Don't Keep Us Waiting

(Asuna's POV)

I was walking towards Setsuna's room to try and find Konoka. It felt weird going over there since Sam left. None of us have heard anything about her for the past few months. We were already out on winter break. The new school year was coming closer.

That day when I saw her disappear right in front of my eyes, I knew it wouldn't be last. Maybe it'd take a while was all I thought. As I walked down the hallway I felt really comfortable. I was still wearing my purple jacket and plaid skirt that I wear when I deliver papers. Today's delivery was quicker than usually since there's no school. Though the break barely started today. At least I'm going to spend Christmas with Konoka again. Her cooking's the best, than that huge buffet she makes during Christmas.

I felt my mouth water while thinking of the delicious choices. Until I realized I was already at the door. I knocked three times, there's no way I'm going to walk in since this is the room of a demon who could probably shed me to pieces. There's no way I could just walk in.

"Come in Asuna!" I felt my eyes widen a bit as I slowly opened to door while only to feel a little disappointed. Setsuna was sitting at the table while Konoka was making some breakfast. I closed the door as I made my way towards the seat in front of Setsuna. She seemed as if she hasn't gotten much sleep. Wait a second...ha ha!

I felt my lips curl up while my eyebrows lifted up. Setsuna must have noticed me because she hesitated from taking a sip of her coffee. "Something wrong, Asuna?"

" long did she keep you up," I asked in a mocking tone. Setsuna turned beat red while dropping her mug to the table. Gladly it just barely spilled on the table. Setsuna coughed while looking over the counter to see if Konoka heard anything.

"A-Asuna, it wasn't like that. I had this weird dream that would always come back every time I went back to sleep." I laughed a bit as her blush faded.

"What was the dream?" She seemed a little scared to say anything to me, now her reaction to when I asked her again was something I wasn't expecting. Her started to turn pale as her eyes widened. "Setsuna," she looked up at me, "What was that dream?"

She shook her head while about to say something, until Konoka came over with some amazing looking pancakes. She had gotten two plates out of nowhere. She must have knew I was coming. "Here you go guys! I need to go get myself some as well, be right back!" Konoka ran back towards the kitchen to get her plate. I turned back to Setsuna.

"Spill it," I whispered. She seemed like it'd depend on her life if she told me. She looked down as her bangs covered her eyes.

"I had a dream where I was walking through these woods," this didn't sound all that interesting to me until she got to one part, " Though when I looked to my side there was a guy traveling along with me. I-It was Ben." I felt my heart stop for a bit. I fell back on my hands while still staring at Setsuna.

She then began to continue, "He seemed as if he was...maybe human. He had his regular brown hair that reached to the bottom of his ears now and his green eyes now gave off this feeling that was like that of any other human. He spoke up saying we were getting close to home..." That's when this feeling came to me.

Before I knew it, I was standing up from the table while Setsuna was staring at me. Konoka came into the room; she must have been worried since she placed the plate down quickly while coming to me.

"Asuna, what's wrong?" I shook my head while slowly sitting down. I looked back up to Setsuna trying to talk with me through her eyes. She wants to sit down and act as if nothing happened. Fine, but I'm not going to forget that. She must have noticed when she nodded her head slowly. I grabbed my fork while sticking it into my pancakes.

"Nothing's wrong, Konoka, just starving that's all." I laughed a bit while sticking a mouthful of pancake slices into my mouth. "Delicious!" Konoka quickly dropped the topic as she took the seat next to Setsuna. I knew Setsuna knew what I thinking.

I tried to finish my plate fast already thinking of something. As I wiped my plate clean I made my way out of there. Konoka got up while calling out to me, but I was too busy looking for a number on my phone.

I founded it as I pressed the call button; it started to ring while it was on speaker. "Hello? Asuna-san?" I felt relived to her answer.

"Angel, have you heard anything yet? "I could already hear the tone in her voice change.

"Asuna, no. We haven't. As much as I wish we have, no. Though almost everyone have been having weird dreams lately." I stopped in my tracks only to find myself where all the cherry blossoms were.

"I don't know if anyone else has, but Setsuna had a weird dream too. I had one that sounded just like hers." I heard her gasp.

"About the two of them? And you were seeing through eyes?" I nodded my head, until I remembered I was on the phone.

"Y-yes. Does that mean…"

"Yeah probably. We're really going to see them again." I laughed a bit while walking through the cherry blossoms in the air. The snow being crunched as I made my way through it, this scene seemed so peaceful. "Oh, Asuna, we're all going to go over there for Christmas. I've been missing my little sister way too much since we left. We might be there the day after tomorrow." I felt something in my chest burn.

