Hello everyone! Author Final Heir here! To think it's been 2 years sense I made this story and I'm still not done! I will finish this story! But life is catching up with me and other things take priority… to those who know me closer than just as an author, I'm engaged and set to be married so things have been taking priority, but I will update as often and as best as I can! I hope that you all will enjoy this story and will continue to read~! This will be a multi-part piece, so it'll last for a few parts that I will either add on at random or in progress as I find time or lose ideas, ENJOY~!

Today we'll take a small detour to a different tale… this tale is of a young child, a young girl that bares a strong connection of the 2 author based characters in Auracian Legacy… Though the tale may be small, it will give insight to the future of our characters lives…

(Aspertia City – Pokémon Center – 7:00 AM)

It's a calm morning in the lush a wonderful city, within a small quiet room lays a young girl, her dark red hair that lightened as it got to the tips fell at either side of her head leaving her soft pale skin shown, she was in a white short sleeved night top and a black pair of pajama pants, at her feet on top of her covers was a small young Pokémon. The Pokémon had a small Wolf pup like form, the main fur is a charcoal like grey, it's eyes a calm red, the tail resembles a light fire, it's underbelly is a lightened dark grey, the fur around the ears resemble a fire, a small red fire is around the Pokémon's ankles. As the small girl stirred and squirmed slowly walking up letting out a big yawn, she sat up and stretched out, while rubbing one eye she pawed out and reached for a pair of glasses placing them on even though her eyes were perfectly healthy and could see perfectly.

"Stupid boat…" The girl said letting out another big yawn as she rubs her soft and sweet yellow eyes under the glasses. "Stupid early morning…"

As the small girl began to awake fully, she grew a smile from her frown and pout at how early the day had been when she looked to the pup asleep on her bed.

"So cute…~" The girl whispered as she petted the pup making it stir. The pup slowly stood up and yawned stretching out before barking part of its name out.

"Flam~!" The pup barked happily as it looked to the girl.

"Good morning Flamolf~" The girl had a smile as she petted the Flamolf before giggling as it jumped up at her licking her face. "That tickles~!" smiling and laughing the whole time, the girl quickly got her Pokémon under control and held it close relaxing back into the bed. She stayed like this for a few minutes before lying back on the bed laying her Flame Wolf Pokémon beside her. She then dug through her bag and pulled out a small doll that mirrored the Pokémon laying beside her, holding it tight she snuggled back into the bed and dosed off into a light sleep.

"I miss you Mama…~" The girl muttered as she fell into a deeper sleep nuzzling the doll and her Pokémon.

As the small child rests on what is her first day as a Pokémon Trainer in region of Unova, dreams of her family dance through her head, her smile occasionally grows and she lets out small giggles, but it occasionally changes to whimpers making her curl up around her doll as an occasional tear falls and a small light and heat begins to emanate from her wrists and ankles, the black marks glowing with a slight red light. It was only for a few hours that the girl remained asleep before she was awakened by her Pokémon licking at her face.

"I'm up Flam…" the girl said squirming before letting out a yawn as she sat up. "It's time to get dressed~!" After standing and stretching out, the girl undressed from her pajamas before getting her clothes.

Before she pulled her black and white stripped long sleeved top on, she light rubbed a birthmark on her right arm, it had looked like a fire that had wings placed around it. After she got her long sleeved top on she pulled a large blood red tank top on that fell to just above her knees like a dress. Once she finished pulling her dark blue pants that came to the middle of her shins she put on a black pair of flats. "There~ all pretty like Mama~" The girl gave a spin smiling.

"Olf~!" Flamolf barked happily his tail wagging.

"Thanks Flamy~" she said with a smile as she petted the wolf. She looked herself over before pulling a ruby red rose necklace from her side bag and putting it around her neck; she lightly gripped it and muttered softly. "I miss you papa…"

After taking a soft deep breath she grabbed her black messenger bag and put it on before attaching the small silver briefcase. "Time to go and see the new professor in this area~" After cleaning the room, the young girl took her leave of the Pokémon Center, and head out to explore the city. As she made her walk through the town with her Flamolf at her side, she would occasionally stop whenever she saw a small boy walking around with an elder but still young girl. Whenever she did, she would clench her hands over her heart. "Ethan… I miss you little brother…"

After a few hours of exploring, the girl went off to a high plateau that was reached by climbing a large set of stairs.

"Too… Many… Stairs…" The girl panted softly having little energy and her stomach grumbling. Letting out a sigh, she walked around the high area looking around while she rubbed her stomach. "Tummy quiet down… I know that I should've eaten earlier… we'll eat after we meet the Professor…"

Giving a soft chuckle from behind the girl, a young adult woman walked up to her. She had short poofy but flat blond hair and green eyes which were behind orange glasses. She was wearing a black shirt underneath a white tank-top; there was also a thick orange coat on her. She was also wearing a green pair of pants that covered to her knees on her legs and orange and black shoes on her feet. At her side was a small green messenger bag/purse and on her head was a green beret with a white ribbon. "Pardon me little one, did you say that you were looking for the professor~?"

Giving a small jump the girl turned towards the adult as her wolf pup jumped up onto her shoulder. "Yes… I-I did…"

"Well, I'm happy to say that you found her~ I'm Professor Bianca~" The professor had said with a happy giggle and wave. "Who might you be though~?"

Smiling, the girl waved back happily knowing that she was closer to starting her journey. "Yay~! I knew I'd find you eventually~! Oh, and my name is Alicia Rose Pierce. My Papa is a professor like you."

