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Last chapter everyone did their part to try and help quell Karina's worries, and the young Sciphoner Jewel was rescued from her captures, but now the wedding begins, only time will tell what is left for everyone.

(Harmonic City – Valor Castle – Princesses Room – 6:30 AM)

Within the calm and quiet room, we find the young princess who is to be forced into a marriage within several hours sleeping calmly snuggled to her young Siphoner companion, her fangs sunk into the princess's neck gently taking a soft amount of blood and aura from her, which she had become accustom to during her stay with the princess.

"Mmm… Jewel easy…" Karina muttered as she snuggled up to Jewel who had removed her fangs and snuggled up tight to Karina wrapping her arms tighter around her.

The two had slept for a few moments later before a sudden realization came to both of them and they quickly shot awake.

"K-Karina…?!" Jewel stuttered softly as tears welled up and a broken smile formed.

"J-Jewel…?!" Karina said softly staring at Jewel. She was then caught off guard as Jewel jumped to her, but not to hold her tight in a hug, but instead connected in a deep and firm kiss holding Karina tight. Karina was completely dumbfounded; she didn't know what to do. Did she return the gesture and go against her fiancé? Or did she push the girl away and hurt her and possibly lose a friend? She mentally let out a sigh of relief when Jewel broke the kiss herself and clung onto her for dear life crying and burying her head into her chest.

"I-I was s-so scared…! I th-thought I w-was g-gonna die…! I was s-scared th-that I w-would l-lose y-you…!" Jewel cried as she held tightly onto Karina her whole body shaking, tears pouring from her eyes, her grip getting strong by the moment. "I-I love y-you K-Karina… I d-don't ever w-want to l-lose you…"

"J-Jewel…" Karina whispered to herself softly as she held Jewel tighter to her as she started humming and rubbing her head. "Everything's alright… you're home, were together…"

The two were in each other's arms trying to calm and relax for several minutes, Karina was completely lost to Jewel as she nuzzled to the princess's chest and slowly fell asleep in her arms.

"Oh Jewel… What am I going to do with you…?" Karina said with a sigh as she held Jewel closer and nuzzled her hair before tucking her into bed as a knock was heard at the door making her jump. "Wh-Who is i-it…?"

"Karina it's me… its Anria…" Anria said from the other side of the door.

"Come in… p-please…" Karina muttered as she tucked Jewel into the bed before going to her mirror as Anria stepped in a simple gown before closing the door and locking it.

"Hey little sister…" Anria said softly as she walked over to Karina and started brushing her hair.

"H-Hey…" Karina muttered as she tried to suppress her shaking. "I'm s-scared A-Anria…"

"I know Karina…" Anria said softly as she continued brushing Karina's hair out, using soft and gently brush strokes.

"Wh-What if Nathen's p-plan fails…? Wh-What if s-something g-goes wrong…?" Karina said through soft sobs as her shaking became more present. She continued to cry and shake as Anria finished with her hair before wrapping her arms around her. "A-Anria…?"

"Everything will be okay… Nathen may be rash and may not have everything under control every single moment… but he's stayed true to his word… even when you were a little girl… whenever he made you a promise, he stayed true to it even if it was years later… didn't he…?" Anria said in a soft tone as she held Karina closer.

"H-He did… but I-I'm still s-scared sis…" Karina said softly with a whimper.

"I know you are Karina…" Anria said softly as she kissed her sister's head before looking at Karina in the mirror after wiping any tears away. "Mom and Dad would be so proud of you…"

Putting on a small smile Karina looked down to her lap and cried a little more. "Th-Thank you…" Karina whispered as she slowly calmed down. "I l-love you b-big sister…"

"I love you too Karina, would you like to be alone for a little while…?" Anria asked as she walked over to the door.

"Please… but… stay outside the door… I don't want anyone to come in…" Karina said softly wiping the tears away.

"Alright dear sister, just call on me if you need me…" Anria said softly as she stepped out of the room closing the door behind her as Karina locked it from the inside.

The most of her day Karina lay in silence waiting for her inevitable fate, Jewel would sleep on and off, but she always stayed beside Karina trying to comfort her while also making her question her heart and her feelings. But as she prepared; what have the others been doing…?

(Harmonic City – Imperial Barracks – Officer's Quarters – 9:30 AM)

"To Princess Karina and her upcoming wedding, may she and her husband live long happy lives!" a man said from the main bar as the other knights raised their drinks in a toast to their ruler.

