I'm back everyone with a proper update! Sorry it took so long, but I do hope that you all enjoy this update~! I feel like I could've done better and made it longer... but I hope that you all enjoy it...!

Within out last chapter, our author was reunited with his fellow author and old flame and his baby sister, but we only know of these two young girl's travels… What of the city? What else lingered there…? Let us look to how the city of Harmonic faired during Gemma and Hope's search… To begin, we'll look at the sorrow of a princess…

(Harmonic City – Valor Castle – Princess Quarters – 7:30 PM)

Within the quiet and darkening room, the only sounds that could be heard were that of Karina crying into her bed spread. At both her sides was Wisteria in her lilac presentation dress, and Emily who was in a white gown with a tiara on her head.

Among these three royal dignitaries of the Pokémon world were a few of the others. The first was Queen Ilene; a look of concern was on her face as she shifted her long blonde hair to a suitable state and fixed her pink dress after sitting down. Sitting on the bed by Karina was Princess Salvia, Dawn's royal double. Her tiara was set on the end table; her dress was lying down flat while she looked to her old childhood friend. Sitting near Ilene was Princess Sara, her Togepi asleep in her lap. Each royal lady in the room was there to support their friend who was going through a time of personal crisis. Within several hours time, she'll have lost everything.

"Karina…" Wisteria said with worry and concern in her voice as she rubbed Karina's back. This is something that has been tried by each royal member and proven to no avail. They all stood by her side and did their part to calm and relax the young girl.

Several more minutes passed before the Battle Frontiers Salon Maiden and Tifa arrived at the room.

"Pardon me Princess, you have a guest…" Tifa said as she opened the door and let Anabel in before bowing. "I'm sorry for intruding…"

"She doesn't look too good… I came because I sensed Karina's distress, I would've been here on my own personal attendance, but apparently the knights are now required to escort all guests…" Anabel said softly looking to Tifa.

"I do apologize… it was the Council's order…" Tifa said with a sigh as she stepped into the large room and closed the door. She looked around briefly at each princess before looking at Wisteria. A small blush appeared on her face along with a small smile. "She's actually here…~!"

"How could everything go wrong so fast?!" Karina thought to herself as she continued crying into her bedding.

"Poor thing… I wish there was something we could do…" Ilene sighed to herself as Tifa walked over and kneeled by Wisteria with a notebook.

"Um… Lady Wisteria…?" Tifa asked trying to hide a blush.

Looking to Tifa, Wisteria tilted her head and put on a small smile trying to keep a semi happy mood going. "Yes miss…?"

"I know things are a little tense right now… and this probably isn't the time for it… but…" Tifa said as her blush grew while she held the note pad to Wisteria. "May I please have your autograph Lady Wisteria…? I'm a big fan, I've heard all your concerts over the radio and I was so excited a few days ago when you last performed here!"

Smiling, Wisteria took the note pad and wrote down her autograph and a brief message before giving it back to her. "Of course… and it's no trouble…"

"Thank you so much…~!" Tifa said happily as she put the notepad away while Nathen stepped into the room.

"I see that I'm interrupting a gathering, I'll come back later…" Nathen said calmly as he was about to step out, but he stopped when Karina sat up properly from her covers.

"D-Don't go… P-Please s-stay…" Karina said through small sobs and sniffles. "N-Nathen... P-Please tell m-me that you h-have some k-kind of p-plan…"

"Karina… Nathen what's happening to her isn't right, you're supposed to be her guardian… you can't let this happen to her!" Wisteria said standing before Nathen.

Letting out a sigh Nathen looked around the room getting various looks from each of the royalty and even from Tifa. "You probably won't like it… but I do have some kind of a plan…"

"P-Please… t-tell me…" Karina said taking several deep breaths.

"Alright… I plan on doing a little bit of sabotage around the castle and the base downstairs, but it has to be tonight… especially sense I only have until midnight… after that I need to prepare for tomorrow evening…" Nathen said with a sigh.

"What's tomorrow evening sir…?" Sara asked as she stood up.