"That sounds nice. It would actually be nice to see you all again. I've been going over to Eva's every now and then, don't worry about Kasey, she's getting a lot stronger. Yami, Mark, and Viridiana are helping out too. Koyo…no one knows where he went. Though Mark said he'd be back. A lot of things changed here, but I guess you could say it was for the better." I could hear her laughing through the phone.

"What about you Asuna, how have you been doing?" I could already feel myself stop walking. I didn't know what to say. I felt fine after all this time, but my heart still ached. My eyes began to sting as I felt the tears fall. "It's okay Asuna," I felt my eyes widen, "I know what you're feeling. (sniff)"

"Ha, right. Though we're going to be fine. Oh, did I tell you she had a growth spurt!" From there on I told her how well Kasey was progressing. She got just as tall as Negi and was even stronger. Then her powers finally showed themselves one day during training. That girl can develop any power she desires. What a lucky girl. All I can do is deflect magic and depend on some card!

(Negi's POV)

Even though classes have been dismissed, there's still papers and meetings for me to attend to. Being a teacher is hard. I was walking down the hall of Mahora as I just left some paper work in the teachers lounge. Though as I looked out the window in the building, I could see someone walking on the path.

It was Asuna. She was talking on the phone while leaning up against a tree. For once in all these past months she seemed happy. She must be talking to Rose-san. Nice to see keeping in touch with those people made her happy. Though I've only talked to Spirit out of all of them. He's been teaching me things I never knew about. I stopped while looking out the window. It was nice seeing her smile again.

"Negi-kun!" I turned to see Kasey running towards me. She was wearing a pink polo shirt, a baby blue vest, navy skirt, and some black hi-tops. Her hair had now reached around her back as it became more golden. Her eyes were blue mixed with purple. Her smile was very noticeable from here.

I turned towards her, "Did something happen?" Once she was next to me, she started jumping up and down.

"I could feel her! I could feel Onee-chan!" I felt my eyes widen a bit while grabbing her shoulders.

"R-really?" She nodded her head while grabbing my hands.

"She's nearby! I know it!" I quickly let her go while looking back out the window.

"Then, just maybe…" Kasey got next to me while looking out too. That's when the wind blew tons of the cherry blossoms through the air. Asuna got some in her hair as she turned towards the direction the wind was going. Until she must have heard something because she ran down the path, maybe she saw something down there.

"Do you think?" I nodded my head while grabbing her hand.

"Let's go!" Before I knew it, we were both running down the hall. Kasey was actually the one pulling me now. Her strength was unbelievable. Now that she's a half, I wonder if she's trying hard to become more like her.

(Regular POV)

Everything started to feel better once I saw those gates. The snow made it gives off some special feeling of home. I could the others with me saying that we should walk in already. I just wanted to enjoy it a bit longer.

As the wind blew my hair went along with it. My hair was now a golden brown as it hit around my hips and my bangs covered my forehead, my eyes a gold color, my skin was tan, and I was a bit taller. I was wearing a grey shirt that had a star on the top upper left, a navy sleeveless hoodie, a charcoal skirt, and some boots to match. I felt someone grab onto my arm. I looked to my side to see it was Ben.

"Ready?" I felt my heart thump hard against my chest as I looked at Mahora.

"I feel pretty bad not going home first, Ben. I mean," He shook his head, as he looked the same direction as me.

"I think this is a little more important." He then got behind me as he pushed me through those gates. I turned around only to see that everyone I was with were gone. Even the gates were closed.

"Ben…Hikari…even you Eli. Thank you for helping me back." I turned around ready to walk down that path. I did. The cherry blossoms in the snow seemed so beautiful. That was until I saw something even more amazing than the flowers.

There standing against one of the trees was Asuna and she seemed like she was having a great conversation on the phone. I tried walking closer, but my heart kept making the pain a little unbearable. I still wanted to get to her. Even if my heart beat could now be heard in my ears. Even if my face was hot and beat red.

I swallowed as I tried walking again. Though this time the wind blew harder as the cherry blossoms came towards me. I felt like I was going to faint. Then finally I reached my halfway through the path. "A-A-Asuna!" I closed my eyes while my arms were against my hips.

I peeked to see she was standing there before me. She seemed to have gotten the same expression as me. She turned beat red. I scratched the back of my head while looking at her through one eye.

