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The damn house was like a maze, one giant bloody maze. I almost felt like a mouse looking for cheese, moldy emo-cheese granted, but cheese none the less. The air was heavy with dust and my going through the house had kicked up even more. I had back tracked to where I had left Sasuke over an hour ago and he just up and vanished. Well not vanished more like he ran away from the "cook" or something. Millions of thoughts had gone through my head as to where he went. My final conclusion was only a big fat hunk of moldy emo-cheese could get kidnapped by a ghost. Strangely I had a feeling he wouldn't leave me, and knew I couldn't just leave him. Nothing had bothered me as I explored the halls of the old Japanese style manor, which put me more on edge then if I was constantly getting attacked.

I pushed through a rotting wooden door, revealing another hallway with only a single doorway. The hallway thankful was a dead end. Earlier I had pulled out a piece of rice paper from one of the many broken doors, and with it drew out the path I had taken and the single door with a pen I had in my kunai pouch. So far, I had explored the entire eastern section of the house and still had no cheese to go with my whine. The wind outside pushed against the house making it moan, I didn't even jump. The creepiness of the manor had begun to wear off on me; I was more worried about anyone living in the house then the dead that lingered about. The dead can't hurt you right? I moved to close the door leading into the hallway of nothingness but a faint glimmer caught my eye so I went over to investigate.

At the end of the hallway a rusted sword was resting in the dust, the ornate hilt was sparkling in the faint light coming from the open doorway; rubies glinted up at me urging me to pick up the old sword. I complied with my urge and ran my finger along the rusted edge, the rust instantly flacked off falling to the floor. I frowned and studied the hilt that remained in my hands, untouched by time that had rotted the rest of the cursed manor. The metal was twisted into some design that faintly remained me of a snake, it turned around the place I gripped and oddly seemed to go nowhere but covered the entire piece of metal. The whole design seemed to source from one point at the bottom of the hilt, I followed twists in the metal to a reached the end, running my finger over the new pattern. It took me a second to realize that the new pattern was in fact words, raised and in a cursive script.

"Whoever holds the power of the blood of the Gods holds the power of the Grave." I read aloud tracing the letters.

As the words tumbled from my lips the rubies seemed to heighten in intensity, enough to draw my fingers to them instead of the cryptic bullshit of the letters below it. The rubies tumbled from the hilt at my touch and the hilt busted into a nice shower of rust. I swore trying to brush off the rust from my clothes and sneeze as I inhaled a good amount of it. After the semi-fit had ended I reached down to pick up the glinting jewels slightly annoyed with them for causing my misfortune. A soft giggling caused me to jump and drop the four small rubies into the dust. I spun around to face the door, my breath hitching. Everything was as before, nothing was there. I took a deep breath attributing the noise from earlier as my wits finally leaving me. A slight tug on my sleeve caused me to look down; I screamed flinging myself backward and on the ground. A small girl looked down at me, a slight smile tugging at her lips.

"W-who are you?" I squeaked out.

"You're not going to live much longer." She replied in a sing-song voice.

"Considering the amount of mini-heart attacks I've had in this place I wouldn't doubt it." I stated.

She bent over and snatched up the rubies from the dusk, inspecting each one in her palm. After a few seconds she held her hand out to me, the smile disappeared from her face almost instantly.

"Kimiko is wrong about you."

"Does Kimiko know how the hell to get out of here or where to find a particularly moldy piece of cheese?"

"You'll have to find the way yourself." She tossed me the rubies.

I fumbled with them dropping one down my shirt. I looked down fishing it out from underneath my top, I looked up ready to yell at the girl for being rude, but she was gone. I swore again and pushed myself to my feet.

"Bloody ghosts and their bloody vanishing acts." I muttered under my breath.

The giggle sounded through the corridor again so I spun to face the front of the hallway. "You have blades right? What good is steel if it isn't covered in blood?"

"Hate to break it to you but everything here is dead, is covered in dust good enough? There's no lack of that."

"You have the blood, just not the words. Hikari no jutsu, all we want is the light. Help us get to it."

She was gone then, I didn't bother to reply I just knew; this damn house was making me lose my mind. It must have been the dust, maybe it's some form of hallucinogen, that or the mushrooms Inari's mom made last not were not shiitake. Hikari no jutsu, really? I mean even crazy or half out of my mind I should have at least came out with something better than that. I half retarted one-year-old could have probably came up with a better name for a jutsu then that. I sighed a decided what the hell I might as well listen to some ghost girl, I mean what's the worst that could happen to me? I could just be you know, thrown into the middle of a T.V. show with my best friend spouting random nonsense….maybe I should rethink my current life.

I pulled one of my Sais from its sheath, and stared at it stumped. Does she want me to cut myself or something? Where else would the blood come from, but then again why did I have the rubies? Oh wait maybe I cut the rubies! Rubies are red, blood is red makes sense. I smirked at my brilliance a laid two of the rubies on the ground and bent down to line up the blade with them.

