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(Central Hall – 8:10 PM)

After a brief prayer, the ceremony had begun its process.

"We are gathered here today in the face of this company, to join together Zackary and Karina in matrimony; which is an honorable and solemn estate and therefore is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but reverently and soberly. Into this estate these two persons present come now to be joined. If anyone can show just cause why they may not be lawfully joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace. Who gives this woman to be married to this man?" Stan said standing as the Celebrant.

"I do," Nathen said calmly. "Instead of her late parents, may they rest in peace; I give Karina to be married."

Karina was then left in her place before Nathen went to stand by Zackary in the best man's area.

"Zackary, do you take Karina for your lawful wedded wife, to live in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love, honor, comfort, and cherish her from this day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only unto her for as long as you both shall live?" Stan asked looking to Zackary.

"I do." Zackary said calmly giving a small nod.

"Karina, do you take Zackary for your lawful wedded husband, to live in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love, honor, comfort, and cherish him from this day forward, forsaking all others, keeping only unto him for as long as you both shall live?" Stan asked looking to Karina

Karina's stance became shaky and unsteady as worry began to set in. "I-I do…" Karina said with hesitation and small worry in her voice.

The orchestra began to play a simple and soft song.

Stan then turned towards Zackary once more. "Please repeat after me: I Zackary take thee Karina to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish, 'til death do us part, and thereto I plight thee my troth."

"I Zackary take thee Karina to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish, 'til death do us part, and thereto I plight thee my troth." Zackary said calmly looking to Karina seeing the worry in her eyes.

"Karina, please repeat after me: I Karina take thee Zackary to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish, 'til death do us part, and thereto I plight thee my troth." Stan said looking to Karina.

Tears begging to flow from her eyes as she did her best to calm down. "I K-Karina take thee Z-Zackary to be my wedded h-husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to l-love, honor, and cherish, 'til death do us part, and thereto I plight thee my troth."

Stan then looked over towards Nathen. "As the best man, you have the rings, correct?"

"Yes sir," Nathen said putting a pair of silver bands in Stan's hands.

"Thank you, may these rings, and who they will be presented to, carry and hold this special and eternal event while maintaining it for all of eternity." Stan said calmly with a soft smile. As he was prepared to give the rings to Karina and Zackary a sudden explosion was heard followed by a crash as glass from the windows were blown into the room from the outside shocking and surprising everyone.

"About time…" Nathen said calmly as he took a defensive form while Blaziken dropped down in a sudden flash of fire in front of Karina.

"B-Blaziken…?!" Karina muttered to herself in shock as she was suddenly taken into his arms. She looked to him in as she suddenly realized that it was Vahn's Blaziken before looking to the destroyed window where Lucario was standing. "And Lucario…?!" Maintaining her confusion, Karina looked around seeing everyone in their own shock and confusion as Lucario blew out another window before they both jumped up and out through it onto the roof of the Cathedral, Blaziken took a quick look around before setting Karina on the roof carefully. "What're you two doing here, where is Vahn…?"

"Over here!" Vahn called out as Rapidash jumped out over them and trotted a bit before stopping. Vahn then hopped off and jumped over to Karina taking her in his arms as they both connected in a deep kiss.

"Thank you Vahn! Thank you so m-much!" Karina said as she began to cry and clung onto Vahn for dear life. "I l-love you V-Vahn!"

"I love you too Karina!" Vahn said as he held Karina to him as tight as he could.

"Cutting it close, don't you think Vahn?" Nathen said with a chuckle as he walked out with Tifa by his side.

"Better affect." Vahn said with a chuckle as Karina stepped towards Nathen.

"Smart ass," Nathen said with a sigh. "I told you princess, everything would be alright."

"Thank you Nathen, you were right… I should've had more trust in you…" Karina said calmly giving a bow.

"Damn right you should of, and we got to make quite a scene, didn't we?" Nathen said with a chuckle.

"Yup," Vahn said looking down there slightly seeing the mass confusion. "We'd better get going, Karina I'll give you a ride."

"Alright Va…" Karina said turning to Vahn, but then it felt like time just froze, because then in a sudden instant mid sentence, a black beam of light shot straight at them, and more specifically, Karina.

The beam hit her straight in the back and passed right through her piercing her heart, while the entry and exit was left with no physical sign except for burns to the dress, her heart was put into a state where it simulated that it had been shot and run straight through with a bullet. In that one single instant, a women in the prime of her youth collapsed to the ground as those up there gathered around her in shock and fear while watching the young princess as her aura, though as strong as it was, slowly began to fade, along with the shine of her eyes, and within mere moments, it was done, the princess was gone… dead.

All in one single instant, the whole of everyone's lives was changing. The young Princess, one of the original people of this tale, has lost her life. Karina Valor, the youngest and last Valor, is dead. All in a single swift and instant moment, her entire life was ended right before the eyes of the man she loved… But what lies in wait for everyone in the city of Harmonic…?

(Harmonic City – Legend Chapel Roof – 8:30 PM)

"KARINA NO!" Vahn cried out as he rushed forward and took hold of the woman he loved as she slowly collapsed to the ground, panic and fear running through the whole of his being. "Karina no! Please don't die! Please Kari no!"

"Bastard! Apprehend him now! Apprehend Councilmen Isaac!" Nathen yelled down with a growl as he looked into the chapel making eye contact with the man as he lowered his hand.

"Our business is done, I bid you, and this wretched city, a due," Isaac said with a smirk, as he and several other members of the council disappeared leaving only Stan and one other, an aged and elderly woman. The members of the knights had them surrounded before their disappearance, and while they were fully prepared to capture them, several of the knights turned against their own showing that they were in actuality TUA knights.

"Fuck! Arrest the traitors to the crown!" Nathen barked as his eyes turned red. He stood and watched as his forces did their job and acted against the traitors before turning to Karina and Vahn, watching the man who had for a moment preformed a heroic act and saved his fiancé breakdown into the lowest and weakest state he could be in. "This shouldn't have happened…"

"Nathen p-please! Please t-tell me that th-there's something y-you can d-do to bring her back!" Vahn cried as he clung tight to Karina while Tifa kneeled down beside him.

"Vahn I assure you, I'm thinking up every single possible option that I have, but I'd need time, and that is something I don't have right now…" Nathen said with a sigh. He was once again about to talk but a massive and enormous tremor went across the city as the sky darkened with clouds with lightning arcing across the sky. "No, oh fuck no! This can't be happening! The princess's blood was not properly spilt! This shouldn't be happening!"

"Wh-What do you mean c-commander…?" Tifa asked getting worried.

"Yes, please enlighten us…" Lightning said as she and her other knights came up to the roof with the councilman and woman.

