A Jagan Story

Pairing: James and Logan

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This is chapter is named Models, Milk and Magic Tongues. I hope you all enjoy it.

"Hey baby, watcha doing?" James asked, leaning over the back of the couch to press a kiss to Logan's cheek.

"Nothing much." Logan replied, tilting his head to smile up at his boyfriend.

Throwing himself over the back of the couch, James settled himself next to Logan. Settling back against the cushions, James slung his arm around Logan's shoulders, drawing him closer. Logan laid his head contentedly against James' shoulders as he flicked absentmindedly through the channels. He groaned inwardly as nothing caught his attention. He finally settled on a documentary on the history of surgery, setting the remote next to him on the couch.

It was only when a particularly bloody scene played across the screen that Logan remembered that James wasn't a big fan of anything bloody or gory. When he felt James bury his face in his hair, Logan snatched up the remote and changed it to a mindless chat show. He rubbed soothingly James' thigh, turning his face towards the pretty boy when he pulled away. He smiled up lovingly at James, blushing lightly as James leant down and pressed a kiss to his forehead.

"Is there anything you want to watch?" Logan asked remote still clutched in his hand.

"There is one thing I would like to watch." James muttered, unable to meet Logan's eyes.

"What is it?" Logan asked, remote pointing towards the TV.

"There's an America's Next Top Model marathon on." James muttered eyes focused on his lap.

He expected Logan to laugh at him, make a few jokes at his expense. He was surprised however when Logan remained silent, flicking immediately to the correct channel. James slid a hand along Logan's shoulder as he felt Logan relax back against him, the smart boy's head sliding to rest on his chest. The sound of the TV was the only thing that filled the room, James' hand sliding along Logan's shoulder repeatedly.

James tensed when he felt Logan pull away, tearing his eyes away from the screen to look down at his boyfriend.

"Where are you going?" James asked; panic slowly flooding through his body.

Was Logan leaving because he didn't want to watch a stupid model show? Did the smart boy have other plans? Did he not want to spent time with James?

"I'm gonna get a drink, want one?" Logan replied, placing a hand on James' knee.

"Could you get me some milk please?" James said, smiling innocently at his boyfriend.

Logan chuckled lightly, shaking his head fondly as he pushed himself off the sofa. He would never understand James' obsession with milk, the pretty boy never explaining why he drank so much of it. Reaching into the cupboard, Logan pulled out two glasses. Setting them on the counter, Logan reached into the fridge, using two hands to pick up their overly large bottle of milk. Pouring the creamy liquid into one of the glasses, Logan placed it back in the fridge, snatching the apple juice on his way out.

Once both glasses were full, Logan snatched them both off the counter and made his way back to James. The pretty boy turned to smile at him as he reached the couch, the same familiar butterflies he get when James smiled at him filling Logan's stomach. Handing James his glass, Logan settled back beside him before taking a sip from his own. Logan sighed gently as the sweet taste burst across his tastebuds, the liquid cool as it slid down his throat. Placing his glass on the table in front of him, Logan settled back against James' chest, watching as the taller boy slid his half empty glass between his thighs.

Logan smiled to himself as he felt James' hand slide along his shoulder, fingers dipping under the material of Logan's shirt. Both boys' turned their attention towards the TV, letting themselves get engrossed in the show. However Logan couldn't but watch from the corner of his eye everytime James lifted the glass for a drink. When James' glass was empty, Logan slid his hand between the pretty boy's thighs to grab it, smirking when James tensed next to him.

"Relax I was just moving your glass." Logan said turning back to look at his boyfriend

However James wasn't where he had left him. Instead of being sat back against the cushions like Logan had left him, James was laid back along the couch, head resting against the arm. The tall boy's legs hung off the couch in a similar position to what Logan had left them in.

James nudged Logan's hip with his foot signalling for the pale boy to move. Doing as Logan wished, Logan stood, watching as James swung his legs up onto the couch. Logan smiled as James spread his legs, the smart boy knowing exactly what his boyfriend wanted. Waiting until James was comfortable; Logan placed a knee between James' spread legs.

Placing his hands on either side of James' head, Logan let his other knee join the first, hovering over his lover. Leaning Logan pressed a kiss to James' lips, sighing lightly as James' hands moved to grip his hips. The kiss was nothing more than a simple sliding together of lips, both boys' smiling softly as they pulled apart.

