When The Blossom Snaps

Chapter 12: Melancholy Hill

Her eyes fluttered open at once, and it took her a while before she could regain everything that had just happened. Her body was lying on the grass, with trees high above her showering her with shade and flowers scattered all around her. The sun was blocked by the thick clouds, and the breeze felt great as it made contact with her skin. She could feel her fingers trying to grasp for something, but her mind was in such a daze that she gave up. The moment she recognized the peace and serenity around her, a strange feeling began to dominate her all over. Closing her eyes, the setting around her changed.

It suddenly became colder, and the winds become a freezing breeze to her skin. The grass beneath her became more rough, and the sky darkened. "You really must find a better spot to relax," She heard a voice mumble. Groaning loudly, she slowly opened her eyes to find the familiar form of the red-headed boy. She wasn't in the mood to speak with him since their previous quarrel. Lifting herself up, the girl turned her attention to him and sent him a glare. "I'm sorry. Was I interrupting your slumber, your highness?"

"I shall warn you, I am not in the mood to be messed with. So I strongly recommend you find yourself another spot far away from here as possible," Her voice was dripping with anger that didn't slip past him, but only caught his attention even more.

"Oh yeah? And who the hell made you the boss? Sorry, but I think I'll rather stay and face the consequences," He replied, giving her a look that showed he was up for the challenge. He watched and waited for her reaction, but was surprised when she looked away. He stayed there, patiently waiting for her to make a move but she stayed frozen. "I don't see why you're still upset. I've moved on Blossom, and I already got myself another girl."

The tension around them only worsened as he ended his sentence. Unknown to him, the girl who presently sat on the snow was truly not in the mood to be bothered with. Her head was being attacked with thoughts that were confusing. A discovery she was shocked to uncover but was too frightened to tell anyone for the fear of being judged. This...thing wasn't normal, and no one in the past generations had ever had such a thing happen to them. Remembering this, her mind jumped to conclusions that were only worrying her much more.

Deciding to awaken her from the weird trance she seemed to be in, Brick placed his hand on the sword kept on his side. Blossom knew where his hand was currently located, but hoped he wouldn't do anything he'll regret. He slipped the sword out, his gloved fingers tracing the sharp tip of the blade.

"Blossom..." He whispered, hoping for her to look at him as he spoke. "When was the last time we had a duel?"

Her eyes widened before turning her face to the side, looking at him as if he was insane. "You wouldn't..."

Brick, being satisfied to know she was nervous from his question, held the sword close to face. He made sure the red-headed girl had her eyes on him the entire time as he continued talking. "Now, why wouldn't I? I've been craving a good fight lately. And since there is no opponent as good of a fight as you...How about one round?" She stood up, watching him with a worried look. He walked closer to her, each step she dread.

"Don't...Brick, my emotions...They're unstable, I'm telling you-"

"This fight is testing each other's strength, wisdom in battling another. Emotions have nothing to do with this," He replied in a cold tone, lifting his sword up to her neck.

"You don't understand," Her voice said it this time with a serious tone. Brick didn't care about all these emotions she was talking about; fighting had nothing to do with that. She waited to see if he would bring down his sword, but the two seemed frozen in place. "I don't want to fight you. You know what I'm capable of doing..."

"I'll take my chances." And with that, he lifted his sword above her, and brought it down in a swift move. Her body quickly reacted and moved out of the way, falling on the snow. Her heartbeat quickened, her hands forming into fists. Adrenaline was pumping through her veins. Standing up, her legs began to run far from the boy. She couldn't, and she wouldn't get involved with this. All she needed to do was get away, and it would be okay. Her body stood behind a thick tree, her breathing heavy and short.

"Hi there," She heard his raspy voice whisper before stabbing the sword into the bark. Running away from him once again, Blossom was almost at her peak. She knew she couldn't fight her heart's desire to show him why she should never be questioned. But no...things could get out of hand very quickly.

Deep inside her lingered a cold, distant feeling that was beginning to grow. Knowing what it meant, she tried her best to relax but it was no use. She couldn't run anymore; her energy was already draining. Just as she heard him walking behind her, she let her body collapse onto the ground.

"Brick, this is the last time I'm going to say it...Stop this before something bad happens." She waited, waited for him to call it quits or just walk away from the entire situation but no.

Shaking his head, Brick chuckled at the girl's warnings. He knew how fun things were when the two of them fought, and he was already too far into the one-sided battle to go back. This needed to continue, whether she was going to fight for fun or to defend herself. "I told you, Blossom. Just stand up and stop being a coward. It's been long enough that I've gone without a fight."

Suddenly without a warning. a flame was shot at him; throwing him a few feet back, he watched as the girl lifted herself up and turned around with cold eyes. "I warned you." She charged at him full speed, both of her hands engulfed in flames. She sent several shots of flames at him, using his sword to block them. She suddenly stopped, the flames on her hands fading away. Lifting one hand up, a single finger was brought out and a bright flash of lighting was sent at his direction, catching him off guard.

