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Eddward, or Double D, or whatever everyone calls him, was at that moment on the way to his first class early in the morning. It was the start of a new week and he was positively brimming with energy and readiness to take on his next class: AP Earth and Environmental Science. He was excited because he had heard they had a new teacher since the old man who had been their previous teacher died of a heart attack. Double D had been saddened by that fact, but life would move on, no matter what events would take place. The man had never had any sort of special place in his heart, so it was quite easy to let go.

A small smile manifested itself onto his face as his thoughts took a turn towards the science kind. He thought that science was just so swell! How could one not get excited for such an event? In his book swell was also a cool word. Goes to show what kind of person Double D was. They also had a bunch of students switched around since the incident, so he was curious as to see who would show up from the other AP class into his own.

With a huff he made it to the classroom, carrying his books heavily on both arms. Goodness, at times like these he wished he had a messenger bag, but his parents had neglected to give him the money to purchase one yet, and he certainly didn't have a job! He shifted the books into the crook of his arm and immediately then swiveling his capped head towards the teacher.

It was a young beautiful woman with a gorgeous smile, already capturing the classroom's attention. The boys drooled and the girls gave her second glances, surprised such a young teacher was teaching an AP class. She was quite the looker, and her whole person oozed confidence and excitement. Double D pursed his lips in thought, hoping by the God's she wasn't a bad teacher. He had about enough of those. He absolutely loathed teachers who taught badly and made the rest of the class fall behind in studies because of it. She seemed promising though, so he let those worries sink to the back of his mind.

The seats were luckily in alphabetical order by name so he found his quickly and slid into the hard plastic chair, setting his books carefully on the desk. He made sure they aligned exactly parallel with the edge of the desk, settling his hands in his lap carefully. The teacher wrote things on the board and Double D gave her no mind for the moment, looking about to see who was around him.

First off, Nazz was in this class, looking as pretty as ever. She gave him a wave and he flushed, immediately beginning to perspire. Goodness, why did this always happen around her? He looked to the front and slid his tongue through the gap between his front teeth, finding it becoming a nervous habit. Anything to stop thinking about her and possibly sweating right through his shirt! Deep breaths...deep breaths...

Just as he was beginning to calm down a little more, he saw a red cap, followed by a familiar green sweater, and finally a masculine figure that come through the door, slouching. Oh God, no.

It was Kevin.

How did Kevin get into APES? Was he even capable of making it into any AP classes? Was this one major fluke to try and ruin his whole life? Double D thought he might begin to hyperventilate at any given moment. His perpetual tormentor, his childhood bully was in the one class he really looked forward to. This couldn't get any worse could it-–oh no he was heading right for him!

The nerdy Edd immediately ducked his head down, black cap protruding as he vainly tried to appear asleep.

"Hey, Double Dork," came that smooth, teasing voice. It cut through him like butter, making him begin to shake unintentionally. Double raised his head and gave him one of his nervous smiles.

That nickname. He never failed to use a name that had something attached that would degrade him in some way. Of course, being a "dork" and a "dweeb" was not all that concerning to him anymore. It was a fact of life, and he had been so used to being called those names it would have been strange not to be called that. It was routine by now.

"G-Greetings Kevin," he greeted and then dipped his head once more, hiding from his scornful-yet-playful gaze. Kevin snorted and went to his seat—coincidentally next to Double D's* (hurray~…not) and leaned on one hand as he began to converse with Nazz.

Double D was beginning to despise the day's luck which seemed to have it out for him. Luckily, before he could spend much more time on the thought the class bell rang, and at that moment the teacher spun around and faced them with a big smile, clapping her perfectly manicured hands.

"Hello class! My name is Mrs. Jackson. Call me Jacky!" she cheerfully added. Double D liked her enthusiasm, but the nickname seemed a bit much. Teachers should not be on such a comfortable level with their students! He frowned, his tongue sticking out from resting it between the gap in his teeth. He looked quite silly, one might say.

Kevin gave him a smirk when he saw what he was doing with his tongue, one that sent his heart on a wild goose-chase, looking away deliberately. Of course he would use this chance to say something, sigh. After some time he realized Kevin had stayed quiet and he, too seemed enraptured by the new teacher. Double D himself found her a little bit too peppy, like a wannabe cheerleader and let out a final sigh before paying attention to "Jacky" speak.

