I saw the movie earlier today, and it was enough to inspire me to write some one-shots and some other short stories about Secretariat and his life. He is ultimately one of my favorite horses of all time!

Disclaimer: I do not own Secretariat. The movie itself belongs to Disney. All I own was the idea of his thoughts...as well as the thought of his mother. Starlight is my own character. She will be starring in another story. ^^ Updates soon!

Big Red fought his hardest to stay ahead of the game. He had come so far in so little time, and he had no other chances to screw up now. He was in the big time, and he wasn't going to lose to Sham.

When he first made eye contact with the black brute, he had a warning look in his eyes that seemed to make Sham suddenly quiver in his skin.

You should be intimidated, for I will take home this crown.

Now Red is just neck-in-neck with him, and Sham was doing nothing but pushing him to the limit.

Red started out in the lead, something that he didn't do before in any other race. Ron had let him go and instinct took over. It was all or nothing at that time.

Red wasn't planning to give up. He was going to give it his all...because there was nothing more to this other than his love for running.

Come on, you slowpoke! Sham snorted into his ear. I'm barely breaking a sweat, here!

Red kept his legs going. He was mentally telling himself to keep going. His trainers had pushed him so much ever since the last race. Now he was going to take his stamina and push himself to the ultimate limit.

Just face it, you're running out of energy, Sham sneered. Give it up!

But Red refused to back down.

Suddenly, the young horse seemed to recall something that Penny had told him the night before...

I won my race...now you win yours.

And that was enough to inspire him. He gave himself more strength into the back legs...and he just seemed to fly. He soared past Sham and took the lead. He never slowed down...not even once.

Two more voices popped into his mind:

His mother told him, When others tell you that you can't, tell yourself that you can. Just keep pushing yourself until you become the ultimate champion.

Starlight even told him, Even a horse laughs in the presence of fear. You should embrace the lightning as an ally, not an enemy. When you think you're about to go down...drag your enemies along with you.

Secretariat kept his pace. We wasn't going to slow down...not even for a second.

The crowd began to roar in his ears. He could hear them screaming both his racing name and his real name. The adrenaline coursed through his veins, his breath burning within his lungs, his legs going numb, but never stopping. He never stopped until he finally crossed that finish line.

"Secretariat wins the Belmont Stakes by a whopping 31 lengths!"

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