"Can we really just continue to let them all continue to believe that Karina is to be married when we plan on stopping it…?" Tifa asked with a worried tone as she looked towards Nathen and Lightning.

Letting out a sigh Nathen looked up from a map of the castle looking towards Tifa. "Its better this way, I gave them leave so that we can stay focused on this and not have them in the way, besides, we already have enough trouble with TUA providing the defensive units, and so we'll need to stand strong against them…"

"I assume you'll want us placed strategically then Commander…" Vaan said calmly.

"Correct… When's Vincent due back?" Nathen asked.

"Within the next few hours…" Lightning said.

"I want him in the rafters and on the roof, this way we can have someone with eyes in the sky. Lightning, you're the maid of honor correct?" Nathen said looking to Lightning.

"That's Correct, me and Lady Anria…" Lightning said with a sigh.

"Then should my plan for her friends go south, I want you and her to cover Karina and never let a single person get to her that I haven't already cleared." Nathen said looking back to the map.

"Understood Commander," Lightning said calmly.

"Amazing… she listens to him without disgust…" Tidus said to himself.

"Tidus, Vaan," Nathen said looking to the two blonds.

"Sir!" Tidus and Vaan said in unison.

"You two are to cover the door. Teleporting can't be done here unless by Pokémon or through an advanced skill, so you two are to use your defensive Pokémon and cover the doors of the church." Nathen said calmly.

"Understood," They both said giving a salute.

"What about me sir…?" Tifa asked.

"Tifa… the only position I need to be covered with a set position is the roofs… can you handle there?" Nathen asked.

"I have free runner experience, and I'm fast and nimble, so if anyone actually gets out I can trail them." Tifa said showing as much confidence as she can muster.

Branding a smile Nathen rolled up the map and stored it. "Good, with our range going between those areas, our princess covered, the main exits blocked, we should be set… but never be off guard, understood?"

"Yes sir!" all the knights said as they took a steady stance and give a salute.

"Good, you are all dismissed; now, we have a good 9 hours until then, so be ready." Nathen said as he stood up and stretched.

"We will," Vaan said as he, Tidus, and Tifa walked out while Lightning stayed and a man entered from the back door.

The man had long black hair; his hair covered a part of his left eye, both of which were a deep cold red. His skin was pale, and over his forehead was a red bandana. He was in a tight black garment that was set with many belts and buckles. He was in a large cloak while it appeared pure black, it shifted to a blood red color, and it was held over his shoulders and covering half of his face by a few buckles and belts. On his left hand was a large silver gauntlet with claws as the fingers. On his feet were a pair of dark brown boots, they had basic armor set on them as did most of his garments. At his right side was a gun holster.

"Commander… I hadn't expected you to be here…" the man said in a cool and calm low tone.

"I've been here sense you were sent off Vincent…" Nathen said calmly standing and walking towards Vincent holding his hand out which Vincent took and shook.

"I see… how have things been…? What will you have me do next…?" Vincent asked.

"I need you as I eye in the sky, your razor sharp vision and great accuracy is what I need for the rescue op." Nathen said calmly crossing his arms.

"Will range be needed?" Vincent asked as he touched the holster.

"Possibly, you and Cerberus ready for this?" Nathen asked as he looked at the black leather holster.

"As ever… I won't allow Master Zane's blood to be forced into this…" Vincent said calmly as he walked to a table. "I'll be here till you need me…"

"Alright…" Nathen said with a sigh as he started thinking.

"Is there something on your mind commander?" Lightning asked looking to Nathen.

"What? Oh, it's nothing Claire… Just… there's something I have to do…" Nathen said as he walked towards the back door.

"Hold it, you may leave and come as you wish, but the soldiers here are my knights, if it involves them then I deserve to know." Lightning said sternly.

"I know Claire…" Nathen said looking to Lightning with a smile. "If anything comes up you'll be the first to know." With that Nathen took his leave as Lightning hit the bar table hard with her hand cracking and breaking it a little.

"Damn that man…" Lightning said with a growl.

Nathen has left following his own agenda, and Karina's preparing on her own for her hopeful rescue, but what's happening with the others? What's happening with Nathen's charges and Karina's friends?