Pressing a final kiss to James' lips, Logan let his legs stretch out from underneath him. Logan let his head slide down to the crook of James' neck as his body pressed against the pretty boy's. Logan buried his head further into the crook of James' neck as the tall boy wrapped his arms tightly around his waist. Logan felt a sense of warmth and security flood through his body as James gave his waist a squeeze, turning his attention back to the screen.

Both boys' were silent as the Top Model marathon continued. Logan couldn't help but love the warmth of James' embrace, revelling in the way the pretty boy squeezed his waist every so often. The smart boy tensed when he felt James' hands unclasp from the small of his back, relaxing when he felt them slide soothingly along his sides.

As an episode morphed into another and another, James found himself growing bored. He kept his eyes glued to the TV, staring hard, hoping that the show would suck him back in. When it didn't he let out a small sigh, turning his attention to the boy that lay on top of him. James squirmed slightly as Logan shifted on top of him, the smart boy's soft hair tickling along his jaw.

Unclasping his hands from where they rested against the small of Logan's back, James ran his fingers gently along Logan's sides, the pale boy's shirt riding up beneath his fingertips. James felt Logan tense above him before relaxing, face burying deeper into James' neck. Letting his fingers trail back down Logan's body, James rested his fingers against the hem of Logan's shirt, fingers itching to feel the newly exposed skin.

James had no choice but to smooth his fingers along Logan's bare skin as the smart boy shifted once again, shirt riding further up his back. The pretty boy teased his fingers along the small of Logan's back, tracing against the goosebumps that had risen along the shorter boy's skin. James paused when he felt Logan's hand smooth over his bicep, coming to a rest on his shoulder.

When Logan didn't protest or move again, James carried on, his fingers tracing small patterns across Logan's porcelain skin. James stopped when he felt his fingers brush against the waistband of Logan's jeans, resting lightly on the leather of the genius' belt. James paused again when he felt Logan's hand slide down from his shoulder to rest lightly on his chest.

James felt Logan shiver above him as his fingers moved to trace the soft sliver of skin above Logan's waistband, the tips of his fingers just brushing under the material. The pretty boy heard Logan's breath hitch, body tensing as he slid a finger past the waistband of the smart boy's jeans, running the digit slowly over the curve of his ass.

"J...J...James." Logan gasped as James' finger travelled downwards, sliding between the smart boy's cheeks.

"Ssh baby, I got you." James replied, pressing a kiss to Logan's hair.

Letting his hand slide out from under Logan's jeans, James ran his fingers lazily across the small of Logan's back. He revelled in the way Logan whimpered lightly, fingers clutching at the tall boy's shirt. Smoothing his palm down Logan's back, James ran his hand along the curve of Logan's ass, bringing his hand down lightly against the denim covered skin.

Logan moaned lowly, hips rolling up against James'. James bit his lip as he felt the growing bulge in Logan's jeans brush against his crotch, giving rise to his own length. James squeezed roughly at Logan's ass, hips rolling up against the smaller boy's. Both boys' moaned as their erections rubbed together, James' hand moving to slip past the waistband of Logan's jeans again.

He squeezed roughly at the skin beneath his fingertips, repeating the action when Logan moaned, pushing back against his hand. Using his free hand, James gripped Logan's hip as he fingers slid between the pale boy's cheeks to press gently at his entrance. James' grip tightened on Logan's hip when he felt Logan tense above him, keening low in his throat.

"James" Logan moaned as the pretty boy pressed their hips together, finger running slowly over Logan's hole.

"Sit back" James said, pulling his hand from under Logan's jeans.

Pushing his hands against James' chest, Logan sat back, eyes running over James' body. James bit back a moan as Logan's eyes roamed over his body, the pale boy's eyes dark with lust. He watched hungrily as Logan's tongue swept across his bottom lip. Sitting up, James wrapped his hand around the back of Logan's neck, pulling the smaller teen into a kiss.

Their lips slid hungrily against each other's, James' tongue pushing past Logan's lips. Both boys' moaned as their tongues brushed, Logan's hand moving to grip James' shoulder. Moving his hand to grip Logan's hips, James pressed his tongue against Logan's sensitive spots, cock aching with each moan Logan let out.

Both boys' were panting lightly when they pulled apart, James using his grip on Logan's hips to guide him to lay down on the couch. As soon as Logan's back hit the cushions, James' hands were everywhere, running up his thighs, tugging at his belt. James pushed Logan's shirt up, licking and nibbling along the pale boy's slightly pronounced abs.

