He stared with unflinching eyes into the soul across the field. A police officer, by the looks of it, dressed in navy blue with a utility belt across his hips. The officer had a red and white sphere in his hand, as did he. Behind the officer's back, a looming metropolis stared back at him, begging him to come closer. The wind seemed to usher them forth.

"I ain't going to repeat myself, junior. You're violating KNSC policy, you know that? It's 500 credits or no entry!" The officer yelled.


The other figure smoothed out his red tunic, and tugged his red and white cap closer to his shadowy eyes. The wind rustled through his messy dark hair.

Opposite him, the police officer vented his frustration in the form of a low growl, and jabbed a thumb into the communicator nestled on his left shoulder.

"Command center, this is Station 3. I have a trespasser here, I repeat, a trespasser here right in front of me. He won't freaking budge. Permission to use force, over."

The drone of static answered his words.

"Huh?" The surprised officer pulled at his communicator, then froze as he felt something grab onto his shoulder. It was heavy, and kind of fluffy...


The officer didn't look at the mystery object on his shoulder, but his expression of terror conveyed what he already knew. He stared, trembling with wide eyes, at the mystery figure standing before him.


A sudden bloom of electricity ripped through him before he could finish his sentence. With an emotionless expression, the figure in the red hat stood alone in the field with one hand in his pocket. He looked down at the singed body lying before him, and smiled. The wary wind whipped up blades of grass and carried them over into the walls of the city.