Pairing: James and Logan

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Ice Cream Sundae- Logan turns himself into an Ice Cream Sundae for James

This chapter is dedicated to Mochi No Yume, who requested some Jagan food smut.

It had been a long day of rehearsals for the boys of Big Time Rush; Gustavo had made them practice harmonies for five hours straight, followed by five hours of dancing. Gustavo finally let them go at nine but as the four were walking towards the door, the large man called James back. Motioning for the others to go ahead, James saw the look Logan gave him. "I'll text you when I'm on my way back." The pretty boy said flashing Logan his winning smile. It was clear that this answer was the one Logan had been looking for as he shot James his half smile before following after Kendall and Carlos.

As he walked behind his friends, Logan heard listened as they talked about seeing a late movie. "You fancy coming Logan?" Carlos asked suddenly remembering that the smart boy was behind them. "Nah, I'm pretty beat, will probably just head to bed when I get in." The smart boy replied. "Okay then." Carlos said, he seemed happy that Logan wouldn't be joining them. The three of them walked in silence until it got to the point where Kendall and Carlos headed to the cinema. When they stopped, Kendall turned towards and Logan and repeated the words the smart boy had just said to James. "Text me when you get in." Since they had arrived in LA, if one was out alone they had to check in with the others to let them know that they were ok. Sometimes it was annoying but sometimes it was nice to think someone was watching out for them. Nodding, Logan bid the two good night before heading in the direction of the Palmwoods.

Logan had been walking for five minutes when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. It was a text from James. Help, Gustavo is doing my head in. :S.Logan chuckled as he sent back a reply. Just ignore him like you always do. No matter what he says, you're James Diamond, you can do anything... even survive Gustavo :)A few seconds later his phone went again. Aww your sweet :D Logan chuckled to himself as he typed his reply. I'm sweeter than you know ;D. Logan knew he wouldn't be going to bed when he got in.

Heading into a 24 hour food store, Logan browsed the aisles, basket in hand. When he found the aisle he was looking for. His eyes scanned the various ice cream sauces, before picking toffee and chocolate as well as throwing some sprinkles, before heading over to the ice cream aisle. When he got to the selections of ice cream, there were so many to choose from, so Logan picked strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. He knew that anything he didn't use wouldn't be wasted, especially as he lived with Carlos. When he placed the basket on the counter, the cashier gave him a weird look. "Sweet tooth." Logan chuckled rubbing the back of his neck. Once he had paid, Logan collected his bags and continued on his way to the Palmwoods.

Letting himself into 2J, the smart boy placed his bags before checking every room to see if the apartment was empty. Once he had checked every room, the pale boy headed into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Waiting until the water got to the right temperature, Logan stripped off his clothes and climbed into the shower, sighing as the water ran down his tired body. As he cleaned himself, Logan thought to the surprise he had planned for James. He wasn't surprised when he felt himself harden, this always happened when he thought about James. Running his hands down his body, Logan gripped his cock with a soapy hand slowly pumping it. He moaned as he sped up, flicking his wrist at the head, bringing his spare hand down to roll his balls. His hand pumped his cock faster as he felt his orgasm nearing. Flicking his wrist once more, Logan saw stars as his orgasm enveloped, cum splattering against the shower tiles. Once his breathing returned to normal, Logan cleaned the shower tiles before turning the water off and climbing out, wrapping a towel around his waist.

Not bothering to put clothes on, Logan headed into the kitchen to check his phone. He had a text from James. Will be home in ten. "Shit." Logan said, he didn't have much time to prepare his surprise. Ripping the towel from his body, Logan ran around the kitchen naked putting the ice cream into bowls as well as putting extra ice cream on a tray. As well as the ice cream on the tray, Logan placed the sprinkles and the sauces before picking it up and heading over to the dining room table. The smart boy covered attempted to cover the table with his towel but soon realised it wouldn't cover the whole table. Not having time to find anything else to cover the table, Logan decided that it would be fine uncovered, they would clean it later.

