Believe it or not this entire story just came from this one line I thought of "I can drive you mad with your own memories."

Chapter 1- Missing

Percy sighed and stared at the ceiling. Something was not right. Camp was just fine, it couldn't be better. But it was something outside of camp, he didn't know what it was that was wrong, but he could feel it. That's when the answer burst through the door. Annabeth stood outside and knocked on the wall.

"Percy are you awake?" She hissed.

Percy sat up in his bed.

"Ya, I'm up." he said.

Annabeth walked in.

"What is it?" Percy asked.

Annabeth sat down in a chair.

"I had a dream." she said.

Percy stared at her,

"I'm listening." he said

Annabeth stared at the ground,

"Well there was a man, I couldn't tell who it was but he was yelling 'where is he?' and saying he was gone. I didn't know who he was talking about but he then said 'where's my son?'" Annabeth looked up at Percy, "I think he was talking about a demigod."

Percy thought for a moment, the only male demigod he knew that wasn't at camp all summer was Nico. Percy turned to Annabeth.

"He must have been talking about Nico. And the man must have been Hades." he said.

Annabeth stared at him blankly'

"Then Nico's gone missing." she said.

Percy blinked.

"You haven't seen him at camp have you?" he said.

Annabeth shook her head.

"If he was here, we'd be the first to know."

"You don't think he could of run away do you?"

"Why would he?"

"True, but he couldn't of just disappeared into thin air."

Annabeth shook her head,

"I don't know Percy," she said, she looked outside.

"We should talk about it in the morning." She got up and turned to leave "Good night."

She left and Percy dwelled on what she had said for a minute. Nico di Angelo, the son of Hades was missing and no one had a clue where he could be. He fell asleep after a moment and dreams answered his questions.

A boy was sitting in the middle of a jailcell. He had jet black hair, pale skin, dark clothes, and piercing ice blue eyes: Nico. There were chains around his wrists and the spike collar he always wore had a much longer chain attached to the wall. The collar had been tightend so it looked like it was choking him. There was dried blood on the tips of some of the spikes. Percy then saw Nico had numerous wounds on his hands. Percy felt sick as he realized the blood on the spikes was Nico's blood. He had been trying to loosen the collar and someone had sharpend the spikes so they were like daggers. Nico's ribs were prominent, like the person keeping him prisioner expected him to get thin enough to fit the collar. Percy instantly hated who ever was his captivator; the kid had a hard life already, whay make it worse by keeping him prisioner? Nico sat on the floor hugging his knees. There was a loud clang and light fell on him. Nico glanced up like he didn't even care. A woman with long brown hair and a white gown walked in. She was flanked by a empousa and what looked like a griffin (a griffin is a creature with the head, wings and front half of a hawk with talons for forearms and the other half is a lion.) It stood on it's hind legs and held a staff in it's talons. The woman stepped over to Nico's cell and looked at him with disgust.

"Lenka," she said.

The griffin stepped up,

"How is our prisioner doing?" she said.

The griffin bowed to her,

"He has been silent all day my lady." he said.

"Ah, interesting." the woman said.

Nico glared at her,

"What do you want from me?" he growled.

The woman smiled cruelly,

"Only your presence, child, I want nothing more." she said.

Nico went up and grabbed the bars of his cell,

"Let me go!" he demanded, "Let me go or else!"

The woman smiled like it was a cruel joke,

"Or else what, my child? The cell you are sitting in drains your powers. You can't do anything to me." she said.

Nico growled at her and his eyes widened, he trembled and slid to his knees still grabbing the bars. He closed his eyes and put his head against the bars like it had taken all of his energy just to stand up. The woman grinned,

" See you are powerless against me." she said.

She knelt down in front of Nico and lifted his head up by his chin. He looked into her eyes innocently and the woman gave him a cruel, wicked grin.

"I can drive you mad with your own memories. I am more powerful than all of the children of the Big Three combined. And you are the most powerful of them all. You are a key peice to my master plan. So I suggest you be good, I would hate to have to harm you." she said with a fake sweet voice.

She let Nico's head drop, he shuddered and took a deep breath. The woman got up and turned to the empousa.

"I think we are giving him too much leash." she said.

The empousa grinned,

"With pleasure my lady." she said.

The empousa walked over to a chain hanging out of the wall Percy had not noticed before. The empousa grinned and yanked the chain violently. Nico made aloud retching sound as he was pulled back. He sat on his hands and knees coughing and trembling as the empousa latched the chain.

"That's good." the woman said.

The empousa smiled and the three left leaving poor Nico in the dark. A violent shudder went through him and he collasped on the floor. He tried to sit up and fell on his back. He then closed his eyes, "Help." was all he managed to croak.

Percy woke up with a start and found Annabeth was in the middle of coming to wake him.

"Are you ok?" she said seeming worried.

Percy wanted to scream, Don't worry about me, worry about the kid on the verge of death! He looked up at Annabeth.

"It's Nico," he said, "he's been kidnapped."