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Kaguya giggled as his lips traced her skin. "Stop!"

He only smirked at her weak protests, his tongue branding tawny flesh. Even her skin was flawless with its slight golden tint. How did he get so lucky?

Slender arms coiled around his neck and he gazed down at the woman in his arms, silently admiring her beauty and the airiness of her movements. She was almost too perfect to be real.

"Inuyasha," she chuckled, "whatever happened to that movie we were suppose to watch?"

She couldn't help but marvel at the mansuetude of his expression. How his eyes warmed and melted like goo as they connected with hers, how deeply rooted his adoration was for her, how – precious his youth was.

Was he still just another one of her boy-toys?

She wasn't sure anymore.

"Later," was his mumbled response as his mouth reclaimed its place against her neck, "for now, I just want you to be all mine."

A delicate hand reached up to stroke his cheek. Her own oceanic pools glazing with something parallel to tenderness. "All yours, eh?"

His heart soared at her gentle caress and his figure blanketed her even further. "All mine."

Caliginous and uncertain, cloudy and hazy...

Where did her usual vigor go?

She was pitiful.


Enclosed in obscurity, and curtained with disorder; with only a mosaic of quarreling thoughts and combative emotions to keep her company while they banded to riot and rebel within her. She was being gnarled and writhed in a profusion of lofty hills and tremendous tides.

Only a triad of scented candles lit the room. Honey, lavender and vanilla. She had hoped that the lulling scents would manage to relieve the chaos she felt. It didn't.

It seemed that nothing could curb her desire to tear her hair out … or cry for that matter.

Nothing at all – not the plushness of her downy bed, not the comfort of her bedroom, not even the solace of having the house to her self for the time being. Every passing second, she was filled with urges to do something destructive.

She was brimming with hostility.

But, why? What was wrong with her?

Why couldn't she just move on with her life? Why was she pining after someone so obviously unattainable?

She was just seventeen for crying out loud! Seven-freakin'-teen. So what, if she was in love with her bestfriend? So what, if her bestfriend was smitten with another woman? It wasn't like Inuyasha was the love of her life, he couldn't be, heck – they were barely even considered adults yet!

...And even with these perfectly logical thoughts running through her head, she was still hopelessly head over heels for him and still jealous of his unmistakably gorgeous girlfriend.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid Kagome!" she chanted, launching a fuzzy pink pillow across the room. "Why me, huh? Why me?" Kagome bellowed in frustration as more pillows catapulted in the air.

She had no real reason to hate Kaguya, and there was no defined explanation for the firmness of her feelings towards the half-demon. They were just … unyielding. If someone were to ask her to elucidate her feelings for him into a string of words, she wouldn't be able to. How could she possibly describe the intensity, the richness, the vibrancy – the explosion of chromatic pigments? It simply wouldn't make sense.

Because – because her feelings towards him were indescribable; not to mention, sappy and disgustingly syrupy. It was enough to make her queasy.

Or maybe it was just because thoughts of him – nowadays – often evoked images of Kaguya as well.

Either way, the raging emotions were hazardous.

If only … if only, she could wish them away.

Red, everything was so red. Varying shades of crimson; from flaming cherry to fading garnet, splotches of russet and burgundy varnished everything in sight.

This is what traitors get.

He could barely move, his entire body hummed with a steady pulsing of pain, and yet it ached so much more internally.


His comrades – his family.

This is what you deserve.

His brothers.


When did everything go so wrong?

Never realized how beautiful your blood was.

Laughter, cold, cutting laughter buzzed in his ears.

This was agony.

Consider this your own special lesson.

There was nothing more to save.


There was nothing more to do.


He cried.

"So much for watching a movie." Kaguya spoke as her fingers raked through silver strands. "Note to self: never ask to stop by my place before going out with Inuyasha ever again because you will be attacked once you step foot in any place comfortable enough to 'whoopie'."

"Well, you have to agree that you don't have very many reasons to complain," Inuyasha snickered as his head inched closer towards her skillful fingers, "and did you really just use 'whoopie' to describe sex?"

"Someone's getting mighty cocky, hm?" Kaguya joked, her combing ceasing momentarily to lightly yank on a lock of hair, "and yes, I did use 'whoopie' to describe sex." Although, he did make a valid point. She really didn't have many reasons to complain because – as always – the sex was amazing. In fact, for some reason, it was even more mind blowing tonight than it usually was.

And that was saying a lot.

"Can you blame a guy's ego for inflating a little when he has a woman as beautiful as you?"

Kaguya rolled her eyes, snorting before breaking out into a fit of giggles, "Flattery get you everywhere."

"Oh really?" a dark brow rose, "tell me, where does my flattery get me now?" Inuyasha murmured as his hands grasped onto her tiny waist to press her closer.

Her breath hitched. For some reason, this action made her heart flutter more than it ever did before. "Anywhere you want to go," she found herself saying before pulling his head down to meet her lips.

More butterflies entered her stomach.

What the hell was happening to her?

Why? Why? Why?

The same questions still continued gnawing at her, invading her mind, lolloping and cantering in rapid circles. Anything would be better than this. She would fain have been battling dragons and demons than battling all these damn questions.

Still – was she... was she not concupiscible? Was she not worthy of being desired?

And if the answer were yes to either questions, then why? Why was she not desirable?

She wasn't a narcissist or anything, but she could admit that she was a pretty girl. She might not be as regal or elegant as Kaguya, but she wasn't ugly. She was pretty enough, so why?

"Kagome," he paused, "you're my bestfriend."

She simply smiled as her hand reached out to hold his, "I already know that dummy."

Inuyasha almost winced at the contact. It just reminded him of – everything. "We've been dating for awhile now," he laughed nervously, "and I'm glad that you were my first girlfriend."

Her smile only widened, "I'm glad too."

The devotion shimmering in her baby blues only made it harder for him. "But," he exhaled, readying himself for the impending climax of the conversation, "we're going off to highschool soon, and I think..." Another long pause. "I think that it's best if we end things here. Now. On a good note. We need to explore and meet new people. We're too young to settle down like a pair of stuffy adults."

The light wooshing of the pristine fountain and distant chirping of birds were not enough to distract her from the spasmodic beating of her heart.

And she did the only thing she could. She smiled. "I – I agree. It would be better this way."

His worried grimace immediately ebbed away in favor of a lambent smile. "I'm so happy that we're on the same page Kagome. I was afraid that I would hurt you, and I wouldn't want that. Never that." He gave her hand a squeeze. "I'd never want to hurt my bestfriend."

She only nodded, still afraid to speak. This couldn't be happening, not here, not in the same exact place he first asked her to be his. "Friends?" was the only thing she could bring herself to say. Beyond any shadow of doubt, anything more would have severed the mask and brought her forthcoming river of tears to the surface.

He tugged her into his arms, "bestfriends."

Why couldn't he keep her? Why didn't he want her?

"You're so pathetic Kagome," she found herself whispering vehemently. "This is why he didn't want you, you're just a pathetic little girl."

Yet, what could she do? What should she do?

She couldn't possibly unlove him. Feelings didn't have an on and off switch after all.

Wild hair and sunny eyes. A shy smile and an over confident smirk.


She was a desperate, lovesick fool.

And – maybe, the only thing left to do to cure her lovesickness was to confess.

Maybe it was time for her to tell Inuyasha about her feelings.

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