Who are you?

Wow, this place sure is big, what was it called again…right Mahora Academy. Ah, well I guess I'd better get used to this.

I walked through the whole campus just to see how big it was and to my surprise, it was pretty damn big. Somehow I felt comfortable here? It seems pretty peaceful for an all girl school. I just hope I won't regret saying that. Then I finally reached the dorm I was staying at. I went through the door with my hands full of my luggage ready to drop it, but I was stopped by a girl with a camera that was pointed straight at me.

"Um…..can I help you with something?"

"Yeah you can, my name is Kazumi Asakura and I'm a journalist here. If you don't mind-click- who are you?" As soon as she finished asking me that question, she couldn't stop taking pictures.

Bright…way to bright, I haven't even told her my name and she already started taking pictures. I can't see anything! I started to walk back not knowing that someone was behind me. Crap.

"Whoa, you ok kid! You fell pretty hard….(snickers)," said Kazumi and she started laughing for some reason?

My head was throbbing from pain and when I opened my eyes I saw a….teddy bear?

"What do you think you're doing?" That's when I realized that an orange headed girl was top of me. With her panties right in front of my face, my face turned twenty shades of red, so did hers.

"Asuna, are you okay?" Asked a kid that looked like he was ten, wait isn't he a boy? I thought this school was an all girl's school? I guess anything can happen, right?

Asuna got up off of me and then grab me from the collar of my shirt. Even though we were about the same height, she brought me up to see her eye to eye. The only thing I saw in those eyes was pure anger and a little embarrassment.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you."

"You don't know me," after I said that I closed my eyes shut waiting for the punch.

"I'm so sorry," I opened my eyes to find I was back on the ground, "I'm used to saying that because of Negi here." She pointed to the kid right next to her. He just stood there with a 'what did I do' look on his face.

"It's okay, so is he like your little brother?"

"What? No way, believe it or not he's my teacher."

"Oh, I see your teacher…wait what!" Did she say teacher? This boy is a teacher here at an all girl's school? Wait, why is she saying that as if it's completely normal? "I'm sorry, but I'm not sure if I heard you right, did you say teacher?" Asuna nodded, while Negi just stood there smiling.

"Yes actually it is true. I'm an English teacher here at Mahora." No matter how much he said it was true I still couldn't believe it. He's the only boy in this whole academy huh? He's one lucky ten year old boy. I laughed to myself of the though. That was until I was blinded by Kazumi's camera again.

"You still haven't answered my question." I completely forgot about her. I guess I should just answer her so I could go to my room.

"My name is Sam, nice to meet you all." As soon as I finished they all introduced themselves.

When they finished I waved good bye to all of them and walked to my room as fast I could before I could get stopped again. Let me see, the room was 203. Ah, here it is, I hope my roommate is nice. I knocked on the door waiting for a response. I heard footsteps come closer to the door. When it opened a girl with black hair that was in a side ponytail was on the other side of the door. She was wearing the school's uniform, on a Sunday? She seems pretty cool, wait I think her name was the paper I got. I took out the paper and looked for a name.


"Um, Setsuna Sakurazaki am I right?" She nodded, not one word came out if her mouth. Ok, now she's scaring me with that look.

"Oh, you must be my new roommate. Nice to meet you and might I know your name." She held her hand out and I gladly returned the greeting. "My name is Sammy Rose, but you can me Sam for short, nice meet you Setsuna-san." She let me into the room and showed me to the bunk beds in the side of the room. I put my stuff on the top bunk since it seemed like Setsuna already slept on the bottom.

Oh, right I need to go to the dean's office….thing is I don't know where it is. I looked over to the couch to see what Setsuna was doing. Wait, is she holding a sword? Now I'm terrified. She noticed that I was starring at her and just gave me a small smile. Wait, maybe Setsuna can take me there?

"Um…Setsuna-san can you take me to the dean's office?" I waited for her to give me a simple no and just sit back down. She did the complete opposite and got up, nodded her head, went out the door. I walked behind her until we were stopped by Asuna. Again, what is it now?

"Hey Setsuna, it seems like you two have meet huh?" Setsuna nodded and looked over to me, my face turned bright red after I remember what happened not long ago.

Damn it! It's ok Sam, just calm down and forget about it. "Y-Yeah actually we're roommates." Asuna just stood there like she was in shock. She walked up to me and placed her hand on my shoulder, her head low. I looked over to Setsuna to see if she knew what was happening, she just shrugged. I turned back to Asuna who was still hanging on to me. All of a sudden Asuna started to get closer to me. Wait a minute…is she going to kiss me! No, I don't want my first kiss with someone I don't even know!

