Hey…just felt like doing this, since I get so annoyed at all those really slutty Halloween costumes they have for women. Hope you enjoy!


"Why are we even here?" Ichigo groaned for the seventh time in five minutes.

"To get Hallojean costumes of course!" Rukia exclaimed as she tried on a red wig.

"It's Halloween." Ichigo corrected. Rukia had dragged him along to the store to buy costumes for the Halloween party Mizuiro was having that night. "Besides I don't really do costumes or whatever…"

"Ooh how about you wear this?" Rukia shoved a rainbow clown wig atop his head. "Yes, that definitely suits you." She nodded, completely serious.

"No!" Ichigo yanked the colorful thing off his head and ripped it into several pieces in a rage of terror.

"Relax, it was just a wig." Rukia sighed.

"Uhh sir…if you break it, you have to buy it." A nervous employee mentioned from behind them.

"Damn…" Ichigo stared at the rainbow mess at his feet. He stared from the employee to Rukia, who gave him a disapproving look. He muttered something under his breath and began to pick the pieces of the wig off the floor.

"So what should I be…?" Rukia asked as she browsed through the racks of costumes.

"I don't know…" Ichigo grumbled. He then noticed some fish net tights and some garter belts. "Seriously…who wears these—" A sudden thought hit Ichigo. "Would Rukia be wearing these to the party? No she couldn't! If she did…all those other people would see—other guys would see! But it is Rukia after all. It's not like she would…" An image of Rukia in a short tight nurse's outfit ran through his mind.

"Hey Ichigo…you ok? Is your…nose bleeding?"

"W-what?" Ichigo gasped, clamping his hands to his nose. "I-It's just…a bit stuffy in here…" He looked away completely ashamed, as Rukia handed him a tissue from her pocket.

"Why don't you just sit down and relax?" Rukia suggested.

"Y-yeah…" Ichigo found a seat next to the fitting rooms. "Damn it…I can't let Rukia wear something like that in public…" He decided. Just then Rukia walked up to him, a big grin on her face. "…What?"

"I found the perfect costume!" She smirked.

"…W-what is it?" Ichigo did his best to sound blasé.

"Heh it's a secret!" The dark haired girl shot him a thumbs up.

"Just show me what it is already…why all the secrecy?" Ichigo sighed. They had gotten home a few hours ago and were sitting in Ichigo's room.

"Well why are you so desperate to know?" Rukia asked.

"I-I'm not! You know what…" Ichigo grabbed a white sheet from the closet and threw it over the petite girl. "There's your costume. You're a ghost."

"You know Ichigo…ghosts don't really look like this." Rukia pointed out while taking the sheet off.

"Just wear the freaking sheet!"

"Why? I already have a costume." Rukia answered, clearly confused as to why the carrot top was acting this way.

"I…I don't want you to wear that costume." Ichigo looked down.

"Huh? But you don't even know what it is." Rukia remained puzzled.

"Then show me what it is!"

"You'll just have to wait!" Rukia smirked, making Ichigo groan in exasperation.

"C'mon Rukia! We're gonna' be late for the party!" Ichigo knocked on the bathroom door.

"Okay! I'm coming." Ichigo didn't even realize he was holding his breath in anticipation as Rukia opened the bathroom door. As she came out Ichigo was…confused. She was wearing the white sheet which now had two holes for her eyes.

"Why are you…?"

"You ruined it you fool!" Rukia punched him in the arm.

"Huh?" Ichigo blinked.

"This was originally going to be my costume, but then you somehow figured it out…so I hope you're proud of yourself. You ruined the surprise." Rukia grumbled and walked past him, though she didn't really seem mad. All Ichigo could do was grin.

It is Rukia after all.