"It's a prophecy… Once the last true heir of the city has lost her life, and her blood spilt on the city of her birth… the serpents of destruction will be released… and they'll take over Pokoh after first destroying the city that sealed them for millennia…" Nathen said with a sigh as he looked to the ruin.

"But that's just an old fairy tale," Stan said walking forward.

"This isn't a fucking joke old man!" Nathen said with another growl as another tremor shook the ground causing several large cracks to form in the ground and few buildings to start falling. "I saw it happen myself! I saw them get sealed! Do you honestly think I'm trying to make this lighter?!"

"Nathen calm down…" Anria said trying to calm Nathen down.

"NO! I will not fucking calm down!" Nathen barked. "Don't you understand?! Karina's dead! The seal is opened! There must have been some kind of fucking loop-hold they applied! We need to act now before… SHIT Emily!" Nathen quickly darted around his eyes glowing trying to find someone.

"Our champion?" Tidus asked.

"No dumbass! Emily Avalon! Princess to Luminous City! This wasn't just an attempt on Karina's life! It was signal to any TUA agents roaming the city to find and capture Lady Emily! If she gets captured and transported to Luminous, then killed, then the seal over there will be activated and the serpents will be free to destroy the whole of the world!"

"Hey, you have no right to be acting like that to my knights!" Lightning barked.

"Shut up lieutenant! Right now I'm in charge! Now go and find Lady Avalon and insure her safety! I need time to think!" Nathen said with a growl as he looked around seeing lightning start to strike and break the ground. "Damnit… Vahn, pick Karina up, we need to take her somewhere safe, there might be something that I can do… but I don't know if it'll work…"

"Just please… bring her back…" Vahn said as he slowly picked Karina up and held her to him while all the knights took their leave.

"I'll try Sire… I'll try…" Nathen said with a sigh as he looked down out at the city as screams and cries echoed out destruction continuing to form in the city. "I'm sorry Zane…I failed…"

(Noble Road – Harmonic City Edge – 8:45 PM)

"What's going on in there…? Why did the city suddenly go black like that…?" Trayton said as everyone stand waiting and watching what was happening.

"I don't know… but we need to go and help… I have a feeling that they need us…" Alice said taking a few steps forward.

"Alice is r-right…" Gemma said though a slight shortness of breath. "We n-need to go h-help them with what's h-happening…"

"No, some of us need to stay behind; we're not all capable of handling what's happening…" Elaina said taking control while looking to Gemma and Hope.

"You're not leaving us behind!" Hope said in protest with a pout. "My brother needs us! And I want to stand and help!"

"And I'm not useless! I can fight!" Gemma said in her protest. "Like hell I can… I can barely stand… but Nathen and May are still there… I know Nathen can handle himself but I can't stand not knowing if she and her parents are alright or not…"

"Fine, but you're staying with Trayton and Amber, understand?" Elaina said with a sigh while Gemma nodded and stood beside Amber.

"Everyone, we need to progress forward carefully…" Alicia said looking to Elaina who gave a nod. "If what's happening is what we think it is, then we need to be extremely careful…"

Everyone, giving a simple nod, began their progress back into the city. Once within the city they started progressing around looking for their friends, but the progress was much more difficult as the ground started breaking and splitting from beneath their feet. They were all quickly separated and scattered about the city.

The whole of the city was in turmoil. The destruction was tearing everything apart causing buildings to fall and mass amounts and areas to be destroyed. Fires raged as the bolts of lightning crashed across the ground tearing it open while striking buildings setting them a blaze. It wasn't long before a roar was heard all across the city as three lights shown on the ground. One black, one violet, and one a steely grey, within a single moment three long serpent forms shot up from the ground.

The first, had a snake like form, equal to 250ft in length, a black body with a dark grey underbelly, a silver crown like armor on its head, silver armor around the body closest to the head and along the whole of the body leading to the tail, The tail holds a silver Triton like shape that also holds a natural Aura Stone, and dark grey Aura Stone is located at the base of the crown and in the center of the armor, glowing Dark Blue Tribal designs coat the side of the body.

The second, had a snake like form as well, equal to 220ft in length, a dark purple body with a light purple underbelly, a gold crown like armor on its head, golden armor around the body leading down towards the tail, the tail holds a large scepter ring with several rings dangling around it and an Aura Stone at the base of the ring, A Dark Purple Aura stone is located at the center of the armor and at the base of the crown, glowing dark blue water tribal designs line the side of the body.

The third and final one also had a snake like form, equal to 300ft in length, it has a hard metal body maintaining the same cold steel like color all around it's body, when still or when moving it looks like a normal huge snake, but when standing straight up its body opens up to reveal several lines of a glowing Light blue color, a crown forms for its head, it's main body closest to the head opens up to a large armor that mimics a huge shield since the armor doesn't wrap around the body, on the head an Aura Stone is revealed, and the metal opens to reveal a huge Aura Stone inside the body.

"Wh-What are th-those…?" Gemma asked with a worried scared tone as she watched the snake like beings starts slithering among the city bashing against a glowing barrier while also firing off powerful Hyper Beams through the city.

"I… I don't know…" Alice said watching them.

"I'll try and see…" Hope said pulling her PokeDex out pointing it towards the three aiming at the black one first.

Seravent, the Dark Aura Pokémon, this Pokémon is one of Pokoh's legendary Aura Pokémon. This Pokémon has a chaotic nature and only desires destruction at its wake.

Psyavent, the Mental Aura Pokémon, this Pokémon is one of Pokoh's legendary Aura Pokémon. This Pokémon has a stern nature and often judges others harshly; mainly because it has possibly the highest IQ level ever, it believes that all others are lower than it.

Coravent, the Artificial Aura Pokémon, this Pokémon is one of Pokoh's Legendary Aura Pokémon. This Pokémon was created by the same scientist that created the Cyber Pokémon. This Pokémon was made to locate the Legendary Snakes, but after awhile it slowly gained its own conscious and joined the originally two snakes. This Pokémon is the strongest among the Aura Snakes.

"It… It can't be…" Elaina said with a stutter as she began to shake. "They could only have been freed by… Oh god…"

"Elaina what is it…?" Amber asked holding Gemma to her.

"Karina… She… She's… The only way those three can be released here in Harmonic… is if Karina is… Dead…" Elaina said softly a shallow cold feeling in her voice.

Everyone there just froze. They all took what they heard differently. None of them wanted to believe it, but Alice and Elaina new that it had to be true.

"Th-That can't be p-possible…" Gemma said as she held Hope close while she was crying about the loss of the princess. "That's im-impossible… N-Nathen and Vahn saved her…"

"No… She's right… there's a legend to this city and Luminous… that those snakes were sealed by the ancestors of Karina and Lady Emily… that should the last heir lose their life within their home and their blood touch the ground before their time, then the seal in the city would be released…" Alice said with a sigh as she looked down. "And sense Anria hasn't been properly re-entered… Karina's still the last heir…"

"But with Luminous there's still Emily's brother, so it'll take much more." Elaina said trying to keep her footing while Alice just shook her head.

