Okay…Why am I starting a new fiction? It's a plot bunny, so get used to it.

Anyways, what is this fiction about? Well, I was thinking… What if Minato's love for Naruto overrode his duty as Hokage? What if he and Kushina decided to take a gamble? What if it succeeded?

And so I start this fiction! LET'S GO!

With These Two Hands

Chapter one: Duty

The moon was full and the stars were all out. A giant red tail sweeped through the trees and sent them flying into the moonlit sky. In the middle of the trees, a gigantic red fox stood. His nine tails swept to and fru in a random motion as they kicked up a great cloud of dust. His pointed ears were erect as its head looked to the left and the right. The teeth baring snarl that the fox had showed that it was not in a good mood. Then again who wouldn't be after having the power of a force of nature, and then getting stuck inside the gut of a human, where it was insulting and cramped. The fox showed his displeasure when a lone person jumped up from under the foliage with his hands about to come together.


With that cry, a fire ball the size of a boulder come out and slammed itself into the side of the fox's face. The fireball exploded, sending flames to spread out on the fox's face. As the attack impacted, a tail twitched and swung, catching the person and sending his now broken body far away. As the smoke cleared, the fox was still standing, with his bestial snarl on his face. If the fox was capable of intelligent thought, it would have remarked how much the attack tickled.

Meanwhile, a whole bunch people were hidden under the trees, and they watched in horror as their comrade in arms was swatted like a bug. Though their faces were all different, they all wore green flak jackets as well as headbands with a metal plate on them. The metal plate had on them a spiral with a small triangle attached to the side, giving the appearance of a stylized leaf. One such person gave voice to his terror.

"NO! That fox got Ryohei!"

Another person slammed his fist against his palm as tears began to leak from his eyes.

"Curse that fox! CURSE IT TO HELL!"

The first person that had reacted turned to his compatriot. His voice cracked as he spilled out his words in panic.

"What are we supposed to do? That thing is unstoppable!"

The second person's tears suddenly dried as a snarl overtook his features and his knuckles tightened. Turning around to face the sniveling whiner, he slammed his fist right into the head. As everyone stopped to look, the person held up a fist.

"Hibari, I don't even know how you became a jonin with that kind of attitude. For me, I don't care if that thing is God itself, we got orders to keep that thing from entering Konoha and leveling it to the ground. We just need to hold out until the Yondaime comes here."


The two looked over and was able to see a flash of red before they departed into an eternal night. One of the other jonins gulped as the tail moved, revealing splats of blood.


Meanwhile, in an abandoned s

hed, cries could be heard from outside. Inside, a baby with blond hair was lying on a pillow with tears escaping his eyes, all surrounded by lit candles. A man approached the baby holding in his hands a bottle of ink and a brush. He wore the regular jonin uniform complete with flak jacket and shinobi pants. However, unlike his contemporaries, he wore two bands on each of his arms as well as a long jacket that reached to his knees, decorated with red flames on the edges. The kanji for 'Yellow Flash' was written vertically down the back. His wild blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and lean, baby fat free face could have made any woman worth her estrogen faint with pure ectasy. His name was Namikaze Minato, the Fourth Hokage, the Yellow Flash, and condemner of his own child.

Minato may have been known as optimistic by his peers, but even he knew what he was doing. He was chaining his offspring to a life of loneliness and pain. He was granting his child the title of village pariah. He was sentencing his own flesh and blood to hell.

Part of him, the realistic side of him was cursing him, telling him to go fornicate with livestock in hell, telling him that not even a Hokage's duty could outweigh that of a father's. The other part, the more idealistic side of him, told him that everything was going to be okay, that one word out of his will, and Konoha will treat his son like a king regardless. Both factions warred for audience as Minato set down his materials and picked up his child.

"There, there, Naruto, it'll be alright. This will only take a few seconds…"

Rocking the baby in his arms, Minato inwardly sighed in relief as the baby seemed to respond to his soothing words by simply falling asleep. Minato set down the baby as gently before picking up his brush and dipping it into the ink. Taking it out and placing a copy of the seal he wanted placed on Naruto's belly to the side, the brush slowly began to move towards Naruto.

A drop of sweat slid down his face as the brush slowly approached Naruto's stomach. His hand began to shake uncontrollably, as tears of fury and agony began to form out of his eyes. Finally, his mind snapped. He threw the brush away and swept the ink bottle off the table, waking the baby. He stared as his father slammed his hands in front of him and look down with tears slipping out.

"Naruto…I'm sorry…I can't do it."

"D-do what?"

Minato looked up and immediately realized that light was pouring from the door way. Turning around, he saw a woman wearing a nondescript dress that reached up to her knees leaning against the door frame. Her blood red hair covered her face, yet as Minato came over and helped her, it parted to reveal both the bags under her eyes and the scowl she currently had. Minato took no notice as he gave voice to his surprise.

"K-Kushina? But how?"

"I think this should warrant a little reward, don't you think, Minato?"

"Jiraiya, you're actually thinking about research at a time like this?"

Minato turned to see two men, standing in the doorway. One was wearing a short green shirt kimono and matching colored pants; under which he wore mesh armor that showed out of his sleeves and legs. He also came with hand guards, a black belt, a red cloak with two simple yellow circles, and wooden sandals. His snow white hair was like a spiky bush as two shoulder long bangs framed his slightly wrinkled face. Two red lines came down from his eyes and through each cheek. A headband covered his forehead, inscribed with the kanji for oil. A scroll nearly as tall as a regular man was strapped across his back. His name was Jiraiya, one of the Sannin as well as the holder of the toad summoning contract.