"Karina will be married… but if what I have planned works… even if it's in the middle of the ceremony I might be able to save her…"

"Do it… Please Nathen… P-Please do wh-whatever you h-have too…" Karina said standing up.

"But what can we do to make a big enough distraction for Nathen to do his job…?" Emily asked.

"A concert~!" Tifa said.

"What?" Wisteria asked.

"A benefit concert to honor Princess Karina's 'marriage' and the return of Lady Anria, as well as a way to build moral for the citizens, those who are in a bad feeling, and the knights, as I'm sure that you'll need them Commander." Tifa said looking to Nathen.

"That actually sounds like it'd work out perfectly… Good idea Tifa~" Nathen said with a chuckle. "Are you up for a fake concert Wistera?"

"If it'll save Karina from an unjust fate, you have my voice!" Wisteria said with determination in her voice.

Nathen smiled as he rubbed Wisteria's head. "Good, then I think that you'd best be getting to planning the songs~"

"Yeah… I'll call everyone else, they'll wanna help!" Wisteria said.

"Just don't tell them of my part, alright? I won't be attending as I'll be doing my part, so tell them I'm part of Karina's security."

"Alright Nathen… will Karina be able to help…? It might be good for her to let her sing…" Wisteria said calmly.

"I think so… Karina, do you still have the doll?" Nathen asked getting a nod from her as she showed a Poké Ball. "Good, you'll be using the doll as your stand in,"

"Alright… thank you Nathen…" Karina said putting on a small smile.

"I'll leave you girls be then, I need to clear my thoughts… if you need me I'll be at the docks…" Nathen said calmly as he disappeared.

"Is there any way we may be of assistance…?" Salvia asked standing from the bed.

"How about all of us par take in the concert…?" Ilene asked.

"That sounds like a great idea!" Wisteria said happily.

As the girls began their planning, and Nathen went to the docks which in a small amount of time met with Gemma and his baby sister May, let's look into the reunited group for a brief moment to see how everything is going about.

(Harmonic City – Imperial Baracks – Commanders Quarters – 8:20 PM)

Within the small and well decorated room, Nathen, Gemma, and May all lay on the large bed resting and asleep. In only a little while, Gemma woke as her chest shot with pain as another wave of the change shot through her. She furrowed her eyebrows and bit down hard on her lip, clasping her hands over her chest and fisting her shirt as she waited for the pain to pass. She couldn't let out a noise; anything could wake Nathen up with how on edge he no doubt was. So, she didn't take any risks. So, she laid there curled up silently struggling with the pain and waiting for this wave of agony to pass her by so she could return to her sleep. So that Nathen would never know she had even woken up.
Oh, the best laid plans.

"Hey there sleepy head, you alright?" A tired but content sounding voice said from above her, causing her to jump a little as she looked up and saw Nathen's blue eyes looking down at her. He looked happy, to an extent, but his eyes still betrayed how worried he was about her, his sister, his charges and the situation they were in, a situation she just knew he was internally blaming himself for.

"Yeah… I'm fine…" Gemma had said softly trying to advert her gaze from his and hide the pains.

"Aw, just fine? Not happy to be here?" Nathen said in a teasing tone that wasn't quite up to the joyous level it usually was when he teased her like this. The authoress managed a small smile, averting her eyes so she was looking at May, not him.

"Of course I am… just… a lot of things on my mind as usual." Gemma said, stroking May's hair. "Oh god I hope he doesn't find out I nearly lost her to those who ruined his life…"

"Well, I'm going to clear some of them up right now. Yes, Gemma, I still love you. No, you are not leaving the second the council and TUA are taken down. No, you are not a burden. Yes, I was worried as hell about you and missed you ten times more. No, you will not have to watch me pulling kissy faces with Alice, not only because of this situation but also as she's going to be going to Unova soon as well, for some things. Alright? That all your worries, or pretty much?" Nathen said, stroking a strand of hair to brush behind her ear.