"No… It's set to the current generations female, sense when she weds she loses the name… so if Emily is killed on Luminous grounds…" Alice said dreading the thought of what would happen.

"Then all of Pokoh will be endangered… and possibly the world…" Elaina said with a sigh looking to the snakes her body shaking and a few tears falling before she started fully crying.

"Elaina…" Gabriel said stepping towards the girl.

"No… I'm fine… we have to f-find Nathen…" Elaina said her tears remaining and her body not seasing from the persistent shakes.

"What can he do?" Trayton said becoming irritated. "If he couldn't prevent this, then what could he possibly do?!" After snapping another explosion went off near them shaking everyone off their feet, but no one was harmed as a barrier was formed around them.

"This is Protect…" Hope said looking around as Maxwell walked up to them with Kris running to her. "Kris!"

"Is everyone okay…?" Kris asked as Hope hugged onto her.

"Yeah… Thanks Kris…" Amber said as she was helped up by Trayton.

"Why are you all just standing around like idiots?" Maxwell said with a sigh and a scoff. "Get your Pokémon out and defend yourselves. They're just using Hyper Beam, there's always a limit to the power they have. So if you combine moves then you should be able to defend yourselves." Maxwell pointed out at the city where past the screams of fear and the smoke from fires different Pokémon moves can be seen shooting up and out from the city area hitting any attack before it could connect to the ground and either stopping it or deflecting it away.

"You're Vahn and Karina's friend… Maxwell…" Carmen said staying by Gabriel.

"And…?" Maxwell said giving a glare.

"Nothing…" Carmen said with a sigh. "Just… what if we're not strong enough...? We'd just be putting our Pokémon at risk…"

"Sacrifices… I've been all through the city already, at least as far as I can manage, and even the Pokémon that live here without a trainer are fighting back, Pokémon from outside the city are fighting back… they're willing to do anything to protect their home…" Maxwell said looking at everyone seeing various Poke Ball's on their belts start to twitch. "Even all of your Pokémon want to fight to save this city…"

Everyone took a moment and removed most if not all of their Poke Ball's seeing them all start to twitch before popping open. The whole group was surrounded by their Pokémon. The larger ones formed a ring around the group, the ones that could fly stayed above them and the smallest stayed inside. Once one of the snakes targeted the group they all let out their strongest moves to intercept the Hyper Beam.

"That's proof enough. If you truly honor and respect your Pokémon, you'll stand and fight with them instead of cowering and whimpering like children!" Maxwell said with a growl as a large Garchomp landed behind him. "Razor, aim Draco Meteor at that snake then before the meteor explodes it energy hit it with a Dragon Pulse!" The Garchomp let out a loud cold roar before flying up and started to charge the move, as it fired the meteor it didn't fly up but out towards the three snakes. Once it was far enough the Mach Pokémon fired a strong Dragon Pulse at the flying meteor making it explode and the proper fragments start flying out at the snakes hitting all three hard causing them to roar out.

"H-He… He actually…" Alice said in awe as she shot a look straight at Maxwell who stood cold and still.

"Are you all just gone sit there with your mouths open?! Get out their and fight back!" Maxwell barked giving a growl making everyone jump.

In a quick instance everyone split up taking all of their Pokémon with them. Alice left with her sister as well as Elaina and Elie, Gabriel left with Carmen, Trayton led out with Gemma, Amber, and Hope. They all took their Pokémon to various areas to help people while doing their best to fight back. But while the city was fighting back against a drastic and hectic opponent, Nathen was guiding Vahn to do something even he doubted was possible.

(Harmonic City Edge – Auracian Ruins Entrance – 9:00 PM)

Walking cold and still regardless of what's happening around him, Nathen led Vahn who was carrying the woman he loved while clinging to her lifeless body for dear life, but while he was able to send any low level TUA guard that stood before him running like cowards, a true opponent stood before him once he got to the huge staircase that led down to the ruins depths.

"Allen…" Korin said with a dark glare looking straight into Nathen's eyes, his red glowing with a deep fiery red while Nathen's matched his with a cold icy blue.

"Korin…" Nathen said calmly keeping his gaze. "Step aside…"

"Like hell…" Korin said with a growl. "Today, you die…"

"I've heard that one too many times in my life…" Nathen said with a sigh. "You know aura is forbidden here…"

"I know…" Korin said attaching a few things to his body, a pair of metal braces to his wrists and ankles a round plate to his belt and chest before putting a collar on.

"A death battle…? Really…?" Nathen said with a sigh as he pressed a few buttons on his clothes as matching bands appeared on him. "You're really stooping that low…? Have you given up on your honor? Your men?"

"This is more important than any of that… You won't use aura, and I won't either because we've been injected with the Canceller." Korin said with a growl as he pulled a single black PokeBall out.

"N-Nathen…Do we really have the time for this…?" Vahn asked worried and concerned.

"Karina is a Pink Aura… they take a single day to fully die… her soul is still attached… she has until midnight though… her aura was already weak from everything that was happening, she was ready to completely give up…" Nathen said pulling a white PokeBall out. "We'll be fine… besides; this will only take 5 minutes…"

"You sound so cocky and full of yourself!" Korin barked. "You honestly believe that you'll beat me?!"

"I always have, and I always will…" Nathen said softly.

"Bastard! Yin! End him!" Korin yelled as he threw out his PokeBall which exploded with a bright white light letting out a massive Black dragon with several white accents all of its body.

The dragon's form was large and masculine, the wings were going from its arms and when fully closed formed a pair of blade like edges. Its body was very edgy at certain areas. Its eyes were a deep and cold blue with a dark burning essence going through them.

"Yinarragon!" The dragon roared out at the top of it lungs as it stared at Nathen with a deep dark glare.

"Yun… Please… help me…" Nathen said calmly as he tossed out his PokeBall which exploded in a deep black light that soon revealed a large white Wyvern shaped dragon that had black accents to it.

The dragon's form had a muscular build but it was thin, slender, and long. Its arms were one completely with its wings which were large, wide, and slick. Its eyes were a deep red but had a frosted cold look to them. Complimenting and matching its opponents accents were black accents.

"Yunarragon!" The dragon roared out with a loud sonic screech before staring dead at Korin.

"These dragon Pokémon… they're so alike…" Vahn said to himself as he sat down with Karina in his lap. He held her in a way that he'd shield her body from anything that would happen.

"It's been years Korin… sense these two extinct dragons fought. Sense we had a battle like this…" Nathen said calmly.

