Belarus was rejected again. She knew it wasn't a surprise but everytime she tried, there was always this tiny speck of hope that Russia could return her feelings. And when they did get crushed, the pain she felt was unbearable. She didn't know why. It always hurt...but why is she still trying?

At the end of the world conference, every one took their leave but herself. Her head was face down the table as her crossed arms held on for support. Tears kept on falling and she didn't want anyone to see it. Even if they were gone...

"What's wrong with me..." she whispered to herself, holding her face, feeling her own hot tears falling.

"Belarus...?" A young male voice called out softly but loud enough for her to hear. She could easily recognize it. It was Prussia...the man who loathed Austria. Or...something like that. She couldn't recall.

She looked up, making sure if her guess was right. And it was. "P-Prussia..." She recognized his presence and quickly bushed the remaining tears as if she was just sleeping. She raised her head to him. "W-what's up...?" she choked a bit, looking away from him after.

"Oh...I wondered if you were still here," he grinned, trying to lighten up the mood. "I could take you back if you like..."
Belarus couldn't hide from him what she had been doing. Of course she was crying, her eyes had been slightly red as she looked at him. He admired her strength for keeping her head up. He shook his head sadly. He knew the reason why she was like this..

"Did...something happen?" he asked, unsure if he should sit by her or just stand still by the door. He didn't move.

"What I want to destroy..." she whispered, holding back the returning tears. " myself." she closed her eyes tightly as bits of tears streamed down her face.

She couldn't handle it anymore. She hated to lose. She hated it even more when it just kept on coming again and again. The world wasn't on her side. They'd keep on living even if she died. They'd keep on laughing when she cried. And they'd...keep on loving when she couldn't.

"I'm so weak, and ugly!" she cried out, letting her tears fall rapidly. "Prussia, god-! I'm a horrible person!" she shouted, looking at him straight in the eye.

She received no response from him. She sighed and covered her face in constant embarrassment and depression. "Sorry...please...can you go ahead?"

Prussia looked at her sadly. She had been going through so much, he probably couldn't bear it himself. He tried to smile for her. "Okay um, sorry...I'll go ahead."

"Belarus..." he whispered to her for the last time. "You aren't any of those things. No matter how much say you are..." he also tried to cheer her up. What's the matter with him? He wasn't like this to anyone! But he somehow felt like...he had to for her. Because he..

He ruffled his hair in mock annoyance. "God, you're such a girl-!" He received a glare from her. The typical glare she'd give. It was actually better than to see her cry, he realized.

"Please Belarus, listen. You also know that you deserve someone much more than Russia...because I..." He averted his eyes, as every word grew softer but Belarus heard every word.

"Because at least I...still like you."


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