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Christmas flew by quickly. The newly formed lovers parted; hands drifted together, lips pressed over gentle words of love and adoration. These emotions were new and uncertain—but not unwelcome; a warm glow, a flame, a new bud, ready to grow and kindle. It would be up to them, their decisions that kept their love going.

"Goodbye for now," said Double D as he hung onto the doorframe, unorthodox possibly, and felt giddy—yes, silly! He wanted to giggle and scream, to shout "Kevin is mine!" to the world.

But that was too much for Double D, whose grin refused to recede.

"Yeah, see ya later. Maybe next Christmas you can come to our house," Kevin gave his head a tilt and a half-smile. Double D's heart just melted at the expression that was so endearing—not to mention he said next year, as in the future, as in—hey!—they'd be together still. Or at least, they planned to be.

As Kevin maneuvered down the driveway to go home, Double D's parents drove up, pausing until Kevin stepped away from their path.

"What a nice surprise. Hello, Kevin. Are you just visiting?" Double D's mother moved out of the car smoothly, one long heel pressed to the pavement.

"Yeah, gotta get home." Kevin shifted the picture in his arms, making a face when it proved to be of considerable weight. "Christmas dinner and all."

Double D's father used his powers of deduction when he saw that Kevin's head was wet—identical to his own son's—but made no comment. "Then we will see you around." Double D's father gave a curt nod and reached behind himself, lifting up a large tin. "Eddward, son, come here and help me lift this turkey."

Double D's lips twitched. Kevin chuckled and bid him goodbye, not wanting to occupy too much time, nor liking the look in the father's eye.

"Here we go."

The next few weeks passed in a blur. School was out for a while, but then it was back in session. Kevin and Double D continued their relationship—of course—and endeavored for normalcy. Thinking back, Double D would press a pen to his lips, or perhaps run his tongue over them, remembering moments that led up to all of...this. The cause was that project—with the science and the muscles and the whatever. Double D giggled at his own unorthodox thoughts.

"Hnn?" Kevin looked up from where he stood and flexed his biceps. He held a wounded look. "Am I that funny looking?"

Double D flushed in embarrassment—then laughed.

"No! No, no. I was just remembering certain moments in the past that led to... us." He reached out with his slipper (they were in Double D's home) and poked Kevin's jeans. "It's difficult to grasp at times; it's as if it were all a dream." His voice did hold a dreamy quality to it.

"An awesome dream, right?" Kevin smirked. With another giggle, Double D hopped up and gently squeezed Kevin's bicep, making a noise of appreciation.

"You're very fit; athletic, even," Double D teased. "Tomorrow's presentation should be an easy 'A' for the both of us."

Kevin pulled him into a one-armed hug and flexed with his free hand. "If you can pay attention to anything besides these guns," he purred. Double D's lips twitched as he feigned a frown.

"Unlike you, I have no deficit of attention."

"Always teasing me," Kevin said as he made a "tsk" noise. "I might just have to show you how it's really done."

Double D jerked in surprise when Kevin roughly pressed into him, hooking his arms behind him like a convict. "Oh, I believe I'll manage," he spoke endearingly, just before he heard his father coming up the stairs. It had become a normal occurrence; his father would check on them, and then leave. It boggled Double D's mind. Certainly he could trust them to be alone together?

"Hello, Kevin." Apparently that was not the case. Thinking of Christmas day made him blush unceremonious

"Hey, Edd's dad*," he shuffled his feet, offering a comfortable smile that didn't quite work with his posture.

"Don't you think it's a bit late?" Kevin would have scowled—and he was, but on the inside.

"Yeah, we're finished getting ready anyway. See you later, Edd?"

Double D smiled and touched his shoulder gently. "I'll walk you to the door." Once there, they parted with a kiss.

"Until tomorrow."

As soon as the last period started, Double D began to sweat.

He hated to sweat, so as one can imagine, this was an incredibly unpleasant experience for Double D. "Kevin," he hissed to the copper fellow seated next to him, looking relaxed as always.

"What, Double Dork?" he said with a teasing smile.

"Our presentation will be perfect, of course?" It seemed half statement half question.

"Duh. Don't worry; we'll be fine." He smirked, but even then his fingers tapped restlessly against his desk.

