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Chapter 1
Anger Into Love

Prince Roy walked down the decorated hallway, muttering and swearing to himself. Thoughts ran through his mind, blinding his physical eyes so that he stumbled over things in his fit of fury. Why did his father and mother talk of such things? His personal life was not any of their business anyways, and he was definately old enough to make his own decisions. He was twenty-four after all, and if he lived a normal life, would already be away from his parents to make his own life.

He slammed the door of his bedroom behind him. A slave? A sex slave? It was perposterous. But his father was firm, and Roy felt again like he was twenty years younger, not able to make his own decisions. He had had sex before, plenty of times, but with women who were wanting, willing.

The sex slaves were prisoners of war after the battle with a nemesis of their country. Slaves were female and male. They were mainly used for royalty, but Roy wanted no part of it, whatsoever. They were often abused by cold hearted aristocrats, and usually never seen in public. Roy sighed at picking out a slave, as if he was a small boy picking a dog from the rescue shelter.

What the hell am I going to do? he thought. Then an idea popped in his head, it was simple. It would benefit him and the slave, just not have intimacy. He'd act as if he agreed to the idea, then stay in the room with her for a while, and then leave.

"Prince, sir?" Havoc asked.


"Your father requests you come now."

"Tell him I'm coming." Roy commanded.

"Yes, sir." Roy smirked, finally a way around his father's plan.

She was furious. Her country had fallen, most of her family was dead, and now she was a sex slave. She felt like foaming and raving right then and there. Countless women and men were dragged away, her fellow citizens.

"Ladies, come with me," a gaurd requested. He opened the cell, letting the five chained-up women out.

At least they don't treat you as bad as you thought . . . she comforted. They never really abused anyone in the dungeon, but she knew it was different when you were bought.

"Step in here." They obeyed, going into a white room with a darkened window. The kind you could only look in, but not out. They lined up routinely.

"Which one's the most expensive?" King Mustang asked. Roy rolled his eyes, did it really matter to get the most expensive?

"The blonde, sir. I believe her name is Riza Hawkeye." he replied. Roy looked at her once, and she took his breath away. So THAT'S why she was the most expensive.

She had a slender body, soft curves outlining her shape. She had lean muscel, fair, creamy skin covering it up. Her eyes were sharp and clear, and at the moment, annoyed. They were a burgandy that held some warmth, but a raging fire in them as well. Her hair was a light gold, each thread falling into place just perfectly.

"Is she suitible for you, or shall we bring in another group?" his father asked, already knowing the answer. His son hadn't taken his eyes off of her.

"She's fine." he encountered, trying to gain his composure.

"We'll take the blonde then." Roy nodded, then walked out the door. After he was out of sight, he leaned against a wall, sighing. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.

Riza was told that she was bought, which didn't surprise her when she was notified that he was rich. She knew she was one of the most expensive because of her beauty. Though she never did think of herself as "beautiful". She was released from the black chains into slender, silver ones. Then taken into a carriage alone. She became suspicious, where was her owner? The man, who she would have to reluctantly call "master"?

"Excuse me?" she asked the driver. "Would you happen to know where my, eh-hem, master, is?" He looked back at her and smiled sweetly. The driver was a kind old man who opposed the slavery busienss, but because of his age, couldn't do much about it.

"He is back at the kingdom, my dear."


"Yes, you were bought for the Prince of Amestris."

"The prince huh?" she muttered. No wonder he could afford her, he was filthy rich.

"Don't worry, though. Prince Roy is a kind person, heastrong, but kind." She nodded, but was unconvinced. "His father demanded that he have a slave."

"I see . . ." Still, she didn't believe it.

"He'll treat you fairly, he may not even become, er, intimate with you. He wasn't too happy about the idea when I saw him."

"Then why is he getting one?"

"To get his father off his back." he replied. "Here we are youngin'." Two servants led her out of the carriage with, to her surprise, great care.

Don't want damaged property, eh? she sneered. They led her into the kindom, going up many stairs.

"Here you are, Miss . . ."

"Hawkeye. Riza Hawkeye."

"Ah, a lovely name." She looked puzzled. Wasn't there supposed to be abuse?

"Umm, excuse me, but why are you being so . . . what's the word I'm looking for . . . generous?"

"King Mustang demanded that we 'put you in your place'. However, Prince Roy told us to treat you with respect and dignity, and we'd rather listen to him." the servent Hughes answered. "We don't like slavery anyways."

"Well, thank you." But she severly doubted this Prince. He was probably crueler than he let people know.

She was led into a room, which was finely decorated. She was bewildered at the room content. This was definately not a Prince's room, so was it where they would . . . there was no way this could be her room.

"What room is this for?"

"Its yours, the Prince had it ready for you." She wouldn't bet her life on it.

"So what should I do?"

"Oh, you mean . . . Anyway, you'll be taken to that situation later tonight. Would you like for one of the female servants to show you the bath?"

"Yes please."

"Winry! Could you come here, please?"

"Yes, Mr. Hughes?" the young girl asked.