She explained quite happily they had a mid-term project that was here and they would be getting lab partners for their project which had to be about life. Anything really, as long as it was alive and moving. She showed examples of things like plant growth, and other kindergarten stuff. This would be a piece of cake.

"Your partner may be anyone in this room! I made it in no particular order, and no switching," she said with a pseudo-stern tone, a smile in her voice.

Double D smiled in anticipation while the rest of the class groaned severely, including Kevin. Mrs. Jackson only gave a hearty laugh and began giving out lab partners, telling them to pick their own topics and if she approved sign the idea on the sheet at the front of the room so no one else could take it.

She began naming off the partners by last name, which was when Double D paid no attention. He himself did not care who he was partnered with, as long as it was not Nazz…or Kevin. The thought of being forced with Kevin was almost as bad as being with Nazz. At least Kevin didn't make him nervous like a pretty girl did when he was around, give him that tongue tied feeling.

His head suddenly shot up when he heard his name next …oh dear Lord…Kevin's. Even better luck! He let out a groan and smacked his head on the table, soon shooting up to run the sore spot.

"Curses," he said to himself, feeling a sudden pressure on his head. Kevin was grinning above him maliciously, like how someone might look at an insect. Double D gulped, his head being pressed down by Kevin's strong hand.

"Looks like I got the nerd in my group," he said with a laugh. He didn't seem too unhappy, which was hard to say for Double D. He gulped and gave a nervous smile, eyes flashing to Nazz. He had been sure he would have been with her by some stroke of fate, but as fate had it the bully and the nerd were put together.

Oh joy.

About halfway through the class now, and everyone had their partners with them. Some begrudgingly, others joyful with their companion for the next couple of weeks. Double D now sat in front of Kevin, looking every but directly at him. He didn't want to meet that gaze that seemed to go right through him, analyzing every part of him. Kevin was a jock and a jerk, but he seemed so perceptive, like he could read into anything if he really tried. Double D would have loved it if he would let his brain take over and show his intelligence.

Of course, Kevin never did such a thing.

Double D had been so enthralled in not looking at Kevin he almost forgot he had started talking. "Huh?" he responded quite dully, eyes blinking in his direction for once. Kevin rolled his eyes, a smirk playing on his lips.

"I said, 'what do you think our project should be on?' Pay attention Double Dweeb. You're the brainiac here," he said, crossing his arms as if the matter was settled. His eyebrow was raised and he was giving a look that told Double D arguing was futile. And of course, with only a sigh Double D complied and thought for a moment.

He had many ideas brimming from his brain, ready to pour over into the world of investigation! The only problem was, he wasn't sure what Kevin wanted to do. He glanced at Kevin, wondering if he was even trying to think. "Do you have any ideas?" he asked, fully well prepared for an onslaught of insults. Instead, Kevin actually looked thoughtful.

"What about football? I like that," he commented. Well he was on the football team. Double D glanced at his arm as he leaned on it, the muscle rippling underneath. Ah, that gave him an idea. Kevin would certainly be interested in the muscle system, would he not? Double D smiled in anticipation, leaning forward.

"How about the muscular system? Over 600 skeletal muscles function for body movement. These muscles are attached to bones, and are typically under conscious control for locomotion, facial expressions, posture, and other body movements. Muscles account for approximately 40 percent of body weight. It's fascinating," Double D rambled on, clasping his hands in pure joy. He did get a kick out of this kind of knowledge, and he had been so enthralled he hadn't realized Kevin was staring at him in astonishment, shock, and he even looked impressed.

"Alright," he said, shrugging.

"Pardon me?" Again he gave him a dull blink. Kevin's skeptical look made him wonder if he was really all that smart.

"Pay attention Double Dweeb! I said it's alright!" he said, crossing his arms in a huff. Double D was so shocked he readily agreed that he failed to move and give their idea to the teacher. Kevin gave him a death glare, motioning with his hands to move it. He stood up quickly at that and rushed to the teacher.

Looks like they had their topic. And thus would begin the difficult journey Edd had in for him.

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