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This takes place during the match between Hiccup and the Monstrous Nightmare, with a twist. It will also be a chaptered fic, pairings may happen, or may not, a lot is not set into stone with this story yet.

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"Alright Toothless, go, get out of here" I pleaded to the dragon, watching my entire village flood into the area.

Everything was falling apart so quickly that time seemed to slow around me, giving me the extra freedom to process the madness that had been caused by my actions. It took a few seconds for my mind to just into gear, considering all my options at this point, which, to assure you, were not that many. Stoick looked furious, the villagers were storming in on the night fury, and Astrid stood from the side lines with a expression of dread on her face. None of this had gone as planned, but that was always the case with me.

"Go!, GO!" I tried to persuade the dragon, but he seemed to have none of it without being one hundred percent certain that I was out of harms way, and by the way his eyes darted around the arena, everyone here he considered a threat.

I tried to persuade the dragon, but he seemed to have none of it without being one hundred percent certain that I was out of harms way, and by the way his eyes darted around the arena, everyone here he considered a threat. For a moment I almost froze, letting the inevitable happen as I realized this was it, we had lost. Vikings were stubborn people, hearts and opinions more solid than that of the weapons they wielded with massive strength, and I had gone in thinking I could simply just show them a different way of life, I was a fool.

The man I had grown to know as a father, not that I ever felt loved as a son, grabbed the nearest ax and started to charge the legend that stood at my side with that look of blood lust in his eyes. His arm raised high in the air yelling out the usual viking cry. Standing there in my icy state i suddenly realized, Toothless was more of a friend to me than anyone standing here, the dragon had graced with friendship, the ability to experience the skies of freedom, and now he had been my saviour just moments ago. This dragon had given me more than this entire village had in my whole living experience, and here I was handing him over to the what seemed to be his- no our enemy. I may be a fool, and even a coward, but if there was one thing I was it was loyal to my friends.

Breaking from the invisible icicle that seemed to have held me rooted to the ground, I quickly jumped onto the back of the overgrown reptile knowing what needed to be done.

"Get us out of here, now" I had whispered, leaning close enough to his ear for him to hear me.

He seemed more than happy to comply, rushing forward with speed and grace only I had come to know and love. Charging toward my father who moments ago seemed ready to kill, was now standing there with his arm still held high, but his feet solid to where they were. I guess the shock of your son jumping on the back of the enemy and rushing towards you would do that.

Toothless dodged around the burly man, and easily avoided running into Astrid as well, now whether that was out of consideration for the girl or that it was just faster for him I would never know, but I silently thanked him with a gentle rub on his head as he stopped once we were out of the arena, turning us around as if he wanted me to bid my farewell. He always seemed to know what I was thinking without me saying anything, and for that I was grateful, I did want to at least tell Astrid this was it, I would not return after we set to the skies.

My father- scratch that- the chief, he would surely not want me as a son after all this, turned around to face me, pure betrayal clearly displayed on his face. It almost broke my heart to see that, key word being almost, Toothless meant more to me than anything right now, and just moments ago this man had been ready to slay my best and soon to be only friend.

"Hiccup? W-why are ye on that devils back?" the leader of the tribe was never known to stutter and to my shock I don't recall him ever being so rattled to the point of speaking as I would when shunned.

"I tried to tell you...we don't have to fight them, they WON'T kill us" I said, hoping he would listen. The tribe didn't seem so sure, whispers of me being a sorcerer and other wild ideas seemed to have spread pretty fast, causing me to heave a sigh.

It appeared to me that my former care taker was torn between two decisions, one was to declare me a threat, banish us from the home I had grown to love. The other being that of he wanted to trust me, though it seemed that was only because I had the upper hand now.

"Won't kill us? They raid our home when ever they feel like it Hiccup! They've killed hundreds of us!" Stoick bellowed out as the rest of the tribe backed his statement, shouts of their demanding I explain myself.

"And we've killed thousands of them, they defend themselves dad, there's this thing controlling them" I started to explain as the village head cut me off.

"You've been to the nest?" He questioned.

That had came out so loud that everyone around us had shut their traps, causing a very nerve racking silence.

"D-did I say nest?" I said nervously with a dark chuckle, looking down at Toothless who glared at me as if saying 'good job idiot'.

I knew that look, the one Stoick seemed to have plastered to his face. He was planning to demand the location of the island, but what I knew was he would never have a chance, not against that thing.

"No dad, you don't know what you're up against, its like nothing you've ever seen" I pleaded and he looked at me with a expression of rage.

"How did you find it?" he growled out, causing Toothless to lower himself, the belly of the scaled beast just barely above the ground, ready to pounce if needed.

I was about to tell him how I had found it when Toothless shook his head followed but a short grunt, it was his way of saying I better keep quiet, he was right.

"Astrid" I said quietly ignoring my father's demand, it was time to bid farewells, the longer we waited the more time they had to trap us, surely some of the men were reading catapults by now. The blond turned to me, a frown very evident on her face, she seemed to know what I was about to say.

"No Hiccup, please" her voice broke the silence, but I just shook my head.

"Thank you for trying...if anything you'll be what I miss here." I said and Toothless turned around getting ready to launch us up.

"You would throw your lot in with them over us?" Stoick the Vast's voice boomed to me, and I glared back at him.

"Yes." I said with a seriousness foreign to even myself.

"You're not a viking" my father said, his voice almost snapping "you're not my son" and that last statement did it, the crack was clearly evident there, if not for a brief moment, it was still very evident.

I glared at him and then toothless turned us forward, preparing for flight.

"Your right, I'm not a viking" I said as Toothless seemed to read my body language and lowered himself as much as possible to get a good take off "I'm a Dragon Rider" I said and Toothless shot us into the air, heading towards the clouds to disappear into the setting sun. We would have to go back later for my things, but right now that didn't matter, we had made it out of there, together, and in one piece. With the wind throwing around my hair carelessly and I let a sigh of relief, this is were I belong, to the skies.

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