Sitting on the table, Logan scooped up some of the strawberry ice cream and placed it on his crotch, shivering as the cold substance touched his warm body, grabbing the sprinkles and pouring a generous amount over his crotch. Lying on his back, Logan scooped some more strawberry ice cream up before placing on his stomach, he felt it dribble into his navel, but didn't pay it much attention. He repeated his actions with the vanilla and the chocolate ice cream. Once his stomach and chest were covered, Logan picked up the bottle of chocolate sauce popping the cap and pouring some onto his finger. Putting the bottle back onto the tray, Logan smeared the sticky substance over his lips. As he wait for James to come home, Logan thought of the look on the pretty boys' face when he saw Logan. The smart boy felt his length harden but it soon returned to its' flaccid state due to the cold.

Hearing a key in the door, Logan prayed it was James and not one of the other's, he really didn't want to explain to Mama Knight why he was naked, covered in ice cream and laying in on her dining table. Sneaking a quick glance, Logan sighed when he spotted James come through the door. When the pretty boy spotted Logan, he stopped walking just to look at the smaller boy. Ice cream covered his chest and stomach as well as his crotch, causing James' length to immediately harden. " L...L...Logan, what are you doing?" The brunette asked, taking in the delicious sight before him. "Well, you said I was sweet and I'm just proving how sweet I actually am." Logan said, a smirk appearing on his face.

Stepping forward, James continued to stare until Logan said "James, it's getting kinda cold." James smirked as he took his jacket and shirt off. When Logan saw this he raised an eyebrow. "What it's my lucky white V-neck." James said holding his hand up in defense. The smart boy just nodded in understanding, about to say something but before he could open his mouth, he felt James press his lips against his own. "Mmmm Logie." James moaned as he licked the sauce from the smaller boys' lips. As their lips moved in sync, Logan could feel his length harden not feeling the cold substance around his cock.

As James pulled away he licked his lips, before leaning down and attacking the pale boys' neck. Biting down on Logan's rapidly beating pulse point, sucking until he had left a purple bruise on the pale neck below him. Moving down, James started to lick and suck the ice cream from Logan's chest. He felt the smart boy shiver as his warm tongue licked across the cold skin. Smearing some of the ice cream across Logan's nipples, James leant down and sucked on the hard nubs. He felt Logan thread his hands in his brown hair, as he continued to suck on the hard nubs. When he had licked every dribble of ice cream from the pale boys' chest and stomach, James made his way down to Logan's crotch.

"Oooh, sprinkles." James said before using his finger to scoop some of the ice cream off of Logan's privates. Sucking the substance off of his finger, James smiled up at Logan before dipping down and licking the rest of the ice cream from Logan's cock and balls. James sucked harshly on the head of Logan's cock, moaning as the mixture of pre cum and ice cream bursting across his taste buds.

After licking all of the ice cream off of Logan's cock, James leant over to the tray and picked up the bottle chocolate sauce. Pouring it along Logan's length, James felt his cock press against his jeans as the smart boy let out a moan. When the member was covered, James leant down again and sucked the whole length into his mouth relaxing his throat to take the sweet member further down. When he felt James' throat constrict around his member, he couldn't help but cum, calling out the pretty boys' name as his hands tightened in the brunette's hair.

James pulled off of Logan with an audible pop, the pretty boy trailed kisses up the smaller boys' body, pressing a kiss to his lips when he reached Logan's lips. "My turn." Logan said flipping them over so James was pinned beneath the smaller boys' naked and sticky body. Grabbing the chocolate sauce from the taller boy, Logan dripped it down the tanned washboard abs in front of him. Pressing a kiss to James' lips, Logan started to lick his way down the toned chest, stopping to bite lightly on the pretty boys' nipples. Making his way down the perfect washboard abs, the smart boy dipped his tongue into James' navel, nipping it lightly as he travelled further south. Logan stopped when he reached the waistband of James' jeans, licking a line along the waistband causing the taller boy to buck his hips up, his erection brushing against Logan's cheek.

