Super Star

She was the ultimate Alpha

"Move, move-don't like you-don't know you-you're invited to my party, but you're not-A-lister, B-lister, not even on the list, LBR,"

With the perfect boyfriend

"They are the cutest couple,"

And the four best friends

"Don't even bother with her-she's such a nobody,"

"It's so stupid-she thinks people actually like her,"

"Is she really wearing that?"
"I'm going blind from that outfit,"

And then her life came crashing down

"What are you doing?"

"Don't you get it?"

"Get what?"
"You're OUT."

She lost her her best friend

"But-you said you loved me,"

"I lied,"

"Look me in the eyes and tell me you lied,"

"Maybe he just changed his mind...upgraded,"

And her so-called best friends began to turn on her

"Nobody likes you, when will you realize that?"

"He likes me now-deal with it LBR,"

So she fled to Hollywood, leaving the only two friends she had left

"You can totally take over this school-you were the reason I was the Alpha,"

"But you're our best friend,"

"We'll miss you,"

And suddenly she became the next big thing

"Give it up for the number one singer of the year-"

But now she's going back to spend her sophomore year at her old school

"Is that-"

"It can't be,"

"But she looks just like her,"

"But she's in Hollywood,"

And begins taking the world by storm

"Wanna go out with me?"
"Do you even remember me?"

"We've met before?"

"We used to date,"

"We did?"

She turned the entire school upside down

"But she turned down the captain of the soccer team,"

"Did you really just do that?"
"If you mean dump milk on your head than yes,"

"I cannot believe you,"
"What? Am I dead now? I taught you everything you know, remember?"

Welcome to the life of an eternal Superstar...

Starring, Massie Block

"I don't get why you hate me so much,"

Alicia Rivera

"You'll never be another Massie,"

Kristen Gregory

"I miss when Massie was the alpha,"

Dylan Marvil

"Something's wrong here,"

Claire Lyons

"This is my school now,"

Derrick Harrington

"Massie you've got to listen to me,"

Cam Fisher

"Hear me out-remember; they broke my heart too,"

Josh Hotz

"They all live for the drama-but now that Massie's back it's real,"

Kemp Hurley

"Can't we all just get along so I don't have to pick sides?

Chris Plovert

"Can you all make-up because I need Kris's help or I'm gonna fail,"

And Harris Fisher

"Who in their right mind cheats on Massie Block?"


"Massie, do you really have to leave?" Kristen Gregory asked as she hugged her best friend.

"There's nothing here for me. She's ruining my life and I'm not letting her win," Massie Block smiled her infamous know-it-all half-smirk.

"But she's going to win if you leave. It's like you're running away," Alicia Rivera tilted her head to the side sounding confused.

"No, because I'll become famous and everybody in the world will know what she did to me. And don't worry girls-I promise I'll be back," Massie hugged each of her friends one last time and climbed into her Range Rover limo where all her stuff was loaded and began her trip to the airport.

Dylan Marvil stared at Claire Lyons, the only friend she had left and sighed. She'd given up everything for this girl because Claire had sworn they would be more popular than Massie and her clique ever had been.

But all Dylan had gotten from this was no friends and a front row ticked to Claire and Derrick Harrington's make out sessions.

And now she had no chance of getting her friends back because Massie had moved to Hollywood.

"Derrick isn't it totally awesome that we're dating now? And like the IT couple of the school?" Claire asked in high pitched totally annoying voice.

"If Massie were still here she and whoever she chose to date next would be the IT couple," Derrick muttered.

"What?" Claire asked.

Dylan rolled her eyes. She knew Derrick still liked Massie. He'd just thought that Claire was right when she'd said Massie was OUT. And Derrick was a boy all about the image. About being popular.

So he'd fallen into the trap.

Taking everything giving nothing back/ stuck between her legs/ When she sets her trap/ What can you do with a girl like that?