"Shut it!" Korin growled. "I know… but I wouldn't have it any other way! If we're gonna fight to the death here than we'll do it finishing what we started 10 years ago!"

Letting out a sigh, Nathen nodded. "10 years… has it really been that long…?"

"Yin! Kill your brother and kill his master now!" Korin barked out.

"That's all I needed… Yun, defensive stance, absorb all that you can." Nathen said calmly as his dragon nodded while the other charged at him his had burning a deep red. "Just like last time… no type advantages…"

In a single instant the large black dragon collided with the white dragon with a massive Giga Impact, but Yun intercepted the attack and held Yin dead in it's place. Kroin growled while watching his dragon struggle to get free.

"Bastard! Fight me!" Korin barked. "Yin! Hyper Beam!" As Korin barked out his command, his aura began to spike and grow and in a split instant Yin fired the powerful beam straight at Yun in point blank range pushing himself to be free again.

"How can he do that, he used Giga Impact prior, I thought the move required you to wait a time." Vahn said in confusion as he watched Yin fire Hyper Beams consecutively one after another.

"Spirit Breaker, an ancient ability that voided all cool down times, but it greatly weakens the attacks at times" Nathen said with a sigh watching closely. "Yin, intercept and drain all attacks of their power, when you have enough, use it, shut your brother down and end this battle, you have 3 minutes"

The two large dragon Pokémon continued to swap moves back and forth Yun staying defensive while Yin using various heavy and destructive attacks that would've leveled anything that stood him. Time steadily passed leaving both dragons, as well as their trainers worn and tired. Yin fired off a single power Hyper Beam that was about to connect with Yun but it was intercepted by one of the snakes powerful Hyper Beams.

"We can't continue like this Korin, we both know this to be true, and besides… this isn't the time or the place for our battle…" Nathen said as he looking to Yun and recalled him. "This battle can wait…"

Korin stared Nathen down growling under his breath angry before staring out at the snakes. "You bastard! You're nothing but a coward! You're too scared to end this now! You're not even worth it, when you finally get strong enough come and find me!" Korin barked as he recalled Yin before disappearing in a black fire.

"Never one to really admit that I'm right…" Nathen said with a sigh as he helped Vahn stand and hold Karina. "We need to go to the center of the ruin, there's an alter there where we need to lay Karina."

"Right… Nathen… are you sure this will bring her back…? That she'll live again…?" Vahn said with worry in his voice as he clung to Karina.

"I'm certain it'll work, but we need more to help us." Nathen said as he walked towards the stairs.

"What do you mean we'll need more…?" Vahn asked as he followed Nathen down.

"We'll need the others, we need more than just our auras, Karina's is unique in the fact it's also of royal blood which gives it a special touch and makes it hard to properly replicate… so we need as many different auras as we can get sense her aura is that of the gathers." Nathen said leading Vahn down the massive staircase.

"I see… Karina you'll be back with us soon…" Vahn said as he walked down the stairs gently nuzzling her. "I can't lose her like this… I must stay strong… I have to protect her…"

"Zane please give me strength… I'll have to go and gather the others after we get there so start lacing your aura into her once I leave, understand?" Nathen said as he walked up to a massive door that had several lights focused on it. "1000 years of history, all scribed on a single door…" Walking to the door Nathen placed his hand on it as it began to glow and shine a strong light emanating from it. "Ancient Dragon… your home is in danger… please… upon the rise of the last Valor, please return and help restore this kingdom…"

"Nathen what about the others…?" Vahn said staying beside Karina.

"I'll go gather them, Vahn do you recall how to form barriers?" Nathen said looking back at Vahn and Karina. Vahn just nodded as he concentrated his aura and formed a barrier around him and Karina. "Take care for now, it'll take me a bit but I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Please hurry Nathen…" Vahn said calmly as Nathen disappeared. "Karina… I promise you'll be back soon…" Vahn then knelt down onto his knees and clasped his hands tight together and started to whisper to himself. "Arceus… Please oh great deity… Please… Karina was taken from us wrongfully… she should be here…it's not her time to be an angel yet… please oh divine being… please bring her back… give us the power to bring her back…" As Vahn continued his prayer, he stayed by Karina's side never leaving.

(Harmonic City – Royal Port – 9:45 PM)

-Gabriel and Carmen-

"The port looks secure, anyone who can't help is stored up in the harbor's store room," Gabriel said as he watched the snakes get bombarded by different Water Type Pokémon moves.

"Can we really win this…?" Carmen asked allowed becoming greatly worried.

"We'll win, don't worry…" Gabriel said even becoming unsure himself. "How can we win against them though…?"

"Easy, hit them with everything you've got," Nathen said walking up to the two.

"Where the hell have you been Nathen?!" Gabriel said getting frustrated.

"Trying to save a princess," Nathen said sighing looking over everyone at the harbor trying to order out attack. He let out another sigh before whistling out and yelling. "Everyone! Stop attack randomly and coordinate! Those with high defenses use your defensive moves to protect everyone! Those with strong Special Attacks unify them and attack as one on a SINGLE target! Don't aim at all three, aim at the one closest!"

Gabriel and Carmen all looked over at the various trainers and even the wild Pokémon themselves as they all started to coordinate their moves and abilities and started to aim at the Dark snake who roared out from the different moves hitting him hard

"That's it! Keep it up and hammer it out! When you get weak pull back and have another team switch in!" Nathen said as everyone started to focus their attacks.

As the assault continued on the large serpent, it only managed to irritate and anger him, making him attack much harder and fiercer. It wasn't long before Seravent changed from using Hyper Beam to firing off a pitch black beam that when it hit the ground it tore through the earth causing explosions to follow its path of destruction.

"Nathen this isn't working!" Carmen said as she rushed to a small group that was caught by the concussion of the explosions.

"I know, Carmen, finish with them then get over here, we got to find the others, Karina needs your help." Nathen said as he touched the ground. "Found the next set, Market, Asuka, Kyle, and Terra."

"What?" Gabriel asked as he looked to Nathen who was slowly standing as a bubble began to form from where he was standing. The bubble slowly began to grow and expand over the whole of the area creating a barrier that prevented Seravent from doing anymore damage while other attacks could cut through and do much more damage.

"Time to get going," Nathen said as Carmen ran over.

"Where are we going?" Carmen asked looking around.

"Market district." Nathen said calmly.

"Is that where Vahn and Karina are?" Gabriel asked.

"No, they're at the ruins for right now, but we have to gather everyone up first." Nathen said as the three and their Pokémon all disappeared.

(Harmonic City – Market District lower court – 9:55 PM)

"Everyone! Get to cover quickly!" Asuka called out as she directed people who couldn't fight to safe areas. Among the havoc of the attacks, people were trying to escape to safety, and most of our heroes were doing their part to assist and protect the innocent. Ducking from an attack Asuka looked up to her Luxray who was firing off powerful Charge Beams and Thunderbolts at Psyavent. "Luxray keep up the attack!"

