a/n: I've been writing on this for a while and have the next few chapters written, this is just the intro. I'll eventually load more chapters, I just wanted to publish it in time for Halloween.

Dim lights, Halloween decorations, and creepy music; currently playing was the song Frozen by Madonna. Those characteristics were how the Jeffersonian's annual Halloween-themed, for-the-public party was currently summed up to. It was supposed to be the climax of the party around that hour, but currently almost everyone had been evacuated from the exhibits. Instead of civilian cars parked outside, the parking lot was filled with cops, FBI agents, a SWAT team, CSI, TAC teams, and U.S. Marshalls. All had gathered outside the museum, discussing infiltration tactics and hostage situation protocols.

A team of very nervous looking scientists observed the blue and red flashing lights and cop-created chaos, for two of their own were in the same building as a worldwide known notorious 'hell spawned' criminal. Of the endangered two who were missing from their group, one was bordering on becoming a hostage and one was to function as her saviour. The adrenaline filled party of squints were the only ones who knew of the Special Ops sniper-turned FBI Special Agent's presence in the building with the seemingly impossible mission of search and rescue. Not that it mattered, even if the masses of cops knew of what he planned, they couldn't have stopped him. His objective was the same as the criminal; find the lady scientist who may have a very immanent future as a hostage. However, the reasons for their goals couldn't be more different. One wanted to retrieve the woman and bring her to safety, and the other wanted to eliminate the intelligent threat to his freedom that was named 'Temperance Brennan'.