Bella Crossbones, foster child for life, doesn't know she's carrying the very gene that could end it all for her. And unlucky for her, Charlie Swan, armed with a military background and chief of police status, thinks he can protect this teenager from her own doom. It's a hard task though once he learns that this wild child has an interest in death defying hobbies when she thinks no one is watching.

That's just it…no one is watching.

Insomnia, window escapes, dirt-bikes, broken bones, and the thrill of getting caught provide readers with the greatest adventure story ever told.

Trust me, you've never seen this side of Forks until now...

"I promise"

-love, THAT girl who

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns her characters ofTwilight, I'm just giving them a night out.

Chapter 1: SEVENTEEN

Maybe on my birthday you'd think someone would acknowledge me or something. But no. Seventeen isn't that big. It's not eighteen.

I stared straight ahead at the TV, not really catching the flying images while I imagined what it must feel like to have someone in your life that gave a shit. But I wouldn't know. And as much as I wanted to ponder this deep thought a little longer on the night of my birth, my foster brother just got home, and he decided to be a little tooobservant tonight.

Unlucky me.

"Dad!" James yelled when he entered through the garage door and came into the house. "Someone touched my four-wheeler again—it's covered in mud and it's shot to shit!"

I was already a deer caught in head lights. I swallowed hard and quickly bolted from the couch, only to stand paralyzed in the middle of the den, frantic. Outside, the window showed me a possible escape route where my twelve-speed bicycle lied on its side. It didn't matter that it was the middle of the night either—I felt the heat and I wasn't even in the kitchen, so they say.

Alec, my third foster parent this year, had a softer tone than James, but he still knew how to put the pedal to the metal when he wanted to. "What?" he questioned, his voice actually sounding shocked. Alec wasn't raised to see girls as capable of causing havoc, let alone sitting anywhere that wasn't the backseat of something. The fact that I could drive ATVs and tear any track apart was seen as fictional to him.

I heard movement in the kitchen. The sound of a chair scraping across the hardwood only motivated me to realize staying where I was wouldn't help my cause. I headed for the front door, determined to fly under the radar.

"I'm going to kill her!" James yelled, a crash coming from the kitchen that sounded like glass breaking into a million pieces. Somehow, that would be my fault later, if there was a later.

I only had my hand on the doorknob for half a second before two pairs of footsteps crowded me, and a vice grip flipped me around to face a set of accusing eyes. I hesitated, looking to the ground for solace. Just tile stared back at me.

"You're kidding me Bella!" James roared, punching his fist into the drywall that I was suddenly shoved up against.

"James, that's enough—" Alec's voice cut off, too late as usual.

I felt the heat of the hit first before my legs gave out. After, it was just a gnawing throb. It hurt, but I didn't show it. I shook my head at him. "Hittingagirl," I mumbled, leaning my head back against the wall. I looked at him through one eye. "That's really charming. I see why you get allthe ladies." I pulled my knee up to rest my arm on, waiting for my stupid remark to bring about a stupid reaction; it did, so fast that I didn't even see the fist flying. I just felt the flesh on my jaw stretch down, a weird angle that split my lip in the corner. This blow had an impact, throwing me onto my side before my head hit the opposite wall. If there had of been more of an audience, this in particular scene would have drawn gasps. That's at least what I thought while I stared at his feet, the world horizontal and my lips pooling in blood.

"Are you done now?" Alec asked his son, his tone trying to sound concerned. But I saw through it—it was the same song and dance every so often, and as much as Alec tried to come off as a good foster parent, it was all about the money he received in the end. He didn't care for me, and luckily, I didn't care for him; it was an equation with the perfect end result of feelings never being hurt.

James on the other hand was the real bastard. "It's dented—the whole right side! I told you she couldn't keep her hands off my shit!" James' voice was getting angrier and angrier with every word that left his mouth. And while he shouted, I worked my way up into a standing position. I held onto the wall for support, noticing it had a dent where my head slammed into it.

Alec looked at me after shushing his asshole twenty-year old son, concern covering his face.

I waited for it. 321

"Bella, is this true? Did you crash his ATV?"

I decided to take my time to answer, wiping my lip on my flannel shirt, which only provoked James a little more. After a few more seconds of silence, I gave in, sort of. "I might have—" James dodged at me before I could even have the delight of finishing, but this time, Alec held him back. Maybe because he knew he'd kill me.

"Relax, I'll handle this," Alec told James, shoving him into the kitchen. I heard the back door open and slam, releasing the wild animal out into its natural habitat. Alec came back into the entrance way, his face looking like he was off in his own head, possibly deliberating with third world leaders. He paced for a few seconds, his hand every once in a while touching the back of his neck, until finally, he stopped and looked directly at me. He gave me the news at point blank, which I sort of respected. "I gotta let you go, Bella."

They always do though, which confirmed my thoughts on never knowing what it feels like to belong. But instead of showing the wound that I'm not sure even existed with this family, I avoided looking Alec in the eye, realizing what this all meant. "I didn't mean to ruin his bike," I said truthfully, even though my one last attempt was probably useless at this point.

It was. When I looked up, he shrugged unapologetically, and still said, "Sorry Bella."

A defeated feeling ran through my body, which I tried to hide with a half smile. Of course, my eyes couldn't hold the act, and I looked like the same deer caught in the headlights just ten minutes ago. "It's ok," I told him, even though I knew those would be my famous last words.

They always are. I just didn't think they'd be on my birthday.