Harry Potter/X-men crossover

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Warnings: Male/Male pairings

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Words: 1,997

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Chapter one: Wolfeli

Harry James Potter was never a normal child. At the age of only one he managed to stop the greatest Dark Lord of all time, if only temporarily and even though his relatives were what they 'considered' a normal family and strived to be a normal family, he was anything but normal, as he had found out at the tender age of eleven and the truth of their words had hit him. He was really a freak in their family. He thought he could live normally then. At least in the wizarding world.

But of course not.

He was pulled into killing his defence teacher in first year with his bare hands, never mind having previously mentioned Dark Lord stuck onto the back of his head. In second year, he found out he had an ability to talk to snakes when no one else could and while that was all well and dandy (of course everyone thought him to be the heir of Slytherin) he was also pulled in to kill a basilisk god knows how many times bigger than him and save his best friend's younger sister from dying.

And if that wasn't enough, his third year he found that the murderer of his parents was not actually Sirius Black but Ron's pet rat who was in turn the 'dead' Peter Pettigrew. Fourth year, he was pulled into a competition (underage mind you) that a high rates of being killed and he managed to resurrect Voldemort (the aforementioned Dark Lord), his fellow competitor died beside him and his Defence teacher was actually a Death Eater (Voldemort's minions) in disguise.

But fifth year was Harry's worst year by far. He had managed to kill his godfather. Albeit indirectly, but his fault nonetheless. If he had taken Occlumency seriously, if he hadn't trusted Kreacher (that stupid house elf!) and if he had put more faith in Snape, then maybe, just maybe Sirius would still be alive today.

Harry knew it was probably a bad idea to be walking outside at night time, but it had become a daily (nightly?) occurrence ever since he came back to Hogwarts to start his sixth year, but sleep had begun to escape him ever since, not only Cedric's death that hung on his shoulders, but his godfather's death too.

His friends were beginning to worry about his lack of eating, never mind his sleepless nights. But he had told them not to worry, that he had gone to the kitchens for food, that it was 'nothing', and that he was actually getting his needed hours of sleep.

Of course all of it were lies. How could one sleep when his own godfather had blamed him for his death in his dreams?

He had no idea of where he was going, just really getting some fresh air. Usually he just sat by the lake at night, careful to avoid going out in nights of full moon, but today he didn't feel like sitting still, wanting – no, needing to move and not let his thoughts wander back into his nightmares. It was bad enough that they came to him when he was unconscious, he surely didn't need them while he was awake.

I wonder when they'll realise I'm not in bed most hours of each night, he had thought absently to himself as he (stupidly) decided to do some exploring in the forbidden forest. Of course, with his wand out ready to use it if needed.

He shivered as a cold breeze passed him, puffs of clouds forming every time he breathed from the mouth and nose. He was wearing the warmest he could find he could in his trunk without being to suspicious to the boys in the dorm room (after all, he didn't want to overdress if he only wanted to appear to go to bed, nor did he want to scramble in the middle of the night for clothes, only to wake them up with the noise) and that only left him with oversized clothes that was once Dudley's and a wizard robe over the top of that. It was nearing winter of course, so he should have probably thought about that before leaving the warmth of the castle.

He shivered again as another breeze shot through and deciding he had enough of an adventure walking into the forbidden forest for the night (and fortunately not encountering anything as of yet) he turned to go back to the castle and only realising then how far he walked from the castle.

Which was quite far.

As he was about to take a step back towards the place he considered home, a twig snapped behind him making Harry turn as fast as he could with his wand out in front of him protectively. A chill crawled up his spine and he knew it wasn't from the cold. When nothing came at him from the shadows, Harry turned around only to freeze in fright.

Had he had the time to actually cant out a spell, he would have. As it were he had only managed sparks before the creature attacked him and before everything went black, his last thought was: Well, shit.


When Harry woke up again he was blinded by the familiar white walls of the infirmary. Sluggishly, he moved to grab his glasses from the side table and putting them on. When everything had not cleared, he reached up and rubbed his eyes, pushing up his glasses. When his hands moved away and the glasses automatically settled on his nose, everything was still blurry. He frowned and took off his glasses thinking it was dirty when everything suddenly cleared. He sat there dumbfounded for a minute before it dawned on him that he could see clearly without his glasses.

He was beginning to get nervous though, with the sudden twenty/twenty vision (anything that happened without an explanation never bode well with him) and ran his hand through his hair as a nervous habit before he twitched slightly when his hand touched two furry, sensitive appendages atop his head.

No, this did not bode well for him at all.

Harry, needing to find out what had happened to him (because one thing is certain for sure. Something had definitely changed) he lightly touched the ground; he was surprised when he almost fell down, his legs quite weak.

"Oh my! Mr. Potter! What are you doing out of bed?" Madam Pomfrey's firm voice suddenly alerted Harry of the medi-witch's entrance, "You have been in a coma for six days, thus you are not strong enough yet to walk," she said, pushing Harry back into bed.

"B-but, uh, what happened? What's wrong with me?" Harry said when he got pushed back into his bed, "There's something on my head! And I have no need for glasses anymore!"

"Professor Dumbledore will be down in a moment to explain," she said not seeming too happy and then summoned a mirror, "This is the transformation your body put you through when you were in a coma."

