During new years at 11:00.

"Ren and Len, are you guys ready"? Said Meiko.

"Yeah but is there something wrong with Miku?

She stormed off after Kaito had a talk with her.

Meiko ran to Kaito's room and slammed the door down!

"What the heck did you do to my precious Miku?"

Kaito panicked and ran. BAM! Meiko shot a bullet past

his ice-cream cup. "What are you doing Meiko?" Miku


"I thought you were mad at him".

"I was".

"But why "?

"He spilled ice cream on my dress so I had to go change".

"So he didn't act perverted to you"?

"Nope but he did see my new years hats that I bought for every one ".

Everyone grabbed one than counted down to zero.

"3, 2, 1, 0! HAPPY NEW YEARS!" Miku kissed Kaito on the cheek

and wished him a Happy new years.