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They were in the kitchen when a demon shimmered in. Not Barbus though, a smaller, nerdier one.

"My name is Lenn" He introduced himself. "I am the demon of fear!"

They laughed.

"You?" Dean questioned.

"Yes I am- well, kinda." Lenn stated.

"'Kinda'" Chris repeated. "What does that mean?"

"It means- that after learning Barbas's powers, I am going to quickly build my rake and reputation in the underworld. By killing the Charmed Ones."

"You know- better people then you have tried." Paige told him.

"We'll see." He said waving his hand across them.

They were all soon completely alone.

Chris was standing in the living room, he looked up and standing before him was his mother. Not the youger Piper from the past, but his real mother- the one who spent time with him and the one who he could tell anything to. She stood with her arms outspread towards him. He tried to take a step forward but couldn't, his feet were glued to the floor.

He looked back to his mother. She hadn't moved. There was someone behind her. Chris recognized his older brother, Wyatt. Chris tried to yell for his mother to run. Nothing came out of his mouth but air.

Wyatt lifted his hand in front of himself and started squeezing his hand into a fist. Piper's hands went to her throat, her eyes wide with terror.

Chris's throat closed like his mother's. He could no longer breathe. He and his mother fell to the floor. Chris stared in horror at her lifeless body until everything went dark.

Dean found himself in the manor's attic, but he wasn't alone. Two figures lurked in the corner. They stepped out of the shadow and Dean quickly recognized them as Sam and Ruby. They both had black, demon eyes. Dean stood there in shock, unsure what to say or do.

"Dean, Dean, Dean," Ruby tsked circling around him. "leaving Sammy here with me , clearly wasn't the smartest move you ever made." Saying what Dean has been thinking for a while.

"What happened to you?" Dean asked Sam.

"I followed my destiny." Sam answered in a cold tone.

"This was not your destiny!" Dean shouted.

"Of course it was," Sam explained. "You leaving, Ruby and I fighting demons and her helping my powers, it all worked out so perfect."

"And now," Ruby finished, "we must continue his destiny, and you must go."

Dean couldn't speak or move. He had feared this would happen, but didn't know if it would actually happen.

Sam pulled out a gun from his jacket, pointed it at his brother and fired.

Paige looked to either side of her. The boys were nowhere to be seen. She was the only one left. She started walking towards the exit, but there was none. All doors leading out were replaced by bricks. Paige didn't have to much time to think about that before a demon shimmered in with no other then her sister. Paige was quick to the punch and pulled her sister away from the demon.

The demon was not happy, he through an energy ball directly at Paige. She tried to orb it back at the demon, but couldn't. Phoebe jumped in front of her, taking the energy ball to the chest.

As soon as Phoebe dropped to the ground the demon shimmered out. Paige crouched down to her sister and tried to heal her, but it wasn't working. Tears were pouring out of her eyes. She felt as if she was drowning.

She began to pass out, do to her lack of breath.

Then, BAM!

A gunshot brought Paige's attention to the fact she was alone on the kitchen floor. She took in a breath and go to her feet.

She climbed up the stairs to where she heard the shot fired.

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