"Um, sorry to keep you waiting." I could see some tears form in her eyes. She shook her head as she took a step closer. Until she took into a full sprint and before I knew it I was in her arms. I could hear her sobbing a bit, but I didn't care. I hugged her back while feeling my smile on my face. There were tears though, I was just happy.

"B-Baka! Do you know how worried we all were?" I nodded my head while burring my head in her shoulder.

"Sorry, but I came back like promised." She held me out at arms length. She was smiling while the tears fell. Though I felt my face heat once she cupped my face. She got closer. I placed my right hand on her left. "Um, Asuna?"

"Hm?" I squeezed her hand. I looked at her jacket to see she had gotten herself a necklace. It was a silver chain with my half of the star on it. She'd somehow placed a whole through it.

"You kept it?" She nodded her head as she gave me a warm smile. "Thank you, but I still haven't made a decision." That's when her eye twitched. She let me go as she put her hands down. I felt a little cautious. That's when she smacked me straight across the head. "Ow!"

I rubbed my head as I looked at her. She was beat red as she looked down at the ground. "It's been what? Seven or eight months and you still haven't decided! I was about to kiss you!" Then she covered her mouth while getting really red. I felt my blush come back too. I walked closer to her.

"R-Really?" She shook her head as she looked away from me. I walked closer to her as I cupped her face. She seemed shocked, as I got closer to her. She tried to punch me and she did land a couple times on my scar that was now on my stomach though I didn't stop After she finally stopped struggling she said something under her breath, but I was able to hear her.

"Sammy…you idiot." That's when I kissed her. Honestly, this felt very nostalgic. Weird. She wrapped her arms around my waist, as the kiss got more heartfelt. Once we broke apart both our faces were the same shade of red. We both looked away as we let the awkward silence take it's lead, but I had to say something to her I forgot to say.

"A-Asuna," she looked up at me while still fidgeting. "I...really do," but before I could finish i heard footsteps coming towards us. I turned only to be trampled onto the ground.

On top of me was Konoka and Kasey, standing up next to us was Setsuna and Negi. Everyone seemed so happy to see me. "Onee-chan! You changed since last time!" I nodded my head while patting hers. Konoka was the only that was cutting off my air.

"K-Konoka-ojou-chan! Air!" She quickly let go as she got up along with Kasey and me. Kasey still held on to me. "Nice to see you again. All of you." They all nodded as they came around me.

Negi spoke up first, "Sam, I swear it's great to see you here. Now may ask you a question," I nodded, "Are you human?" I felt a little worried, but nodded slowly.

"Yes, but I'm still pretty strong. Then the pactio cards have been some great use to me. " I let go of Kasey and walked away a little from everyone. I placed my hands in my pockets while looking at all of them with a smile. "But, like I said. My promises are something I can't break. Now I have to go see my guardian and a little vampire. Be back in a bit!" I quickly ran towards the woods.

Eva, you're the person I kept waiting the longest. Before I knew it I was in front of her door. I knocked very little only for it to be opened quickly. There standing before me was Chachamaru. Even for a robot, she seemed surprised. I gave her a small smirk.

"Yo." She blinked while stepping aside. I shrugged while walking in, but before I made my way towards Evangeline I turned around and quickly hugged her. "It's great to see you again, Chachamaru." She patted my back while, I'm guessing, snickering.

"Like wise, Sammy-kun." I let her go while making my way towards the dome. I ran down the stairs almost falling on my face, but caught myself. I quickly made it. I pressed my hand on it only to be sucked in fast.

I was already running through the resort. I could already see the balcony coming closer to me. That long light blonde hair was being blown form the ocean breeze. The running got harder, but the one thing that scared me as I ran, I couldn't stop quickly enough. "M-Master!"

She spun around only to be pushed to the ground. I was now on top of Evangeline while looking into her eyes. She seemed surprised, but for the most part she seemed relived. I opened and closed my mouth because I didn't know what to say.

"Hi t-there," were the only words that came out. She got a small smile on her face as she placed her arms around my neck. The tears started to show in her eyes.

"I've been waiting." I placed my forehead to hers as we started to laugh. This and everything seemed so right. I wished that somehow I could stay like this forever. Being in this peaceful state. Then again, with my luck it'll never happen. Though I'm happy to be back here. I wonder what'll happen now that I'm back?

How will Christmas break turn out for the gang from Mahora and Darklight? How will everyone else's reaction be like once they see Sammy alive and human? Wait, is she going to stay human for good? These are questions that'll be solved in the new series, Let's Start Again.

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