The other person didn't exactly look as jolly. His outfit was completely black, a jumpsuit with grey shoulder armor. A gauntlet covered his right forearm, while his ninja headband sat proudly on top of a helmet with metal covering that protected all but the front of his neck. The kanji for 'fire' was inscribed upon the back of his clothes. His name was Sarutobi Hiruzen, the 'God of Shinobi' and the currently retired third 'fire shadow.'

Jiraiya could only grin.

"Hey, someone's got to try to keep things bright here."

Crickets could be heard as everyone minus Naruto sweatdropped. Naruto woke up and giggled at the silence. Jiraiya pointed at Naruto.

"SEE! At least he thinks I'm funny."

Everyone in the vicinity sighed, before Kushina turned to Minato.

"Alright, Minato, where were you planning to do with Naruto?"

Minato looked to the side, which Kushina caught immediately.

"Y-you were actually planning…"

Minato shook his head.

"There is not enough time to make another seal. I was planning to seal one half of the kyuubi into me and the other half into Naruto. But…"

At that point, Sarutobi stepped forward.

"If you can't do, then let me bear the guilt."

Minato shook his head.

"No. How can I ask others what I can't do myself?"

Jiraiya sighed. Thinking with his heart was not only Minato's greatest strength as well as his greatest weakness. He thought that someone who had the shinobi career as long as he did would have the idealism beaten out of him. Then again, he wouldn't be Minato without.

"Then I'll do it."

Minato turned around to see Kushina holding Naruto in his arms. Seeing her look at him with determined eyes, he then realized what she meant.

"Kushina, what about Naruto? He still needs a mother."

Kushina's eyes flashed.

"I know… But does anyone else know the Dead Demon Consuming seal? Let's face it, Sarutobi might too old to handle sealing the Kyuubi. Minato, there is no one else."

Minato's eyes looked down on the floor as Jiraiya tried to reason with Kushina.

"Come, Kushina, there has to be another way!"

"Jiraiya…You should know how Kushina is."

Jiraiya looked to Minato to see a sad smile on his face.

"I guess…we have no choice. We don't have enough time to think up anything else."

Kushina kissed Naruto's forehead, before handing the baby to Jiraiya.

"I'm trusting him with the two of you…and Jiraiya."

Jiraiya tried to keep his cool in the face of the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero.


Jiraiya, by now, just nodded while imagining her just a little more blond and with a much bigger bust.



Minato turned to see a jonin holding his side leaning against the door. The Yondaime quickly went over and helped the injured into a sitting position.

"What's going on?"

The injured jonin looked up at the confident face of the Yondaime and immediately felt relaxed.

"Sir! The Kyuubi is just ten miles away from Konoha! Whatever you got planned, you better do it fast!"

Minato nodded and turned to Kushina.

"Kushina, whatever words you got left, you better say them."

Kushina nodded as she took Naruto from Jiraiya's hands and began to gently sway the baby back and forth. This motion awoke Naruto, who now stared at Kushina with his big blue eyes. Kushina smiled sadly, as she knew this would be the last time she would ever see them. That she would never see him sleep, speak his first word, see him take his first steps, see him grow into the fine young man that she knew he would become…

Kushina knew she had so much to say and yet so little time to say it. Quickly condensing everything into a few words, the Red Hot Blooded Habanero spoke to her son.

"Naruto, I'm Kushina, your mother. I'm sorry that I won't have long to see you live, but remember this at least. Whatever you feel is right, is true, is precious to you, defend it. Defend it to your last breath. Can you do that for mommy?"

Kushina knew that deep down, Naruto had understood everything, as the twinkle in his eyes showed her. Kushina nodded as tears flowed down her face.

"Thank you."

Minato nodded before holding out his hands. Naruto was placed in them, and his eyes eagerly took in the sight that was his new born son. Naruto then saw the bright spikes of hair and instantly reached out to grab a lock. Minato chuckled at the display and placed one of the hands down.

"Naruto, whatever you told to do by your motor mouth mother, can you promise daddy that you can do that?"

To emphasize his point, Minato held out his pinky and held it towards Naruto. Naruto made a grab for it and laughed as the finger was caught in his tiny hands. Minato could brightly smile as he wiggled his pinkie.

"That's my boy."

With that, Minato retrieved his pinkie and returned Naruto into Jiraiya's waiting palms. Satisfied with Naruto's choice of caretakers, Minato quickly turned to Sarutobi.

"Hiruzen, I know this is a bad time, but Konoha is going to need a leader. Someone that it already respects. Can you take back the title of Hokage?"

Hiruzen blinked, then sighed, remembering all the paperwork.

"Sure, just be sure I'm giving the title to someone else if I deem them worthy."

Minato nodded.

"Fair statement."

Then he turned to Jiraiya, who had a sleeping Naruto in his arms. Their eyes met for a while.

"So I guess this is it, huh?"

Jiraiya felt a hand on his shoulder, and looked up to see Minato's smile.

"No, this is just 'See you later.'By the way, Jiraiya…Turn my son into a pervert and I will strangle you with the Shinigami's intestines."

Jiraiya laughed nervously.

"You're kidding…right?"

That night, the legend of the Kyuubi ended along with the legend of the Yellow Flash and the Red Hot Blooded Habanero.

That night, the legend of the Orange blur would begin.

…This might take a while.