Title: Five times Colonel Young had a good day
Author: Shenandoah Risu
: G
Content Flags: none
Season/ Spoilers: early season 1/ none
Characters: Young, TJ, Rush, Becker, Brody, Lisa
Author's Notes: Written for prompt set 104 at the LJ Comm sg1_five_things.
Disclaimer: I don't own SGU. I wouldn't know what to do with it. Now, Young... Young I'd know what to do with. ;-)
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Five times Colonel Young had a good day

His legs and back hurt more than he cares to admit. TJ knows, of course, she can read him like a book, nothing escapes her attention. The pain makes him angry and sometimes he wants nothing more than to lie still and just let it run its course. But then he grows restless and gets up again, using the walls and furniture as support for getting around, working through the agony. TJ has long since stopped admonishing him; he can hardly make it any worse anyway, and the exercise will keep his muscles from deteriorating. And the first time he manages to walk to the Gate Room without his crutch he feels like he's won a battle, and it's a good day for him.

Young takes his leadership responsibilities very seriously. He has learned early on to turn them off at bedtime, though, since lack of sleep makes things even worse the next morning. But since their arrival on the Destiny he's been plagued by terrible nightmares every time he even so much as takes a nap, variations of what happened or what might happen, and some of them are undefined night terrors that he doesn't even remember when he wakes in a cold sweat. When he passes out from sheer exhaustion after the mission to the third ice planet they've come across he dreams of sledding and snow ball fights, and building a giant snowman with Dr. Rush, of all people. Silly, really. But it makes him smile, and he feels rested in the morning, and it's a good day for him.

As hard as he works to keep the ship running Young knows that none of his pressures compare to poor Darren Becker who slaves away in the mess, trying to feed them all. He's eaten some awful crap over the course of his career, but after a few weeks of protein slop he feels like crying into his bowl. So when Becker figures out how to turn the slop into dough and then fries it on a hot plate, he wants to jump for joy. He is thrilled at seeing all the smiling faces in the mess, and it's a good day for him.

Everett Young has been quite filthy on many assignments. He's worked in places where the dirt and grime took weeks to work itself out of his system. By comparison the Destiny is a Clean Room, but the human body is just not that easy to take care of. They all stink to high heaven within a few days. He makes sure that everyone has access to a working shower stall as soon as they figure out how they function, and by the time it's his turn Brody has even hooked up the hot water. During his first warm shower in who knows how long he sobs like a little kid, and he doesn't care if anyone hears him. When he's dressed again he feels like a million bucks, and it's a good day for him.

After his last visit to Earth via the Communication Stones Young is subdued and quiet for several days. TJ can guess why, of course, but she respects his privacy and the company of his personal demons which only he can fight. Dr. Park, however, has no idea – she only sees a sad man, and when nobody's looking she hands him her most prized possession – her Hanayama wire puzzle key chain. "Thanks," he says and sticks it into his pocket, forgetting all about it until bedtime. Then he fiddles around with it, trying to figure out how it works. It takes him a while, but the next morning he solves it, and it's a good day for him.