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In the final seconds of my humanity, I tried to remember every important facet of my life: Edward, my love. The reason I why had a white-gold band on my ring finger. Alice and Jacob, my best friends. Renesmee, the little girl I considered my own flesh and blood. Charlie, the father I had loved and lost.

It was a Tuesday, an ordinary, unimportant day. I was lying on a decedent amber quilt. The floral pattern of Edward's headboard reigned above me. The sheets smelt like lavender. The room was still, quiet to my human hearing. It was devoid of things in case of complications: books and music removed, a wooden table with a medical kit resting upon the shiny surface. A needle full of venom was placed next to the kit, in case Edward's bites did not suffice. The venom would go straight into my beating heart.

Alice had dressed me in a simple blue dress. I wore no shoes, no make up.

Edward and I were alone in that room, in my last seconds of life. He hummed my lullaby sweet and smooth as he traced the scars that I had become proud to bear. I knew that when I began my new existence as a vampire, the deep etchings would not fade. I didn't want them to.

My new family waited in distant corners. Carlisle lingered nearby, just in case.

I tried to keep my heartbeat steady for Edward. He was anxious, but undoubtedly obliging, to my request. My mind raced faster than my heart, whirling through a million scenarios. I imagined myself dying. I imagined myself awakening into a new death. I imagined myself as a vampire. I imagined myself shiny, hard and new, becoming Bella Cullen.

The sky was midnight black, the stars incandescently glowing. They began to multiply brilliantly. Soon enough, the bright stars within the darkness marked that it was time for my life to end.

Edward crouched over me protectively, and finally, his golden gaze turned from my own. He bit into the crook of my elbow, tearing the veins and sinews with sedulous ease. There was no doubt that the needle wouldn't be needed.

I felt hot and cold at the same time. I felt as though I might throw up. My vision began to blur. The sensation was a hundred times worse than James' bite, or Victoria's nails. Blood dripped from Edward's mouth like the juice from an apple.

Then, in that moment of horror and elation and release, the pain came.

It was excruciating beyond words.

His venom was hot and wet around the bleeding wound. Salty tears streamed out of my eyes as I screamed in reaction to the pulsating, fiery ache. The road to immortality had me begging and pleading. All around me was white noise.

But above all the dimmed sounds and unrelenting pain, I heard Edward whisper softly, determinedly, "I love you."


A familiar scent overpowered all the other fragrances that flitted in and around that small room. Sunshine, honey and lilac.

I opened my blood-red eyes.