A/N: This was written for a for a challenge/call for stories on Supernaturalville for something to get us in the Halloween mood, but maybe a little light too. A drabble or something short was the request. I attempted to drib me a drabble, but my drabble dribbed into a wobble or maybe even wobbled into a thrump (And if you get that movie quote you get a drabble at least). WARNING: POINTLESS SILLINESS

A Halloween Hunt

The wind howled through the slatted boards of the house, the branches of the empty oaks sending patterns across the walls like skeletal hands reaching out to rip the life from any trespasser. Dean slipped silently through the place, trying to avoid each creaking board, but they were bound and determined to find him. The one under his foot gave way with a deafening crack and he froze, dreading what was to come. Oh god, just don't let it... He heard the sound of the trap moving towards him before he saw it, and didn't have time to duck as it struck him full in the face.

"YOU FREAK!" he screamed into the darkness.

"You lose," Sam replied with a laugh.

"Did you have to soak the gummi worms in water first?"

Sam gave him one of those looks. "Of course I did."

Dean peeled one of the slimy things off his face and threw it at his brother, watching with satisfaction as it hit his cheek with a thwack and slid slowly down his face and onto his neck. Sam grinned. "Eww. Gross."

"Yeah, I know." He grinned back. "Your turn." Sam rubbed his hands together and started to walk out of his room for his turn. "Oh, and Sammy?" Dean said, still pulling gummi worms off his face.


"Happy Halloween."

"Happy Halloween, Dean."