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13 years later….

"Stupid Bitch!"


I quickly got up from my desk chair and ran out to see Lehn and Alex fighting, Alice and Leah both came running from the kitchen as the rest came from outside.

"What the hell is going on out here?" I yelled getting in between the angry teens who were seconds from throwing punches.

"Ask her! She's the fucking slut" Alex yelled as I heard Esme and Renee gasps at him, Lehn was fuming and pushed through me. I watched as she lunged at Alex as they both fell into the glass table.

"Fuck! Emmett help me!" I said as he grabbed Alex as I grabbed Lehn, Alex face looked dangerous as Lehn was still trying to get out of my arms.

"STOP!" Alice yelled as both teens stopped and looked at her, I saw her eye narrow at them both as I sign in relief that I wasn't on the receiving end of that glare.

"You two better start talking"

"Go ahead Lehn tell them!" Alex said as I saw tears in Lehn eyes, I looked at Alex who saw them too but, he didn't flinch like he use too when ever he saw her cry.

"Lehn" I whispered as she broke down in my arms, I turned her around in my arms and hugged her to me and looked at Alex.

"Boy, you better start talking" I said.

"I fucking caught her kissing my fucking girl friend!" everybody gasped, as I looked down at Lehn.

"Lehn, is that true?"


"Stop lying I know what I saw!" she glared at her brother

"No! You didn't, she kissed me….I didn't kiss her; it's a fucking difference jackass"

"You're lying!"

"Am I? She been on my shit before you brought her home but, time after time I tried to tell you but, you were so fucking pussy whipped that you didn't even notice" she spat at him

"You fuc-

"Time out!" I yelled as I let Lehn go and walked between them again.

"Lehn, when did this start?" I asked as she signed.

"The girl fucking used him to get to me; I didn't want to tell you because, I knew you would be heartbroken. The girl is a bitch and I'm be damn if I let some pussy get in between us"

"Damn that girl got a mouth on her" Rosalie said as Amanda laughed, I rolled my eyes at them.

"Lehn watch your mouth and Alex she's right" I looked at him.

"You're on her side! I knew you would side with her, you always do!"

"Alex it's not like that, Lehn just told you the girl is using you"

"She's lying! She's just a fucking dyke with a –

"Boy…..if you finish that sentence" I said threaten as I pointed my finger at him as Lehn spoke looking at him in the eyes.

"Alex you are my brother and love you but that was a low blow" Alex looked ashamed but Lehn didn't care and kept speaking.

"And I want to tell you right now, that Dina is playing you. Not only is she trying to get with your sister, she's letting her shit go to anyone who bat an eyelash at her. I know you love her or you think you do but, let me tell you it's not worth it…she's not worth it. And it's hurts that you would not believe your own sister over a bitch who you only known for a couple of months, that's low bro" she didn't even give him a chance to reply as she walked away but turned around and glared at him.

"I may have a dick, but trust me mines much bigger than yours…..you fucking bitch" she flew up the stairs leaving a red face Alex behind as I rubbed the back of my neck, fuck! I was in a tight situation.

Who to comfort?

"Don't worry about it, I got Lehn you better talk to that boy before my hand does" Leah said glaring at him as he gulped when I turned to him.

"Outside now" Alice grabbed my hand.

"Be easy on him" I looked at her like she was crazy.

"What! Did you not hear what he said to his sister?"

"I know but, he was angry…I remember knowing someone who use words to hurt people when she was angry" I signed.

"Fine" She smiled.

"I'm gonna go up to help Leah" I kissed her and the guys walked out to the porch with me as Alex was pacing looking utterly scared.

"I'm like seconds off your ass boy" I said and pushed him, as he stumbled.

"What the hell is your problem? I yelled pushing me again as he stumbled again, but this time he fell.

"You're lucky you're my son because I would've punched your ass soon those words came out of your mouth" he started to cry as I scoffed.

"Oh! Now you want to cry, your big and bad….GET UP!" he scrambled up and looked at.

"You always loved Lehn more than me" he said as I signed.

"Now I really want to smack the shit out of you, I don't show Lehn anything different from what I show you. You both our my heart as well as your sister Isabel and your brother Charlie, you guys are my flesh and blood"

"But you always on Lehn side"

"The girl is going through fucking hell in school and I can relate, I'm trying to help her through but I don't see you doing shit about it, she tells me about how you let your friends talk about her and among shit"


"You what! You're embarrassed by her"

"NO!" he said scared.