"This is getting hectic," Kyle said as he ran over his Pokémon up on the roofs firing off their strongest moves.

"Yeah… This just doesn't make sense… how could all this suddenly happen… first that red beam of light, then… that odd feeling… and now all hell…" Asuka said as she laid her hand over her heart.

"We'll figure things out, but for right now we need to keep intercepting their moves and protecting the people…" Kyle said with a sigh as Terra ran over to them.

"Ms. Itanaiyo, Mr. Kamos, we need to disperse the groups in the courtyard." Terra said as she watched the snakes.

"Terra we told you this before, just call me Kyle, and call her Asuka, alright?" Kyle said with a sigh. "But you're right, we need to get that group dispersed, if we don't this day will become one of the darkest days in Harmonic history…"

"Right, sorry…" Terra said not paying attention. "So what can we do…? Emily and Natalla can't take much more in Emily's shop and Sheryl and Julie can't do a whole lot in their area, this market is so crowded…"

"We just have to do all that we possibly can…" Asuka said with a sigh.

"Finally found you three!" Nathen said as he, Gabriel, and Carmen ran over to the three.

"General!" Terra said straightening her form and saluting.

"At ease, what's the situation?" Nathen asked.

"We're doing our best but we can't get everyone to safety fast enough to prevent a mass of unwanted incidents." Kyle said looking up at his Pokémon.

"Damnit, alright, well I need you three for something else," Nathen said as he touched the ground forming the same bubble which slowly grew to form another barrier. "That should hold for a bit longer to protect, but being as close as we are, it won't be too much help…"

"What do you need us to do?" Asuka asked.

"I'll explain as we go," Nathen said as he put in an earbud. "Listen up everyone!" Nathen's voice could suddenly be heard through out the market areas. "If you're good at defense, maintain defense, if you have strong attacks then do so! Trade off with those able to battle if you get tired, those who can't battle, get to safety! Keep your eyes open for anyone in need, help them anyway you can!" Nathen took a quick look around to see the attacks and Pokémon all changed their patterns of assault, then after removing the bud he teleported him, Gabriel, Carmen, Asuka, Terra, and Kyle all to a new location in the market area to search for their remaining friends.

(Outside Julie's shop)

"This is Julie's shop," Carmen said looking around seeing the different people.

"Right," Nathen said as he quickly formed the barrier though it was much smaller. "Damn… I can't keep making those…"

"Hey Julie, Terra, Asuka, and Kyle are back! And they brought help!" Natalla said as she ran out of the shop with Emily. "Hey Author, what the hell's happening out there?"

"A prophecy gone bad…" Nathen said with a sigh looking to see Sheryl and Emily run over. "I need you four to come with me, the princess needs your help."

"How could we help…?" Emily asked as she knelt down to help Nathen up as best she could. "The prophecy… Oh God… Karina… sh-she's…"

"For now my lady, soon everything should be undone… but for now, I'm happy to know you're safe…" Nathen said with a sigh. "I need everyone to the ruins…"

"Was that what you needed help with…?" Julie asked. "Getting us to the ruins…?"

"Yeah, I can't keep taking everyone around everywhere… I'll take you all to the ruins, from there head to the bottom center, Vahn and Karina are there," Nathen said looking around.

"Nathen wait, Carmen and I will take everyone there; you go find the others, alright?" Gabriel said as he quickly caught Nathen who lost his balance.

"Thanks Volantis…" Nathen said as he stretched out. "When you get there, don't talk to Vahn at all, and don't touch Karina, disturbing her body at the moment could ruin the process, she needs to stay still,"

"Alright…" Carmen said as she, Gabriel, Terra, Asuka, Kyle, Emily, Julie, Natalla, and Sheryl all headed towards the ruins.

"Alright… now…" Nathen said as he quickly disappeared.

(Chapel Primary Grounds)

"Beatrix, how're you handling your area?" Jaden called out as he took cover from the attacks that the large metal snake let out.

"I've been better!" Beatrix called back as the attacks continued under a heavy fire before it suddenly stopped. "What the…?"

"Commander!" Jaden called seeing Nathen standing with a barrier starting to cover the chapel area before he fell to his knees.

"Nathen!" Beatrix called as she and Jaden ran to him and helped him up. "What the hell s going on…?"

"Nathen… it happened didn't it… Those idiots actually did it didn't they…?" Jaden asked already knowing what had happened.

"Yeah… they went through with the plan…" Nathen said with a sigh. "Have you two been better coordinating the others…?"

"Yeah, we have other all helping, even some newly EX TUA helping to keep these snakes down," Jaden said.

"Good, so I can claim you both then, I need your help to find everyone else. Jaden, can you go find Alice and Ellis?" Nathen asked leaning on Beatrix.

"Yes sir," Jaden said as he ran off.

"Beatrix, I need you to help me, I've been making barriers everywhere, so I need your help to get around." Nathen said trying to straighten up.

"Yes sir, where are we going next?" Beatrix asked as she worked to channel her aura with Nathen's.

"The park… Karina's Park…" Nathen said panting as he and Beatrix started off in the direction of the park. As the two started to walk it didn't take long before the two teleported away in order to evade a powerful attack.

(Royal Court)

"Nathen where are you…?" Alice whispered to herself as she looked around.

"Sister we can't stay in one place…" Alexis said pulling Alice from her dazed thoughts.

"Oh, r-right…" Alice said calmly looking around the area. "We cleared the place out…"

"Yeah…" Elaina said with a sigh. "You're worried about him aren't you…? Nathen…"

"We really need his help…" Alice said giving a nod.

"I'm sure big brother will be here to help us soon…" Elie said calmly trying to deny her own doubts.

"Elie's right, we just have to do what he'd want us too…" Alexis said calmly.

"And what would that be girls?" A woman said from behind the girls. All four of them made a small jump and turned to see the woman known as Lady Fate. All four of them instantly became scared and quickly moved to place their hands over the mark they held because of that woman, but they all took a deep breath before getting ready for a fight. "My four favorite puppets, all here at the same time,"

"We're not your toys anymore you old hag!" Elaina barked.

"Excuse me?! Did you just call me an old hag you insolent brat?!" Fate growled.

"That's right; you can't control us anymore you witch!" Alexis called out.

"You've been manipulating us sense we first became a part of TUA, and now it's time to show that you cannot use us anymore!" Elie said as she stood strong beside her sister and friends.

"There's no way you could take all four of us on!" Alice said as she and Elaina formed their Aura wands with Alexis and Elie mirroring them.