"Oh! You're Professor Pierce's daughter; he told me that you'd be here after he learned that the lab had moved." Bianca said kneeling down to the girl's height considering how she was barely 4' tall. "He has a high position among most professors and as a field researcher; I'm surprised that he didn't just get you set as a trainer himself."

"He did part of the work, but he told me that every time I go to a different region, I should meet the professor their and register with them." Alicia said with a smile as she took Flamolf from her shoulder and held him close.

"I understand, well let us begin then," Bianca said as she pulled a small machine from her bag and a cylinder from it as well. "Do you have a PokéDex already?"

"Yup!" Alicia said smiling as she pulled a white and red Unova PokéDex out of her pocket.

"Good," Bianca said with a giggle as she took it and placed it into the machine. "And a Trainer Card?" Alicia smiled as she pulled the trainer card from her bag. The card had no information on it spare simple information on Alicia and a picture of her. Taking the card, Bianca placed it into the machine and entered a few details, and in a few seconds, the PokéDex and card were linked and all the information was set. "Here you are Ms. Pierce~" Bianca removed the devise and card before giving them back to Alicia.

"Thank you~" Alicia said smiling as she put the things away. "What's the cylinder for Professor…?"

"Ah, this is one of the best parts," Bianca said as she pressed a button opening the cylinder showing three PokéBalls. "As my welcome to you on your Unova journey, I would like you to be able to take one of these three Pokémon."

"Thank you! Um… I've seen what Mama would probably see and I've seen the starters for this region… and she told me once that she preferred Snivy… so… Can I have Snivy?" Alicia asked looking at the PokéBalls.

"Of course~" Bianca said as she removed Snivy's PokeBall and closed the cylinder putting it away before giving Alicia the PokeBall. "Take good care of her~"

"I will!" Alicia said happily as she nuzzled the PokeBall against her cheek before putting it away. "Thank you so much Professor~!"

"You're welcome Alicia, what's your goal as a trainer?" Bianca asked.

"Um… I was thinking of working on being a researcher and a master like Papa and a top coordinator and expert breeder like Mama…" Alicia said as she nuzzled Flamolf's fur thinking about her plans.

"Well contests aren't well known here in Unova, so why don't you start as a researcher, a breeder, and a gym competitor while you're here?" Bianca said giving a suggestion.

"I think that'll work, thanks professor." Alicia said smiling. "But what Gym should I go to first…?"

"There is a Gym here, and it's run by an old friend of mine, but you should probably head towards Floccesy Town and train along Route 19 to build up your strengths."

"That sounds good Professor, thank you." Alicia said as she set her Pokémon down. A bright blush formed on her face as her stomach grumbled again.

"But might I suggest you get something to eat first?" Bianca said with a chuckle.

Giving a broken chuckle and a sweatdrop on the back on her head, Alicia nodded. "That would probably be best…"

"Well I would like some company~" Bianca said. "I have a nice lunch waiting at my lab, and I would appreciate it if you'd join me."

"Thank you, I would like to join you." Alicia said happily as she and Bianca left the plateau and started back for her lab.

Alicia, a kind, sweet, loving girl, has made her first steps in the progress towards starting her adventure. After spending a good few hours with the Professor learning everything she could, Alicia left the city late in the afternoon for Route 19. She spent several hours going through the route looking for new Pokémon to battle or capture to build her team, but it wasn't long before she needed to camp for the first time.

(Route 19 – small clearing – 8:00 PM)

Sitting around a camp fire that she formed, Alicia was going through a note book her father had given her, she had been trying to cook something to eat, and it didn't take long before she found something she could make. After eating a nice meal, she sat changed in her pajamas looking at the campfire curled up in her tent.

"Mama… Papa… Ethan… I wish that we were all together… I miss you all…" Alicia said to herself.

For a few minutes she stayed curled up muttering to herself, but she shifted back into her tent while Flamolf got defensive as sounds came from the forest.

After a few minutes a young girl about the same age as Alicia and roughly the same height came out of the forest and into the clearing. She had long curly brunette hair and bright blue eyes, she was in a blue tank-top and a light blue pair of pants, she was wearing white sandals and had a white sling bag on.

"Wow… I've never seen that Pokémon before…" The girl said as she pulled a PokeDex out and activating it pointing it at Flamolf.

Flamolf, the Flame Wolf Pokémon, this Pokémon can often be seen as aggressive, but is actually rather loyal. While trying to appear tough to get past its cute form, it dreams of the day that it'll unlock its true potential.

"What a cutie~" The girl said with a giggle as Flamolf growled.

"Who's there…?" Alicia said softly as she crawled into view.

"Oh, hello, my name is Kylee; I didn't mean to disturb you…" Kylee said branding a soft smile as Flamolf began to calm down.

"It's nice to meet you, and there are no worries… I'm Alicia…" Alicia said as she sat outside her tent and put her Flamolf in her lap.

"Um… do you think I could set up camp here with you…?" Kylee asked with a faint blush on her face.

"I don't mind it, there looks like there's plenty of room." Alicia said with a smile as Kylee started to unpack her bag and supplies next to Alicia's tent. After a few minutes the two were sitting side by side next to the fire talking and getting to know each other.

It wasn't long before they called it a night and retired to their tents to sleep.

The night came and went in little time at all. Both of the girls having slept peacefully and the Pokémon they had all getting a good night's sleep. Both had woken up early to a bright and shining sun. Their second day has come to a start, and what may lie ahead of these two is still yet to be determined…