(Harmonic City – Pokémon Center – Underground Training Center Viewing Area – 10:10 AM)

The whole room was quiet and tense as they all looked down at the dark and widely opened room. The room was littered with small or large destroyed rocks, and there were even large cracks and breaks in the room. Alone in the room was Vahn and his Pokémon, tirelessly they had been training themselves, building their speed, their strength, thinning their weaknesses, their faults, their short comings. Constantly pushing their bodies to their limits, at the current moment, only Blaziken and Lucario remained standing. Blaziken had his true fire opened by aura letting him control and act as if it was his own aura, and Lucario's aura was pushed to breaking point by an aura stone as Blaziken had a Flame Gem with him increasing his fire power to its limit, even leaving a burn on his own body.

"Guys… I'm worried about Vahn… he's been in there sense midnight, and we've all been in here watching… has he stopped once yet…?" Trayton asked with a small worried look looking to the others.

"He hasn't…" Amber said worried as she held onto Trayton. "He just keeps pushing himself…"

"His aura will fail soon if he keeps going the way he is…" Alice said with a sigh. As the young blonde stilled her gaze on Vahn she looked at him with a worried form, and remembered back to when Nathen had used this training field. The sight had appeared as if Nathen and Vahn's bodies lined up.

"What'll happen to big brother if that happens…?" Hope asked looking to Alice.

"I don't know… it doesn't happen often… most people collapse after this point in any form of training…"

"Elaina… I'm scared…" Ellis whispered to herself talking to her alternate spirit.

"I know Ellis… I know…" Elaina said calmly. "We need to put an end to this soon… Nathen had better know what he's going to be doing before it gets to be too late…"

"H-Hey everyone…" Gemma said softly as she and May walked down into the room while May's parents followed behind.

"Gemma…!" Amber said as she went over to the ill authoress and hugged her tight. "We were worried about you… where did you go…?"

"S-Sorry Amber… You know m-me… ever impatient…" Gemma said with a broken smile while receiving a small bop on her head from Amber.

"Don't worry us like that again…" Amber said giving Gemma a look like a mother would her daughter. "But I'm happy that you're safe…"

"Thanks A-Amber…" Gemma said as she hugged Amber putting on a happy but broken smile.

"We're you able to find Nathen…?" Trayton asked as everyone turned to Gemma.

"Yeah, but shortly after he left May and me with his parents and then left…" Gemma said with a soft sigh as Scarlet patted her back.

"He'll be back…" Scarlet said sweetly.

"What's going on in there…?" Aaron asked.

"Vahn's training…" Spike said looking out at him as a few explosions went off.

"How long has he been…?" Gemma asked.

"It's almost been 12 hours…" Gabriel said with a sigh. "He's locked down main access to the room… before entering he was greatly tense and stressing about today's events…"

"Today's events…? Oh yeah, the royal wedding to happen tonight. Oh how romantic, to have a real fantasy wedding." Scarlet said with a calm tone.

"But it's a forced event…" Wisteria said with a sigh. "Karina's going to marry someone she doesn't love… and her real love is down there…"

"Oh…" Scarlet said as her thoughts disappeared.

"Don't worry Mommy, if this really is going to be a fantasy wedding then the knight will come and save the princess!" May said happily and with a determined tone.

"If only…" Alice said with a sigh as she looked to the others who were getting a more calm and determine demeanor. "But maybe… with a little work and encouragement we can make it work… Vahn just has to find his own strength to be able to do this with confidence…"

"Are you okay Miss…?" May asked as she tugged on Alice's sleeve.

"Perfectly fine little one, I'll be back, I need to have a word with Vahn." Alice said as she disappeared before appearing in the training room. Everyone then moved to the window to watch.

(Underground Training Hall – 12:00 Noon)

"Stronger… if only I was… stronger…" Vahn muttered to himself panting hard while Lucario and Blaziken looked to be on their last legs.

"Vahn… it's time to stop, we need to get ready…" Alice said calmly.

"I'm not leaving…" Vahn said as he glared at Alice.

"Vahn you know as well as I do that they'll put the order out as soon as it's time for the wedding… it's best we get ready now…" Alice said with a sight as she pushed Vahn to sit down.

"But I just can't leave her… I promised her that I'd save her…" Vahn said with a sigh.

"But you're not getting anywhere with it… more or less you'll just end up killing yourself with this…" Alice said calmly. "She wouldn't want that, would she…?"

"No, but I just can't let her do this and not try and save her…" Vahn said as he tensed up.

"But you will save her Vahn… All our friends are up there, they believe in you, they know that you'll save Karina and bring her home to us…"

"Alice… please, tell me what I have to do… I know that Nathen has a plan… please tell me what I can do… tell me what to do…"

"Alright… for now, you just have to follow as things go for us… I know it isn't ideal, but believe me, you will know what you have to do when it becomes time…" Alice said as she patted Vahn's shoulder.

