When The Blossom Snaps

Chapter 1: The Cool, and the Not So Cool

Welcome to high school. When you prove to people you are the "cool" type, or you're the other types. You have your jocks, the jerks, the bossy chicks, the Emos, the Punks, the Goths, the skaters, and then there's the nerds.

Blossom Utonium was a smart girl at Townsville High. She never did, though, fit in with the popular. Her long, red hair, her pinkish eyes were never seen as "normal". She only had one friend, a girl named Hailey. She was about Blossom's height. She had blond hair that reached her shoulders. Her blue yes sparkled, but of coarse, like Blossom, she was considered a "nerd" in that school.

They never truly understood the ways of high school kids. If you were any bit smarter than the rest, you were considered a "nerd". Blossom and Hailey didn't really mind. Blossom had never really had someone to talk to, so having Hailey was better that nothing. Everyday was the same. Blossom and Hailey would arrive at school, get teased, then the "popular" kids would come and bother them some more. Hailey didn't really have anything against anyone, but Blossom had one person in mind.

Her name was Berserk. She was the bully of the sisters. She and her sisters, Brat and Brute, were the head cheerleaders, so pretty much everyone knew them. Naturally, she had brown eyes, but she hid them behind her red contacts. Her hair reached her waist, while wearing a red ribbon holding it.

Brat was the sister that dated everyone. She had blue eyes, two ponytails that reached her waist, but was bit shorter than Berserk's. Ever boy wanted her, as well as her other sisters. She enjoyed wearing tons of make-up.

Brute, was the tomboy sister. She did well in sports as much as any other boy could, and as the same time, she could be girly girl. She had raven hair in a punkish way. She was cool with both the boys and the girls. She usually would have a detention or two to serve every week, but she would ditch.

Then there were the three brothers. Their names? Brick, Boomer, and Butch Jojo. They thought of themselves almost as a god. They could get any girl without any trouble.

Brick was the "leader" of his brothers. He was the star in the football team. He had red hair that was lower than his shoulders by an inch or so. He would always hide it with his red cap. Like Berserk, he hid his brown eyes with red eyes, which made people more afraid of him. Every girl wanted him.

Boomer was the softer brother but no less jerk. He had blond messy hair. His blue eyes were breathtaking, but could make you melt. He also went out with many people. Boomer was the star of the baseball team.

Butch was the coldest brother. He had a bit of anger issues, but with those green eyes of his, people would easily forgive him. His raven hair was usually spiked up or in a ponytail. He was the star of the basketball team. He would date many people, but he mostly cared about sports and competition.

Blossom hated her life at home. She was adopted by two parents who also had two children. They weren't the worst or the best. They were strict. Never allowed this and that.

Sometimes, life isn't fair.

"Hey, Blossom! How are you feeling this morning?" Hailey seemed to be excited. Today was the first day of sophomore year. She had the uniform the school provided: A plaid skirt, two high, knee socks, a black blazer, a gray tie, and a small backpack to help you carry all your things.

"Oh. Good morning, Hailey. I don't know. I hope this year is different, though I doubt it…" Blossom hated how she and Hailey were treated at school. She really did hope for a better year.

"Come on, Blossom! Don't be like that! We'll get to see everyone again!"

"And who do you mean by 'everyone' ? Come on, we're pretty much outsiders when it comes to school. Mostly with those stupid jerks around…."

"Blossom! They're not stupid!"

"Yeah…..I like to see that myself…"

"We're here!"

"Yah….." said Blossom in a bored tone.

They went inside to the office to get their locker combinations. Hailey and Blossom had to go their separate sides.

"See you in first period!" Hailey disappeared into the upcoming crows of the kids.

"Let's see…Locker 57.….Locker 57...Locker- Oh! Here it is!" Blossom hurried to her locker, put the combination, and started putting all her books and other things in there. So far, school wasn't that annoying for a start.

Maybe things will change, thought Blossom.

"I just hope I don't get a locker next to-" Blossom's voice was cut by someone's voice.

"Well, look who we've got here?" Blossom hated that voice. She knew immediately who it belonged to. She has always hated this guy's guts.


"That ain't a nice way to say hello to the school's favorite jock."

"More like the school's favorite jerk…." Blossom just ignored him. He was always one that liked to tease her.

"You now, maybe if you were a little more cooler and a little less smarter, you could have more friends than just that Hailey of a nobo-"

"Brick, shut it! Why are you even here? Don't you have Berserk to be with?"