"J...J...James please." Logan begged, hips pushing up against James'.

James shushed his lover, his tongue tracing down Logan's happy trail. When he reached the waistband of Logan's jeans, James sat back, fingers tugging at his belt. Pulling the leather free from Logan's jeans, James threw it to a random corner of the room, fingers moving to pop the button. Tugging the zipper down, James curled his fingers around the waistband of Logan's jeans and boxers.

Throwing the material behind him, James let his eyes roam over Logan's newly exposed lower half. Logan felt his cheeks grow red as James' eyes lingered on his dick; fingers moving too slowly encircle it. A ragged moan slipped past Logan's lips as James began to pump him slowly. Logan couldn't help but cant his hips upwards as James' thumb swiped over the head of his dick, collecting the pre cum that had gathered there.

"Fuck James please." Logan pleaded hips bucking up into the pretty boy's touch.

The tall boy smirked down at his lover, smoothing his hand along Logan's thigh. He winked at Logan as he leant down, sealing his lips around the head of the small boy's cock. The moan Logan let out was guttural, one hand tangling itself in James' hair while the other moved to grip the couch cushion tightly. Logan groaned when he felt James' hands clasp his hips, holding him down against the couch as he began to slowly bob his head.

"Ugh, fuck James" Logan moaned, back arching as James traced his tongue along the underside of his dick.

James smirked the best he could with Logan's dick in his mouth, the pace of his head quickening as Logan's moans escalated. The pretty boy rubbed his thumbs along the hollows of Logan's hips, his own length pressing fervently against the material of his jeans. He pulled back slightly, twirling his tongue along the head of Logan's cock, glancing up at his lover.

Logan's eyes were clenched shut, cheeks rosy. His bottom lip was clenched tightly between his teeth, lips parting every so often to moan. James stroked Logan's hips as he slowly began to bob his head again, grazing his teeth along the underside of Logan's dick.

"Fuck James" Logan moaned, tugging harshly at James' hair, making the tall boy moan around his length.

Logan could feel that familiar feeling building in the pit of his stomach; increasing everytime he felt James' teeth graze his length. Logan's grip on James' hair tightened his back arching as he attempted to thrust his hips into the wet cavern that was James' mouth. Logan moaned the sound a mixture of frustration and pleasure as James held his hips down.

"James, I'm close." Logan moaned, tugging on the taller teen's hair.

James glanced upwards towards Logan, watching as his teeth cut into his bottom lip. Pulling back with a small pop, James wrapped his hand around Logan's dick, pumping him slowly. He licked his lips slowly as he watched Logan's eyes flutter shut.

"I'm gonna cum" Logan whimpered, hips bucking upwards.

"Let go baby." James whispered in return, sealing his lips back around Logan's cock.

It only took a well placed flick of James' tongue to send Logan over the edge. His hips stuttered against James' face as his seed spilled into the waiting cavern, James' name spilling repeatedly past his lips. James swallowed everything Logan had to give him, his own cock close to bursting in the tight confines of his jeans.

James inwardly sighed with relief as Logan let go of his hair, small twinges of pain shooting across his scalp. Pulling away, James gently flicked his tongue against the head of Logan's cock, swiping up a stray drop of cum. He looked up slowly when Logan whimpered, the smart boy's face flushed, eyes droopy.

"You okay baby?" James asked, sliding his hand up to Logan's stomach, rubbing gently.

"Mmm" Logan replied, eyes slowly opening to look down at his boyfriend.

James smiled down lovingly at his boyfriend, his grin growing as Logan returned the sentiment. However it quickly turned into a frown, the smart boy pushing himself up into a sitting position.

"What's wrong?" James asked watching the frown on Logan's face deepen.

"You haven't cum." Logan stated, running a hand down James' chest.

The pretty boy moved to answer, his words being cut off by a moan as Logan palmed him through his jeans. James shivered as Logan's lips travelled slowly along his neck before stopping at his ear.

"Let me help you with that" Logan muttered lowly in James' ear, breath hot against the shell.

Logan squeaked when he felt James' arms wrap tightly around his waist, the tall boy stepping off the couch. Wrapping his legs around James' waist, Logan allowed James to carry him towards their shared room.

As the door to James and Logan's room slammed shut, another episode of Top Model began to play no one there to watch the forgotten show.

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