"Wahhhh!" I screamed out striking the rubies with as much force as I could muster.

Nothing happened. "Well that was a great big epic fail." I sighed.

Then the rubies sunk into the metal of the blade. I whistled watching as the bladed flared up a bright red color before the rubies sunk down into the hilt of the blade. The metal twist within my hands shifting color to look more like onyx than steal, a swirling design etched itself into the hilt. I watched the design shift and some bits of metal swirled and protruded upward towards the blade, the color getting lighter until they were white. The two rubies were set at the point just before the blade met the hilt, staring out at me, glinting in the faint light. I immediately repeated my actions with the other blade, watching in fascination as the process repeated.

I study the new blades carefully; I tossed one in the air and caught it as it came down effortlessly. They weighed next to nothing and seem to fit in my hands perfectly.

"Some girls want designer purses, but give me a new toy any day."

I slipped the Sais back into their sheaths and straightened up. I grabbed my make shift map and began getting my bearings as to where to go next. I let out a sigh when I realized that I would have to retrace my steps and go back to the other side of the manor. With any luck I'd find Sasuke and get the hell out of this place with my nice new pointy objects.

I stared at my make shift map blankly, finally I gave up looking for any more room and shoved the paper it in my kunai pouch and drew out another blank sheet of rice paper. I carefully drew the letters out for 'west wing' in small neat writing and made boxes to represent the room I had just come from and the room I had come into.

"I told them not to do it, she wasn't ready." A voice moaned from a doorway leading into yet another room.

"Super-gay?" I called out hoping it was actually him.

I rushed to the other side of the room, and put my ear to the sliding door carefully. There was a slight rustling but I guess that could be attributed to the wind. I pushed the door open slowly hoping that if my emotional counterpart was inside then I wouldn't scare him. The floors made a loud creaking noise as I pushed the door open, almost like a soft scream. I looked down watching the door as I slid it open, unnerved by the noise it was making and froze at the sight of a pair of feet just in front of me. I looked up and screamed when I was met with the face of an old man, his face contorted with anger. I launched away from the door just as he started forward a war like cry erupting from his lips.

"Monster." He hissed.

"Someone hasn't looked in the mirror lately." I retorted drawing my Sais based on instinct.

"SHE thinks you can save her. SHE is wrong; nothing will change until she does the ritual. Her pain saves us all." He insisted coming at me again.

I jumped to the side and watched as he kept running and right through the wall into the next room. I stared hard at the spot he disappeared, waiting for his next attack. When I saw him it was too late, his fingers wrapped around my neck, the iciness of his touch seem to drain the life right out of me. I was choking; I struggled and managed to push myself forward, away from him. I stumbled by remained on my feet, gasping for air. The man didn't wait too long before coming at me again his arms out stretched, his face twisted horribly. I screeched; bring my hands up in a feeble attempt to protect myself and the flash of the rubies caught my eye. I swallowed hard and decided to follow what the girl from before said to do, she already helped my once in a way.

"Hikari no jutsu!" I shouted out thrusting my Sais at my assailant.

The man screamed and I saw a flash of red the second the blades collided with his slightly see-through body. I heard another person yelling and was thrown back by the blades themselves, dislodging from the man. I landed on my butt, a position I had become rather accustom to in this bloody house.

"You, are you okay?"

"Holy shit! You know how long I was looking for you?" I replied back smiling at the familiar duck-ass hairstyle.

"It was your fault for running off." Sasuke shrugged.

"Sorry the maid was after me." I shot back.

"Hn." He replied crossing his arms.

I pushed myself up and on to my feet. "Yep, you're the moldy emo-cheese in the flesh alright."

"emo-…. I don't want to know." He shook his head as if to rid himself of the thought of curiosity. "How did you do that, to the ghost?"

"Ghost? I though he was the cook."

"It's not funny."

"I'm not laughing, am I? Admit it I was right and you were wrong. I think you own me an apology. That man nearly feasted upon my spleen." I stomped my foot. "I mean you were there the whole time, you can at least have tried to save me."

"You seemed to do a pretty good job yourself." He seemed to edge away from a small closet in the corner of the room.

"Hmmm is that urine I smell? Seems like you were too busy pissing your pants and hiding like a girl." I scoffed.

A soft hint of red spread across Sasuke's cheeks, and he quickly looked away towards the ground. My mouth dropped open a little bit and I narrowed my eyes.

"You seriously were too scared to help me? What happened to be being some smart, prodigy ninja?" I shouted.

"You were scared too!" he shouted back.

"I'm the one who told you this was a bad idea to begin with!"

"You keep bringing that up but you haven't found a way to get us out of here." He stated.