"Minus nearly losing your sister and nearly dying in the process of getting her back, and how I'm trying to keep all this and the fact I could still go into shock from pain from you, yeah… Pretty much, yeah… thanks Nathen…" She managed a smile, and Nathen leaned in a little. Quickly reacting Gemma sat up in a smooth, fast movement and swinging her legs around she stood from the bed. Nathen's eyes flashed with a little hurt, but as May stirred, looking up at the two, the sudden tension was forgotten as she gave a cheerful 'Hello' to them.

"Hey sis… Sleep well~?" Nathen said smiling as he held Gemma and May close.

"Yup~!" May said happily hugging them both tight.

"I'm glad May…" Gemma said putting on a smile for the girl. "She deserves it after everything that's happened…"

Glancing over at a clock, Nathen let out a sigh. "I only have till 9 with them…"

"Are you okay big brother…?" May asked with a worried tone as she nuzzled close to him.

"Of course sis~ Hey, how about we go and see Mama and Papa~?" Nathen said.

"Can we~?!" May said as a light shown in her eyes along with a strong hope.

Smiling, Nathen rubbed his little sisters head and nodded. "Of course, there's supposed to be a special concert going on tonight, and I want you and Gemma with them while the performance is going on~"

"Yay~!" May said happily as she held onto her brother.

"You're not gonna have me perform~?" Gemma said pushing a small smile as the pains slowly dissipated.

"Not today, I want you to rest and relax, with the barrier as it was and sense I don't know when you got here, you must be feeling a bit of a withdrawal from the barrier, so you can sit this one out and watch as a spectator." Nathen said as he gently rubbed Gemma's cheek making her blush grow a little.

"O-Okay…~" Gemma said through a partially fake partially true smile.

"Alright~ Gemma, could you please bring May to Emily's house? Our parents are staying there sis," Nathen said calmly.

"Yeah…" Gemma said calmly as they all slowly sat up.

It didn't take them all long to get properly dressed and ready to go. They had used a separate and isolated exit to get by anyone else and to avoid the larger gatherings.

The walk to Emily's home didn't take too long, but it seemed to last forever as Gemma and May clung onto Nathen whenever the more obvious TUA agents and TUA knight imposters were seen.

(Harmonic City – Emily's Home – 8:50 PM)

"This is as far as I am allowed to travel… I'll be seeing you both later…" Nathen said as he kissed Gema's and May's foreheads before whispering to Gemma. "Once you give her to her parents stay with them and be safe… and everything in Harmonic will be back to normal soon… I promise… We'll stop the wedding… We'll break TUA's hold… I promise you Gemma…"

Nodding, Gemma gave Nathen a tight hug before whispering back. "I know… you wouldn't leave things the way they are…" As Gemma's hold got tighter she slightly lost sense and gave Nathen a soft kiss in the hug which he had returned holding her tighter. It only lasted a moment before they both parted and were bright red. "S-Sorry…~"

"It's alright… take care you two~" Nathen said softly hugging the two close.

"We will big brother~!" May said happily as she and Gemma hugged Nathen back. As the two parted Nathen suddenly disappeared. "Why did you kiss big brother Gemmy…?"

Suddenly turning bright red, Gemma ran through her mind trying to find an answer. "W-Well I um…" Kneeling down Gemma whispered to May. "I h-have a crush on y-your brother… I g-guess I just l-lost my sense f-for a m-moment…~"

"Oh…~ I think you and big brother are cute together~" May said smiling brightly as Gemma turned an even darker red.

"L-Let's get t-to your p-parents~" Gemma said quickly taking May's hand and hurrying to the house while pushing the subject away and trying to lower the deep red on her face.

Once they got up to the door, Gemma seemed a little hesitant to knock on the door. She knew that Emily was an important person to Nathen, and she knew that she once had a place in his heart that Alice now had and that she had wanted. It seemed to take hours, but she pushed her feelings aside for May's sake and knocked on the door. It didn't take but a few seconds for it to open to show Scarlet and Aaron, who had been waiting there hoping Nathen was returning, but their hearts were sent rushing as soon as they laid their eyes on May.

"Mama~! Papa~!" May said happily as she ran to her parents and hugged them both tight after they knelt down to her.

"My baby girl, I'm so happy that you're finally home!" Scarlet said happily as she held her daughter tight in her arms and tears started falling from her eyes.