I shut my eyes, that was until Asuna was not going to kiss me. What a relief. She stopped right next to my ear. "Sam, make sure you don't get Setsuna mad and if you meet a girl named Konoka Konoe, well stay on her good side too." Huh? Konoka Konoe… where have I heard that name before? Wait, why shouldn't I get Setsuna mad? Asuna let go of me and walked up the stairs.

I stood there in shock after what I heard. Setsuna padded me on the back and gave me a concerned look. "You ok? Come on, you said you wanted to go see the dean right?" She grabbed my arm and started to pull me away. I didn't expect for someone like her to do something like this. Somehow I didn't mind.

"We're here. So, why did you want to come here if you're new?" I didn't blame her for asking that, it is pretty weird that the new kid wanted to go visit the dean. I pulled out a paper that gave me information on what I need to do when I got here.

"You see this list; my aunt gave it to me if I had any trouble." I gave the list to Setsuna so she can read it. I waited for her to finish reading it, which was until I heard….laughing? I looked at Setsuna and she was trying to hold back the laughter. Why is she laughing? Is there something on the paper that made her laugh?

"S-Setsuna-san…are you ok?" She handed the paper back to me and pointed to the very bottom of the paper. I grabbed, read the bottom of the paper, the one thing she noticed and it was this? It was written from my aunt, "Now Sammy I want you to take care of yourself, make friends with everyone, and maybe find yourself a decent partner."

Really, you had to write that! Now Setsuna thinks I'm here to find a partner, well I am here to do that, but not that kind of partner! "Setsuna I swear I'm not here for anything like that! I'm here for school and that's it!" She just replied with a small grin, I grabbed her by the shoulders and repeat what I said, but screaming even louder.

" Alright I believe you! Just let me go already," Setsuna was interrupted by the door to the dean's office opening. A girl with long brown hair, big brown eyes and looked very surprised after seeing Setsuna and I grabbing each other by the shoulders. This probably seems really bad, I hope she doesn't get the wrong idea. Both Setsuna and I released each other as fast as possible.

"O-Ojou-sama? Um….this is my new friend, she wanted to see your grandfather." I bowed to the girl that Setsuna called 'Ojou-sama'. Setsuna seemed very shy all of a sudden. I was a little embarrassed as well, I barely even knew Setsuna.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Konoka Konoe." She gives me a small smile and walks back into the dean's office. Wait, Konoka? That's the girl Asuna warned me about. She doesn't seem so bad, I hope. Setsuna walked behind Konoka and I followed both of them in. I looked up to see an old man sitting right in front us. He just starred at me for no reason. I guess I should ask him.

"Um…dean? My name is Sammy Rose, I'm new here at Mahora. I was told by my aunt to come and see you." He sat up, got a good look at my face and read a few papers on his desk.

"Ah, Sammy-kun nice to finally meet you. I've heard so much about you from your sensei. Now there are some things I need to explain to all of you." Sensei told him about me? Wait, does he know my secret? And what does Setsuna and Konoka have to about this? "Sammy-kun, I know what you are," I was shocked after he finished saying that, "Don't worry, you and Setsuna are the same." What! Setsuna took a step back and looked at me.

"Wait, what do you mean Sammy-san and Secchan are the same?" As soon as Konoka finished talking she just starred at me. I've got a weird feeling about this.

"I mean both of you are hanyos," he really does know, "Sammy-kun, you're a okami hanyo I'm I right?" I nodded, still in shock. "Setsuna-kun, you're a karasu hanyo, that's one of the reasons you two are roommates, the other reason is that I have a job for you Sammy." I quickly snapped out of shock and ran up to the front of his desk. "I want you to be partners," oh no, "with Setsuna-kun."

"What!" All three of us said in unison, Setsuna and I looked really confused, except Konoka. She seemed to be really happy about this.

"Partners in being Konoka's bodyguards. I want all three of you to get along, alright." The dean just starred at all of us until we finally agreed. "Alright then, now go and get to know each other." He turned his chair around and looked out the window. Bodyguard? Is he serious? Well, it's nice to know that Setsuna and I have something in common. I didn't think it would be being half demon.

"Come on Secchan, Sammy, lets go hangout." Konoka pushed us out of the room and into the hallway. Setsuna still seemed pretty shocked, while Konoka looked happy. I guess she doesn't mind, but Setsuna I'm not so sure. " So, you're just like Secchan, but part wolf," I nodded, " cool, can I see your ears and tail?" She made a puppy dog face, great….might as well.

"Ok, seal….release!" My ears popped out on my head, my tail as well. Here we go again. I turned around to Konoka and she immediately glomped me to the ground. What the hell!

"Sammy! You look so cute!"

"Ojou-chan, I-I can't…breathe. S-Setsuna-san, help…..me." Setsuna walked up to Konoka and tried to get her off me. It didn't work. Konoka had a strong grip on me. Things started to go black, I eventually passed out in Konoka's death grip. The last thing I remembered was the sound of wings flapping.

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