"Fine…" Vahn said with a sigh. "I trust you…"

"Thank you, now you better start thinking up ideas you can use… because that's all that I was told…"

"Great…" Vahn said with a sigh as he laid back.

"Get some rest; we'll be heading out in 8 hours…" Alice said as she looked to see Vahn asleep while his Pokémon were all unconscious. "I promise… everything will be alright…" Alice laid a blanket over Vahn before going back up to the group who had all gone outside.

"Is Vahn okay…?" Alexis asked as Hope ran down to the room to be with her brother.

"He's asleep… but he'll be alright…" Alice said as she looked past the group and saw Nathen walking forward towards them making her put on a soft smile. "What brings you by Mr. Knight?"

"Figured that I'd at least once stop by and see how you all are doing." Nathen said with a chuckle as May ran to him and hugged him. "Hey sis,"

"Hi big brother!" May said happily as she held tight onto her brother while he picked her up.

"Nathen please tell us you have a plan to save Karina…" Ellis said worried.

"I do, but it doesn't involve any of you, actually other than seeing how you all are, I'm here to request, by order of the council and the royal guard, that all of you are to leave the vicinity of the city by the time of the wedding, or you will all be treated as intruders and either removed from the city or imprisoned in the dungeon." Nathen said catching everyone off guard. "The only ones that are allowed to remain are people registered with TUA which are Alice, Alexis, Ellis, and Elie, and Lady Wisteria and her attendants, Mom, you dad and May are also allowed, but the rest of you must be out of the city by 8:00 PM"

"NO WAY!" Trayton yelled out. "We're staying here!"

"Believe me Trayton, I fought for you all to be pardoned and kept here, but they don't want anything getting in their way, but this is more for your own protection, they have their own knights guarding, and they won't be nice or gentle in any way shape or form." Nathen said with a sigh. "Now I suggest you gather your things and be ready, because until then, you're all grounded to the Pokémon Center, Wisteria, you and your attendants have free roam but only if a knight escorts you."

"This isn't right or fair Nathen…" Lily said with a concerned tone.

"Believe me I know…" Nathen said with a sigh as he set May with Scarlet. "Take care; I'll be seeing you all before you have to go… Alice, is Vahn ready…?"

"Almost… he just needs that last push…" Alice said looking to Ellis who had been fidgeting with her hands. "I think Ellis will be giving that push…"

"I think so too… Be safe everyone…" Nathen said with a sigh as he disappeared.

"It's good that Vahn's asleep… He'd have rung Nathen's neck the moment he told him…" Spike said with a sigh.

"Mommy I'm scared…" May said as she held onto Scarlet.

"It'll be okay Sweetie…" Scarlet said as she held onto her daughter.

Everyone then went into the Pokémon Center, May and her parents even followed, while one to meet Nathen's other friends, but also to stay near Gemma. The time they all had was eerily quiet; everyone was really tense and hesitant.

(Harmonic City – Harmony Island – 1:30 PM)

Within a quiet room, outside a loud and raging party, Zackary was sitting quietly in the room meditating and thinking.

"Pretty quiet…" Nathen said calmly as he appeared beside Zackary.

"The wedding isn't for another 6 ½ hours…" Zackary said calmly not looking away from his shrine.

"I know, figured that I'd come and see how you were doing…" Nathen said sitting down.

"I'm alright… is your plan going to work…?" Zackary asked looking to Nathen.

"I don't doubt that there will be issues, but it will work…" Nathen said with a sigh.

"But what if they take further measures to insure their plans…?" Zackary said as he held onto an old PokeBall.

"Part of the issues, I don't doubt them too…" Nathen said calmly as he looked to the suits for him and Zackary. "A tad natural don't you think?"

"I'm not overly formal…" Zackary said. "Unlike yours,"

"Hey I have too, it's my old uniform and I need to look my part…" Nathen said with a sigh. "After all this… who do you wish you really were on the aisle with?"

"To be honest…?" Zackary whispered as he blushed a little. "Emily…"

"Royal Emily or is it my Ex Emily?" Nathen asked.

"Your ex…" Zackary said as he blushed more.

"Ah, so you're looking to be with the champ." Nathen said with a chuckle. "I have to admit, you'd make a cute couple."

"Whatever…" Zackary said as he tried to hide his blush while a banging was heard on the door.

"Get out here you two! It's a celebration party! We can't do this thing without the men of honor!" a drunken voice was heard calling out.