"You must be Nathen's friend, Gemma was it?" Aaron asked looking to Gemma as he stood after picking up his daughter.

"Yes sir, I'm Gemma Ashmore…" Gemma said as the red had mostly turned faint.

"Ashmore… she couldn't be Markus and Carol's little girl could she…?" Aaron said to himself. "I want to say how much we appreciate you looking after our little girl."

"It was no trouble, she was an absolute doll, and all of my friends adored her." Gemma said as her smile slowly grew.

"Um, Gemma…?" Scarlet said with a bit of a worried tone. "Do you happen to know where my son is…?"

"I'm sorry… but I don't…" Gemma said as her smile faded. "He led us here then disappeared without saying where he'd be…"

"Alright…" Scarlet said with a sigh before putting on a smile. "Is there any way that we can repay you for looking after our child?"

Putting on a smile Gemma shook her head. "Nothing at all, I was doing a favor for a friend, but there is a concert going on, I wouldn't mind if you three attended it with me~"

"That sounds like fun~" Scarlet said with a giggle.

"Alright then, lets be on our way then~" Aaron said as she grabbed a few things before stepping out of the house with Scarlet and closing the door behind them as a few mass of fireworks went off. It caught them all off guard, but Gemma seemed to jump the most, especially when a cold feeling hit the back of her neck.

"Snow~!" May said with a giggle looking out at the glowing white flakes fall to the ground.

"This'll definitely be an interesting evening." Aaron said with a chuckle as the all started towards where the fireworks were going off.

As the mostly reunited family and friend made their way towards the concert grounds which were held in the grand square, a few of our singers were meeting about how the evening was going.

(Harmonic City – Grand Square – Concert back stage – 8:55 PM)

"Is this snow…?" Wisteria asked as she looked at the flakes. "It feels cold but not freezing… and I actually feel stronger…"

"It's a form of residue and build up from the storm that was going on up the mountain several days ago," Nathen said calmly. "It's actually a mass of excess energy that was caused from the barrier and the storm passing over it. This snow should give a mild aura boost to us, while making nice scenery."

"Nathen I'm worried…" Karina said with a small sigh as she looked to the royal booth where Auragem was sitting in her stead. Karina's hair had been turned black and tied back while her eyes where made blue and green.

"Everything will be alright princess, I promise…" Nathen said as he looked around at various guards of his own that he had stationed around.

"I know… do you know where Jewel is…? I'm worried about her…" Karina said as she wringed her hands.

Letting out a sigh Nathen glanced around. "She tried to make a stupid move to get to you and was caught by a TUA knight, she was captured, and that's one of the reasons why I'm going down below…"

"Oh no…" Karina muttered as she started to panic. "Nathen this is a direct order! You have to save Jewel and make sure that she gets out of there safe and sound!"

After a small jump from the side of Karina he rarely ever saw, he put a small smile on and gave a salute. "Understood my lady, Jewel will be taken out of there safe and sound and returned to you."

"Good…" Karina said as she slowly calmed down.

"Excuse me Wisteria, Karina, it's almost show time," Salvia said as she walked over to Karina and Wisteria. "I'm sorry Master Pierce, I hadn't seen you there…"

"It's alright Princess Salvia, good luck with the show; I'll try and work as fast as I can." Nathen said as he disappeared.

"I guess we had better get to work then," Karina said looking to the other Princesses.

"Hello everyone~!" Emily's voice was heard through every sound speaker in the city as the image of the stage appeared on every screen. "Welcome to the Harmonic City Benefit Concert!"

"Show time…~" Karina said with a sigh as Wisteria went up on stage next to Emily.

"I'm so happy to see you all here today! I am Princess Wisteria Pony, and tonight we show honor to the city's beautiful Princess Lady Karia Valor, who will be married tomorrow evening~! We're also here to show our great respect to Lady Anria Valor and her return to the city and the throne!" Wisteria said as everyone cheered for the Valor family as more fireworks went off while the Valor flags were let out and flown. "And with recent events, I'm sure that everyone needs some entertainment~! So this whole concert is being broadcasted throughout the whole city for the citizens and even the knights who protect us to enjoy~!" A further applause was heard as the lights started to change.

