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Spoiler Alert: This story is about Dean's feelings at the end of "You Can't Handle the Truth."


He feels nothing…

Dean's fist connected with Sam's jaw, pain and rage powering the blow.

Hell left him feeling nothing…

He didn't stop when Sam fell to the floor. Dean simply got on top of him and hit him again.

No fear… no torment… no guilt…

Blood dripped from Sam's now very broken nose and cut lip, and still Dean couldn't bring himself to stop.

Why him…? Why does he get to get off so easy…? Why did he get to come back and not give a shit…? Why couldn't it have been me…? Why…? Why!

It finally occurred to Dean that his brother was now clearly unconscious and the hunter forced himself to stop. He swallowed hard as he stared at Sam, trying to calm himself. He knew he had to help his brother. He had to make things right.

But he couldn't shake the rage inside of him, the hurt.

Why does Sam get to not care…?

Why can't I?

Author's Note: Yes, I'm still alive and, yes, I still watch Supernatural! Lol! In case you couldn't tell I've been a bit preoccupied the last, oh, 3 months or more! This is my first one-shot in a VERY long time and definitely feeling rusty. Please feel free to leave feedback! I miss it!