A/N: Well it's been a while since i've wrote a fanfiction hehehe. I thought it was about time to give it another shot! So here it is (my re-written) White as day, black as night.

it's really hard to find Sasuke X OC out there now-a-days... I kinda missed how Sasuke used to be and that gave my the inspiration to write this.

How did all this crap happen? Not to long ago I was a girl in high school…and now here I was. Shuriken and kunai lay littered around us, somewhere plunged into the earth and others lay harmlessly on their side. He was beautiful, lying there…. staring up at me. I missed those eyes after all those months. His golden hair fanned out around him, gleaming in the glare of the unrelenting sun. I felt them then…. the tears spilling down my cheeks. They landed on his cheeks and continued on their journey down his cheeks. He just smiled. "Do it." He whispered.

I narrowed my eyes, willing the tears to stop; this is not the time to show everyone my weakness. I raised my hands up, clenching the Kunai in them, willing it not to shake with my unsteady hands. It failed. Before my mind could stop my, before I could reason myself out of it, I brought the Kunai down as hard as could towards his heart. "Thanks Sa-chan" My best friend whispered as blood sprayed across my front.

~*~*~*~*~Months earlier*~*~*~*~*~*~

I gave one final look at myself before I headed out the door. My long black hair bounced slightly as I stepped, my green eyes alert and ready for the coming day. I smiled. I had a feeling that it was going to be a pretty good day. I hitched my bag up a little higher on my shoulder and flung open the door. I then made a beeline to apartment right next to mine. I knocked on the door rather loudly and then leaned on the wall in the hallway.

"I'm coming!" a disgruntled voice answered.

Ahhh typical Riku-kun answer… Riku wrenched the door open a frown on his face. His tired eyes looked me up and down muttering angrily about hating morning people before closing the door. He locked it behind him; I just waited watching him move in silence. His blond hair was rather unruly, but in a cute way. He turned to me then, his green eyes meeting mine. I smiled and he returned in after running his hand through his hair.

It was the first day back to high school after winter break. The first day back to obligations and drama. I didn't mind though, as long as Riku was by my side it didn't matter. What are friends for? Though I couldn't help but feel relieved, it seemed Riku had forgiven me for the fight we had the night before (Which you'll find out about in all due time^^).

"Morning Saphira." He said.

"Mornin' Riku~" I replied back happily.

He shook his head. He always has hated my ability to remain cheerful despite it being the start of a new day. We began to walk then, along the small hallway. The walls were off white and the lights were dim. It was all rather dingy, what do you expect from an apartment with such cheep rent?

"Ughhh I really don't want to go back to English." Riku whined.

I laughed. "You just hate reading."

We stepped into the screaming metal death trap together, oops I mean elevator. The walls were a bright pink that was slowly chipping off. The metal doors screeched closed. I flinch slightly still not use to the sound.

"To the first floor madam?" Riku asked jokingly.

I rolled my eyes and slapped his hand away wanting to press the button myself. I stopped short noticing a flashing button below the others. It had two keys engraved it to were crossed, one had stars engraved on the handle, the other had a cresent moon. I looked at Riku curiously

"Dare me to press it?" I asked.

"Sure... It is a bit weird though…." He said studying it.

I shruged and pushed the button lightly. The elevator gave a loud screech, Riku and I slammed our hands over our ears. Then the elevator started plummeting to the ground at a heart-stopping rate. I shreiked dropping to the floor onto Riku. Then suddenly, It came to a graceful stop, dinging to signal our arrival to our desired floor. The doors came open without a sound.

What the hell?" Riku shouted wriggling out from under me impatiently.

The world outside the elevator was bright a forest of some sort. I stood up slowly rubbing my slightly sore head. I blink a couple times not believing what I was seeing.

"Why is there a forest inside an apartment building?" I asked.

Riku shrugged and pick his blue book bag up from the elevator floor I followed his example. We stepped out into the bright forest. Birds chirped happily around us as a light breeze played with our hair. It seemed so peaceful here; I smiled and closed my eyes enjoying the fresh air. It would wayyy more enjoyable if we weren't suppose to be IN A FREAKING APARTMENT.

"Come on Sa-Chan" Riku said. He was in front of a small path cleared through the trees.

"Wait!" I shouted jogging after him.

We walked on for a while, curiousity pulling us forward. What was this place? How did we even get here? Was this like some wonderland in the crust of the Earth? Then how was the sun shining? Then there was a clearing, a mighty tree laid across the middle of it. There was a girl probably not older then 16 sitting against the tree. She had blue green hair and soft green eyes; she looked our way smiling softly. In her lap was a small girl about 8 with pink hair. Her eyes were closed as if sleeping…

"I've been expecting you, Saphira, Riku." She said lightly.

Her whole image brought me a sense of serenity.

"Huh?" I asked cringing at the sound of my voice compared to hers

"You two can change the fate of so many people, I'm almost jealous." She said.

"Jealous of Saphira? Ha! There's nothing to be jealous of." Riku said jokingly.

The serenity I felt vanished. A sour look over came my face and I slammed my fist on my friend's head.

"Stupid prick." I muttered.

The girl giggled. "

"Saphira, of the moon. Who longs for the love of the darkness, the hate of the heart and the friendship of the FoX. Riku of the Sun who walks the pth of light, the love of mind and rival of the moon."

I blink twice. "Um come again?" I asked. Riku stared down at this weird girl.