"I'll be your MC for the night, I'm Princess Emily Avalon! Now to begin the show, we have Princess Pony to start the songs~!" Emily said as she went off to the side while Wisteria took center stage and the band got ready.

"Because of this wonderful snow, I'm feeling a little Christmas-y~ so I hope you enjoy this holiday song~!"

Houses decked with lights glowin' bright on frosty nights
With a wreath on every door
Drifting through the air is the laughter that we share
With our dearest friends once moreAnd that's what I love about Christmas
Hard to believe that it's almost here
That's what I love about Christmas
Have a merry one this yearSnowflakes in a swirl
Every boy and every girl bundled up in red and green
Tinsel on the tree
Every year we all agree it's the grandest one we've seenAnd that's what I love about Christmas
Hard to believe that it's almost here
That's what I love about Christmas
Have a merry one this yearThe Santa Clause sleigh will be heading our way
Down a river of stars he'll fly
Doner and Dancer and Dasher and Prancer
Will regally pull the skyA thousand bells ringing
Their silver songs singing
We're joining in for in byThe happiest faces
The warmest embraces
The feeling of joy in sightThat's what I love about Christmas
Can you believe that it's almost here?
That's what I love about Christmas
Have a merry one this yearCarols in the park
Trees will twinkle in the dark
Easy smiles and great good cheer
Memories all aglowFriends we met so long ago
That we still hold near and dear
That's what I love about Christmas
Every year

As the song came to an end everyone had cheered out and had sounded ready and already wanting the next. "The next act won't be long! Be patient everyone!" As Wisteria went out, she rubbed a choker that she was wearing which caused her voice to change.

"Good evening everyone…~!" Karina, who had been going by Jennifer, called out as she got into position. "I'll be performing the next act for all of you~!" As Karina got in position she prepared a guitar while the rest of the band got ready as they needed too. "I hope that you'll all enjoy it…~"

I still remember the world
From the eyes of a child
Slowly those feelings
Were clouded by what I know nowWhere has my heart gone
An uneven trade for the real world
Oh I... I want to go back to
Believing in everything and knowing nothing at allI still remember the sun
Always warm on my back
Somehow it seems colder nowWhere has my heart gone
Trapped in the eyes of a stranger
Oh I... I want to go back to
Believing in everything[Latin hymn:]
Iesu, Rex admirabilis
Et triumphator nobilis,
Dulcedo ineffabilis,
Totus desiderabilis.Where has my heart gone
An uneven trade for the real world
Oh I... I want to go back to
Believing in everything
Oh, WhereWhere has my heart gone
Trapped in the eyes of a stranger
Oh I... I want to go back to
Believing in everythingI still remember.

As the song ended, Jennifer looked out at the crowd as they all cheered wanting more music. "Everyone deserves a great day like this… The next act will be here soon~!" Karina said as she walked back behind stage.

"That was great my lady…" Salvia said.

"Thank you Princess Salvia… Who's going out next?" Karina said as she set the guitar away.

"I am…" Vahn said calmly as he walked out of a dressing room. As soon as Karina saw him she instantly broke into tears and ran into his arms. "Karina…"

"I h-hate this… w-we're not t-together at a-all…" Karina said crying holding tighter onto Vahn.

"Hun… It'll be alright… I won't let them take control of you and force you into this… I promise… I'll save you and I'll protect you…" Vahn said as he held tightly onto Karina. Karina's grip grew before she reached up and kissed Vahn wrapping her arms around his neck. Vahn took the moment and returned it holding her tight to him.

"I kn-know you w-will…" Karina said as she wiped her tears away and nuzzled into Vahn's neck.

"I'm on next, so I had better not leave them waiting~" Vahn said with a smile as he straightened himself up and walked out on stage. "Hello everyone, I'm Vahn Sire and I'm here to give the next act~!" As he got into position the band started up.