"Come on, you have a bachelor party to get too." Nathen said as he pulled Zackary to his feet.

"Right," Zackary said as he left the room and joined the party.

The whole city was going on the edge of things, when there was but an hour before the wedding all the guests from the rest of the world where they belonged, but Nathen's main group was very very uneasy about everything, they were all either scared of what would be happening or worried about Vahn and Karina. But with there being little time left, it's time for the wedding.

(Harmonic City – Legend Cathedral – Grand Hall – 7:00 PM)

"Everything looks great, wouldn't you say so Nathen?" Stan said with a chuckle as he looked to Nathen.

Nathen had been in a black uniform with gold accents, the details were all gold, and at his side was a sabre.

"If you say so…" Nathen said with a sigh as he looked to Zackary who was standing still at his position. "I'll be back…"

"Going to check on the bride?" Lightning asked looking to Nathen from leaning against one of the main alters pillars.

"I am… I am walking her as well after all." Nathen said calmly as he started towards Karina's dressing room.

"Ah Lightning, how lovely you look." Stan said keeping up a chipper mood.

"Don't push it old man…" Lightning said giving Stan a glare as Anria walked towards the bride's position. "Lady Valor…"

"Ah, Princess Anria, it's nice to see you again." Stan said happily.

"Same to you Councilman Stanley." Anria said calmly as she walked to Lightning. "I need to have a word with the Lieutenant."

"Alright then," Stan said keeping his smile.

"Will the other council men be joining us?" Anria asked.

"In time," Stan said calmly.

"Right…" Anria said with a sigh as she stood by Lightning. Looking around briefly Anria leaned forward and whispered to her half sister. "Are your troops in place…?"

"They are…" Lightning said as she looked straight out at two suits of armor standing at either side of the entrance. She then looked up to the shadowed areas of the buildings rafters and roof seeing a faint red color before looking at a shadow against the stained glass window that was set above them. "All are set and ready to Nathen's description…"

"You're uneasy… I see a fault in you stance…" Anria said with a calm tone as she put her hand on Lightning's shoulder.

"This isn't what our brother wanted… I don't want this to happen… I hate how we have to rely on that poor excuse of a Ronin for this help… we should've been able to handle this on our own…" Lightning said with a slight irritation and worry in her tone.

"I know sister… but everything will be okay… Nathen may be unorthodox and his methods are rash, but he gets the job done…" Anria said calmly.

"You'd better be right…" Lightning said with a sigh as people began to take their seats. As everyone began to gather inside and take their seats before the ceremonies began, Nathen was doing his part to assist the young princess.

(Harmonic City – Legend Cathedral – Bridal Dressing Room – 7:30 PM)

Giving a few gentle knocks on the door Nathen stood giving a few looks around. "Karina…? It's Nathen, may I come in…?"

"One little motion… a single stroke… and with a few moments… it'll be done…" Karina could be heard muttering to herself repetitively.

"What is she doing…?" Nathen whispered as he used his aura to look inside of the room. Karina's aura was very dim and very unstable, but in her hands were poorly formed aura knife. She would occasionally trace her wrist and neck or place the tip at where her heart was. "Damnit Karina!"

"I can put an end to it… with a single little motion…" Karina said with a small whimper as she began to cry and sob before positioning the blade tip at her heart. She bit down on her lip slowly counting down from 10, once she got to about 3 Nathen bust into the room slamming it shut and locking the door before pulling Karina to face him and slapping her across the face causing the knife to vanish.

"DAMNIT KARINA, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!" Nathen yelled with a growl as his eyes slowly turned red and Karina began to break down in more tears and sobs.

"I-I'm s-sorry… I-I… I j-just can't g-go through w-with it… I d-don't know if your p-plan will w-work… I d-don't want to do th-this…!" Karina cried through her sobs as she curled up tight.

"Karina… I know you don't want this… but you're a stupid idiot…" Nathen said with a sigh making Karina look up at him briefly. "Anria can't take control until you turn over power, and what about Vahn? The man you really love, your true fiancé? What do you think he'll say if he finds out that you gave up and quit and killed yourself instead of facing this like the strong woman he knows you are…?"

"B-But…" Karina muttered through her sobs.

"No buts! He's already blaming himself for not being able to save you and keep you from this! What do you think will happen if finds out you killed yourself and he didn't stop you?!" Nathen said with a yell as Karina just froze. The look in her eyes was of sorrow and fear. "And what about your people, you're their princess, you yourself have worked so hard to maintain your family's name and honor, what do you think they will all think when they all learned that the princess they all look up to, that they follow killed herself because she was scared?! And what about your parents and brother?! Your actions affect them and their honor too!"