"Then what" Jasper asked.

"I…..can't stop all of them, and if I did they will pick on me instead"

"I remember when you were in grammar school and the boys picked on you and she stood by your side, she risk her self to protect you but, you can't do the same…..boy who are you? You use to protect her with everything in your being and now..." he broke.

"She's always taking the girl from me!" He yelled


"Seven grade Ashley, freshmen year Brittney, sophomore years Cathie, and now Diana, she's doesn't do it on purpose but, she does and I'm always left alone"

"You can't fault your sister for that, she doesn't have power over what those girl was feeling" Edward said as I nodded.

"But, I never get the girl, everybody at school loves her and the girls go fucking crazy over her and the guys hates it"

"She's is her Mother's Daughter" Emmett said as I punched him in the arm.

"Dude not the time" I told him, I grabbed Alex and pulled him to me. He was on the little side when it came to height as Lehn was a good five eleven as he hit five nine.

He was jealous of his sister.

"You have to apologize"

"I know it killed me when I saw her cry…..I didn't mean it I swear" he looked at me.

"I'm not the one you should be telling this too" he nodded and hugged me.

"I love you Mom and I'm sorry for disrespecting you like that"

"I love you too and I'm sorry for pushing you"

"Boy you are lucky that Charlie wasn't here" Jasper said, he looked scared as I laughed.

"One Swan I could handle but not two" He said as we laughed and walked back into the house as I saw Lehn sitting on the couch on the phone.

That girl stay on the phone.

"Don't you have a cell phone?" I asked as she rolled her eyes and stood up, she had changed into some shorts and a beater as Alex put his hands in his pockets.

A nervous habit.

"Lehn" he called as she signed on the phone.

"Vanessa, I'm going to have to call you back"


"Ditto" She threw the phone on the couch and folded her arms to her chest, the grown ups all walked to the kitchen to give them some time as Rosalie came out holding her infant close as Emmett quickly ran over to her and smiled.

"Dude! Lehn is a badass" Emmet said smiling as I shook my head.

"That's all the Clearwater genes" I said as she glared at me.

"That's girl is pure Swan, she sound and look just like you" I couldn't rebuttal that one because the girl did look just like me, walk like me, talk like me….it was like looking at myself at seventeen again.

"Well at least she doesn't have two girls pregnant like Bella did"

"Shut the fuck up!" I laughed as Alex and Lehn came falling into the kitchen laughing together.

"So everything cool" I asked as they looked at each other and smiled.

"Everything more than cool, he's going to dump that trash bag"

"Thank god" Alice said as everyone looked at her as she blushed.

"What? I never like her in the first place…..she looked at Bella too much for my liking" I smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

"Awe. Everybody! Alice is jealous of a teenager" I said as they all laughed.

"You're sleeping on the couch tonight" I laughed

"Please! You can't hold anything from me, one whisper in the ear and you'll be-

"MOM!" both Lehn and Alex said at same time as I blushed and step away from Alice, I get forgetting about where I am when I'm sucked into Alice eyes.

"Hey Mom, can I have company" I looked at Lehn

"It's eight thirty"


"So…..No" she smack her lips.

"Why not"

"Because, I said so"

"I'm for real; I really want you to meet this one"

"I thought you were with-" I looked at her

"Vanessa" she finished for me as I nodded.

"I am but-

"HELL NO!" everybody said at the same time as Alice, Leah and I blushed.

"What's her name" Esme asked

"Sabrina, she is amazing" I couldn't help but smile as Alice spoke.

"You said that about Vanessa too"

"Well….Vanessa is too complicated" I frowned

"Why is she complicated, because she won't give it up" I said as Lehn ran her hand in her hair.

Nervous habit.

"Please! Mom I've already gotten it, she's too fucking clingy but, I can't keep away from her though…..like I said it's complicated" Leah spoke without looking up.

"Lehn, I don't want you stringing this girl along if your not going to be truthful to her, you might not know how it feels but, that shit hurts a lot, being lied to everyday by the person you thought loved you just like she loved her. Vanessa is a sweet girl and I like her, she is smart and beautiful and loves you…..not once have I heard you tell her it back and how long have you guys been together?

"A year and half" Lehn said low.

"If you don't want the girl, let her go…..your wasting her time in finding her true love" I wanted to kick the shit out of myself as I looked at Leah who smiled at me.

