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It was freezing cold.

So cold even Norway had to bite his teeth together to keep them from making a sound. He'd not been this far north and so far from the Gulf Stream in centuries, yet, his boss had been very adamant on making him meet the tall Russian man in his own home country (something about it being easier to discuss matters with a Russia who was happy and in a good mood). And Russia – being the strange person he was, had insisted on a small village almost as far north as it was possible to come in Russia.

He'd been on good terms with Russia for well…a long time. Even after desperately searching through his memories, he still couldn't remember ever having fought a war over border territory. Norway hardly found the man intimidating, what was possibly going to be new and perhaps difficult for him was Russia's sisters…Belarus and Ukraine. His boss had told him they would probably be there, Ukraine because she bought a lot of gas from Russia…Belarus because a lot of the oil and gas lines went through her country and onto other European countries. He doubted the two women would have much to say, this was a dispute between himself and their brother – but he would perhaps still have to take into consideration their thoughts and actions. Sometimes, Norway really wanted to burn his suit and take up pillaging and fighting like he'd done so many centuries ago – life was so much easier then…

The Grey Zone…that was the sole reason he was here. They had been arguing over this damn thing for close to 45 years. Really…what was so difficult about just dividing it in the middle? Sighting to himself he stepped up to the snow covered building and knocked twice, stepping back a bit to allow some space between him and whoever would be opening the door. Physical contact was not too high on his list…Personal space was, after all, something to be respected

He could hear strange noises from inside the building coupled with foot steps and a pleasant female voice telling him she's be right there.

A shiver of cold ran down his spine as the door opened and a pretty blonde woman wearing blue overalls smiles sweetly at him.

"Mr. Norway! Please come inside!" The woman he recognised as Ukraine stepped away and waved him inside. Norway offered her a small smile and a soft 'thank you' as he entered the building. His deep blue eyes scanned the entrance, it wasn't cold or unwelcoming, in fact, Norway found it to be rather pleasant. He unravelled his navy blue scarf and shrugged off his heavy woollen coat and hung them onto a nearby coat hanger. Ukraine smiled pleasantly at him before bouncing down the long hallway, Norway rolled his eyes as the odd sound started the second she moved. 'No wonder Denmark isn't allowed near her' he mused to himself before following after the busty woman.

Halfway down the hallway where two heavy wooden doors, intricately carved with several beautiful designs, some Norway found familiar to carvings in his own home, others where more alien and exotic to his eyes, Ukraine pushed the doors open and stepped inside motioning for Norway to follow after her.

The first thing that his eyes fell upon was the large Victorian styled map hanging on the walls, showing the old Tsarist Russian empire, the second thing he noticed was that Russia was, indeed, not alone at all. Sitting next to the tall, smiling nation was a pale and platinum blonde woman, her face a cold and neutral expression, betraying little emotion. Belarus…he had never really spoken to her, most nations shied away from her, as she was fiercely attached to her brother and her government left much to be desired in the human right's department

Still, Norway had to admit, she was incredibly pretty…

Russia rose out of his chair and extended a large hand towards Norway. He took it with a slight smile, and shook it, not winching as the larger man's hand almost crushed some of his bones in the death-grip hand-shake.

"Thank you for coming" Russia smiles his trademark childish grin at the Norwegian. From the corner of his eye, Norway could see Belarus giving him a glare that could stop the wildest of animals and make the bravest of men freeze in their tracks. Norway simply just stared back with a bored expression before turning his full attention back to Russia. Belarus wouldn't be of any threat to him…

"It was no trouble….I just wish this matter to be solved peacefully…." His monotone voice didn't seem to lessen the Russian's smile the slightest

"Da! This will be a way to strengthen our countries' relationship." Russia squeezed his hand tighter before letting go, Norway winched slightly but made no other movement.

"Sit down" what was perhaps meant as a friendly and nice gesture, was far from it as the Russian man more or less pushed Norway down into a chair. Again he noticed that Belarus glared at him. He knew she liked her brother more than most people would perhaps call healthy, but the sudden chill in the room was, well, perhaps not quite what he had expected.

Ukraine seemed to go a few shades paler and spared him a worried look. "Ahh…I'm so terribly sorry Mr. Norway!" tears where already forming at her eyes "T-The heater must be broken! I'll…light the fireplace immediately"

Norway shook his head and offered her a slight smile

"There is no need Miss. Ukraine for such a thing on my behalf…I am not bothered by the cold…"

At this Russia smiled, Norway couldn't help but notice how he had tried to scoot slightly away from his sister and that his grin had faded just the slightest at the edges when the temperature had dropped.

Okay, so perhaps Belarus was still a threat, but he wasn't going to let that face him the slightest at the moment.

For the remainder of the meeting he avoided as much physical contact with Russia as he could, it seemed to at least calm Belarus slightly, as the temperature in the room rose a few degrees again. Damn that General Winter…Norway was willing to bet the tree fellow nations in this room was related to him somehow…

After a few negotiations back and forward, the two bordering nations finally came to an agreement of where the 'Grey Zone' would be split.