"Oh how cute, most of the 1st Ribbon Squad back together," Fate said with a sarcastic tone giving an annoyed glare as she clapped her hands slowly. "You four are a disgrace to your teams!"

"We are a team!" Alice called out as all four started to charge their wands and form the ribbons each channeling a different color.

"Pitiful, you four and those pitiful twins that follow the good doctor all made up a stupid technique that makes us all look like idiots," Fate said with a growl. She got in her own stance as her aura began to spike with the power growing more and more by the second.

"Alright, remember girls, maintain your aura and stay focused, don't let her try and control your power!" Alice said as they continued to spin the ribbons and focus their aura through them. The four girls maintained the formation letting the ribbons form cyclones above them. Alice used her concentrated power to form a saber, Alexis used her to form a long lance, Elie used her to form and set as a shield, and finally Elaina charged her for a powerful, but unstable whip form.

"You honestly believe that you four can beat me, with this worthless technique?" Fate said with a sigh and a scoff.

"Alice and I were able to hold our own against Master! We can beat you!" Elaina said unsure of her own power.

"That traitor is old and weak! Believe me when I tell you this…" Fate said as her aura spiked and became unstable, the dark violet energy arcing and spiking around her. Seeing this made the girls even more uneasy.

"There's no way that we can beat her…" Elie said through the aura link the girls all had.

"We can do it Elie… we just have to work together…" Alice said calmly. "Elie maintain your shield but use the rebound attack with it, Alexis go for openings, Elaina try and make the openings, and I'll keep her off everyone…"

"Right," Elaina said with a growl as she snapped her whip and lashed it out at Fate causing a large slash to form in the ground, the whip left a major glowing mark over Fate, but she seemed to fade away as the whole area started to go black.

"You can never hurt me with aura, especially when all you're fighting is aura," Fate said with a snicker as her voice echoed over the area.

"That bitch isn't even here!" Elaina growled.

"Why would I be? I'd never sully my beauty and perfection by being there in that horrible trash of a city!" Fate said with a laugh. As her voice faded several crystal based aura spears formed all around the area aimed straight at the four girls. "Now you pitiful little whelps. Die!"

In a sudden flash al of the spears started to fly towards the girls. All of them did their best to evade and dodge against them, but each came closer and closer cutting and slashing through them leaving large cuts.

"Everyone! Use the Barrier and Reflect technique!" Elie called out as she tried her best to protect the others even though she was getting caught by them the most. All four changed their aura ribbons to match Elie's barrier and worked them together to form a dome. The dome kept getting hit more and more by different spears. Each pushed the one in front further into the dome.

"Elie we don't have enough aura to use reflect, they're gonna cut through!" Alexis said as the barrier began to crack with a few more of the spears piercing through.

"May we help then?" Nathen said with a cough as he and Beatrix appeared.

"About damn time you showed up!" Elaina said with a growl and a yelp as a spear pierced her side.

"Sorry… Beatrix, channel your aura and connect it with theirs, then use Reflect all together." Nathen said.

"Alright," Beatrix said as she started to connect her aura with the four other girls before the barrier started to glow with a bright violet. Then in a sudden pulse the barrier forced all the spears out and away from them shooting them every which way piercing several buildings even the snakes causing them to grow in anger.

"Nathen thank Arceus you showed up…" Alexis said panting. All four girls were cut up and bloody, their aura was strained and their bodies exhausted.

"Alice…" Nathen said looking to his love.

"The ruins, right…?" Alice said looking to the others.

"Yeah… there should be others there, make sure that everything's alright…" Nathen said as Alice only nodded before the four girls merged their aura and teleported.

"Who else do we have to look for…?" Beatrix asked.

"Gemma, Trayton, Amber, and Hope… Kris, Luna, and Maxwell are already there… Then there's Wisteria, Spike, and Lily…" Nathen said standing as straight as he can.

"Alright… I thought I saw them earlier in the residential areas…" Beatrix said.

"Let's go…it isn't far…" Nathen said as he and Beatrix started to walk.

As Nathen goes to gather the last of the people he needs too find. Lets see how everyone's handling the temple.

(Auracian Ruin Center)

Within the ruins everything was silent, the only people who were near Karina's body was Vahn and Emily, everyone else just waited around and kept silent, spare a few whispered conversations.

"I just can't believe it… She's actually…" Carmen said quietly staying by Gabriel. She wiped a few tears away just watching Vahn stay right beside the woman he loved.

"There has to be something more… this can't be all there is…" Gabriel said with a sigh as he looked seeing Alice and her group come down followed by Kris, Luna and Maxwell. Kris and Luna ran to the pedestal to join Emily and Vahn while Maxwell just stood at the entrance. Carmen ran over to Alice to see what she could do about her wounds.

"What happened to you four…?" Carmen asked as she started to heal the girls.

"We got jumped by a Lord that wasn't even there…" Elaina said with a sigh. "Looks like there are only a few people missing…"

"Why…?" Julie asked.

"It's the uniqueness of the temple… it's said that if a wish is strong enough, and if there's enough of an aura, than anything can happen…" Alexis said. "Even what's completely impossible…"

"Wait, Nathen doesn't intend too…" Kyle said picking up on what was planned.

"That's right… to save Harmonic and maybe even Pokoh and the world… Nathen's going to resurrect Karina…" Alice said calmly. "But even then, it'll be next to impossible if it isn't done right… and it usually needs a lot of time… and that's obviously something that we don't have…"

"It doesn't matter what we don't have enough of, or what's so special about this pile of rocks… it's impossible…" Maxwell said. "If you fools want to believe in fairy tales then fine, just leave me out of it…" Everyone turned to look at Maxwell, but no one moved or did anything. Everyone had their own doubt, but they didn't know what should be done next until the author had returned.

(Kari Park)

"Guys lets take a break… Gemma doesn't look so good…" Hope said trying to help support up Gemma.

"Yeah, we need to take a break…" Amber said looking over at Trayton, Lily, and Spike before looking back over to see Wisteria slowly walking over. "Not only does Gemma look ill, but Wisteria's getting tired…"

"You're right, but we got to find the others again… we shouldn't have split up… it's lucky we found the three of you earlier…" Trayton said with a sigh as he sat down while Wisteria walked over and sat with Spike and Hope helped Amber get Gemma sitting.

"Yeah… we were all lost, and have no clue why anything is in such a chaotic state…" Spike said with a sigh as he let Wisteria rest against him so that she could recover.

"From what Alice and Elaina said it has to do with Karina…" Hope said trying to help Gemma feel better.

"Yeah… but from what they were saying we're all in hope for something different…" Amber said calmly. "I hope Nathen shows up soon… we could really use his help…"

"Y-Yeah…" Gemma said weekly dry coughing. "I just hope I don't have an attack any time soon… this is the last instance in anyway shape or form that I'd need that…"

"I hope the others are all safe…" Wisteria said sleepily.