"Class, are you ready?" Cheerfully their teacher sat atop her desk, tapping the wood under her lightly. "Who's first? Volunteers, please! Or will I have to choose?" A few reluctant hands rose up.

Double D took a shuddering breath, holding himself back from raising his own hand. He wasn't sure he could handle it just yet. People went who had barely anything; maybe a poster or two, information dull and tedious, and then there were some who went all out with models, dioramas, charts, and graphs. Double D was no exception.

Finally, about half the class had gone.

"Okay...who is next?" The class held a collective breath. "Well, then I'll choose. Kevin, you look afraid! Come on down!" Jacky laughed and walked behind her desk, settling into her chair quite comfortably. Double D reluctantly moved from his seat, and Kevin shot up and went to stand in the middle of the room.

"Please hold your applause one moment," Double D spoke quickly, joking. It drew a few bored smiles. He pulled out a handmade model of the human anatomy and set that up near Kevin while said male pushed their large poster to an upwards resting position.

Kevin nodded to Double D, who tapped his fingers together anxiously before he coughed.

"Muscles are formed of bands, sheets, or columns of elongated cells (or fibers) containing interlocking parallel arrays of the proteins actin and myosin." His voice slipped into the usual slightly high-pitched tone he saved for when he was explaining something to Eddy, something that excited him a great deal.

His nerves faded and it was just him and a classroom full of students, students who wanted—no, needed to learn from him! He spoke quickly, voice never faltering over the difficult terms and pronunciations.

It was when Kevin rolled up his shirt that he lost his voice for a few moments.

Long, muscular arms were displayed under the fluorescent lights, shining—was it shining, or was it just Double D's imagination? He could have been in a deluded state. Unconsciously he licked his lips. His train of thought came to a crash.


Kevin forced back a smirk. His nerves washed away as he watched Double D grow increasingly panicked.

"This is a football. Sometimes he forgets when he gets really into this stuff." Kevin grinned at the small wave of laughter. Double D blushed.

"Yes, yes! F-" he coughed. "-Football. If you will please demonstrate for the class..." And then he began to explain the different maneuvers in football; ranging from each player and what the different plays did for each muscle as his hand grazed Kevin's skin with each explanation. Kevin resisted a shudder every time, just barely keeping himself from shooting him a glare. He was not sensitive. Double D just happened to touch the right spots that day.

By the end of their presentation, Kevin was irate at the prospect of keeping his arms up any longer, but he rather liked the attention Double D paid him as his "model" along with the self-made one on the desk to show the inner workings. He even managed to make it move and show what how the muscles moved. When did he get that done...?

When they finished—half the class was asleep, aside for a few who found it truly interesting—there was a small applause, the loudest hands being their teacher's. "Lovely, boys, lovely! Now, who's next? We don't have all day! Actually, we only have ten minutes. One more and then the rest of your presentations will be tomorrow!" She sounded way too excited.

Double D breathed a sigh of relief and gently set the poster and model by the rest in the pile to be graded at a later date. Class was...pretty much over.

A hand touched Double D's neck as he bent towards his locker, and his breath hitched loudly in surprise.

"You made me feel useless up there with that model. When did you get the time to do that?"

After a moment of processing the voice, Double D confirmed Kevin was the one speaking low into his ear as his fingers rubbed the spot just under his hat slowly. It was...disconcerting. "Ah, I—I did it a few days ago. I always help Eddy create mechanical contraptions, so surely it mustn't be too much of a surpriseee—" He squeaked when Kevin pulled at his hat threateningly.

"Yeah, well, next time warn a guy," his warm breath tickled Double D's ear and his lips curled up.

"Aye, aye, captain."

Kevin grinned.

Double D turned his head, as he intended to speak, but Kevin leaned in and captured his words before they could escape—replacing them with his tongue, gently stroking Double D's into cooperation. The locker door was pulled open and held out, a shield to prying eyes, and he leaned in further, until Double D's back pressed into the wall of lockers, lips locked in a passionate embrace.

"I believe we'll get an 'A'," Double D blurted as they parted, the words punctuated unevenly due to his state of breath. Kevin blinked, then laughed, pressing their foreheads together. Double D seemed embarrassed at his hazard comment.

"I think I like the sound of a 'D,' don't you?" Kevin gave a short laugh at Double D's expression, caught between horror and amusement.

"Or maybe two D's, for the both of us." He could go on all day like this.

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