It was approximately 50/50…something Norway had for years been trying to tell Russia was the most logical division of the place. He was fully aware Russia had perhaps gotten the largest oil reserves hiding under the arctic sea, but he was far ahead in producing and handling the technology needed to extract the oil from the under ground reserves.

At his suggestion of a Norwegian company helping our Russia in exchange for some of the profit, Belarus' eyes narrows while Russia's smile widened

"Da that would be fine!" Russia 'patted' him on the back, making Norway almost spill his drink that Ukraine had been so nice to pour for him. Russia, America and Denmark had one thing in common…neither of them knew their own strength (or if they did, they liked to make others uncomfortable or in pain)

Norway rose from his seat and shook Russia's hand again. A deal well done, all in all, in his mind.

"You can not leave yet…you are staying for dinner, da?"

Norway froze momentarily at this suggestion, but was quick to compose himself again.

"I really do not wish to be a bother…"

"Oh of course you're not!" Ukraine chirped happily in "I'll go start immediately"

And with that the large busted nation skipped off, leaving Norway alone with two nations that both where considered by most…utterly insane.

"This needs a celebration" Russia stated like it was a mater-of-fact "I'll go get the vodka!" his voice was so full of happiness at his own idea Norway couldn't help but chuckle. This caught the attention of Belarus, who once again glared daggers at Norway as Russia left the room

'Great…this really isn't good' he inwardly groaned at his predicament. But as centuries of fighting had taught him, panicking would do him no good. He once again sat down in the large, soft sofa. Within moments Belarus was in front of him, leaning uncomfortably close and with a sharp kitchen knife pressed against his throat. He didn't even bother questioning why she had a knife with her to a 'diplomatic' meeting…

"You know…usually diplomacy is the better way to solve disputes…" his voice was still monotone. Nations didn't die, it was just terribly uncomfortable to be wounded, but showing fear was not really part of Norway's personality.

"Shut up" Belarus hissed "How dare you laugh at Brother?" Her eyes was staring into his, her knife didn't even for a second move. Norway sighted and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before opening them again and meeting her icy cold stare with one of boredom

"Really…all I did was chuckle…."

"Silence" she hissed back "you find him laughable do you not?"

Was this woman for real? Norway had met his share of strange nations and people…but Belarus was winning medals here. Although taking his eyes of her was proving to be very difficult, not because she was a threat (she was that too), but because her beauty was hard to ignore. A voice in his head was telling him he had terrible tastes in women…the fact that the voice sounded like Denmark really didn't surprise him the slightest.

"I do not find Russia 'laughable' in the slightest Miss Belarus… I do however; find his love for vodka amusing…" he had to pick his words carefully here, a wrong word and Belarus was sure to slit his throat, and really, blood was terribly difficult to get out of fabric…

"I would also like to point out Miss, that I have just been in a meeting with Russia, you yourself was here the entire time, and I think you will find that my behaviour has been far from offensive on any level"

Belarus narrowed her eyes but the knife at his throat was moved slightly further from him.

Norway decided to seize this opportunity and grabbed a hold of Belarus wrist. The woman's eyes widened before giving him a snarl as she struggled against his grip. Weak was not something she could ever be described as, that much was very, very obvious to the Norwegian nation, but despite Belarus having a lot of strength for such a delicate frame, Norway was stronger, he also had the advantage of height on his side.

Really, what was taking Russia so long?

Actually, Norway knew the answer to that question…most likely he had run off from Belarus and was now happily drinking the vodka on his own…at least it meant no one was here to see him fight back…

"I do believe Miss, you've stepped a bit too much into my personal space" A small smirk spread across Norway's lips "and that's not very polite now is it?"

Belarus struggled against his grip, raising a foot to kick him in the shin, the only place her restrained body could reach at the moment.

A small growl escaped from Norway, the male nation obviously not amused by the blonde female's antics.

Pulling her down roughly onto the sofa he was quick to pin her down with his weight. He had however, not quite taken into account the knife, still in her hand, and as he shifted their position she managed to give him a rather large gash on his arm. He glared angrily at her, tightening his grip on her wrist and twisting her arm slightly, forcing her to let go of the weapon. "That was un-necessary" he growled

"You deserved it, you bastard" she sneered in response and spat in his face. "I have no reason to be civil to the likes of you"

"Well then I have no reason to be civil to you either…." He wiped the spit away on his jacket sleeve, not for a second loosening his grip on her – he wasn't taking any chances. Any freedom given to her and she was bound to produce a knife form somewhere…one knife wound was one to many already. Norway did not fancy having even more inflicted upon himself.

Leaning down closer to her, staring into her midnight blue eyes, he had the urge to do something…something that was bound to get him killed…but none the less, he did it.

Norway closed the small distance between them; his lips touching hers. First softly, then with more feeling and force.

Belarus' eyes widened and she struggled against him, but he paid her no mind. She'd invaded his personal space for stupid reasons, she'd have to deal with the consequences of that…on his terms.

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