"And you've been doing so much to help." I rolled my eyes.

Sasuke reached into his kunai pouch on his leg and I flinched, for half a second I thought I pushed him over the edge, thought I unleashed a darkness that laid within in him. Instead he pulled out an old, small leather bound book. I let out a breath that I wasn't aware that I was holding. I nearly laughed then; at the sheer stupidity have my fear. Of course Sasuke wouldn't hurt me, he wasn't a bad person he was just thrown into a bad situation… well a couple bad situations and made some bad decisions. I was startled from my thoughts by Sasuke shoving the book at me.

"Oomph." I muttered trying to catch the book as it fell and failed miserably.

I stared at the book as in laid in the dust and looked up at Sasuke almost guiltily, half from thinking he'd kill me and half from being the worst ninja ever. Sasuke stared at me, I could see the gears working in his head, maybe wondering if I was crazy or not. I leaned down and picked up the book dusting it off before straightening back up. I looked at Sasuke and he stood with his arms crossed.

"I found this." He stated.

I opened the cover hesitantly, thinking back to the last book I had read. I flipped to the first page and blinked in confusing, staring at the writing that was obviously not print and was a child's hand writing. I stole another glance at Sasuke, annoyed that he wasn't saying anything and was actually going to make me read to find out what was so important about this book, or from what I seen diary.

Mommy was crying again today she wouldn't tell me why. Daddy was yelling. I didn't like it. I hope mommy will smile again.

"…..Sasuke is this a hint?" I asked.

"What?" He replied. "Did you read it?"

"Yeah, I mean really cheese child, I understand that I'm I nice person and all but do you think now is a good time to sort through your personal problems? I mean and in this way too, shouldn't we pull up a couch and sit down and talk about your problems? Besides I highly doubt this is the best place to do it…" I trailed off.

He looked tempted to strangle me. His face heated up red once again this time from pure annoyance; I was actually kind of surprised when I didn't see steam rising from his ears. His mouth open and closed a couple times before he let out a long sigh.

"Look at the last page." He hissed.

"Okay. But if it describes any weird sexual pent-up aggression, I'm out." I stated matter-a-factly.

"I hate you." Was Sasuke's muttered reply.

"What was that?" I asked pretending I hadn't heard even with my super hearing.

Satisfied with Sasuke's lack of response I smiled and flipped to the end of the small diary. I immediately could tell that it was written by someone who had matured since the first entry, the script seemed to flow across the page, something I could never accomplish in a million years.

Tomorrow is the ritual, Satori is gone, it's not worth it, and it never was. I'm done, I don't care if the gods or angry or my father is angry. They killed mother, they killed Satori, and they killed the others. I'll kill them; I'll destroy that damn sun they hold so dear. I'll hid this place from the world so no one has to suffer this pain… no one has to die anymore. Satori…I'm sorry. I never meant for this to happen, I'll make it right. –Kimiko Hachi

"Kimiko… the girl said that name before." I stated closing the book softly.

"What girl?" Sasuke asked.

"The one that told me how to beat that ghost guy, she was the maids daughter."

"Would you drop that?" Sasuke spat. "If we find out what happened then maybe we can get out of here. All the doors are locked and no matter what I did they wouldn't open."

"Are you saying that you were going to leave me?"

"I was just looking for a way out." He stated.

"That wasn't a no." I pried. "Would you have left me?"

After a second he answered. "No, whether I like you or not your part of the team"

And Kakashi taught you all about the value of teammates.

"Well I guess since you shared some info with me I'll share a bit with you. This manor is owned by the Chi clan and during their fighting they'd take people from my clan and sacrifice them to the Gods, well unless they were girls. They used them to make a mix between the two clans and then ritually sacrifice them in cruel ways. Kimiko's last name was Hachi, that's just Haka and Chi combined. She was obviously the next sacrifice, and then I guess they messed up and killed this Satori guy and well she wasn't too happy about it I guess."

"What about the sun? What did she mean by destroy it?"

"She couldn't mean the actually sun… The Chi clan really worships the sun; it goes back into our histories. Maybe she meant she would destroy the sun in theory?" I offered.

"Or maybe she meant she was going to destroy this." Sasuke moved closer to me and offered something to me.

I held my hand out and stared at the object he placed there. It was a casted in gold judging by the weight and fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. It was a brilliantly carved sun, and on the back was a slot where something could be fitted in to it. I had a sense of déjà vu as I sat there holding it, like some time long ago I had this very object. That was impossible though; this sun and me were worlds away and have always been, well until now.

"That is a good conclusion." I stated. "Hey, duck-butt think I can hold on to this?" I asked holding up the sun a little.

Sasuke shrugged. "What good will it do me?"

"I don't know, maybe it'll be the secret to eternal happiness, and in your case the ability to learn how to get that foot out of your ass." I smiled.

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