"B-But I… I j-just w-want out…" Karina muttered through her sobs as she curled up tight and cried.

"I know Karina…" Nathen said with a sigh as he kneeled by Karina and pulled her close to him in a tight hug. "Karina I promised you… I will save you… and I will see it that you and Vahn are happily married… you have my word…"

"Th-Thank you…" Karina said through her sobs and clung tightly to Nathen.

"Calm down Karina, it's time to get everything ready… you need to finish up getting ready…" Nathen said as he helped Karina to her feet before she jumped at him connecting in a kiss before taking a few steps back towards the make-up table.

"S-Sorry… last chance I'll have to do that…" Karina said innocently trying to cheer up and be calmer.

"It's okay," Nathen said putting a smile on as he sat Karina down before forming a fire in his hand using it to evaporate the excess water from their clothes without causing damages. "Now then, let's make you look amazing for your wedding."

"Thank you Nathen… for everything…" Karina said calmly with a smile as Nathen did her hair and make-up.

The process took it's time and toll, but as time came along Karina's other friends were given a special package with a letter. Inside contained a family shield, which was said that it would allow access as a contest ribbon and a league badge; there were also a few items that were considered unique and only given in Harmonic City such as unique berries, Poké Balls, and recovery items. While everyone was a tad hesitant they accepted the items, but the not worried them.

To all my friends and loved ones,
I have cherished and loved the times that we've had together and have shared on our journey through Pokoh, but I'm afraid this is where we must say good bye… it's with a heavy heart that I choose to leave all of you on our journey, but my duties are to my home and my people… so I will be staying behind indefinitely, and I'll be going through with the marriage that has been arranged for me, and I really do wish that you all were here for me on this day… but I must request that you all leave Harmonic City through the Royal Road and move on towards Rosetore… from there, there are several contests and gyms that you can compete in to gain the ribbons and badges you may need… to compete in your tournament of choice… I'm so sorry everyone… I love you all and I only wish for your safety and happiness… if you all despise me for what I've done, I deserve it… please take good care of yourselves, and Vahn… I'll always love you… please be safe… I hope that we'll all see each other again soon…
You're friend, Karina Valor.

Everyone read through this letter hoping that it wasn't true or that it had been forged, but it was her handwriting, it had been made by her, through and through, they couldn't believe it. In their own ways they handled what had been happening, but once their things had been gathered and set then they all made their ways to the road. As they all made their way hoping that any side road that they could take would make it so that they didn't have to leave, the wedding had begun as bells began to toll from the cathedral.

(Central Hall – Legend Cathedral – 8:00 PM)

Within the massive hall everyone had stood up after the organist and the orchestra began to play 'here comes the bride.' Everyone looked back towards the double doors where a few knights had stood with their weapons out to form an arch. On the opposite side of the doors were Nathen and Karina with a few other people standing behind them. Karina gave Nathen a soft worried and scared look, but Nathen gave her a simple and soft smile. Even though the gesture was small, it gave her a little assurance, but put a smile on her face as the doors opened and they all began their walk to the altar.

This one simple walk seemed to talk an eternity, and even though everything sounded quiet and isolated, there were a few soft whispers that trained ears could easily hear. As the two grew closer and closer the people following behind went to their positions as Nathen positioned Karina to stand opposite Zackary with her veil down. With that, the ceremony had begun.

(Harmonic City – Royal Road Entrance – 7:50 PM)

At the quiet road, the winds seemed uneasy, even the distant sight of the setting sun seemed to lack life. The fall of the aura residue continued as it seemed to whip around the air and skies as if a storm was brewing. The plants that lingered around even looked to be wilting prematurely. The whole city seemed to gloom and despair.

"Bells…" Vahn said with a sigh as he looked out at the Cathedral before turning away from it. "Let's get going, we're not welcomed here…"

"But Vahn…" Wisteria said with a small worried whimper constantly looking back at the Cathedral. "We can't just leave her like this…"

"Do we have a fucking choice?!" Vahn said with a growl and anger in his voice. "There's no point, we can't do anything to fix this…"

"Bullshit!" Trayton yelled becoming annoyed. "We're all powerful with our aura and Pokémon; we could storm in there, kick everyone's ass, and then take Karina back! We have too!"

"Trayton's right! Karina's our friend; we can't just leave her to this fate…" Amber said staying by Trayton.