"Please take Miss Hawkeye to the bath house so she may bathe."

"Yes, sir, right away." she replied, cheerily. "Come with me, Miss Hawkeye."

"Okay." She followed the girl to the bath, while she also explained what other rooms were for.

"You have plenty of time to get ready, so you can relax."

"Oh? So you even know about when I'm going to relate with your prince?"

"Uhh, no. But Prince Roy wants you to join his family for dinner. Sometimes the Queen insists that some of the servants stay for dinner."

"Join them for dinner?" she pondered. "I don't have anything to . . ."

"Wear? Don't worry, you have a whole new wardrobe." Winry said. "I could pick out a dress for you to wear, if you'd like."

"Yes, thank you. Just nothing too fancy."

"Can do!" she beamed.

Riza had put on a thin dress, a navy blue with white embroidery. She sighed, looking at herself in the clear mirror. Her hair was combed and neat, the dirt washed away.

"Miss Hawkeye, dinner has started."

"I'm coming." She walked down the hallway, following Hughes to the dining hall. The table was polished cherry, longer than she could have imagined. Two members of the family were seated, and some of the servents.

"Oh, Miss Hawkeye. Its nice to meet you, please sit and eat."

"Don't encourage the slave, dear. She should eat outside." the King snided.

"Charles! Now she shall sit and eat with us." the Queen retaliated. "Ignore my husband. Please sit by Roy and enjoy the meal." She motioned to one of the two empty seats. "He'll be coming soon." She did as requested.

"Where is that boy?"

"Dear, he's not a boy anymore."

"He is if he's going to take forever." She then heard footsteps.

"Sorry I'm late, Mother, Father." Roy walked in.

"Roy, please sit." Riza almost gasped at the sight of him.

He had a broad chest and shoulders. He had ebony hair that spiked over his jet-black eyes. He had fair skin, and even though he was wearing long-sleeves, she could tell he was muscular. He had a square jaw that topped off his mascularoty.

"Of course, I do apologize." He sat by Riza, but didn't talk to her, as if she didn't exsist. He couldn't look at her, if he did he wouldn't be able to look away.

"So Miss Hawkeye, how has your day been with us so far?"

"It has been good, ma'am." she replied. She decided to allow herself to be nice to her, she knew that the Queen was a justified woman.

"Good, good."

She was taken into a room with mostly red. She had been told to dress in a black silk robe that was a few inches above her knees. She sighed, so this was her fate.


"Come in." Roy walked in, not meeting her eyes. "Are you going to look at me?"

"Let's just sit here for a few minutes."

"What? Why?"

"Do you want me to have forced sex with you."


"Okay then."

"Wait, so you bought me for no reason? What the hell am I doing here?"

"You're not getting raped, I'm not having a sex slave. We both win."

"I'm apalled. You expect to sit here with YOU, someone who wasted daddy's money and tricked him."

"Okay, fine!" he shouted. He pressed his lips onto hers. Then backed away. She was shocked, a spark that ran through her made her shiver. He was equally shocked, for the same reason.

He moved closer and her eyes slowly began to close. She felt his breath brush her face, his lips softly pressed hers. He used his tounge to ask for permission into her mouth. She She readily agreed, letting him in. He lowered her onto the red velvet sheets. He moved his lips down and nibbled at her neck.

"Ahh, please." she begged, sprawling onto the bed. He began to undo the dress-like robe, almost tearing it off in the process. He worked at the bra, throwing that back as well. He kissed at the edge of her breasts, circling in. His mouth covered her breast as he began a gentle sucking rhythm. "Naah, R-roy."

He smiled at the mention of his name. His hands moved to her black panties pulling them down. He rubbed her folds, rewarded with a moan, he fumbled over her clit. She groaned clutching his shirt. She then moved her hands to his groin, rubbing at its sides.

"That's it, Riza." In no time she had him stripped down. She rolled him onto the bed so that she was on top. She kissed his inner thighs and close around his member. He felt tension build up.

"Ri-za, please, take me in." he groaned. She didn't listen, contintuing to kiss and nibble. "Please Riza, I-I need you." She compromised, taking him into her mouth. She sucked and he moaned.

"Riza, wait, I'm going to . . ." She looked up at him, understanding. She straddled him, guiding him into her. She thrusted and they both moaned. His body was hard and muscular, hers soft and curvy, making the lazy friction of their skin even more irresistable. She began to whimper with every passionate thrust. Her body began to weaken at the resistance of his. Sensing this, he swithched places, now pushing himself into her.

"Roy! Yes!" she cried. He understood she was innocent, but could not help but make love to her. She purred, giving him permission to go harder, faster. Everything began to move fast, but neither minded. Suddenly she tightened while the orgasm hit her. This began his own pleasure.

He moved out of her. Then, taking the red covers, he let them fall over the two of them. He held her and she moved closer, cuddling with him. His scent, strangely, comforted her.

"Thank you, Roy." She sighed. "Or should I call you master?"

"In privacy just call me Roy." he chuckled.

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