Harry took the mirror gingerly, a foreboding feeling in his stomach. When he looked in the mirror, all he could do was freeze unsure in what he was seeing was for real. He had cat-like ears on top of his head! They twitched a little and then went down when he didn't like what he was seeing. His eyes were still a vibrant green, but had slits for the pupils. If he wasn't a freak before, Harry had gathered that he surely was one now.

Seeing the panicked look, Madam Pomfrey took pity on him and summoned a chair to sit beside him. She pried the mirror off Harry's frozen hands and made the boy look at her. "Harry, do you remember what happened before you fell into a coma? Why were you in the forbidden forest?"

"I…" Harry's mind was numb. What on earth happened to him? All he could remember was… "I couldn't sleep that night, so I decided to take a walk. I really didn't mean to walk that deep into the forest! All I remember is turning around and seeing a… thing crossed between a cat and a werewolf before everything went blank."

"The thing that attacked you was something called a 'Wolfeli'." It wasn't Madam Pomfrey who had spoken and both student and nurse turned to see Dumbledore, standing not too far from him. His eyes weren't twinkling as usual, his sombre look not matching his bright, happy purple coloured robes.

"Harry," he said, and he cringed when he heard the disappointment in his voice. Him and his stupid walks! Now the headmaster was disappointed in him! "I'm sure you wish to know what you are, am I correct?"

Harry let out a breath; a dreadful feeling filled him as his mentor said those words. "…I guess."

"Harry," Harry then realised that Dumbledore was not using his usual words 'my boy' for him and Harry took this as a bad sign. "As you may have gathered, you are no longer human. You have been turned into a creature that we call 'Wolfeli'.

"Wolfeli are dark creatures, like werewolves, but unlike werewolves, Harry, they stay in this form their whole life instead of once a month. They have been known through history as the 'hounds of hell'."

Harry gulped. I don't think I like where this is heading…

"Wolfeli are known to destroy anything they come across, whether it is friend or foe, except their own kind. They basically love the carnage and violence and the bloodshed they'll cause, Harry. They are known to be creatures of war."

Harry inched back on the bed, his ears flat on his head not liking where Dumbledore's explanation was going. He wanted to run away from what Dumbledore seemed to be saying. Madam Pomfrey beside Harry looked quite pale.

"When a human, like you were once before gets bitten, they will become Wolfeli, victim to their beast's desire for violence. In rare cases like yours though, one can become half and half, thus a mixture of Wolfeli and wizard being quite dangerous."

"Albus!" Madam Pomfrey finally spoke up, still quite pale and shaky, "Surely, you're not saying that…"

"Yes," Dumbledore said his voice quite sombre and Harry scrambled back in his bed, as far as he could on the bed from Dumbledore. "You're going to be executed by the ministry. It has been the law ever since Wolfeli were discovered. You are simply too dangerous, Harry, to be kept alive."

Oh hell, Harry thought as he temporarily lost his breath.

"Albus, surely something can be done!" Madam Pomfrey said as she quickly glanced at the boy to find him in some state of shock, "Surely, if it's Harry Potter you can believe he'd overcome his beast!"

Albus Dumbledore shook his head sadly. "I'm afraid, Poppy, that it is precisely because he is Harry Potter that he cannot live. The boy had a large amount of magic power and the Wolfeli in his can manipulate it to his own desires and the end result would be horrendous."

Madam Pomfrey shook her head, unable to believe that Harry, the one sitting on the hospital bed beside her sane would cause such a destruction as the headmaster had explained. "Harry is certainly not a beast, as you can see right now!"

"Poppy," he said, his voice now stern, "His beast had yet to be awoken, but when it does, a lot of innocents will die," he shook his head and looked at the boy-who-lived-to-die. "I'm sorry Harry. This is for the greater good. The ministry will be here in the morning.

Then, his mentor, and grandfather figure walked away, not once looking back leaving a devastated teenage boy sitting alone in the hospital bed as Poppy stood up to chase after him, hoping to change the headmaster's mind.

But of course, luck was never on Harry's side.

AN: Hey guys (another story I know, but this time it's one that's already written and me adopting it so that it's continued). Don't kill me! I know I said I would update my other stories, but some of them have me at a writer's block and the others just have the chapters sitting in their folders waiting to updated, but at the moment too lazy. I'm at uni people! But yeah, I'll be free once my exams finish (8th Nov) and then have four months break, that'll surely be enough time to continue those stories without worrying about studying.

Okay, for those who read Wolfeli by amycakes before you will notice that the chapters are written quite differently. It's just so it'll suit my writing style better when I do eventually reach the chapter she last got up to.

Aaand I wanted to make a few changes.

Now, there is something you need to know. I only started reading X-men crossovers, but I do not know the characters too well and only going by what I'm reading. I've only watched the movies but that was years ago (and last year for Wolverine). I need someone to point out where I can read the comics or shows so that I can get a better grasp of the characters.


P.S Oh yes, I forgot to mention, in the original version, Harry managed to do things wandlessly, but I changed it so he couldn't do that stuff yet. . I know the original writer wrote it that way, and I loved her story, but yeah, at that age, if I remember correctly, Harry didn't even know how to do things wordlessly, much less wandlessly unless it was accidental magic .. So sorry for anyone who may be offended from the changes I put into the story.