"Are you two stupid?!" Vahn yelled tightening up. "We can't, it's a suicide mission! If we all just stormed in there we'd be more likely to get ourselves killed! And where would that get us?! Huh?! Answer me that!"

"Big brother, please stop this…" Hope said with a whimper as she stayed by Wisteria.

"Getting angry won't solve anything; it'll just turn us all against each other…" Gabriel said trying to be the mediator.

"Who the hell cares?! You all may be losing a friend, but I'm losing the woman I fucking love! She and I have been together sense the very beginning, and now we're being torn apart from each other!" Vahn yelled out. "She's been my best friend sense we first started in Hoenn! And I've loved her sense then! I want nothing more to do than to save her right now, but the odds of actually doing it are ZERO!"

"Vahn please stop…" Carmen said staying by Gabriel.

"SHUT UP!" Vahn yelled with a growl before looking to Alice. "And what about your precious Nathen's plan?! He's in there right now handing her off to her fate, and we're all right here! You said he had a plan! Well, where the fuck is this so called plan of his?!"

As Vahn continued on his rant, a few stayed silent but Ellis was having her own reactions.

"That's it, let me out, I'm going to fucking wring his neck!" Elaina said irritated and angered.

"No… I'll handle this…" Ellis said with a sigh as she looked to Elie.

"I'm scared sis…" Elie whispered.

"It'll be okay…" Ellis said calmly before putting on her best stern look and walking out towards Vahn and slapping as hard as she cook across his face. "Vahn it's time for you to shut up and listen for once!"

Everyone completely fell silent.

"Vahn you were never the one to just give up! You were always strong and determined, especially when it came to your friends and the people that you love!"

Everyone focused their eyes on Ellis as tears came to her eyes while she poured her heart out.

"Vahn I've been hiding this sense you first saved me… Vahn I love you! I can't stand seeing you like this! And even though my heart has been screaming at me to keep quiet and to let what's happening happen so that I can have my chance I know that your heart belongs to Karina, and I can tell that it wants you to snap the fuck out of this stupid little childish tantrum and get your ass into that Cathedral and save the woman you love!"

"Ellis…" Vahn said softly.

"Vahn, I'll never forgive you if you just let all of this happen… you're supposed to be her knight, her knight in shining armor, prove to her that you are, get your ass over there and stop the wedding…" Ellis said as her tears started to fall more before Vahn hugged her close.

"Thank you Ellis…" Vahn said as he held Ellis tight before letting her go and Alice walked over to them.

"Very well said Ellis, and I believe that's what you needed to get stirred up and ready, isn't it Vahn?" Alice said calmly as everyone gathered around them.

"Yes it was, and everyone I want to apologize for what I said… I was angry, and upset… mostly with and at myself…" Vahn said looking to everyone else.

"It's alright Vahn, but time is short, and I don't think your aura is stable enough to get down there on your own." Trayton said looking out at the Cathedral.

"Damnit your right… I wasted my time…" Vahn said as he bit his lip.

"No necessarily," Alice said as she pulled out a Poké Ball. "But she won't be enough; you'll need some back up."

"I can cover that on my own." Vahn said as he let out his Blaziken and Lucario. "Alright you two, armor mode." Within a sudden flash, Blaziken was covered in a form of fire armor, as Lucario had an armor of aura on."

"Looks good, then I guess all you need is your method of travel." Alice said as she threw up her Poké Ball letting out her Shiny Rapidash. "She's the fastest I got, so be careful, take care of her, and get there as fast as you can."

"I will…" Vahn said as he carefully got onto Rapidash and get ready while Lucario and Blaziken stood at his sides.

"We'll head down there and give you all help as we can." Trayton said calmly. "Bring our princess home."

"I will, we'll see you all soon." Vahn said as he got read to speed off. "Blaziken, Lucario, go on ahead at full speed, break into the Cathedral from the windows above the main hall, I'll meet you both on top, Lucario clear the path, Blaziken you need to get Karina." The two fighting types gave a nod before speeding off at full speed before Vahn started off on his own. "Don't worry Karina, I'm coming."

As Karina's rescue was being settled, the ceremony was beginning, both neck and neck with each other, it'll be a close clinch to insure the safety of the princess.

(Central Hall – 8:10 PM)

After a brief prayer, the ceremony had begun it's process.