"I'm sure they are…" Spike said calmly. "The best we can do right now is just stay here and wait..."

All of them just stayed in the park and rested, occasionally looking up at the battle that was going on all over the city. They lasted there for a good long time, waiting for what seemed like hours. It wasn't much longer until they started to move and finally come across the people they'd been looking for.

"What took you so long…?" Spike asked carrying Amber on his back looking to Nathen who had Gemma on his while Wisteria was being carried by Spike.

"I got held up; it's hard to move around right now… Finding everyone I can isn't easy…" Nathen said with a sigh as he felt Gemma increase her grip on him.

"How far do we need to go until we're there…?" Lily asked.

"It isn't much farther actually…" Nathen said calmly looking to see the ruin come to view. "See, almost there… Once we get there we'll all take time to rest, and then we'll work on doing what's necessary."

"Nathen… Explain something to me… Why did all this happen…?" Trayton asked as his pace slowed.

Letting out a sigh Nathen coming to a stop. "The original plan was to break Karina in such a way that she could be controlled as a puppet… and then all they'd need to do is control her aura to the point that she'd appear dead, then just a drop of blood would release the snakes, then TUA would move onto Lumious City and do the same with Emily… and then they'd have full control of Pokoh…" Nathen said looking to the temple ruin before looking back at the snakes. "But that's just Pokoh alone… they have plans for all of the world… every region… every possibility… I've only been able to stop a few region… but even then… it's only temporary patches…"

"We'll never be able to stop them then… will we…?" Hope asked fear coating her voice.

"No… they'll be stopped… and ended…" Nathen said starting to walk again.

"Please end them Nathen… please…" Wisteria said holding tighter onto Spike.

"I will princess… I promise…" Nathen said as everyone walked up to the ruins. They were ready to walk down into there when a stray pair of Hyper Beams cut over the mountain and caused a cave in. "Damnit!"

"How're we gonna get in now…?" Lily asked.

"There aren't alternate routes… all other passages only lead out then seal themselves… this is the only way in… My aura is strained to the limit as it is so we need to break through there… get whatever Pokémon you can ready…"

"Stark! Draco! Use Dragon Pulse on those rocks!" A voice called from a behind them all. In a bright flash a twin pair of blue beams shot from above them and blasted through the rubble destroying them. As the group looked back Gabriel and Carmen ran up to see what had happened.

"Avery…?" Nathen said looking through a little bit of dust seeing Avery, Indi, Keladry, and Cole. He gave out a chuckle as he straightened out. "What took you all so long?"

"Got lost," Avery said with a chuckle as he ran over his Lucario Stark and his Dragonite Draco following.

"Bull… How did you even know to come here?" Nathen asked.

"I don't know… I was helping others along side Keladry, Indigo, and Cole when I felt like I had to get here, I couldn't just leave these three alone so they followed when we secured the area…" Avery said looking to the temple. "They're in there… Vahn and Karina…"

"Yeah… they're the one who called you here, their first new friend on their journey through Pokoh…" Nathen said.

"Lets go then…" Avery said as he and everyone else followed.


"Hey Author… Explain to me why we're here…" Indi said looking around.

"In a moment…" Nathen said as everyone walked down.

"What's so significant about all of us then…?" Cole asked.

Letting out a sigh Nathen looked to the bright lights of the main hall area where Karina was laid. "Everyone single one of you, have a mark or a piece of Karina connected to your aura in some way… so all of you are needed…"

"What do y-you mean…?" Gemma asked weakly from Nathen's back.

"Aura is a unique thing, even if you don't mean it to, it always connects with each others and leave a piece with you… a way to help keep a memory or a feeling alive… Karina's aura is pink, so it always leaves a mark that will never go away." Nathen said calmly as they all walked into the room. Everyone inside turned to them and remained dead silent. The whole area stayed silent, not even the destruction in the city could be heard.

"Wh-What happened to her…?" Avery asked quietly barely able to break the silence.

"She was killed by a council member that was also a TUA high member…" Nathen said calmly as he walked forward. "Alright… Everyone… I'm here to ask every single one of you to help me with something… we're going to perform an act that is technically impossible…" Nathen looked over everyone as they all looked to him. "Right now… in this small instant, I ask that you all lend me your aura, so that we may bring Karina back to life… If we use that one single link to return her aura back to whole… that one link she's left with all of you… it can still be done…"

The whole temple remained quiet. Everyone just looked at one another becoming worried about what would happened if it didn't work, or what would happen if Nathen was wrong…

"I understand if some of you don't believe me and don't want to help… Then lend your power to protect us who will… if I do this a legendary Pokémon will awaken, one who can end the destruction those snakes are causing… but Karina has to be revived to do so… and those snakes know that we're trying to do this… they will try and stop us… So those of you who don't wish too, then go back to the surface and hold them off…" Nathen said as he turned towards Karina while Vahn stood up. "Vahn, send your Pokémon top side… have them fight to protect…"

"Alright…" Vahn said as he let all of his Pokémon out as well as all of Karina's before sending them upstairs to the main grounds. Soon followed were many other Pokémon belonging to everyone else. "Are you all gonna help…?"

"Of course man, why wouldn't we?" Avery said with a chuckle.

"Karina is our friend too Vahn," Amber said. "We may not love her as much as you, but we still do, she's been a great friend to all of us, and we'll do everything we can to help her."

Nathen looked over everyone before noticing Jewel hiding behind one of the pillars. "Alright, if everyone is ready and willing to help… I want you all to focus on that one thing that makes her important to you, that one piece of her inside of you, especially that one thing that made her a great and important friend, channel your auras to her and peer deep into yourselves, let her know why you want her back… let her know how much she means to you… as friends, family, and as a loved one…" Nathen looked to everyone as they all moved around Karina; they all closed their eyes and held their hands out towards her. Nathen used the remaining of his aura to form a small sphere that he laid above her. "Feel for this sphere, focus your thoughts and feelings onto it and channel your aura into it."

Nathen stepped back and away as everyone did so, the dim and soft sphere steadily grew and glowed bright. Nathen walked back to Maxwell who just stood at the entrance. "Why aren't you helping…?"

"What makes you so sure that I'm not…? What makes you so sure that this will even work…?" Maxwell asked watching everyone and the watching the sphere grow more and more.

"Because you're holding your aura back, you've been a user sense you were born Maxwell… and I know that you've been in love with Karina sense the day you two met when you both were little, but your pride forbids your actions, and you're pride and solitude grew when you started seeing how close Vahn was to her…"

"You're quite the arrogant man, and those are some bold accusations," Maxwell said quietly with a low growl.

