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Something very important to marriage was the concept of "taking a break." That was why Arthur Weasley still had his shed. When they'd moved from The Burrow to The New Burrow, he'd had to clean out any incriminating evidence, but he'd moved all of his Muggle things to the new house and built what was truly a guest house to hold them. It even had "ekeltricity".

Currently, he was having a wonderful time on an interesting machine Bill had given him. It was called a laptop. It had something on it called a Firefox. As far as he was able to tell, Muggles made pages on the Firefox for just about everything. News, entertainment, and some more…er…unsavory things as well. He'd just stumbled upon a place called Mugglenet. It was amazing! These Muggles seemed to know everything about them.

"Arthur!" Molly called, coming into the small office. "Arthur, dear, dinner will be ready in an hour. Some of the kids may be stopping by."

"Right you are, Molly," Arthur said, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Oh, you finally got your computer working!"

"Yes. Do you remember Ms. Rowling?"

"The woman who track Harry's life?" Molly said. "Yes, Harry's still trying to collect royalties."

"She has a following. I had no idea."

"Hmmm. Muggles?"

"Probably a few of us as well."

"Interesting. Well, have fun dear. Don't stay out here too long."

Arthur turned back to the laptop and began clicking links. Lots of information about Harry (and apparently movies based on his life had been made) littered the page. He reached the link at the bottom. "Fan fiction?" He clicked.

"Thanks for having us, Mum," Bill said, hugging her.

"Oh it was no trouble," Molly said. "Bill, would you go get your father? He's out in the Muggle house."

"Sure," Bill said. He gave Fleur a kiss on the cheek and walked out the back door. He quite liked the Muggle house. Sure, he couldn't work most of the stuff inside it, but it was cool to have his dad explain things to him anyway. "Dad?" he called, walking into the house. He heard a loud crash and bolted toward the office. "Dad? Are you alright?"

"Fine, just fine." He slid the laptop back onto the desk.

"What happened?" Bill asked.

"Well, er…if you must know….I found some rather disturbing things on this Firefox thing."


"This fan fiction stuff. It takes books and tevelison—"


"Yes that. The programs they watch. You write your own stories using the characters and settings. Some people draw fan art as well," he explained, going pale.

"And?" Bill asked, grinning. This was going to be good.

"Well…you must make sure you find an author who writes good summaries and…er…uses warnings. I saw…I saw…." He couldn't continue. He stood up and squeezed Bill's shoulder. "I'll be fine."

"Well let's go to dinner then." Bill followed his father out of the room, but before he left he took a peek at the laptop screen. His face turned pale as he saw the words

Harry/Draco porn. NC-17.