Ever since he discovered that a person's capacity to hold an Intersect was determined by a mere repetition of genes in his or her genetic code, Charles Irving Bartowski had scoured the globe for such individuals. So far, nobody possessed the extra genes that he had, but today, he found one such person—in Russia, of all places. And that was why he was in the city of Yekaterinburg, to somehow convince a person he didn't even know that his life was in danger from an organization practically unknown to the Russian public.

"Mr. Carmichael?" a voice asked.

Chuck turned around to face the source of the voice, and then he began to feel light-headed before the Intersect took over and display information about the man in front of him.

Name: Trofim Alekseyevich Pavlov. Age: 27. Birthday: June 14, 1984. Birthplace: Yekaterinburg, Russia. Occupation: Lieutenant, KGB Border Guards. ULTRANATIONALIST.

Chuck blinked furiously, trying to dispel the Intersect information. He felt the Governor send out a series of electrical pulses to calm his nervous system down. But nothing could calm him down from the fact that he had been blown by a KGB officer, who also happened to be an Ultranationalist, whatever that meant.

"It's time we had a talk, Mr. Carmichael," said Pavlov, pressing a pistol into Chuck's back.

"First, Mr. Pavlov, I would really love to talk," replied Chuck. "Second, there's no need for guns."

"We'll see about that," replied Pavlov.

Chuck had never been more scared of his life. Before, he was sure that Sarah and Casey would be following him wherever he was brought by the enemy. But now, there was no Sarah and Casey to watch his back.

This sucks.

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