Chuckling to himself, Logan made short work of the taller boys' jeans, pushing both them and the tight boxers down to James' knees. The erection that had sprung forward when Logan pulled down James' boxers made the smart boys' jaw drop open. The taller boy was at least nine inches long and as thick as hell. "You ngh?" James questioned but it turned into a moan as he felt a small hand grasp his member. As the smaller boy began to pump him slowly, the brunette couldn't help but moan and buck his hips up into Logan's hand. James couldn't help but gasp as he felt a hot mouth suck on the tip of his cock. "Christ Logan." James exhaled harshly. The smart boy took this as a sign to continue and took more of the taller boys' cock into his mouth, his hand still working what wasn't in his mouth.

Relaxing his throat, Logan took all nine inches of James, holding the pretty boys' hips down until he was ready. When he was ready, he removed his hands and almost immediately James bucked his hips shoving his cock further down Logan's throat. The pretty boy could feel his orgasm near as the smart boys' throat kept constricting around his throbbing member. One more thrust of his hips and James came, shooting his load down Logan's ready throat. The smart boy drank down everything that James had to offer, sucking him clean before pulling off with an audible pop.

As Logan pulled away, James took this as an opportunity to flip their positions yet again. Now that Logan was on his back again, James could do what he wanted. Placing his fingers on the smart boys' lips, the taller boy ordered "Suck." A moan left his lips as Logan took the digits into his mouth, covering them in as much saliva as possible. The taller boy pressed kisses over the smart boys' jaw and neck as he sucked on the fingers in his mouth. James pulled his fingers out of Logan's mouth, trailing them down his body and down to his entrance. Circling the hole slowly, James looked at Logan who nodded as a sign to continue. Pushing his finger into the tight hole, the pretty boy felt Logan tense. "Relax." He said soothingly placing a kiss to the pale thigh next to him. Logan's body slowly started to relax allowing the taller boy to start thrusting his finger in and out.

Jamming another finger into the tight heat, James began to scissor his fingers making sure to brush over the pale boys' prostate. As soon as he hit that bundle of nerves, Logan thrust down on his fingers begging for more. Soon enough James didn't have to move his fingers as Logan was thrusting down, fucking himself on the invading digits.

Deeming Logan prepared enough, James pulled his fingers out, causing the smaller boy to whine. However that soon changed when the smart boy felt James' cock push into his tight hole. As the pretty boy pushed in inch by inch, he brought his spare hand up to pump Logan's cock, easing the pain of having something that big put into his tight hole. When he was fully sheathed inside of the pale boy, James paused for a few moments allowing Logan to get used to the intrusion. When Logan began to grind his hips down, the pretty boy took this as the sign to move so he pulled out until only his head remained inside the tight heat before thrusting back in. A guttural moan left the small boy as he felt his walls clench and unclench around James' throbbing member.

When he heard the moan leave Logan's mouth, James couldn't help but thrust harder and faster into the boy beneath him. One particularly hard thrust caused Logan to grab onto James' forearms and arch his back off the table. "H...H...Hit there again." He moaned, James' name slipping past his parted lips as the taller boy rammed repeatedly into his prostate. Sensing his orgasm near, Logan reached down and started to pump himself in time with the pretty boys' thrust, feeling his release building up with each thrust. When it all became too much for him, Logan came screaming James' name as he delivered a hard thrust to his prostate. Rope after rope of cum left the smaller boy covering both his hand and his stomach. Feeling Logan's walls clench around his member and hearing Logan scream his name caused James to cum, filling the smart boy to the brim with cum.

As he slumped on top of Logan, James grabbed his hand which was covered in cum and proceeded to lick it clean. The smart boy moved to the side allowing James to pull out and lay next to him. As he put his head on the taller boys' chest, Logan heard him say, "You really are sweet Logie." The smart boy shifted his position slightly before asking, "How sweet?" James placed a kiss to his forehead before answering. "You're so sweet you give me diabetes." The pretty boy responded. Logan gasped and hit James in the chest before snuggling back in and falling to sleep, James following suit.

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