So here it is, chapter 1 of the sequel to Give Up Forever. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1 - You Both Suck

Hazy bluish-brown eyes slowly opened and looked around the room. She could've sworn she heard knocking which may have pulled her from her slumber. Maybe she only dreamt it. She closed her eyes to try and fall back into her slumber when the knocking started again. She pulled herself from bed as she pulled on a pair of jersey shorts; normally all she slept in were panties and a t-shirt. She walked downstairs and opened the door.

A way too cheerful Embry and Leah staring back at her. Kiley groaned, "Are you two bored or something?" Leah giggled, "No but we figured if we were awake you should be too." Kiley stepped aside and let the overly happy couple in the house, "You two are killing me." Embry chuckled as he plopped down onto the couch and pulled Leah into his lap who squealed out of surprise.

Kiley couldn't help but giggle at their playfulness. Once Leah stopped fighting the imprint her and Embry strengthened their imprint bond. They were practically inseparable nowadays. It had been six months since Seth had confessed his love for her and made her understand that everyone believed the Quileute God's had brought him to her because she lost Paul.

For the ten years before Seth, every time she'd thought of Paul she felt empty and alone and for the last six months she'd felt more alive than she did the first ten years without Paul. Seth really had been the answer to all her prayers. At first it was a little awkward for her, he was one of her best friends all through school, and her and Leah were close as well growing up, but now everything just seemed to fit.

Leah smiled, "How are you and Seth doing?" Kiley smiled softly, "We are doing good...I just hope he really did make the right decision. I always question him about it and I know he's probably getting frustrated by me always asking, but after six months of living together and being together; I honestly wouldn't want to up and change anything about us." Leah laughed, "Don't worry you know Seth he's so big hearted. He will never get tired of you asking. I was really surprised he waited for as long as he did to finally come clean with the truth. And even than it wasn't the whole truth. He's actually liked you since you guys were in grade school, but once he started phasing and found out about Paul and the imprint he just knew better then to ever say or think anything about you as anything other than a friend."

Kiley smiled as she looked down and then back up at Leah and Embry, "I can't believe he didn't tell me sooner...Why didn't he tell me after Paul died?" Leah shrugged, "He knew how strong your bond was with Paul and knew it was going to be a while until you was ready to hear any truth to his feelings. When Emily told him you'd decided not to go to the cemetery anymore, which was when he decided he needed to tell you exactly how he felt. We knew what had been going on my brothers little wolf brain; once Paul died he couldn't keep his feelings a secret anymore. Sam tried to help him by giving him your area to patrol. It may be a little longer before you really know how much he loves you...but I'm sure you can feel it."

Kiley nodded, "No I know how much he loves me. He tells me at least a hundred times a day and you know something Leah...I don't ever get tired of hearing those words come out of his mouth. The more time I spend with him the more I love him right back. I used to feel like I wasn't being true to him because of Paul and then suddenly I felt myself waking up and falling asleep with only one person on my mind and in my heart...Seth. I couldn't have asked for anyone else in my life to make me any happier than he does right now. And I honestly don't think anyone can ever replace him."

Leah smirked, "So speaking of my little brother...where is he?" Kiley's face immediately lit up with the question, "Patrolling, he left around 3 this morning." Leah quirked an eyebrow, "Shouldn't he be finished by now?"

As if on cue the front door opened and Seth walked in shirtless and bare foot with his black cargo cut off shorts hanging low on his hips. His tall frame towered over Kiley when he leaned over and pressed a kiss to her lips softly. Kiley couldn't help but giggle when she remembered how short he used to be when he first started phasing and then suddenly the age of 17 rolled around and he sprouted like a damn weed. Kiley was 5'9" and Seth was near 6'8". She was a good foot shorter than him.

Seth let his large framed body slowly slide into place behind Kiley on the couch as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back against him. Leah giggled when Kiley blushed. Kiley still wasn't used to the displays of affection from Seth in front of the others in the pack. She loved the feelings but wasn't used to all of it just yet. She was definitely in love with him. Kiley patted his arm that was around her waist, "Tired?" Seth yawned audibly, "Uh huh."

Leah laughed, "Yea that was obvious. C'mon Embers, let's let them get some sleep." Embry chuckled, "If that's what they call it nowadays sure." Embry and Leah both laughed loudly when Kiley's cheeks flamed red, "You both suck." Kiley watched as they got up and left closing the door behind them.

Kiley felt Seth gently lift her and place her in his lap as she laid her head on his shoulder. Seth chuckled when he noticed she was still blushing over what Embry had said to her, "Why do you let him get to you...You know he just loves to tease you mercilessly." Kiley's blush deepened, "I know...I can't help it." Seth leaned down and kissed her lips softly as he wrapped his arms around her pulling her closer to him as her hands slid up and weaved into his hair, he was letting her control the kiss. He always let her control anything; if she wanted to deepen the kiss then she would, if she wanted to make love then that's exactly what he did.

Seth was not a small man in any category and he didn't want to frighten her or hurt her in anyway. She couldn't ever get over how someone as big as him was so gentle with her. Seth pulled back as he kissed the tip of her nose, "Let's go to bed." It was a statement in his now husky voice. Kiley knew the effect she was having on him and knew when his voice dropped a few octaves, that was all he ever had to say. He never needed to ask. Kiley nodded as Seth carefully stood up with her in his arms and carried her upstairs to their bed.