"I know because I can see it in your aura, you want her to be by your side, but you're accepting that she belongs with Vahn… Lend them your aura Maxwell and I promise… you'll be all the better for it…" Nathen said calmly while Maxwell just closed his eyes and growled more.

"You'd better be fucking right about this Pierce…" Maxwell said as he walked over to the group and stood beside Luna. He then raised his hand and lent forwards his aura making it burst and grow.

"Damn…" Nathen said giving a quiet whistle. "He really was holding back." Nathen stood at the stair and watched, looking up at the lights of the different Pokémon fighting to protect the ruin while also watching everyone push their aura to its limit in order to bring the sphere of aura to its greatest. Slowly people backed down their aura strained to its maxed. The Sphere had gained a rainbow color and was nearly blinding in its light.

"Good, now to let her have it all." Nathen said walking over and using the slowly recovering aura that he had to push the giant sphere of aura into Karina's body. As the aura started to link with her remaining aura he body shined the exact same color. As her body slowly regained color and the sphere shrunk, the whole of the ruin started to quake and shake, then in a sudden burst in front of the giant door, Coravent burst forward and out of the ground roaring it's name giving a low and dark growl looking over everyone. The body slowly shifted and showed the lines of aura coursing, along with the two giant aura stones in its head and body. A shield like form opened from his head as he let out a low dark hiss. "Fuck…!"

"Insolent worms… You thought you all could hide this from me?!" Coravent roared with a low deep hiss.

"Wait… he's sentient… all of the Cyber Pokémon made by the scientist became sentient… he sided with the snakes because they were the only ones who would understand him sense he was designed after them… so maybe…" Nathen thought to himself. "Coravent please… you're a Pokémon of aura, you must know that what's happening right now is wrong… that this young woman did not deserve her fate… Please great Snake… be the strength and reason of your brother and sister… don't let their ancient history define your own… you're greater than they ever could be… don't let them define you as a machine, like the scientist was trying to… you are a living breathing being… you are true and sentient…"

"Small worthless words!" Coravent roared. "What I do has always been my decision! I do as I wish!"

"Then why destroy the city? Why attack innocent people?" Wisteria called out as she slowly came back from her withdraws of aura. "The people of this city do not deserve what's happening to them… If you control what you do, then why attack them…?"

"What do you know?! I've been treated as a weapon my whole life and existence!" Coravent roared. "No one ever gave me a sense of purpose and proper freedom! The first thing that happened to me when I became free was that I was sealed!"

"Everyone's too weak… and Wisteria just blacked out again…" Nathen said quietly cursing to himself. "Listen Coravent, you were dealt an injustice, one that none of those people had decided for you, you were wronged, but some don't deserve to be treated like this! Not everyone was responsible!"

"Enough!" Coravent roared as his aura began to glow and a light started to appear in his mouth. "You all will pay and suffer! Now die!" Coravent let out a loud harsh roar as he reeled back charging up a powerful Aura Pulse. Just before he let the blast out, Nathen used what aura he could to fire his own beam out to catch the attack and prepare a shield that withheld any excess energy from escaping and hurting the others.

"Damnit I can't hold him off forever…" Nathen cursed as he continued to pump more aura out into the blast. "Come on Karina wake up…"

Nathen stood there still and ready holding Coravent back to his best, as the others started to come too they slowly lent what little aura they could to either Karina or Nathen so that Karina would revive faster or Nathen could hold back the giant snake. The time seemed to last forever, but slowly after the sphere had dissipated, Karina had yet to revive. Feeling it just needed time, everyone pushed what aura they could to Nathen, and Vahn turned from lending his aura to the revival, to using the last of his aura to fire his own red Aura Pulse at the snake which slowly pushed him back a ways, but he just kept his own force to fire much stronger.

"K-Karina p-please… we n-need you…" Vahn muttered as he continued to pump more aura out into his attack.

"Princess it t-time to wake up…!" Nathen said as he pushed his last bits of aura into the power of the attack.

As Vahn and Nathen both started to grow weak from their aura being strained, they both suddenly gained a major boost of power. They both held their attack as they looked and saw Karina start to glow and shift around. She slowly sat up holding her arm out at length, when she opened her eyes they shined a bright white before they returned to normal but her colored maintained a deep and shining pink. Slowly an Aura Sphere came to form before releasing an immense Aura Pulse that overtook both Nathen's and Vahn's own attacks hitting Coravent's clean pushing it back all the way intercepting with Coravent knocking him back against the wall before falling to the ground unconscious his aura lines dimming.

Everyone looked at the glowing young woman as she slowly dimmed in the bright light, and her body calmed in breathing. She let out a big yawn and stretched out her body before looking to everyone. "Um… hey everyone… Why're we here in the ruins…?" Karina asked as she looked around her body completely normal and healed spare her eyes remaining as the pink. "Um… hello…?"

"Does she really not remember…?" Vahn asked himself as he walked towards Karina. "K-Karina…?"

Hearing Vahn instantly caught Karina's attention. She quickly looked and locked eyes with him, hers instantly beginning to water as she jumped up and out to the man she loved. "VAHN!"

Vahn shakily caught his returned love and held her as tight as he could, afraid that he'd lose her again. "Oh Karina, thank god I f-finally have you b-back!"

"Wh-What do you m-mean…?" Karina asked confused tears streaming down. "I-I've been a-asleep, s-sense you r-rescued me…"

"She has forgotten… better for not it stay that way," Nathen said to himself. "Vahn, leave it like that until later, you and I will figure everything out when it's appropriate."

"Right…" Vahn said giving a small nod holding Karina tight in his arms. "Don't worry about it h-hun… l-lets just get you somewhere safe…"

As everyone started to come too and regain their strength, another strong tremor shook the ruins. Everyone was preparing for Coravent to rise or the other two to burst in. But they all turned to the giant doors as a loud roar was heard and the massive twin stone doors began to glow and slowly start to move. Everyone focused on the massive twin doors as a shadow began to take form. It let out another loud roar as it slowly stepped forward into the ruins area.

One of the legendary Snakes have been bested, and the young princess is now alive again, but what is this new creature that has come to form in the ruins from behind the massive doors? Only time will tell…

There you have it everyone! I hope you all like the update, thank you all to my patient readers! I promise to work on more regular updates, but it's something that'll take time. I hope you all enjoyed the chapter, so please keep on Reading, Reviewing, and above all, enjoying! OH! And with the new KALOS region having been out for a few months now, for a limited time (I.E A month or two) I'm gonna reopen OC submissions to 1 OC per sender so that they can feature the brand new Kalos Pokemon and any kind of back story you may wish to give a crack at! Just one thing though! Only 1 Mega, that's it! and if you want to try and make a new one, go ahead, but it has to be REALLY creative and unique! See ya everyone!