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McCoy stood over Admiral's Nogura desk, a grim intense frown set into his face as he waited with only a few shreds of patience that God had granted him. His legs were beginning to ache from the rigid stance that he taken up beside the large desk, while he had been in the midst of explaining the situation up to that point. Although while he had been uttering the words he wasn't sure himself if everything coming out of his mouth was or wasn't believable.

After another uncomfortable slowly ticking away minute had gone by, the Doctor shot a look over at Eugene and forced himself to give the young man an encouraging nod. The actual emotion had to be dredged up from his own well of hope, considering how long he had been standing thereanticipating the response from Nogura. Considering the time it was taking the man to make a decision in a crisis, McCoy figured things possibly were starting to stumble their way. Or the Admiral was deciding the neatest, cleanest way of permanently dismissing the pair.

Perched precariously on the edge of his chair, Eugene clutched his small box of disks with white knuckled hands while his eyes went from the Doctor's face to the dignified man behind the desk.

Once being ushered swiftly into the C and C's office, by a small pack of guards, that was followed by a smaller pack of protesting senior staffers, he had sat silently by listening to the Doctor as he made their case. Occasionally he would unintentionally jump whenever McCoy would made a sharp gesture at him or spoke his name among the fervor tinted words. He felt like he was either the pinnacle of the overall survival of the universe, or was being auctioned off as the Rear Admiral's new galley slave. It had done little to soothe his frayed and unseasoned nerves that had already been tying a secure knot at the end of their fibers when they arrived. Yet, the last forty-five seconds of silence wasn't doing him or his disintegrating nerves any better.

The repeatedly folded paper with it's quickly scrawled words, remained between Nogura's fingers, in what appeared to be careless manner yet would've remained in the grasp in any storm. He had listened to the Doctor's explanation that hovered closely to that of a demand of action as it came to it's end. The reputation of McCoy's tenacity once stirred up and especially when it concerned those he was loyal to, had become as legendary as that of his one time Captain's intrepidness.

Seemingly to settle further back into his chair, Nogura gazed at the note again that McCoy had handed him as soon as the office door had sealed shut.

It was brief, curt and straight to the point. So like the woman when she was actually present. When she was either cursed or they were blessed enough to have to deal with Star Fleet or the Federation.

Smothering the small, nearly nonexistent smile that pulled at his mouth, Nogura hauled himself forward in his seat and rest his arms flat on the desktop. Taking the note between both hands, he scanned it again then shifted his eyes toward the young man across from him.

"You are capable of accomplishing what she has claimed in this note." He spoke in a gentle manner, however the underlying tone exhibited the man's concern and weariness.

Absently running a hand over the lid of the file box, Eugene cleared his throat and tired to smile. " I can say with certainty, that I think I'm able. You see sir, I haven't had the time to look at the information on the disk."

Nogura blinked at the calm response, then glanced at the Doctor from the corner of his eyes, who maintained his determined assurance in his face. He wouldn't have doubted McCoy's belief in the young man or what the plan that they had brought to him. But with the flimsy piece of paper he had been given solidified his decision, although for that one second he had been given a momentary pause in his verdict.

"Do you want a few minutes of time to examine the disks before attempting to access the security and communication systems?" He inquired pushing himself out of his chair, while picking up the note in the same motion from the desktop. "You have free usage of my own computer if you do."

"If it's alright with you sir, I'd just as soon get started at it now." Answered the young man, again grabbing up his box and tucking it under his arm as he jumped to his feet.

An impressed glint appeared in the Admiral's eyes, as he shot the young man a quick glance from the corner of his eye as he moved around his desk. He didn't begrudge the boy his task, considering what it may cost if he failed. Add to that the burden of having a room full of fleet senior officers, as well as the top security men breathing down ones neck, a few with fire and venom. No, he didn't begrudge the young man a bit in his task.

"Very good." As he spoke Nogura refolded the note and hesitantly handed it back to McCoy. "Is there anything you require from my staff or myself?"

Pausing, Eugene stared at the Rear Admiral in uncertainty then glanced over at McCoy before regaining his jittery composure. The whole process of getting to his appointed job was taking more out of his nerves than the actual mission.

"Er,..not that I know of sir." He quietly replied while licking his lips apprehensively. "I just would like to get started as soon as possible...Sir."

"Understood." Eyebrow twitching, Nogura began to reach for the control panel on his desk then paused to regard the Doctor again. "Is there anything else you... need to tell me, Doctor?"

Giving the Admiral a curious look, McCoy ruminated for heartbeat on what the question was meant to say. He dashed it away though, more in the need of time that they were losing, than unable to determine what was really behind Nogura's attitude.

"Not at the moment, Admiral." He finally said tucking his hands into his jacket pockets, a heavy shadow of concern sliding on to his face. "I hate to tell you your job Admiral, but you do plan on sending some kind of assistance out there to them. You've got the coordinates for the estate from the transporter patterns and there has to be some information on that disk to disable the security shield around the grounds. You can't leave them out there to take the rest of this all alone. I don't care what the hell they think themselves."

The smile broke threw at the last words of McCoy, as Nogura finally activated the communication switch. "Commander Garrett, I need immediate clearance for one Mr. Eugene Harmon on all levels. I also want Captain Smillie and Talmon in my office in five minutes."

"Yes sir." Came the quick surprised reply from the speaker, followed by a deliberating pause lasting four seconds. "If I may sir, who is Eugene Harmon?"

The corners of the Admiral's mouth faintly twitched as both eyebrow drew together while his eyes fixed on the young man again. "One of the few who is going to get us out of our own self-dug hole, Commander."

Briefly McCoy thought he was going to have to pull out his travel bottle of smelling salt, when he watched Eugene literally drain away to a pasty white and sway under his weakening knees. He didn't blame him one bit. His own constitution hadn't been feeling it's prime one hundred percent as of late, and this whole interlude with it's heavy curtain of doom that sporadically went up and then threatened to come down wasn't helping.

Apparently sensing the Doctor's steadily growing uneasiness, Nogura flipped the switch off and stood up to face McCoy, bringing forth a completely reassuring look in the process.

"Right now, I think it best if we find a way to disable any connection Dalcrom may have over our own computers, security and communications. Any attempt we would make now, will be no doubt bring about retaliation. And I for one, will take them at their word of what they are capable of doing. They've accomplished more already than any of our known enemies could begin to imagine. I won't risk the lives of those on our ships and starbases. However, I guarantee the second I know that Headquarters is clear and communications is at the least, in minimal working capacity, security will be have the word to take that estate and the island's apart if necessary."

There was a movement in McCoy's stance that suggested that just for that moment that he would consider that satisfactory. But only for that moment. After that he would worry again. Only with more emphasize.