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Incandescent lights beamed down at the swarm of vigorously dancing bodies. At the very center of the large group of hormonal teenagers, stood the school's star everything. He was the guy envied by all men, and the guy that constantly made girl's weak in the knees. Lustrous silver hair hung down his back in a sexy mess and scalding amber eyes peered out behind dark lashes. In short, he was absolutely beautiful.

"Oh, Inuyasha! You're so funny." A petite brunette giggled girlishly while her eyes batted demurely. A smirk curled on his lips as an arm wrapped around the girl's shoulder.

Kagome rolled her eyes, swiftly turning on her heels. As she sauntered away, a shrill giggle traveled to her ears followed with another, "Oh, Inuyasha!" She hastened her steps, heels clicking against the linoleum floors, and the skirt of her sequined mini-dress swished along. It was always disgusting to watch girls flirt shamelessly with him; it made her skin crawl. Sighing, she swept her smoothly layered bangs to the side and quickly plopped onto the nearest seat she found. She definitely wasn't in the mood for partying, all she wanted was to lounge around in bed and snack on sweets. But, of course her dear ol' bestfriend would never allow her to miss his big party. He always threw a huge party before school started. His "legendary Takahashi bash" that always ended summer break with a bang, and now that they were getting ready to start their senior year, he definitely went all out to make this party the best yet.

Unconsciously, her eyes began searching for a mop of silver or a flicker of red in the center of the dance floor, but he was already gone. She sighed, he was probably already keeping that chick company.


Blinking, Kagome turned towards the voice before smiling at the sight of her friend. "Fashionably late as always hm?"

"You know me, I like to make an entrance."

Kagome chuckled, linking arms with Sango.

"So why are you here all by yourself Kags?"

Kagome pursed her lips, lashes fluttering as she rolled her eyes again. "Ditched Inuyasha when he started flirting with some girl."

Sango unclasped her clutch and pulled out a tube of lipgloss. She spoke as she swiped the gloss over her lips, "Well, we're just gonna have our own fun then. Who needs men?"

At hearing this, Kagome already knew that some girl was probably hanging all over Miroku too. She smiled, tossing her hair back, "Oh we're gonna have fun alright." Her eyes glinted. Screw Inuyasha and Miroku, by the end of the night, they'd come crawling back.

Sango returned the mischievous smirk, eyes already skimming around the room.

After all, it was only fair that they would have something to play with too, while the boys had their own little toys.

"You're gonna call me right?"

Inuyasha grunted in acknowledgment, hands busy buttoning up his silk shirt. In reality, he wasn't going to call her back. It was pretty damn obvious that he wasn't, but if it made her feel better to think that he would, then why not let her keep believing it? He glanced back at the petite brunette, sheets wrapped around her as she stared at him from the bed. "You should get dressed."

The girl blinked up at him and he almost rolled his eyes. Maybe, he shouldn't have messed with this one. He could already tell she was the clingy type.


Was she stupid? What the hell did she mean why?

Shaking his head slightly, he buckled on his belt, already going straight for the door. "I'm heading back downstairs, I advise you not to stick around for too long, you'll probably just get kicked out." Without turning back to even look at her, he stepped out of the room.

They instantly became the center of attention once they planted themselves in the middle of the dance floor. Both girls were well known at their highschool, most of their notoriety deriving from being bestfriends with the school's 'stars'. Although, as pretty as they were, they didn't even need to be good friends with the infamous lover-boy's to catch people's attention.

They were envied by most girls because of their closeness with Miroku and Inuyasha. There were always negative rumors floating around about them because of petty jealousy. It didn't help that they were attractive either.

Most men were intimidated by them, or afraid to even go near them in fear of being beaten by their over protective friends.

A charcoal eyed man approached the beauty clad in black.

Of course, there were still some brave few left in the school.

"Hey." His lips quirked in a confident smirk. "I couldn't keep my eyes off you all night, name's Muso."

Sango's lips slowly slid into a coy smile. "Oh?" Subtly, her eyes worked down from his charming smile to his strong build in appreciation.

He hummed in response, his arm brushing against hers as he stepped closer. "You're fuckin' - wow." His breath ghosted over her ear and she shivered in response.

Suddenly, someone interrupted with a loud cough. "Yes, she is somethin', isn't she?" Violet eyes glared down at the man while his arm wrapped around Sango.

Sango held her breath when he pressed himself against her. "Miroku..."

The room grew silent and the music cut off abruptly.

Both men seemed to have forgotten about her, their glares challenging.

"Yes, yes she is." Muso responded coolly.

Eagerly, the crowd watched what would happen next.

Miroku chuckled, his tone condescending, "It's too bad, you'll never have her, huh?"

Miroku's grip tightened around Sango's waist as he directed her away from Muso, not even bothering to wait for his retort.

Promptly, the music turned back on, people already gossiping about what just happened.

Muso stood, in shock, in anger, in shame. Some looked at him with pity, and the rest looked at him with distaste. Murmurs of, "he should have known better," spread around the room.

No one could understand their relationship. Actually, no one could understand any of their relationships. Both Sango and Kagome were dubbed as, "their girl's" - their being Inuyasha and Miroku - yet neither guys were even dating either girls.

Still, the girls remained off limits.

Inuyasha bit back his laugh as the scene played out. Who ever that guy was, he definitely should have known better than to try and mess with Sango. Snickering, he began making his way to the garden. He needed some fresh air.

The garden was his favorite part of the house, in his youth, he would spend hours tending to the flowers with his mother. Now, he just didn't have the time anymore, but that didn't stop his love for the garden. It was the place he could always trust to relax him, a place full of special memories.

It had been one hell of a night after he fucked the girl, she had followed him around like a lost puppy. He should have never touched her, clingy girls were never his forte.

His annoyance gradually faded by the second from the fresh scent of wild flowers.

That is, until a sweet giggle caught his attention. His ears perked at the familiar tinkling sound.

What the..

His eyes narrowed as he finally found the source of the sound.

There, underneath dimmed lights and beside a water fountain, Kagome stood - too fuckin' close - with some guy. Snarling, he began trotting over to the pair, their conversation more audible with every step he took.

"Kagome, I really li-"

Inuyasha interrupted the boy, firmly holding Kagome against him from behind. "You really what? Hm?"

The boy visibly blanched, almost shaking. "Uh.."

Tauntingly, Inuyasha's hands ran up and down Kagome's exposed skin, his claws gently tickling her. All the while, he remained staring at the boy coldly. Inuyasha recognized the boy; he was one of those clean cut, goodie-goodie's. He never liked him, mostly because of the guy's crush on Kagome.

Kagome broke the silence, "Hojo, maybe you should leave."

The boy frowned, nodding as he began walking away, glancing back at Kagome every now and then.

Inuyasha kept his arms locked around Kagome with a smirk. Did that wuss actually think that Kagome would ever want anything to do with him?

Nuzzling his nose against her neck, he planted a chaste kiss against the shell of her ear. "Miss me?"

Yes, they weren't dating, but she was his.

Only his.

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