LbN: Written for Zombie Reine's Halloween Challenge.

Sometimes, you don't know how traditions start. Sometimes, they don't have funny background stories (like Fred getting stain instead of dye at Easter, and being forever referred to as Uncle Purple Fingers). Sometimes, you don't have the moment where you say, "We're doing this every year." Sometimes things just happened again and again, until finally you had a family tradition.

That was the case for Tonks and Harry. The two of them had set all of the decorations out in front of their house, with a bowl of candy that said "Take One." Now they were sitting on the couch watching horror movies while their son got ready to go trick-or-treating with Uncle George.

"All I'm saying is you're a weirdo," Harry said, grinning at Tonks.

"Hey! You married this weirdo! And plus, most rational, well balanced people would say that enjoying watching people get hacked to bits would make you the weird one."

"Saw was amazing, and you know it. You, on the other hand, put in Creature from the Black Lagoon and think the bad graphics are brilliant."

"It's not about the graphics," Tonks huffed. "It's the plot. You can't get stuff like this anymore."

"Thank Merlin…."

Suddenly, there was a roar from the hallway as their son James came running into the room in his Scream mask and underwear.

"Little man," Tonks said laughing. "You've got to put the whole costume on."

"I wan'ed to show you my costume!"

"Okay, well now show us the whole thing!" Harry said.

"'kay!" He ran back out of the room.

"I blame you for our son's exhibitionism," Tonks deadpanned.

Harry laughed. "Well, you have to admit, he was funnier than he was scary."

"True. It's not that horrifying when a kid who's barely three feet tall comes in in a scream mask and underoos…."

It was horrifying the second time around. Tonks and Harry had fallen asleep on the couch after watching exactly four horror movies. When Tonks opened her eyes, all she saw was the Scream mask. "!" she yelped, flipping off the couch in shock.

Harry, eardrums ringing, sat up. "Whasamatta?"

George and his daughter Aryn were standing in the doorway, doubled over with laughter. "We're…we're back from trick-or-treating," George gasped, still laughing.

"Did I scare you Mummy?" James asked, concern lining his face.

"A little," Tonks admitted, hugging him. "But that's the reason for the season, right?"

"Come on," Harry said. "We'll help you sort through your candy, since we're awake now."

"Happy Halloween!" George said, taking his daughter's hand and Disapparating.

LbN: Hope you liked it! Happy Halloween!