"Saphira of the moon and Riku of the Sun…" she said. "Destiny has brought you together and now will tear you apart. Forever to be a breath away like chaotic day and the still night. That is who you two are, Black as day and white as night ."

"Ugh, don't you have that backwards?" I asked incredably confused.

The small girl in the older one's lap stirred. She opened her pinkish eyes and stared at us. Dread made my stomach drop. My mind screamed run and my legs shook fighting the comand my brain sent. Something was wrong, extremely wrong.

"Nagareboshi " the small girl said softly. Riku screamed and dropped to the ground holding his head. In front of my eyes his hair grew longer and the blond washed out to a silver color. His eyes flew open reveiling their cerulean color. H-how could this happen? This was impossiable!

"What did you do to him?" I shouted dropping next to my friend putting my hands on his shoulders.

"Meigetsu." The girl replied.

I was my turn to meet the ground. I screamed, the pain unbearable. It felt like it was splitting in two. Like claws were ripping through my brain to get the surface. The pain ripped apart my head till I couldn't take it anymore. I fell to the ground, curling in a ball, letting the black edges of my vision take over…..

"Is she ok?" a girls voice asked semi-worried. The voiced tore through my head making me wish I was still unconscious.

"Don't know,but she really looks weird!" a boys voice said loudly making me cringe.

'They can't be talking about me can they?'

I groan lightly my voice sounding different to my ears. I open my eyes and turn to lay on my back. I look up at the sky. The faces of…. Naruto and Sakura blocked the view. I screamed and scoot back as fast as I can until I landed against the knees of the Heart-throb Sasuke. I scream again this time jumping up and cringing at the shrillness of my own voice. Suddenly everything seemed to spin and I plop back down on the ground.

What the hell was going on? This is a dream. That's perfectly loggical, people have dreams like this ALL the time. I mean this is what I get for watching anime instead of studying. It made perfect sense. I breathed heavily trying to calm my pounding heart.

"Why are you screaming?" Naruto asked.

"Um…" I looked at the three." Cause…. I can?" 'yeah that's smooth'

"Great She's a genius." Sasuke said.

My eye twitched and I stood up slowly. "What'd you say?" I asked softly.

"A deaf one.." Sasuke said carelessly.

"I liked you better when you were in the box" I said darkly.

"What? The box?" Sakura asked.

"What box?" Naruto asked.

"This is sooooo not normal!" I shouted.

I mean come on these type of dreams aren't normal for me. I looked at the three in front of my studying them each in turn. They looked so real….. I shook my head furiously. I clenched my hands into a fist. My nails bit into my palm and pain shot up my arm. Pain… pain…..Ah shitttttttttt.

"We're back." a calm voice said lazily.

I spun around, Kakashi came towards us along with old man…Tasuka? No…Tazuna! Panic flaired up in my chest. This is not happening. I can't think straight… I…I don't know what to do… The jonin studied me, his eyes watching my mental break down. That's when I realized something was missing….

"Where's Riku?" I blurted out.

"Who's Riku?" Naruto asked.

"Oh, he's my best friend. He's taller than me has dirty blond hair, green eyes, and thinks the world revolves around him. But… when that girl…" I said muttering the last part.

"Where did you find me?" I asked.

"Right in this clearing, you were just lying there." Sakura said.

"No one else was around?" I asked.

"No." Kakashi said.

I stood up again this time catching my bearings. I Stumbled a little but Naruto caught me and let me lean on his shoulder.

"Thanks Naruto." I said smiling as I looked up at him

"Your welcome-" Naruto begin cut off when I let out a squeak.

Sasuke threw a kunai right at my face. I threw myself to the ground and turned to face the raven haired boy in shock.What the fuck.

"What the hell?" I shouted looking up at him.

Sasuke glared down at me and got into a fighting stance as I got up again.

"Yeah what's the big deal?" Naruto shouted

"We never told her our names." Sasuke said.

Oh shit. Kakashi immediately moved to stand in front of Tazuna. The genin pulled out weapons and stood around me ready to strike at the slightest movement. My eyes widened I threw my arms up in a front of my face.

"I'm not dangerous, I swear!" I shouted waving my arms in front of me crazily.

"Who are you?" Sasuke growled.

This was about the time all sanity left me. Fear hit my heart heavily as I stared at the sharp objects in the ninja's hands. I then looked at Tazuna who was behind Kakashi. I gulped

"I swear to god it wasn't my fault! Riku dared me to push the button! Then the elevator was like screeeeech! And we were like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Then the elevator was like plop. And we were like wow! Then the pretty lady was like "" and we were like "huh?" then the little girl said "hoshiblah blah blah!" and Riku was like "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" and I was like "OH MY GOD!" and the girl was like "meigblah blah blah!" and I was like "!" I said clutching my head at the last part and making the notion I fainted.

The whole group was staring at me like I was a two-headed purple monkey. I blinked a couple times and shifted from one foot to the other. Oh yeah, I came off as a PERFECTLY sane person there….. They lowered their weapons deciding I wasn't a threat, just some whack job.

"Who are you?" Kakashi repeated.

"Saphira Haka" I squeaked.

"Is she on something?" Tazuna asked.

I swore loudly and stomped the ground. "No I'm not! This is all Riku's fault!"

Kakashi's eyes widened at the sound of my last name. I ranted under my breath about my best friend. Then suddenly Kakashi was gone. I gasped looking around for where he had gone. That was all I remember before his hand slammed into the back of my neck, efectively knocking me out for the second time that day. I really hope this doesn't turn into a pattern…..

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