"I do love her but, I'm so confused"

"Someone once told me to listen to my heart" I told her as she looked up at me


"I've been in your shoes, all of us have and I don't want your life to end up like this, not that I'm not happy I just want to give your heart to the right one and not break another by doing so"

"Those girls' hearts are fragile and you will wind up dropping one of them without knowing and you will want to kill yourself for hurting her like that. So please think about and think about good" Lehn nodded and flew out of the kitchen as Alex sunk in his seat.

"I'm here with a cheating girlfriend as Lehn has not one but two of em" he said frowning as I smirked

"Don't worry your dream girl will come and she won't fall your sister" he laughed as we all finally finished diner. Charlie and Carlisle came right as we were about to eat dinner, looking around the table, I couldn't help by smile. Throughout the years our family has grown, Emmett and Rosalie just had Freddie and Edward and Jasper had adopted a little girl…..adorable. Alice and I couldn't wait and we had Charlie almost right after the wedding.

Honeymoon was a non-stop fuck fest and I really doubt that we use protection and nine months later Charlie was welcome with open arms. Having Teens and almost preteens was a fucking hassle for real but Alice, Leah and I get through it, Leah being the oldest by two minutes, Alex, Isabel who was just about to hit her teens and little Charlie who just turned eleven. Alice had gotten her tubes tide….because; I'll be damn if I was going to get my shit cut off. After dinner, everybody had left and Alice was upstairs relaxing because I told her that I was going to clean the kitchen for her. Leah came walking in as I finished the last load in the dish washer.

"Mom can I asked you something"


"How did you choose between Mom and Alice?" Shit! I knew that coming but still the damn question smack me right in the face.

"It choose me really, I was with your Mother and everything was great…I loved her and she loved me. And then out of no where I fell hard for Alice by one glance across the lunch room, and after that day I let the devil ride shotgun and he fucked everything up. I hurt your Mother so much and till this day I'm still apologizing, Alice was the one and no one not even me could prevent it….believe I tired but it only mess thing up more and hurt Alice and Leah both. But now, Leah is married to Paula and she couldn't be happier. I want you to know that I loved your Mother with my heart to the fullest but, Alice was my earth and I couldn't stay away from her.


"Yeah Damn"

"I think Vanessa is like Mom in this situation and Sabrina is Alice"

"Then you know what to do then"

"But I don't won't to hurt her, she loves so hard" I could see the despair in her eyes; she didn't want to hurt the girl at all.

"I didn't either but, I had too or everything would've gotten even more messy and confusing for all three of you"

"I know…..I love her but Sabrina is everything to me"

"Vanessa deserved the truth, and don't put the on the back burner either…get it over with"

"Thanks Mom" I smiled.

"That's what I do…..get advice, after finally using it for myself" I laughed as she ran off, I'm so happy we caught that before it gotten out of hand. Cutting the lights off, I quickly went to Isabel room and kissed her goodnight as well as Charlie and was now in front of Alex room.


"Can I come in" he moved and I walked in, he was more of a book ready and doing homework type but he went out. He wasn't as wild as Lehn was, I was thankful for that…he was like Carlisle actually, always had his nose in a book and finding out things.

He was my future Doctor.

"What's up Mom?"

"I just came in here to see how you were doing" I said sitting down as he signed.

"Not good, I really was in love with her and now I don't know what to feel"

"Did you break up with her?"

"Yeah, not long ago"

"I know the girl was foul but, even that's cold…breakup by phone, I couldn't do it" I told him as he glared.

"Well she should've though about that before she had everybody and Momma in her" I bit the inside of my cheek from laughing.

"She wasn't worthy of you anyway, she looked dirty but I knew you like her so I didn't say anything but your sister tried to tell you"

"I know and I said some mess up things to her that will regret forever" he beat himself up for it.

"I know but, she forgave you and that what matters…Alex never let a girl get between you and your sister ever; do you understand me?" he nodded

"Yes Mom"

"And don't get all sulky, your girl will come sooner than you think" I told him as he smiled and I saw his eyes light up as I heard his phone ring.

"Holy Shit! It's Naomi, she's like that sexiest girl at school…..how did she get my number?" he said to myself as I heard Lehn yelled as it boomed through the walls


Alex blushed and looked at the phone as it rung.

"Answer it boy" I laughed as he pick it up and put it to his ear, the boy was nervous as hell as quickly as it came it was gone and relaxed.

"Goodnight Alex" I said as he shush me away with his hands as I laughed, closing the door. I finally got to our master bedroom that all the way across the hallway away from the kids.

For a good reason.