Take a breath
Hold it in
Start a fight
You won't win
Had enough
Let's begin
I don't careAll in all
You're no good
You don't cry
Like you should
Let it go
If you could
When love dies in the endSo I'll find what lies beneath
Your sick twisted smile
As I lie underneath
Your cold jaded eyes
Now you turn the tide on me
'Cause you're so unkind
I will always be here
For the rest of my lifeHere we go
Does it hurt
Say goodbye
to this world
I will not
Be undone
Come to life
It gets worseAll in all
You're no good
You don't cry
Like you should
I'll be gone
when you fall
Your sad life
Says it allSo I'll find what lies beneath
Your sick twisted smile
As I lie underneath
Your cold jaded eyes
Now you turn the tide on me
'Cause you're so unkind
I will always be here
For the rest of my lifeDon't carry me under
You're the devil in disguise
God sing for the hopeless
I'm the one you left behindSo I'll find what lies beneath
Your sick twisted smile
As I lie underneath
Your cold jaded eyes
Now you turn the tide on me
'Cause you're so unkind
I will always be here
For the rest of my life

As the song ended the crowd cheered with a few louder calls from some of the girl audience members.

Giving a chuckle Vahn looked around. "Sorry girls I'm taken~ the next song will be out soon~!" As Vahn walked back stage he was quickly met by Karina again.

The songs continued on one by one as the night got further on towards midnight, but while the main act was going on, the author behind the senses was making his move.

(Harmonic City – Ancient Catacombs – TUA Entrance – 9:20 PM)

"It's been some time sense I last used these Catacombs…" Nathen said with a sigh as he walked through the various tunnels to a blocked path. Nathen had changed to a different form of attire instead of his normal commander uniform. He had been wearing a dark grey skin tight turtle neck under everything, over that was a dark blue dress shirt. He had a pair of black pants on his legs with a black pair of boots underneath, over everything was a thick and long black leather coat with a few dark blue markings and lines, over his head was a hood that curved and formed down to a point at the tip of the top of the opening, this formed a shadow that well covered his face. Finishing the whole garment off other than a pair of dark brown elbow length gloves with a unique metal contraption on them facing into the body was a pair of X crossed brown leather belts that were linked by a center buckle. "This attire is too old… everything too stiff…"

Giving a quick look around, Nathen activated his aura sight and examined the wall. "Damn… they changed the mechanism…"

"Man this is stupid… why do we have to run security on these dumbass catacombs while everyone else gets to watch the concert in their rooms and the meeting hall…? That's just fucked up…" a man's voice was heard echoing through the catacombs.

"I know dude… this just freaking blows… we're almost done with our shift, so maybe we can get lucky and sneak topside to get a full view~" another man said.

"Fuck…" Nathen muttered to himself as he started scaling up the wall face to a post placed above the wall which was hidden from the light of a few lanterns.

"Here's the entrance…" the first person said as the two walked over to it. Both of them were in the basic black and purple men's uniform. They both had a set of three Poké Balls on their belt.

"Naturals… no aura that's usable…" Nathen whispered as the men walked up to the wall.

"Why this one base needs so many entrances I'll never know…" The second man had said with a sigh as he pushed on a few stones and a door formed in the wall opening to a larger passage with a more modernized system and form. As the two walked in and off to a separate path, Nathen snuck in with them as the passage closed up while he sneaks to a hidden path with little light.

"Guards… just freaking great… getting Jewel and anything else through here and out will be a fucking pain with guards going around… good thing they're just Naturals…" Nathen said with a sigh as he sent a wave of aura through the new path. "Got it…"

The paths were long and winding, several times our hidden author had needed to bypass large groups of guards. But he had taken a large amount of his time as most of the path he had taken was broken and rough.

(TUA Base Structure – West Entrance – 10:35 PM)

"I should've fucking been in here at least an hour ago…" Nathen said with a sigh as he looked around the building. "First… the young Siphoner…" Sending a wave of aura through the building that was just undetectable, Nathen found the specimen holding area before looking for various date storage areas. "Targets located…"

After taking another look through Nathen pulled a Poké Ball from his belt and opened it. "Shadow…" Nathen whispered as his Zoroark came out and took a stable stance on the large beam. "We need to get through here quietly and undetected, I want you to shadow me the whole way…"

"Zor…" Shadow said softly and calmly nodding as he masked into the darkness.