"We are gathered here today in the face of this company, to join together Zackary and Karina in matrimony; which is an honorable and solemn estate and therefore is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but reverently and soberly. Into this estate these two persons present come now to be joined. If anyone can show just cause why they may not be lawfully joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace. Who gives this woman to be married to this man?" Stan said standing as the Celebrant.

"I do," Nathen said calmly. "Instead of her late parents, may they rest in peace; I give Karina to be married."

Karina was then left in her place before Nathen went to stand by Zackary in the best man's area.

"Zackary, do you take Karina for your lawful wedded wife, to live in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love, honor, comfort, and cherish her from this day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only unto her for as long as you both shall live?" Stan asked looking to Zackary.

"I do." Zackary said calmly giving a small nod.

"Karina, do you take Zackary for your lawful wedded husband, to live in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love, honor, comfort, and cherish him from this day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only unto him for as long as you both shall live?" Stan asked looking to Karina

Karina's stance became shaky and unsteady as worry began to set in. "I-I do…" Karina said with hesitation and small worry in her voice.

The orchestra began to play a simple and soft song.

Stan then turned towards Zackary once more. "Please repeat after me: I Zackary take thee Karina to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish, 'til death do us part, and thereto I plight thee my troth."

"I Zackary take thee Karina to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish, 'til death do us part, and thereto I plight thee my troth." Zackary said calmly looking to Karina seeing the worry in her eyes.

"Karina, please repeat after me: I Karina take thee Zackary to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish, 'til death do us part, and thereto I plight thee my troth." Stan said looking to Karina.

Tears begging to flow from her eyes as she did her best to calm down. "I K-Karina take thee Z-Zackary to be my wedded h-husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to l-love, honor, and cherish, 'til death do us part, and thereto I plight thee my troth."

Stan then looked over towards Nathen. "As the best man, you have the rings, correct?"

"Yes sir," Nathen said putting a pair of silver bands in Stan's hands.

"Thank you, may these rings, and who they will be presented to, carry and hold this special and eternal event while maintaining it for all of eternity." Stan said calmly with a soft smile. As he was prepared to give the rings to Karina and Zackary a sudden explosion was heard followed by a crash as glass from the windows were blown into the room from the outside shocking and surprising everyone.

"About time…" Nathen said calmly as he took a defensive form while Blaziken dropped down in a sudden flash of fire in front of Karina.

"B-Blaziken…?!" Karina muttered to herself in shock as she was suddenly taken into his arms. She looked to him in as she suddenly realized that it was Vahn's Blaziken before looking to the destroyed window where Lucario was standing. "And Lucario…?!" Maintaining her confusion, Karina looked around seeing everyone in their own shock and confusion as Lucario blew out another window before they both jump up and out through it onto the roof of the Cathedral, Blaziken took a quick look around before setting Karina on the roof carefully. "What're you two doing here, where is Vahn…?"

"Over here!" Vahn called out as Rapidash jumped out over them and trotted a bit before stopping. Vahn then hopped off and jumped over to Karina taking her in his arms as they both connected in a deep kiss.

"Thank you Vahn! Thank you so m-much!" Karina said as she began to cry and clung onto Vahn for dear life. "I l-love you V-Vahn!"

"I love you too Karina!" Vahn said as he held Karina to him as tight as he could.

"Cutting it close, don't you think Vahn?" Nathen said with a chuckle as he walked out with Tifa by his side.

"Better affect." Vahn said with a chuckle as Karina stepped towards Nathen.

"Smart ass," Nathen said with a sigh. "I told you princess, everything would be alright."

"Thank you Nathen, you were right… I should've had more trust in you…" Karina said calmly giving a bow.

"Damn right you should've of, and we got to make quite a scene, didn't we?" Nathen said with a chuckle.

"Yup," Vahn said looking down there slightly seeing the mass confusion. "We'd better get going, Karina I'll give you a ride."

"Alright Va…" Karina said turning to Vahn, but then it felt like time just froze, because then in a sudden instant mid sentence, a black beam of light shot straight at them, and more specifically, Karina.

The beam hit her straight in the back and passed right through her piercing her heart, while the entry and exit was left with no physical sign except for burns to the dress, her heart was put into a state where it simulated that it had been shot and run straight through with a bullet. In that one single instant, a women in the prime of her youth collapsed to the ground as those up there gathered around her in shock and fear while watching the young princess as her aura, though as strong as it was, slowly began to fade, along with the shine of her eyes, and within mere moments, it was done, the princess was gone… dead.

In a single move, a life was claimed, what affect will this have on what's happening? Is this the end of the young Valor? Only time will tell...

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