When I opened the door, I saw that Alice wasn't in the bed, I walked to the bathroom smelled her before I seen her.


"Angel?" I called out as I cut the corner and saw her in the tub, bubbles were covering her beautiful body from me and I couldn't have that.

"I've been waiting for hours in here for you" I bent down and let my fingers touch her wet shoulder and leaned in to kiss it.

"Your clothes needs to be on the floor" I smiled, after fifteen years we were still going strong. I never could get enough of Alice, quickly getting strip and lowering my self in the water she moaned as she watched my body disappear.

"God I will never get use to seeing that thing and not moan" she moved onto my lap, as I groaned as I felt her hot sex hit my aching erection.

"We have to be quite" She said as I looked at her.

"You mean you have to you be quiet, I can you can't" I laughed at her as she bit my hot spot and I yelled.

"Yeah…That's what I thought" she said smugly as I glared at her, I grabbed her thighs and sucked her lips into my mouth as she grind against me.

"So good" I groaned, I stood her up as all the water and bubbles was glisten on her body and she looked mouth watering.

"You look eatable" I said as she parted her legs and looked at me.

"Well…." I didn't need to be told, as I pull her to sit on the tub as I diving in and didn't stop until she was quivering in my arms and begging me to stop.

"Fuck! Bella" I let my head rub around the inside of her lips as I let my eyes close at the sensations.

"Bella stop teasing and fuck me already!" I grabbed her by her shoulder from under her as she wrapped her arms around my neck digging her nails into my back as I thrust in one quick motion.

"Ahhh Fuck Bella right there"

"Umm" was all I could think of as I pull out and back in, the water was spilling everywhere as she was half way in the tub as I rammed into her. She was screaming her ass off as I saw her panties on the floor by her clothes and quickly reached over a grabbed them.

"This might keep you quite" I stuffed them inside her mouth as she let her eyes roll as she arched damn near out the tub.


"Take it Baby" I growled at her as my speed went up as I pound inside her, she would so fall out of this tub if I wasn't holding on to her, her head was hitting the floor as she moved back and forth on me. I covered her mouth so she wouldn't spit the panties out; I wanted her cum with them still in there.

"Aw baby I can feel you tighten around me" she grabbed a hold of the sink and pulled up and started to ride the fuck out me as I lean back and put my hands on the back of the tub, my knees were burning but I didn't give a damn right now.

"Fuck!" I yelled as she quickly pulled the panties from mouth and put them in my mouth as I looked at her.

"Fuck me Bella" she said so damn sexy that all I could do was wish her, her command. I started to pound harder with my arms wrapped around her torso as I went ape shit, her mouth found my hot spot as I reach down and rubbed her clit furiously and dug deeper inside her.

"Oh Shit Bella! I'm-

"MMMMMMMMM!" I mumbled.

Translations- Cum all over me, I want to be coated in your juice as you milk me for everything I got.

"Cum with me Bella….Please!" I pulled the panties from my mouth and kissed her as we both fell over the edge together. It took a minute for us to jump back as she finally got her breath as I was still trying to catch mines.

"Getting old Bella?" She said as I flipped her ass over the tub and slammed into her from behind as she screamed.

"What you say now?" I asked as she was all stutters, holding her by her hips I moved deep and let my right hand massage up her spine…..leaning down and planting sexy kisses up and down her back as I grabbed her breast and moved more faster.

"I'm old?" I asked pounding as she just yelling curse words left to right.


"No what?" I pulled her up as her, she reach back and grabbed my neck as I touched her clit and pinched it.

"No Bella! FUCKKKK!" I felt her tighten again, but this time I knew this was going to be one hell of an orgasm.

"Good Girl….now cum" She didn't need to be asked twice as I felt my own being triggered by her gripping the shit out me. We both fell back into the tub, there was no water…all of it was on the floor, Alice turned around and kissed me.

"I love you Bella"

"I love you too Angel"

"After all these years you still make me weak to knees" she said as I smiled and kissed her neck down to her breast.

"And you still make my heart skip a beat whenever I look into your eyes Angel"

"Carry me to the bed and make love to me until I can't feel my legs anymore" I felt myself harden up once again as I quickly pick her up and winched.

"Was that a crack I heard" She smirked as I shook my head.

"No, your just heavy" I joked as she smacked my arms.

"No! Your getting old"

"As long as my dick can still stand and salute, I don't care" I told her we ran out the bathroom to the bedroom and like she asked, we made love until she had enough.

I fucking love being married.

I fucking love my Angel.

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