"Time to find the Princess Aid…" Nathen said as he walked along the beam staying hidden in shadows.

The process of going through the base took even longer to get through then it did to get into the base in the first place. With the base being mostly dimly lit in the older places passage was swift and easy, but once the needed route went deeper and brighter, it got much more difficult. After several instances where Nathen and Shadow were nearly captured or discovered, they finally made it to the specimen storage complex.

(TUA Base – Experiment Specimen Storage – 11:10 PM)

"Finally made it…" Nathen muttered as he walked along the different large test tubes. Each held different Pokémon or people, deep inside there were even embryos that looked like they were still in proper development. "These are all well and good… but where's Jewel…?"

"Zor…!" Shadow called out from a different location. "She's over here!"

As Nathen went over to the location that Shadow was at, he passed by a console. "What do we have here… Ah… Data and information…~" after inserting a unique flashdrive he set all the data to be transferred to it before being directly sent to his laptop. "Let's have some fun~" Before leaving again, Nathen opened a virus program on the flashdrive that was programmed to delete all the data as soon as it was copy and sent. "Now for the vampire~"

Jewel was suspended inside a unique tube that left her in a state of a suspended animation. The frosted chamber screen had masked her naked body while leaving her face visible. It also hid the various wires that were hooked up to her showing the different reading on the screen in front of the tube while also hiding the tubes that were pumping in different substances into her body.

"Let's see… Damnit…" Nathen said with a sigh as he looked over the different information that was gathered on Jewel.

"What is it…?" Shadow asked.

"It's what they're pumping into her… they planned on releasing her soon with her cravings being pushed to their limits… they're starving her of blood and aura so that she'll attack anyone… and in the dream state she is in… it's more like a nightmare… breaking her heart… but… she's holding strong onto her feelings for Karina… this might work out good if I try something…" Nathen said as he pulled a vial out from his pocket. After releasing a cap on a system of water that was being pushed into Jewel, Nathen opened the vial and poured its contents into the system slowly turning it completely red. "It's good that I had a sample of Karina's blood…"

"Nathen, the data is changing, her heart is much more active and her cravings are going down while even the dream changed…" Shadow said looking over the data.

"Good… lets wake her up then…" Nathen said as he turned the system off. Once the chamber stopped working, it stopped glowing and began to thaw. Once Nathen opened the chamber he removed his coat and put it around Jewel as he picked her up after removing the different wires and tubes. "Now to take her home…"

"5 minutes to midnight…" Shadow said as he looked around the massive room. "We can't leave them with all these people… these Pokémon… even those Embryos… those are human embryos… I can't imagine what they have planned Nathen…"

"I know Shadow… but there isn't anything we can do right now… I could send a message to the SP and have an investigator sent after we liberate the city and wound TUA further…" Nathen said with a sigh as he got Jewel set up on his back. "Let's get going… I can't use aura here and yours isn't natural so it can't be detected, so please find a fast route out…"

"Right…" Shadow said as he sent a pulse through the base. "I got one… straight up… if we go straight up we'll get to another catacomb that connects to the bottom of the tower that leads to Karina's room…"

"Good path…" Nathen said calmly as they started climbing up around the room getting to the path entrance.

It was a much smoother run getting from the lab to the tower, but midnight had already passed and Karina was asleep in her room. Nathen had recalled Shadow once he arrived and entered the young princess's room, after getting Jewel out of his coat and into a night gown; he tucked her into bed with Karina and put them in each other's arms.

"They both deserve a good night's sleep…" Nathen said with a sigh as he looked to the wedding gown. "Tomorrow… everything begins…"

A new day is on its way… The young Siphoner saved and the TUA experiments lab sabotaged… but with tomorrow containing the wedding of a princess, what else will lie in wake for our author and our heroes…?

I hope you all enjoyed this update! I'll try and increase my update speed, but with me needing to get a job and with my need for college as well calling, I'll be lucky to get one a month if not every two months... please be patient everyone! Please R&R~!