Brick was barely able to block it, but was still thrown across the forest. His back hit a tree, pain instantly shooting up his spine. He watched, rather horrified of what Blossom had done so easily, as the girl walked towards him. As much as it hurt, Brick lifted himself up and began running towards Blossom. He watched nervously as he stopped in front of her, his breathing heavy. He was shocked, watching her in amazement as she lifted her open hands and brought them towards her face in a quick motion and forming them into fists, when he felt something hard grab hold of his feet. Looking down, he saw something that surprised.

Ice had formed around his feet.

His gaze was caught by Blossom who was walking towards him. Her eyes seemed alive, excited by all the commotion that had occurred. "I told you, Brick..." She mumbled, lifting her hand to touch his cheek. His eyes never broke contact with hers. "My sisters and I are people who should never be underestimated. You should know that by now." A single finger trailed down his cheek to his arm and to his hand; he suddenly felt his hand in hers, watching as she lifted up his hand to his face to flash the infamous ring he had been given. "Not even this can protect you from our true power."

Blossom looked at him one more time before turning towards the opposite direction and walking off. Just before she was completely out of his sight, she turned her head to the side and gave him a gentle smile and her hand rose, and just as she snapped her fingers a single flame appeared on the ice that had kept him trapped. He watched it melt, confused by what had just happened.

She couldn't...She just hadn't...Falling to the ground, he grabbed his sword and placed it back on his side, quickly lifting himself up.

His eyes shot open, his body lifting up to see the moon already in the sky with clouds all around. The stars shone brightly that night, and it was rather captivating how they would stay like that for centuries without running out of fuel. But his thoughts were ruined as the dream was brought back to his attention.

He thought of how Blossom didn't seem like herself in his dream...flashback, or whatever it was. Things like this had kept him up for the previous nights, and it was beginning to take its toll on him and on things he didn't question on before. But all he could do was just think and try to reason with things, though some like the dream were hard to explain. His brothers weren't aware of what he was going though, and he wasn't on planning them soon. It just wasn't the right time.

Brick needed answers, quick. But he seemed to be the only one having this strange visions. The weird voice that had talked to him in his mind (and he hoped he wasn't going insane) had more explaining to do, and he would just have to wait for it to show up once again.

But for now, he could only dream of the mysterious girl he felt like he had met in a previous life.

"Father had once told me," The blond whispered as she walked along the beach, eyeing her older sister that had stayed closer to the solid ground. "He believed we would have some kind of big adventure in our life. Who would've thought the adventure would be searching for our big sister? Sometimes I wonder when things will get better..."

"I dunno, Bubbles..." Buttercup replied, her green eyes scanning the area. Noting that they were alone, she stomped her foot on the ground, spreading her arms and lifting them up. At the exact moment, a piece of earth flew up to her waist level, and she swiftly kicked the earth across the area in a quick motion. "That felt good."

"Buttercup!" She heard her sister screech, rolling her eyes at the blond's exaggeration. "What if someone had seen you? You shouldn't do that in the public!"

She raised an eyebrow, shrugging her shoulders. "Oh Bubbles, just chill. Have some fun in the water. There's no one here anyways."

"Oh really?" The green-eyes girl shrieked as she heard the voice right behind her, turning around to see her brunette sister, Bunny, sitting on wind that had been formed into a circular shape. "You sure do know when there's no one else here, BC."

"Oh, shut up!" Buttercup replied, crossing her arms against her chest. "But see, Bubbles? Even Bunny is loosening up a bit!" She called out, pointing at the wind being controlled by the youngest sibling.

"Yeah, like seeing a girl in a school uniform floating on a ball of wind isn't weird enough," Bunny commented with sarcasm, earning a glare from Buttercup. "You might as well have fun in the human world before the real threat happens."

"I see..." She whispered. She turned her back towards them, facing the expanding ocean; her eyes stared at the beautiful reflection of them moon. "Well..." Bubbles suddenly had a weird gleam in her eyes.

Buttercup and Bunny both didn't have time to dodge the water their blond sister had shot at them. Looking at each other for a second, Buttercup and Bunny began running towards Bubbles, who already had the water she needed floating around her body.

"This...girl," A deep voice growled, and in his hand he held a small cherry blossom. "She is testing my patience. I need my plan to speed up.." He looked at his desk, and saw a picture with a dragon on it when an idea began forming inside his mind.

"The girl is barely accepting her powers. Within a matter of time, she will grow accustomed to them and began using them during her normal life..." He mumbled to himself, toying with the flower. He slowly tore one of its petals off. "And when she does, I'll get one of the boys to attack her and maybe even abduct the goddess of fire herself."

Tearing off another petal, he stood up and looked through his window and examined the silent, sleeping city. "And once I absorb her power, I shall destroy this planet and take over the world of the gods."

Staring at the flowers, his hands suddenly closed, squishing and destroying the flower. He opened his hand and then dropped the remaining pieces of the blossom to the floor, watching it fall all over. "Once I have the goddess, I will convert her sweet, kind soul into a sinister person..."

Sitting back onto his comfortable chair, he pulled his feet onto his desk and placed his arms behind hid head, proud of the plan he had just thought of. "Now who to do the dirty work for me..." He thought.

And suddenly, the answer came to him.

"Oh, Brick. You sure do have some work to do," He whispered to himself.

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