodding my head slowly.

Of course she would try to get on his good side. But this plan will not work. Hope isn't enough. I know that, firsthand. I have to talk to the wolves first, or at least see Emily and let her know...Emily. Yes! Of course!

''Okay, let's just go with 'Edward's plan', then.'' I said, using air quotes.

''Just like that? You're not upset?'' Edward questioned, concerned.

''Nope. When you're right, you're right. It's fine. I wasn't really expecting to win anyway.'' I laughed softly. ''But worth a try, right?'' I smiled.

''Are you sure you're okay with this?'' Jasper questioned.

''Yup.'' I answered, maybe a little too cheerfully. ''So, are we done here?'' I asked, already standing up.

''I...guess so.'' Carlisle murmured, clearly not having expected my reaction. ''I don't see anything else needed to discuss.'' He said.

''Well, not anything including me, of course.'' I smiled.

But fine. Keep me out of your plans, and I'll keep you out of mine. I thought, smirking in my mind.


It was easy. Too easy. Bella wasn't easy. She was stubborn. And I knew, she was plotting something. I just didn't know what.

I sighed, as I stroked the skin of her hand with my thump. She was unconsciously clutching my arm, both her arms wrapped around it, but I didn't mind the least. She had pressed her back completely against me, and never once shivered from the iciness. How she could manage to remain to warm, I would never know. The only thing separating our skins was my shirt, that she had eagerly taking to wearing to bed. Her mahogany locks were cascaded down her back, and she looked so peaceful, as she slept, her eyes closed and her mouth only slightly parted, all signs of her night-talking gone. She looked so angel-like, it almost hurt. I didn't deserve such a beautiful, loving and caring angel as Bella, but if she wanted me, what a fool was I to deny her? Fool would be a compliment to the idiot who'd refuse her.

''Edward, can we-''

''No.'' I growled, trying my best to stay quiet despite my anger.

''I just want to-''

''Whoever said I wanted to talk to you?'' I sneered.

''Bella's forgiven me.'' Rosalie huffed.

''Barely. Whoever said I was as kindhearted as her?'' I replied.

''God, Edward, you're such a-''

''Please remain quiet. Bella is trying to sleep.'' I said, calmly. ''Besides, that isn't quite the word you should use about someone whose forgiveness you're trying to gain.'' I added.

''Fine. I'm sorry. Happy now?'' She sighed. I ran to the door, making sure to put on my boxers and pants on the way, and opened it.

''No. Now go away.'' I growled, about to close the door, when she stuck her foot in the way. ''I can still close it, you know.'' I rolled my eyes.

''Not without breaking it.'' She murmured. ''Edward, I'm sorry, really. Please, you know I never meant to hurt you nor Bella. I was trying to do what was best, and you know that. I'm so sick of every thinking I'm a traitor. I wasn't trying to betray anyone.'' She whispered, sincerely apologetic and upset. I was sure, if she was human, she would probably even be capable of mustering up some tears. A chance that they'd be crocodile tears, but tears no less.

''You made your bed, Rosalie. Now you've gotta lay in it.''

''Come on, Edward. We both know I pretty much broke the bed and now sleep on the floor. Can't I a new one?'' She asked, remaining metaphoric. I shook my head.

''No. As you said, you broke the bed. Now you have to sleep on the floor.'' I said, monotonously. She sighed and pulled back her foot, looking heartbroken. ''But if you're patient, ordering a new one might work. But those kind of things have their way of being delayed.'' I murmured.

''Really?'' Her eyes widened. ''Thank you!'' She exclaimed, hugging me. I pushed her away as gently as I could, scowling.

''As I said, those things take a while. As far as I'm concerned, you're still sleeping on the floor.'' I said, harshly. ''Now will you please be quiet? It's 2 a.m., and Bella's trying to sleep.'' I added.

''Yes, of course. I'm sorry. And I get it. And I really am so sorry.'' She said.

''Just go, Rosalie.'' I sighed, closing the door.

''God, I have to do something to get his forgiveness. Maybe Bella will put in a good word for me? The rest of the family won't stop looking at me in that…way, before Edward forgives me.'' She mused, as she went downstairs.

I sighed once more and went back to the bed, laying down next to Bella. She let out a small sound and I reached my arm around her waist. She wrapped one hand in mine and relaxed. I smiled and kissed her cheek as gently as I could, not wanting to disturb her from her peaceful slumber. But when she turned around, her eyes slightly open, and let out a groggy sound, I knew I had failed in doing so. She let go of my arm and curled into my chest, nuzzling her head under my chin and curling her arms to her chest, as she mumbled something unintelligible.

''Hmm?'' I hummed questioningly, incase she was just sleep talking.

''What's all that about Rosalie sleeping on the floor?'' She mumbled, tiredly, confusion seeping through her voice.

''You don't wanna know.'' I chuckled.

''Why? Did she and Emmett break the bed or something?'' She mumbled, sounding more asleep than the second time she spoke.

''No.'' I answered with another chuckle.

''Then I do wanna know.'' She yawned.

''You want to sleep.'' I argued.

''Maybe.'' She yawned again. ''I'll multitask.'' She grumbled.

''I'll tell you in the morning.'' I said, kissing her forehead.

''No you won't.'' She accused.

''True.'' I smiled. ''But you'll have forgotten it, anyhow, so it doesn't really matter, does it?''

''Oh, I'll remember. You'll just make me think, I was dreaming it.''

''You know me so well.'' I smirked.

''Ow!'' She yelped, her eyes opening a bit more. I sat up, worriedly, looking at her with concern.

''What happened?'' I asked.

''I pinched myself.'' She answered, rubbing her arm.

''And why in the world would you do that?'' I asked, frowning.

'''Cause now I know this isn't a dream, and you will tell me tomorrow. And if you try and convince me otherwise, I'll just look at the mark I'll have on my arm. Take that.'' She smirked and turned around. I chuckled and shook my head, disbelievingly.

''You are a strange one, Bella Swan.'' I smiled and lay back down.

''Well, that makes you strange too, since you love me and everything.'' She retorted.

''I wouldn't have it otherwise.'' I grinned, kissing her cheek. ''Now sleep. We got school tomorrow.''

''Urgh. School.'' She groaned.