"D-dancing?" Maria stammered, her hands trembling. What did she know about it. She was never really good at it in the first place, why should Alfred bother her about it now?

"C'monn, please Maria?" he begged her with pleading eyes. She sighed. How could she also resist that?

"S-sige na nga," she complied, reluctantly moving her arms around his shoulders. She tried her best to hide the blush creeping to her cheeks.

"We'll just have to keep on practicing till you get it!" he grinned, pulling her closer to him. It felt wonderful to hold her again. Almost enough for him to believe that she'd just keep on failing, giving him more excuse of holding her in his arms.

Wait a sec...somehow, the face of Arthur tugged his mind soon after. It wasn't like he was also thinking similarly the same thing, right? He mentally gave himself a nervous laugh. No way. Arthur wouldn't be interested in her. That's the only fact he clung onto when he was with Maria.

"Di nga?" she cried out, struggling to move away from him. Maria hated dancing now. She kept on tripping over and doing all the moves wrong. She had never felt so embarrassed of herself when she did it all in front of Alfred.

He caught his breath. The more she kept on struggling close to his body, the hotter he got. "Sige naa, M-Maria-!" he struggled to keep his voice in tact. He tightly held on her hands for support to his plea.

"O-O sige, sige..." she settled down, telling him that he could lighten his grip on her.

The sexual stress soon left him. He wouldn't do it. No way. Maria is a respected woman. She obviously deserved more than what he desperately wanted to offer. Soon, he was back to his euphoric self.

"Okay! Let's take it from the top. It's just a simple waltz, that goes, one two three, one two three..." he led her through each step one by one, taking his sweet time.

In moment's time, Alfred saw her leading him through his own steps. "A-ah! Nakakasayaw na ko!" she smiled right through him, adding small twirls here and there...

She looked so beautiful, Alfred couldn't resist. He held on to her tighter and moved her closer, as her breath mingled with hers. She wasn't resisting...that was a good thing, right?

His warm lips moved onto hers, slowly...lightly...almost as if he was hesitant to touch her. Was he scared? disgusted? bored? Maria couldn't think any longer as she clung on to his shoulders, deepening the kiss. He groaned softly at her surrender and immediately gave a whole lot more.

As they moved away, Alfred saw how red her cheeks had grown. She no longer looked as happy as she a few minutes ago...did he do something wrong?

"Wow..." her lips mouthed out, her fingers moving lightly on them.

Alfred grinned, giving her his most sincere, gratifying smile.

"Just one more to make it sure it's perfect..."