"Haven't you realized? My locker is right next to yours!"

"You gotta be kidding me? I'm moving!"

"Seriously? Do you know how many girls would kill for this spot?"

"Yeah. And I'll be the girl not wasting my time for something like you."

"Brick! What are you doing with this loser?" It seemed Berserk had seen her boyfriend talking the girl she hated the most.

"Whatever." Blossom got her books, not before making a face at Berserk, then left. She hated that girl's guts. No matter what, she always knows its better she doesn't start anything. She found her first period class, and inside was Hailey. She took a seat next to Hailey, an waited for the teacher to come.

The teacher walked in and greeted everyone. "Hello class! My name is Mr. Johns. Now, go ahead and take your seat. We're first going to get to know each other. Now, look ate the person on your left, and get to know each other." Blossom was a little bummed because Hailey was on her right. She turned to her left to see a girl her age. She had brunette hair, tied up in a ponytail. She had purple contacts, or so, it seemed. This girl was probably new, for Blossom had a photographic memory, and she never remembered seeing this girl.

A newcomer, huh? Don't get too caught up with the Jerks….

"Hello. I'm Blossom, and I'm guessing you're new?" Blossom couldn't think of anything else to say.

She looked at Blossom with relieve. "How did you know, but yah. I am. My name is Bianca, but people call me Bunny!"

"Bunny? And why is that?"

Bunny seemed a bit timid, but then told her, "When I was younger, I loved bunnies…and I just don't know why….."


"So, tell me Blossom…How is this school? Is it cool? Fun? Entertaining?"

"It's not really my thing of how this school acts. All I can tell you is that who you are tells you how you hang out with."


"Like. For example, have you heard of anyone called Berserk, Brat, or Brute?"

"Yah…I've been hearing their name a lot since I barely arrived here. Who are they, exactly?"

"Let' see. They're the head-cheerleaders of the squad, which makes them the most popular girls in school. They're dating the head jocks of the school, or jerks, as I call them. And they're major bossy. They only care about themselves. So, I'll advice you, they won't be the best friends you'll want."

"Do you know them?" Bunny kinda looked confused. She didn't understand these kids.

"Berserk is the redhead. She's the leader of the group. Her boyfriend, Brick, is the most popular guy in school. She will probably be the most bossiest. Brat is the blond. She's more of the 'going out with people' sister. She has probably gone out with more than half of the guys in this school. Her boyfriend, Boomer, is the second most popular guy in school. He's the nicest outta his brothers, but still a jerk. And then there's Brute, the raven haired one. She's the tomboy sister of all. She's as tough as any boy, so don't go starting anything with her. Her boyfriend, Butch, is the raven haired bother, the third most popular guy in school. He's mean, and yet he gets many girls."


"Yup.. So, don't get too caught up with them, or you'll change."

"It's like you know this school." Blossom looked at Bunny, and then at the window.

"More like the school knows us." Mr. Johns then told the class to start moving back to their regular seats. After first period, Blossom and Hailey went but were stopped by Bunny.

"Blossom?" Blossom turned to Bunny.


"Thanks. You're more help than rumors. Chat with you sometime, okay?"

"Sure." Blossom looked at Hailey. She was too busy daydreaming to see she was talking to Bunny.

"Oops! Gotta go!"

Bunny went hurrying someplace. Blossom and Hailey walked over to the soda machine, and bought two diet cokes, then walked to their next class: P.E.

Bunny hurried to the bathroom. She went in, and checked there was no one in there. Then she took out a cell phone. She dialed someone, and the other line started talking.


"Hello? Father?"

"Bunny? Yes, it's me. What's the matter?"

"Father, let me talk to them now."

"Bunny! What's wrong? Your sisters are busy right now. They can't talk."

"Father, it's urgent! I need them NOW!"

"Yes, yes my dear." It took a few seconds before a new voice was heard.

"Bunny? What is the matter?" This voice was gentle, calmed, with a hint of worry.

"Ah, Bubbles! Get Buttercup in the line also!" Bunny's voice sounded more anxious than worried.

"What is it, Bunny? This better be worth it." This voice sounded tough, scary, but independent at the same time.

"Buttercup! Bubbles! You both listen!"

"Yah. We're listening."

"I think I've found her."

"Found who?" cried the distant voice of the father.

"I think I've found our lost sister, Father."

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